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济南市市中区人民医院预约济南五院中药科Chinese women want to change the shape of their faces, while men want straighter noses, a recent survey by the Beijing-based Horizon Research Consultancy Group has found.The survey polled nearly 1,600 people aged 18 and 55 from Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen.The results were given on the independent polling company's website.Almost 33 percent of women wanted to improve the contours of their faces, the survey found. Eyelid surgery was second most popular at 29 percent. A face shaped like a goose egg and double eyelids were favorite, it showed.Fat removal from the stomach and waist ranked third, followed by liposuction of the legs. Nose sculpting came last among the top five most sought-after procedures for women.A Beijing-based cosmetic surgeon surnamed Huang said women wanted to look more Caucasian.They particularly wanted to look leggy, busty and skinny, he said.In comparison, men were less concerned about fat and only 7.5 percent would consider liposuction, the survey said.Nearly 45 percent of men said they wanted to straighten their noses to give them a more masculine look.Nearly 33 percent said they would consider double eyelid surgery, followed by cosmetic improvement of the teeth and face shaping.Many men did not want their partner to have breast implants, even though women did it to please them, cosmetic surgeon Huang said.There are about 1 million plastic surgery operations performed every year in China, according to official estimates. 北京零点调查咨询集团近日开展的一项调查发现,中国女性最希望改变自己的脸型,而男性则希望自己的鼻子更挺拔。该项调查在上海、天津、深圳开展,共有近1600人参加,年龄在18岁至55岁之间。调查结果已在零点调查公司的网站上公布。调查显示,近33%的女性希望自己的脸型有所改善;其次,29%的女性想做双眼皮手术。鹅蛋脸和双眼皮最受青睐。在女性最想做的五种整形术中,腰腹抽脂名列第三,然后是腿部抽脂,塑鼻整形位居最后。北京一位姓黄的美容师说,女性希望自己的外表更像白种人。他说,女性尤为希望自己双腿修长、胸部丰满、身材苗条。相反,男性对胖瘦并不那么在意,只有7.5%的人表示会考虑做抽脂手术。近45%的男性想把鼻子整得更挺拔,因为这样能让他们看起来更有男人味。近33%的人表示他们会考虑做双眼皮手术,其次是矫正牙齿和重塑脸型。黄整形师说,很多男性不希望他们的配偶隆胸,即使女性这样做是为了取悦他们。据官方统计数据,中国每年的整形手术数量达到约100万例。 /200803/30012济南市市中医医院有几个主任 5.Aquagenic Urticaria5.水源性荨麻疹Aquagenic urticaria is better known as an allergy to water. Though not a true allergy, as no histamine is actually released by the body, the disorder still presents with painful rashes that break out wherever water touches the skin. Usually within an hour after contact with water, the sufferer will end up with small wheals, which are raised, reddened areas also known as papules. It#39;s an extremely rare disorder, with only 100 reported cases worldwide.Some scientists believe there may be a genetic component to the disorder, as there has been no evidence of transmission from person to person. However, most cases take place in separate families, with only a few happening to relatives. While some cases can be quite gentle, most are extremely painful, with sufferers resorting to either extremely short baths or none at all in order to avoid the pain.水源性荨麻疹因其对水过敏而著称。尽管并非真正过敏,身体没有真正释放组胺,但这种疾病仍可表现为接触水后暴发疼痛的疹子。通常在接触水一个小时之内,患者便起满小的风疹块,这些起疹块发红的区域也称之为丘疹。这种疾病非常少见,全世界只有100例报道。一些科学家认为可能有基因因素影响这种疾病,因为并没有据表明它可在人际传播。然而,大多病例都分散在不同的家庭当中,只有少数病例发生在亲戚之间。虽然一些病例发病温和,但大多数都极端痛苦,患者诉诸于极端短浴来缓解痛苦,或者根本束手无策。4.Brainerd Diarrhea4.