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Chinas new targets for 20152015年中国的新目标At the opening session of the NPC,Premier Li keqiang outlined the governments goals for the upcoming year.在全国人民代表大会开幕式上,国务院总理李克强介绍了政府在接下来一年的工作目标。GDP growth target for this year is lowered to about seven percent, and the consumer price index increase set at 3 percent.今年的国内生产总值增长目标降至约7%,而居民消费价格指数增至3%。On the employment front-creating 10 million new job in urban areas, and lowering the jobless rate to 4.5 percent.而就业方面则是在城镇增加1000万个新的就业机会,失业率降至4.5% 。The growth of personal income should keep pace with the rate of economic development.同时个人收入增长也应跟上经济发展的步伐。To maintain steady growth, the goal is to increase imports and exports by 6 percent, while maintaining the balance of payment.为了稳定增长,目标是增加6%的进出口,同时保持收平衡。And with environmental protection a key concern, the government aims to cut energy intensity by 3.1 percent this year, compared with a 4.8 percent cut in 2014.而环境保护列为重中之重,同2014年降低4.8%相比较,今年政府计划将能源强度降低至3.1%。201503/364624

Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party chooses new chief老挝人民革命党选出新领导层The Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party has chosen Bounnhang Vorachit to be its new leader.老挝人民革命党选举本扬沃拉吉为新任领导人。Bounnhang was elected, after a vote by a newly formed 77-member central committee.在新成立包括77位成员在内的中央委员会投票后,本扬最终当选。 译文属201601/423910

Xinjiang hit by first spring snowfall in 50 years新疆遇50年来首场春雪A major snowfall has hit Hami prefecture in Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.中国新疆维吾尔自治区的哈密市迎来一场主要降雪。This is the first time in 50 years that the prefecture has seen snow in April.这是50年来该地区首次于4月份降雪。It started to fall early Friday morning and lasted to sunrise.这场雪从周五一早开始一直持续到太阳升起。Temperatures fell dramatically from the previous day-time high of 20 degrees Celsius to below zero.而温度从前一天白天的20摄氏度急转直下下降至零下温度。And locals struggled to adapt, with traffic inside the city of Kumul brought to a near stand-still.由于降雪造成哈密市内交通几近瘫痪,当地居民一时难以适应。State highways were also put under traffic control, and flights were delayed or cancelled.这个地区的国道已进入交通管制,而且各大航班纷纷被推迟或取消。But on the bright side, the snow has helped offer some relief from the drought currently hitting Hami prefecture.但利好消息是,这场降雪帮忙缓解了该地区当前正在遭受的旱灾。201504/368575

  The full moon triggers a frenzy of activity.满月会引发一连串狂乱的事件It is the time of the highest tides.海水在此时达到满潮And in the oceans the full moons bright light在海中,满月明亮的胧光is a mating call for sea creatures all over the world.是世界各地海洋生物的求偶讯号The full moon governs the very reproduction of these species.满月掌控了这些物种的繁衍And now scientists have discovered it may be现在科学家发现doing the same for us humans.满月对人类似乎也有相同的影响Research suggests that the full moon may研究结果显示play a significant role in our own cycles of fertility.满月似乎在人类的生殖周期中扮演了重要角色In the late 1970s scientists studying1970年代末期,研究女性生殖能力的科学家female fertility noticed a baffling coincidence.发现了一个令人困惑的巧合We knew that the moon cycled every 29.5 days我们知道月亮的周期是29.5天and we knew a 29.5 day cycle was我们也知道生理周期为29.5天的妇女the most fertile womens cycle length,生育力最好that a women who had a 26 day cycle or a 40 day cycle若生理周期为26天、40天or a 60 day cycle was much less likely to be fertile in that cycle.或60天的妇女,则比较不容易在生理周期期间受At the time it was unclear whether this当时人们不知道这是机缘巧合was a chance phenomenon or whether the two were related.还是两者之间确实相关But further research on women with twenty nine但在进一步研究and a half day menstrual cycles threw up生理周期为29.5天的妇女之后even more links with the patterns of the lunar cycle.科学家发现更多和月亮周期间的关联In that group of women who cycle as frequently as the moon,在生理周期和月亮周期相符的妇女中they tended to be menstruating starting有很多人their periods in the full moon,at the day of the full moon,会在满月的那一天来潮and as you move away from the full moon toward the new moon,随着月亮由望转朔a smaller and smaller and smaller proportion来潮妇女的数目of the group is starting their menstrual period.会越来越少That was a very exciting,这个自然生理现象让我们十分兴奋natural biologic phenomenon that said theres something因为这表示自然界中in nature about the moon that coincides月亮的变化with women getting their period at the full moon.和妇女在满月时来潮有关The fertility cycles of women are related妇女的生育周期和月亮周期有关系to the moons cycle and I dont think我认为不是妇女的生育周期影响了月亮womens fertility drives the moon, I think its the other way around.而是恰恰相反No one knows for sure why this phenomenon exists,没有人知道这个现象存在的原因or how it works.或原理It is one of the moons many mysteries.这是月亮的诸多谜团之一Until very recently, the moon remained an enigma.人们一直到最近才揭开了月亮的神秘面纱And it was this mysterious quality月亮神秘的特质which fuelled our fascination.挑动了人们的想像力Where did it come from?它来自何处?What was it made of?成分为何?And the biggest question of all: Was it a world like ours人们最想知道的是它是否跟地球一样?did it harbour life?有没有生物?For millennia, it was impossible to know.数千年来,这些都是不解之谜No-one even knew what the surface of the moon looked like.我们连月亮的表面是什么样子都不知道All that changed in 1608 when an Italian astronomer但这一切在1608年改变了,一名意大利天文学家made a primitive telescope.制作了一具原始望远镜For the first time he was able to get a close up look at the moon.他终于可以近距离观察月亮His name was Galileo Galilei,这位天文学家叫做伽利略and what he saw shattered conventional wisdom.他见到的情景,颠覆了当时的传统观点201504/371505



