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It is important to keep discussing issues that concern us all.there can by no more valuable role for our family of nations. 对关系到我们所有人的问题保持讨论很重要,它让我们的大家庭产生更大的价值。I have been closely associated with the Commonwealth through most of its existence.在英联邦成立以来的大部分时间里,我都同它联系紧密。The personal and living bond I have enjoyed with leaders, and with people the world over, has always been more important in promoting our unity than symbolism alone.我个人同各国领袖、人民密不可分。这不单是象征意义,也能促进我们的团结。The Commonwealth is not an organisation with a mission. 英联邦并非一个具某种使命的组织,It is rather an opportunity for its people to work together to achieve practical solutions to problems.而更是一个让各国人民合作、解决困难的平台。In many aspects of our lives, whether in sport, the environment, business or culture, the Commonwealth connection remains vivid and enriching.在涉及我们生活的许多方面,不论是体育、环洗、商业或文化,英联邦国家之间的联系紧密而丰富。It is, in lots of ways, the face of the future. 在很多方面这展现未来的前景。And with continuing support and dedication, I am confident that this diverse Commonwealth of nations can strengthen the common bond that transcends politics, religion, race and economic circumstances.随着不断的持和贡献,我相信英联邦国家的多元化能加强各国在政治、宗教、种族和经济环境的凝聚力。We know that at Christmas is a time for celebration and family reunions; 众所周知,圣诞节是欢庆与家人团聚的时候,but it is also a time to reflect on what confronts those less fortunate than ourselves, at home and throughout the world.但我们也可以借这个时机回顾那些国内外不幸者面临的困境。Christians are taught to love their neighbours, having compassion and concern, 基督徒被教导要爱他们的邻居,有同情心,and being y to undertake charity and voluntary work to ease the burden of deprivation and disadvantage.乐于慈善和志愿工作,以减轻贫困和不利的负担。We may ourselves be confronted by a bewildering array of difficulties and challenges, 我们自己会面临一连串的困难和挑战,这些困难和挑战会令我们感到困惑,but we must never cease to work for a better future for ourselves and for others.但我们绝不能停下脚步。而应该继续努力,为自己和他人创造更美好的未来。I wish you all, wherever you may be, a very happy Christmas.不论你们现时身在何处,我都祝愿你们圣诞快乐。201608/463395乐宁外教口语天天练No.22Because I'm on a budget,I cook for myselfinstead of eating at restaurants.On a budget 意指trying not to spend a lot of moneyBecause I'm on a budget,I cook for myselfinstead of eating at restaurants.译文:我在节省开,所以自己下厨做饭,不上馆子。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200609/9422And so today, in the spirit of my daughters question 今天 本着我女儿这一问题的精神I want to pose a few questions of my own as you begin the next chapter of your lives 对于你们人生的下一篇章 我还想问一些问题And my first question is, who are you gonna be? 我的第一个问题是 你将成为谁And if youll notice, Im not asking what are you gonna do注意了 我这里没有问 你将要做什么but who are you gonna be? 而是你要成为谁Im asking you about how you plan to live your life every day 我问的是 你计划今后每天要如何过生活How are you gonna respond when you dont get that job you had your heart set on?当你没有得到心仪工作时 你的反应会是怎样的For all of you are gonna be teachers, what are you gonna do 对于想成为老师的那些人 如果你课上的学生if the students in your class next year just dont respond to your lessons? 第二年不再对你的课作出响应 你会怎么办For all of you going into business 对于那些要经商的人how will you react when your boss gives you a goal that feels way too high?如果老板为你定的目标实在太高 你会如何反应See these are the moments that define us 这些就是定义我们的时时刻刻Not the day you get the promotion它不是你获得晋升的那一天not the day you win teacher of the year 不是你获得年度教师称号的那一天but the times that force you to claw and scratch 而是迫使你摸爬滚打的那些时光and fight just to get through the day 以及努力奋斗 试图度过难关的那些日子the moments when you get knocked down 当你被击倒的时候and youre wondering whether its even worth it to get back up 当你甚至怀疑是否值得重新站起来的时候See, those are the times when youve got to ask yourself who am I gonna be? 这些就是你要问自己;我要成为谁;这一问题的时候201603/433394103. So what? 那又如何? 用法透视 表示不在乎,不气,不甘示弱,就用这个反问句。 持范例 1. He doesn't like you. So what? 他不喜欢你。那又怎样? 2. He's won 00. So what? 他赢了一千美金。那又如何? 3. You say his father's very rich. So what? He wouldn't accept any help from his father. 你说他父亲很富有,那又怎样?他不会接受他父亲的任何帮助。 会话记忆 A: She is so stupid. 她太笨了。 B: Who cares? She is pretty. 谁管她笨不笨?她很漂亮。 A: So what? 那又怎么样? B: You're just jealous. 