布雷纳德腹泻As you can probably guess from the name, this disease is a severe, acute form of diarrhea first described after an outbreak in Brainerd, Minnesota. The exact reason for the contraction is unknown to scientists at this time, but it may be caused by the consumption of contaminated water or raw milk. Sufferers experience 10–20 episodes of explosive, watery diarrhea every day. Nearly all of the recorded outbreaks have taken place in the ed States, though there have only been eight since it was first discovered.Brainerd diarrhea can last for months—even up to a year—with no respite for those afflicted because it#39;s extremely resistant to any form of antimicrobial treatment. Drugs like Imodium have been reported to offer some relief, but only in very high doses. Because the exact source of the disease is unknown, there is no known preventative measure, other than to boil all well water and avoid unpasteurized milk.你可以从名称中大致推断出这种疾病是一种严重的急性腹泻,在明尼苏达由布雷纳德首次进行了描述。这种痉挛的确切原因至今都不为科学家所知,但它可能是因为饮用了污染的水或者生牛奶而引起。患者每天都遭受10到20次爆炸性的水样腹泻。几乎所有的布雷纳德腹泻爆发都发生在美国,尽管从第一例发现起才仅仅8例而已。水泻般腹泻会持续数月甚至一年,使这些饱受折磨的人没有任何喘息机会,因为它对任何形式的抗菌治疗都具有抵抗性。如易蒙等药物据报道能稍有缓解,但也仅限于相当高剂量的情况下才可以。目前,人们还不知道这种疾病的确切病源,所以没有任何有效的预防措施,只能用煮沸水、避免喝未消毒的牛奶等方法来预防。3.Sickle Cell Anemia3.镰状细胞性贫血Sickle cell anemia is a genetic blood disorder in which the red blood cells form abnormally, taking the shape of a crescent or sickle. In addition, there aren#39;t enough blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body. Those afflicted with SCA also lose the defective blood cells up to 12 times faster than those without the disorder.A mutation in one of the genes responsible for hemoglobin is the root cause of the disorder and it seems to be most prevalent among those whose ancestors lived in areas where malaria was common. The symptoms vary person to person, but fatigue and chronic pain is extremely common and never goes away. Thanks to modern medicine, it isn#39;t the killer that it once was, with many people making it to their 60s and beyond. However, while blood and marrow stem cell transplants have shown some promise, there is still no cure.镰状细胞性贫血是一种基因血液疾病,血红细胞性状异常呈新月形或镰刀状。而且机体没有足够的血细胞为全身供氧。饱受SCA折磨的病人会以常人12倍的速度丢失缺陷血细胞。血红素基因的一处变异是这种疾病的根本原因,而且它似乎在其先人所住的疟疾肆意地区更为盛行。其症状在每个人身上都表现不同,但疲倦和慢性疼痛非常普遍且永不消失。多亏现代医药,它并不像曾经那样像个杀手般肆虐猖狂,许多人可以活到60多岁。不过,全血和骨髓干细胞移植显示有很大希望,但依然不能完全治愈。2.Adiposis Dolorosa2.痛性肥胖病For anyone familiar with Latin or the TV show Doctor Who, it will be obvious that this particular disease has to do with fat. Also known as ;Dercum#39;s disease; after the doctor who first described it, sufferers are plagued with tumors called lipomas all over their torso. Nearly all of those who get this disease are obese women between the ages of 35–50.With no known cure or cause, Dercum#39;s disease is believed to perhaps have a genetic component to it, as it does seem to run in some families. Other scientists theorize that it is an autoimmune disorder, as healthy tissue is attacked by the body. Tthe only treatments available for this extremely painful condition focus on one symptom at a time, utilizing pain medications and weight loss strategies. Liposuction has shown some mild success at treating the disease.熟悉拉丁或电视节目神秘士的人,很显然了解这种疾病与肥胖有关。在医生首次描述之后也称之为;德尔肯氏病;,患者周身都会遭受这种名为脂肪瘤的肿瘤折磨。几乎所有患此疾病的人都是35-50岁的肥胖女性。治疗未知、病因未知,所以德尔肯氏病被认为很可能有基因因素,因为其确实看起来只发生在家族中。其他科学家建立了一种学说,推论它是一种自身免疫的紊乱,即机体攻击自身健康组织。对这种相当痛苦的状况,唯一可行的治疗手段主要集中于一次解决一种症状,利用疼痛治疗和减重手段。在治疗这种疾病时,吸脂手术略显成功。1.Ondine#39;s Curse1.