  On July the 20th, 2007 at the Natural History Museum in London, 1700 people picked out of a lottery of 90,000 applicants await J.K. Rowlings arrival.2007年7月20日伦敦的自然历史物馆从9000张申请中抽签产生的1700名读者等候J.K ·罗琳的到来。You have millions of fans waiting for this book all over the world.你有来自世界各地的百万书迷等着这本书。How do you deal with that level of expectation?你怎么看待这种期望度?It swings between, on this book, thinking: ;Its the best I can do. Its how I always planned it to end.我在两种想法之间徘徊:一种是我已经尽力而为,这个结局一直都在我的计划之中。So thats gonna have to be good enough. ;所以这已经足够好了。And occasionally you think, ;Well, how can I ever live up to this?;但偶尔你也会想到,我怎样才能不负众望?Two hours to go, Jos in her car on the way to the launch.还有两小时,乔正在去首发现场的车上。I cant believe Im here. Im even more excited than I thought I would be.我不敢相信我在这里。我甚至比我想象中的更加激动。Do you know, people queuing in Piccadilly two days ago from Belgium?你知道吗,有人从比利时来,在皮卡迪利大街上排了两天队?I also really, really want a cigarette right now.我当时真的想马上来烟。And when I said that to Neil, he said, ;Have you got one?;我跟尼尔说的时候,他说“你有吗”?I shouldve done, but then Id have been hooked.我本该抽的,但要抽了就停不下来了。Tomorrow, I wouldve gone out and bought 20. I am a... I cant smoke.明天我会出去买上20,我是个……但我不能抽。With me, its 40 a day or its nothing.对我来说,要么一天40,要么一也不抽。The book is embargoed until one second past midnight.这本书会在凌晨十二点零一秒才准开始发行。At that point, J.K. Rowling will open Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and begin to .在那时 J.K ·罗琳会打开《哈利·波特与死亡圣器》开始朗读。201511/410800Britain is defending the introduction of new guidelines on alcohol consumption, now among the strictest in the world.英国正在为出台的新饮酒量指南辩护——目前是全世界最为严格的。Any level of alcohol is not safe, says the guidelines, and recommended levels have been drastically cut.根据指导原则,任何级别的酒精都是不安全的,建议的饮酒量大幅减少。Critics say it is just scaremongering by a “nanny state”.批评人士说,这只是“保姆政府”的危言耸听。It’s for the public to take their decisions on what they do.But I hope they will protect themselves. 公众对自己的所作所为作出决定,但我希望他们会保护自己。And actually, people are pretty savvy, intelligent about their health. Many people will take this on board.事实上,人们都很聪明关注自己的健康。很多人都会将其纳入考虑范围。Officials insist the new guidelines are based on firm scientific evidence, confusing some who understood that moderate drinking can be good for you.官员们坚称新的指导原则是建立在坚定的科学基础上,这让一些认为适度饮酒有益健康的人感到困惑。All my days of drinking, it has always been known that red wine is good for your blood and the Mediterraneans have it every meal time and it was a bit of a shock to know that it’s not good to have any type of alcohol.我每天都喝酒,一直认为红葡萄酒对血液有益,地中海人每餐都喝,对任何种类的酒都不益健康我感到有点震惊。Britons are now advised to drink no more than six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine per week, far less than what is recommended in other countries.英国人现在建议每星期饮酒量不超过6品脱啤酒或7杯酒,远不及世界其它国家推荐的量。译文属。 /201601/420870An Indian consulate in northern Afghanistan came under attack on Sunday evening with gunmen attempting to enter the compound.周日晚上,印度驻阿富汗北部领事馆遭到袭击,持歹徒试图进入该建筑。Afghan security forces drove them back, but are still patrolling the area with the assailants holed up in a nearby building.阿富汗安全部队将其击退,但仍然附近建筑袭击者躲藏区巡逻。No details were immediately available on any casualties or the number of attackers and there’s been no claim of responsibility.目前还没有任何细节关于人员伤亡和袭击者数量,也没有组织宣称对此次事件负责。The consulate lies in the Afghan city of Mazar-i- Sharif and comes as Indian forces are still trying to suppress an attack on an airbase near the Indian-Pakistan border.领事馆位于阿富汗城市马扎里沙里夫 ,与此同时,印度军队仍在试图压制与巴基斯坦边境附近一空军基地的袭击。It’s not the first time an Indian mission has been attacked by militants in Afghanistan.这已经不是印度第一次在阿富汗被武装分子袭击。In May 2014 heavily-armed gunmen raided the consulate in Herat.在2014年5月,全副武装的持歹徒袭击了赫拉特领事馆。It’s unclear if this current incident and the airbase attack are connected but comes amid renewed efforts to restore peace talks with the Afghan Taliban as part of a broader drive to improve stability in the region.目前还不清楚当前事件是否与空军基地袭击事件有联系,但此时正努力与阿富汗塔利班恢复和谈提高该地区的稳定。译文属。 /201601/419646

