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1 Consider his future thoughts. He starts thinking about the future and you’re in it—his future once meant he had a date on Saturday night, but with you, the future seems definite. Not only does he plan to see you this weekend, but he wants to see you a year from now. Also, when planning his next vacation, he finds himself making plans with you in them, and when his best friend gets married in six months, you’re his date.你在他的未来里。当他计划未来的时候,你总在其中,哪怕是周六晚上的约会,和你在一起是肯定的。他不仅会周末看你,他更希望一年后的这个周末还看到你。 /201001/94442

1. 因为爱你 所以爱你because i love you,so i love you2. 因为你爱我 所以我爱你because you love me,so i love you3. 因为世界上没有人比我更爱你because no one in the world love you more than me4. 因为无时无刻想著你because i miss you every moment5. 因为你的温柔体贴because of your gentleness and considerate6. 因为你的坦白率真because of your frankness7. 因为你那可爱的笑容because of your lovely smile8. 因为你那迷人的眼睛because of your charming eyes9. 因为你的一举一动都让我著迷because your every action make me fascinated10. 因为你所散发出来的高贵气质because of your noble disposition11. 因为抱著你的感觉是这么温暖because of the warmth when i hold you in my arms12. 因为一个人寂寞的时候只有你陪著我because only you accompany me when i am lonely13. 因为爱你让我充满自信because loving you makes me confident14. 因为你的任性because of your wilfulness15. 因为照顾你是我的责任because it is my responsibility to look after you16. 因为有些是不必说出来你就能明白because of something you can understand without my explaination17. 因为只有你最了解我的个性because only you know of my personality best18. 因为只有你能包容我的一切because only you can tolerate everything of mine19. 因为没有你我就不知该如何活下去because i dont know how to continue my life without you20. 因为有你我的生活充满快乐because of you , my life is full of happines /200812/59935

法国当选生活质量最高的国家 伊拉克垫底International Living magazine -- a US leading resource for helping people live and travel overseas -- has released its 26th Annual Quality of Life Index. According to IL's comprehensive analysis, France again offers the greatest Quality of Life of any country, whilewar-tornIraq remains in last place.Despite high taxes, bureaucracy, and a high cost of living, France returns after taking over the top position last year."France has a good climate, unspoiled countryside, and great health care. And its capital, Paris, is arguably the world's most beautiful and romantic city on earth," said Laura Sheridan, Managing Editor of International Living magazine, who conducted the study. "Add to all this the world-competitive infrastructure and you can understand why we'd name France the world's best place to live."To produce the annual index, International Living considers nine categories: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. International Living uses statistics from a number of official government, non-profit, and media sources for much of the number crunching.The ed States -- which had ranked at the top of the charts for an impressive21 consecutive yearsuntil being dethroned in last year's survey -- regained its footing, and climbed back to the number 5 slot from number 7 in last year's survey.International Living's 2007 Quality of Life Index Highlights:Leaders1. France2. Australia3. Netherlands4. New Zealand5. ed StatesBottom Five195. Iraq194. Somalia193. Yemen192. Sudan191. AfghanistanOther Notables8. Italy11. Germany22. Canada25. Mexico34. Panama37. ed Kingdom108. Cuba116. China116. RussiaOther Highs and LowsLowest cost of living: Nauru (it's an island in the Pacific)Best Infrastructure: ed StatesMost Corrupt: HaitiBest for culture: ItalyBest climate: ZimbabweBest to register a new company: AustraliaLongest life expectancy: Andorra(PRNewswire) /200803/32397

1.Get an Early Start早行动早漂亮Make a habit of washing your face a few hours before bed. If you wait until you're tired, you're more likely to blow it off—allowing toxins and dirt to stay on there all night.Another consequence? You miss the best time to treat your skin. At night there's more blood flow to the skin's surface, and there's nothing else on your face to interfere with absorption.睡觉前几个小时洗脸。如果等到困了再洗脸,那你很可能搞砸美容大计——毒素和灰尘会在脸上滞留整夜。另一个后果就是你错过了皮肤护理的最佳时段。夜间脸部皮肤中的血流量会增多,而且不会有其他什么影响护理产品的吸收。2.Sleep On Your Back躺着睡觉Lying on your stomach is bad for "beauty sleep." The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds—a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night. In fact, many dermatologists say they can tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles there.趴着睡觉是美容觉的大忌。头部平均重量是7-8磅——趴着的话对脸部可是不小的压力。不少皮肤科医生都说,他们能根据皱纹的数量判断这个人睡觉时脸朝向哪边。3.Get a Lift高枕无忧Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows, or put the headrest area of your bed on 2- to 4-inch pieces of wood. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won't accumulate.枕两个枕头,或者把床的枕头区域垫高2-4寸。重力能促进淋巴和血液循环,如此体液就不会淤积一处。4.Avoid Carb Face避免水肿脸To wake with defined cheekbones, eat a high-protein, low-sugar dinner. Skip the rice, pasta and potatoes. When our diet's high in glycemic carbohydrates, our features take on a soft, doughy appearance.如果想一觉起来,脸上不会水肿得像包子,晚饭就多吃高蛋白、低糖分的食物、不要吃米饭、面条和土豆。当饮食中有过多的生糖碳水化合物时,面部容易变得绵软而浮肿。5.To minimize A.M. frizz避免晨间头发蓬乱sleep on a satin pillowcase or put your hair in a silk scarf. Those fabrics are much softer than cotton, so there's less friction.睡在缎面枕头上,或者用丝巾把头发包起来。这些面料比棉柔软多了,可以减少擦。6.Find Your Inner Ballerina模仿芭蕾舞女演员Pile hair into a twist on the top of your head. In the morning you'll have major volume and beautiful waves.把头发在头顶扎成髻。早上起来就能看到蓬松而蜷曲的浪了。 /201002/97390

Actor Nicolas Cage may want to brush up on his accounting skills. The IRS is going after the 45-year-old actor for .2 million, according to the Daily Mail. The problems stem from 2007, a year in which he made four films, including "National Treasure" and "Ghost Rider."   演员尼古拉斯·凯奇可能是想重新复习下他的财会技能了。美国国税局追缴这位45岁的男演员的时候,搞到620万美元的税收款,据《每日邮报》报道。漏税时间要从2007年开始算起,他当年接拍了4部影片,包括《国家宝藏》、《鬼骑士》。 /200909/84169

Aries: Thistle, wild rose, gorse, nasturtium, woodbine 白羊:蓟、野玫瑰、金雀花、旱金莲花、忍冬 /201106/140319

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