代恩的诅咒For those of you unfamiliar with French or German folk tales and mythology, Ondine was a nymph who took a mortal as her lover, who swore that each one of his breaths would be a testament of his love for her. After he committed adultery, Ondine—or her father, in some versions—cursed the cheater to stop breathing the next time he fell asleep. Otherwise known as ;congenital central hypoventilation syndrome,; sufferers lack the function of the autonomic nervous system which regulates breathing. This means that they have to consciously remember to breathe.When they sleep, most are hooked up to ventilators. If they are able to survive into adulthood, the sleep masks used to treat sleep apnea tend to work well enough to enable them to live relatively normal lives. Genetics are believed to play a major role as the cause of the disease, though it has appeared in adults after major surgery or trauma.对不熟悉法国或德国的民间故事或神话的观众来说,仙女代恩将一个凡人作为她的爱人,她发誓他的每个呼吸都是爱她的明。然而仙女的爱人通奸后,代恩——有些版本是她的父亲——诅咒这个该死的骗子在下次入睡时停止呼吸。这又称为;先天性中枢性低通气综合征;,主要是患者缺乏调节呼吸的自主神经系统功能。一旦入睡,大多数患者必须连接呼吸机。如果他们能够存活到成年,使用治疗睡眠呼吸暂停的睡眠面罩往往足以使他们过上正常生活。尽管这种疾病在重大手术或哮喘后也发生于成年人,但遗传学被认为在疾病成因中发挥重要作用。翻译:宁舒子 来源:前十网 /201508/396089济南市第二人民医院子宫内膜异位症

济南哪里做人流手术好China#39;s first domestically produced single-aisle passenger jet, the C919, is expected to take to the sky for its maiden flight on Friday, as the country endeavors to meet soaring domestic travel demand and break the global market duopoly of Boeing Co and Airbus Group SE.在国内旅游需求不断上升急需满足,以及波音公司和空中客车集团垄断全球航空市场的环境下,中国首架自主生产的单通道喷气式飞机C919预计在本周五进行首飞。The debut flight is set to take place at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, subject to weather conditions, the C919#39;s Shanghai-based manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, said on Wednesday.中国商飞公司(C919飞机制造商,总部位于上海)周三称,飞机首飞地点定于上海浦东国际机场,但不排除受天气条件影响顺延。Soon after it was established in 2008, COMAC began the research to develop the twin-engine C919, which would be used for medium-haul flights with 158 to 174 seats. It is expected to compete with the updated Airbus A320 and the new-generation Boeing B737.中国商飞公司于2008年成立,之后不久,就开始着手研发双引擎C919飞机,以期为备有158-174个座位的中程航班务。研发人员希望C919能够与空中客车集团新型A320飞机和波音公司新一代B737飞机形成竞争。China has its own military and regional aircraft manufacturers, and the development of the airplane serves as a key index to assess the country#39;s industrial and technical manufacturing capacity.中国已经拥有了自己的军用飞机和线飞机制造商,此架飞机的研发成为衡量中国产业和技术制造水平的一个重要指标。;The first flight of the C919 signals that China will be able to make a significant breakthrough for the country#39;s civil aircraft manufacturing industry, and it could have the opportunity to break the monopolies of Boeing and Airbus,; said Lin Zhijie, an aviation industry analyst and columnist at Carnoc.com, a large Chinese civil aviation website.航空业分析家、民航资源网(国内大型民航类网站)专栏作家林智杰说:“C919飞机的首飞是一个信号,这意味着中国将在国产民用飞机制造业实现重要突破,中国将有机会打破波音公司和空中客车集团的垄断。”Despite the promising future, Lin said the C919#39;s entry to the market won#39;t occur soon. The date it goes into operation is expected to be between 2020 and 2022.尽管前景广阔,但林智杰认为C919不会很快进入市场,预计投入运营的时间应该在2020年到2022年之间。So far, COMAC has received 570 orders for the C919 from 23 clients, including domestic airlines such as the State-owned Air China, China Southern and China Eastern; and private airlines Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines. China Eastern will be the first to take delivery.截至目前,中国商飞C919已经接到了来自23家客户的共570架订单,其中包括一些国内航空公司,比如中航、南航以及东航等国企,以及海航、川航等私企。商飞公司将首先向中国东航交付飞机。Overseas orders account for about 10 percent of the total, including airlines from Germany and Thailand and others from the Asia Pacific region and Africa.海外订单大约占据了总订单的10%,其中有来自德国、泰国、亚太地区和非洲的航空公司。Boeing earlier predicts that China will need 5,110 new single-aisle airplanes through 2035, accounting for 75 percent of the total delivery for China from global aircraft manufacturers.