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/415913


  When Michael gave his speech from Neverland,迈克尔在梦幻庄园开记者会时we watched it in the green room backstage at this TV show.我们在后台的绿屏室观看l ask all of you to wait and hear the truth.我请求你们等真相揭发And l remember seeing it with La Toya thinking, This is your brother我一边与拉托雅观看 一边心想 这是你亲弟弟and youre getting y to go on television你现在正准备要上电视and lm gonna ask you these questions我将要问你这些问题and the lie detectors gonna be swinging like crazy. 测谎器一定会大声作响And suddenly, La Toyas price for that interview拉托雅那次访谈的价码had gone up to, like, ,000 from 0,000.突然从一万跳到十万Jack said, You know, this is now the biggest story in the world,杰克说 这可是全球最抢手的新闻and La Toya is going to be paid appropriately. 拉托雅应该得到应有的报酬And the show would not pay her that money,节目不肯付那个价钱and so, l ended up getting a free trip to Madrid.结果是我赚到一趟去马德里的机票They served a search warrant on me,他们对我发拘捕令which allowed them to view and photograph my body, including my penis,强制的观看并摄影我的身体 包括性器官my buttocks, my lower torso, thighs and any other area that they wanted.我的臀部 下半身 大腿 以及任何他们想要拍摄的部位Michael did talk to me about the strip search.迈克尔有跟我聊过脱衣搜身的事Basically, he said it was the most humiliating experience of his life.他说是他此生最感到羞辱的经历He couldnt believe that it could happen.他从未想过会发生这种事He couldnt imagine that the law provided for such a thing.他无法想象法律竟会允许这种事Who would stoop as low as trying to take pictures of a persons genitals,有谁会没格调到愿意拍摄一个人的性器官and just trying to humiliate him like that?好来羞辱他?That was terrible.真是太糟糕了201510/403514。



  The difference between people who succeed and people who fail, I think,in many cases, is not fear.在我看来 成功者和失败者之间的差别 很多时候并不在于恐惧Everyone experiences fear.The difference is, what do you do with your fear?所有人都会感受到恐惧 差别在于 你如何对待恐惧Do you work to overcome it?Or do you let it defeat you?你是努力工作 去克它 还是让它将你打败And I think that is actually what distinguishes very successful people from others.我认为 这就是异常成功者不同于常人的地方Desperate, Carnegie reaches out to investors,looking for an infusion of cash.绝望之中的卡内基找到投资人寻求资金的注入Youll be glad to learn that the building of the St. Louis bridge is progressing smoothly.我很高兴告诉大家圣路易斯桥的进展 很顺利I am convinced that steel is the future; however,obtaining such a large quantity of steel is proving to be difficult, causing us some delays.我敢肯定钢是建筑的未来 但是要获得如此大量的钢非常困难 导致了一些延迟It is also proving to be extremely expensive.而且使用钢材也确实非常昂贵My forecast shows that we will require another million dollars before the year is out.我的预报显示年底之前 我们还需要一百万美元But I have no doubt that in time the people will come to see the bridge as the eighth wonder of the world.但我敢肯定 建成之时人们会将这座桥当作世界第八大奇观一样看待Yours sincerely, Andrew Carnegie.真诚的 安德鲁·卡内基Carnegies last-minute pitch works.He secures the financing he needs.卡内基的最后一搏成功了 他确保了所需的资金And finally, after four years,the bridge is complete.最终 经过四年时间 桥梁完成建设The results are epic.But Carnegie now faces a new problem.这是史诗般的 但卡内基又面临了一个新问题201603/433091

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