你只不过是嫉妒罢了 /200706/14673093 directions Words Traffic lights (on the) corner statues first(left/right) roundabout junction memorial signpost cave Phrases Turn left Turn right Go straight on Turn around Go the other way Ask for directions Ask the way Take the first On the left/right Beginner A: excuse me? How can I get to the nearest branch of the national bank? B: there’s branch on new street. Walk up this street until you get to the first set of traffic lights. Then turn right at the traffic lights. A; how far up the street are the traffic lights? B: now far. About 150 meters perhaps. A; ok. So I turn right at the traffic lights. Then? B: then keep walking until you reach the war memorial. It’s a big statue of a soldier. You can’t miss it. A: ok. Where do I go then? B; you’ll see the national bank near the war memorial. It’s a big building and you’ll see a big sign on the front of the building. A: god it. Thank you very much. Intermediate A: this is the route I thought we could take on our hike on Saturday afternoon. B: how long is it altogether? A: it’s about six or seven miles. That’s about the kilometers. B; that sounds OK. So, we start here at the car park and walk along the path to the waterfall. A: right. Then we turn left and walk up this small hill. The view from the top of the hill is worth the climb. We can eat a snack there. B: then we will follow this path down the hill to the old church. A: we can spend a few minutes looking around the church. Then, we turn right and walk along this path. B; this path leads to the cave. Can we look inside the cave? A: yes, we can, but it isn’t very interesting. B: then we turn south and come back to the car park along this path. A: that’s right. B: how long do you think it will take us to complete the walk? A; I think it will take about four hours, including breaks. B; that’s fine. Are there signposts along the way, in case we get lost? A; yes, there are. They tell use which way to go and how far we have to walk. /200706/14078

For years, I had resisted medication, making many, many efforts to get off.这些年来,我一直反对用药,为此会付出一切。I felt that if I could manage without medication,我感觉到我不用药物也可以保持I could prove that, after all, I wasnt really mentally ill, it was some terrible mistake.我想要明,毕竟我精神上没问题,只不过是诊断上犯得错误而已My motto was the less medicine, the less defective.我的理念是药越少,瑕疵就越少My L.A. analyst, Dr. Kaplan, was urging me just to stay on medication and get on with my life,我的分析师Kaplan士,当时劝我坚持药并且就这样生活下去but I decided I wanted to make one last college try to get off.但是我决定我想要最最后一次尝试Quoting from the text:从文中引用:;I started the reduction of my meds, and within a short time I began feeling the effects.;我开始减少我的用药量,而在短时间之内,我就感觉到了一些变化After returning from a trip to Oxford, I marched into Kaplans office,在从牛津旅行回来后,我冲进了Kaplan的办公室,headed straight for the corner, crouched down, covered my face, and began shaking.冲向角落,蹲了下来,捂住我的脸,开始颤抖All around me I sensed evil beings poised with daggers.在我周围我感觉到了拿了匕首的恶魔Theyd slice me up in thin slices or make me swallow hot coals.他们把我切成了碎片,或者让我吞下滚烫的煤球Kaplan would later describe me as writhing in agony.Kaplan后来把我当时情景描述为;在撕心裂肺的痛苦中蠕动;Even in this state, what he accurately described as acutely and forwardly psychotic,即使在这个状态下,他准确地描述为急性神经病I refused to take more medication.我拒绝用更多的药物The mission is not yet complete.因为任务还没有完成Immediately after the appointment with Kaplan,在与Kaplan的面会结束后,I went to see Dr. Marder, a schizophrenia expert who was following me for medication side effects.我去看了Marder医生,一位精神分裂症专家,他是负责观察我用药的副作用的He was under the impression that I had a mild psychotic illness.他觉得我可能有一定程度上的精神分裂Once in his office, I sat on his couch, folded over, and began muttering.一次在他的办公室,我坐在沙发上,蜷缩起来,然后开始喃喃自语Head explosions and people trying to kill.;头破血流,人们试图杀戮,Is it okay if I totally trash your office?我能不能把你的办公室彻底当垃圾处理?;You need to leave if you think youre going to do that, said Marder.;如果你那么想的话,你需要现在离开.; Marder说Okay. Small. Fire on ice. Tell them not to kill me. ;好吧.小一点.在冰上的火.告诉他们不要杀我.Tell them not to kill me. What have I done wrong?告诉他们不要杀我.我做错什么了?Hundreds of thousands with thoughts, interdiction.成百上千个想法被封锁Elyn, do you feel like youre dangerous to yourself or others?Elyn,你是不是觉得你对自己或他人很危险?I think you need to be in the hospital.我认为你应该待在医院里I could get you admitted right away, and the whole thing could be very discrete.我可以现在就让你被容纳进来,整个事情会变得十分分散.;Ha, ha, ha. Youre offering to put me in hospitals?哈哈哈,你想把我放在医院里?Hospitals are bad, theyre mad, theyre sad.医院是不好的,它们都疯了,它们都十分难过One must stay away. Im God, or I used to be.任何一个人都得远离医院.我就是上帝,或者我以前是.At that point in the text, where I said ;Im God, or I used to be,;在那个情况下,当我说;我是上帝,或者我以前是;的时候,my husband made a marginal note.我的丈夫在边上记了一笔He said, ;Did you quit or were you fired?;他问:;那你是退出了还是被开除了?;;I give life and I take it away.;我创造生命然后我拿走他们,Forgive me, for I know not what I do.原谅我吧,因为我不知道该做什么.;Eventually, I broke down in front of friends, and everybody convinced me to take more medication.最后,我在朋友面前倒塌了,然后每个人都想说我去继续用药物I could no longer deny the truth, and I could not change it.我再也不能否定事实了,而且我无法改变这样一个事实The wall that kept me, Elyn, Professor Saks,那堵隔离我,Elyn还有Saks教授的墙separate from that insane woman hospitalized years past, lay smashed and in ruins.;与那个疯女人住院的年头所隔离,在废墟中倒塌.;201603/433222

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