波音早先预计,中国到2035年将新需5110架单通道飞机,占中国对国际飞机制造商总需求的75%。;While the program has faced its share of challenges-like any development program of this size-the results speak for themselves,; said Steven Lien, president of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, one of the C919#39;s suppliers.霍尼韦尔航空航天集团亚太区总裁史蒂文?利恩说,“就像其他同规模的研发项目一样,C919也面临着自己的挑战,但是结果会说明一切。”该集团是C919供应商之一。;The C919 is a sleek, modern and efficient airplane. It is y to compete on a global scale, heralding China#39;s ambitious plans to grow and develop its domestic air transportation industry with the help of international partners.;“C919飞机造型优美时尚,乘客搭载量高,完全有实力在世界范围与对手竞争。这表明了中国计划在国际合作伙伴的帮助下培养发展国产航空运输产业的雄心。”COMAC said last week it has started the research to develop a widebody commercial jet with Russia for delivery within 10 years.中国商飞公司在上周称,他们已经在和俄罗斯合作,共同研发宽体商业飞机,预计10年内投产。 /201705/507691山东省交通医院有微创手术吗 济南省附属医院网上咨询

济南超导可视无痛人流怎么样呢 In a bar in Beijing or an underground rail carriage on the Shanghai Metro, the sight of WeChat, the addictive chat app developed by Tencent Holdings, is ubiquitous. But when you spy it over the shoulder of your neighbour on the Metro, chances are they are messaging colleagues rather than friends.无论是在北京的酒吧,还是在上海地铁的车厢内,随处可以看到有人正在使用微信(WeChat)——由腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)研发的令人沉迷的聊天应用。但是,如果你在地铁上斜眼偷看旁边乘客的手机,你很可能看到他们正在给同事发微信,而不是给朋友发微信。At almost every Chinese workplace, WeChat has become the primary means of communication. Conversations through WeChat group messages have replaced email, files can be shared in the app, and group voice calls can replace meetings.几乎在中国每一个工作场所,微信都已经成了主要的沟通方式。微信群聊已经取代了电子邮件,人们可以通过微信共享文件,同时群组语音通话可以代替开会。But there are some big drawbacks: WeChat messages do not have the legal status of a written email, message history can be hard to access and the security of corporate information can be a concern.但是,其中也有一些比较大的缺点:微信消息不具有电子邮件的法律效力,消息记录很难获得,同时企业信息安全也可能成为顾虑之一。Tencent has set out to fix this, with Enterprise WeChat. The app has all the usual chat features, plus some extras: employees can ask for time off, file expenses or even clock in to show they are at work. Security has been upgraded and companies must register before employees can use the service.腾讯打算用企业微信(Enterprise WeChat)来解决这些问题。这款应用拥有所有的一般聊天功能,同时还有一些附加功能:员工可以在上面请假、报销、甚至考勤。安全方面也进行了升级,企业必须先注册,然后员工才能使用该务。What Tencent is trying has echoes of Facebook at Work, a programme for workplace communication launched last year. Unlike Facebook, whose users mostly use the platform for personal communication, WeChat aly had a big corporate user base before the app: it now needs to get them to move over to the updated version.腾讯目前的尝试类似于Facebook at Work,后者是去年推出的工作交流软件。Facebook的用户大多使用该平台进行私人交流,微信与之不同:它在推出企业版之前已经拥有了庞大的企业用户基础,现在需要把这些用户迁移至这个更新版本中。Once they do, Enterprise WeChat may help Tencent solve a different problem: how to make more money from WeChat, which despite having 700m users has never generated big profits.一旦用户开始使用企业微信,它或许有助于腾讯解决另一个问题:如何利用微信赚更多钱。尽管微信拥有7亿用户,但是从未产生过巨额利润。Enterprise WeChat is free but that could change. Workplace chat apps in Silicon Valley have garnered some rich valuations (such as Slack, valued at .8bn) off the idea that companies will pay handsome subscription fees for their service.企业微信目前是免费的,但是这一点有可能改变。出于企业将为务付可观订阅费的想法,硅谷研发的一些工作聊天应用得到了高昂的估值(比如Slack,得到了38亿美元的估值)。 /201605/441565天桥区中心医院早泄治疗山东济南阳光妇科医院检查能用医保卡吗



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