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If you check out the label on the back of your favorite window cleaner, you might be surprised to find some foreign and dangerous chemicals in the list of ingredients. These chemicals can be harmful to you, your family and the environment.Follow these easy steps to find out how to make a safe, eco-friendly window cleaner out of lemons.查看一下你最喜欢的窗户清洁剂标签,你可能会惊讶地发现成份中有一些危险的化学品。这些化学品对你,你的家人以及环境都是有害的。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样使用柠檬制作安全环保的窗户清洁剂。Step 1: You will need1.你需要spray bottle,kitchen knife,2 lemons,white distilled vinegar,water喷壶,水果刀,2个柠檬,蒸馏白醋,水Step 2: Squeeze Your Lemons2.挤出柠檬汁Take your kitchen knife and slice the lemons in half. Over the measuring cup, squeeze out 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Make sure to keep the seeds and pulp out of the juice. Pour the lemon juice into the spray bottle. The lemons provide a natural cleaning power and great scent.用水果刀把柠檬对半切开,向量杯中挤出两汤匙柠檬汁。确保把籽和果肉过滤出来。把柠檬汁倒入喷壶中。柠檬有着天然的清洁功效,而且气味芳香。Step 3: Full Of Vinegar3.醋Pour the vinegar almost all the way to the top of the spray bottle. Top off the vinegar and lemon mixture with water and shake the bottle. The vinegar will cut through your toughest grease and fingerprints on windows and get rid of soap scum and water residue on shower doors.向喷壶中加入醋,几乎加到喷壶顶端,然后向醋和柠檬的混合液中加满水,摇动喷壶。醋可以清除窗户上最顽固的油脂和手指印,还可以清除浴室门上的肥皂泡和水渍残留。Thanks for watching How To Clean Windows With Lemon.感谢收看“怎样使用柠檬清洁窗户”视频节目。201211/209593When we imagine our older age,每当想到我们变老的时候a lot of us look at our parents.我们大部分就会看向我们的父母We know weve inherited their genes我们遗传了他们的基因 and suspect that whats happening to them now觉得他们现在所经历的may well be what happens to us in the future.或许我们将来也会经历Thats something were likely to have mixed feelings about.一想到那 我们的心情就格外复杂Well, you can look at their mothers看着他们的母亲usually which gives you an idea of whats going to happen!你常常就会想你以后也会和他们一样But dont tell Claire that!但别和克莱尔说这些Nancy can see her younger self in her daughter, Claire.南希可以从女儿克莱尔身上看到年轻时的自己I think she looks like me.我觉得她长的像我A lot of people say she looks exactly like I did.很多人都说她长的很像我I like it, I like it because I think,我喜欢这样 因为我觉得;Oh, well, I havent wasted it, there it is.;哦 好吧 至少这样并不浪费Its the gene, isnt it,就是这基因 不是吗 the selfish gene, passing itself around.那个自我的基因 代代相传You want to be copied.你想要被复制You could waste your life ironing things...你一辈子都会浪费在熨东西上Because we inherit our parents genes,因为我们继承了父母的基因we might also be vulnerable to some of the same illnesses.所以我们也可能得同样的病201304/23344342 Star on Pressure of Meeting Jackie Robinsons WidowChadwick Boseman discusses the success of the biopic of the iconic baseball star.《42号》主演查德威克·斯曼专访,谈论这部传记片的成功,并表达对杰基·罗宾森的尊敬和喜爱。《42号》根据美国职业棒球大联盟首位黑人棒球运动员杰基·罗宾森的生平拍摄的一部体育传记电影,种族平等将是本片的主题。《42号》片名是杰基·罗宾森球衣的号码。他出生于1919年01月31日,1972年10月24日逝世,是美国职棒大联盟史上第一位黑人球员。Now we have a special guest to mark the day 66 years ago when Jackie Robinson became the first black player in Major League baseball. In honor of Jackie Robinson Day every Major League player today is gonna wear the Number 42. And we’re pleased to welcome the star of the new movie ;42.; Chadwick Boseman plays Jackie Robinson. Great to have you, Bose.Good morning.And Bose, itll also be great, you guess a blown-away box office this week and youre No. 1 and thats got to be so gratifying.Its really satisfying and just having a great time, I mean, just having a great time.Ill bet you guys have been to the White House. President Sbama hosted a screening(放映) as well?Thats right. Thats right. Its been amazing just, just being able to have this movie be appreciated in the cultural significance of it. So, yeah, the First Lady and the President then hosted two screenings, one for kids, and the second one he hosted at night.And the movie really firngs home how tough things were for Jackie Robinson that wasnt that long ago. I want to show a scene where hes getting booed, jeered on the field. And Peewee Reese, his shortstop(游击手) comes up and talks to him. Lets take a look.They can say all they want. Were just here to play ball.Its just a bunch of crack pots still fighting the civil war.Well, hell, we would have won that sum of a gun if the corn stalks would have held out. We just ran out of ammunition.Better luck next time, Peewee.Aint going to be a next time, Jack. All we gots right here.Tough stuff right there. I hear you guy hit and get in shape to play?We, we did some really intense training. They gave me a, a trainer, Phil Carlson, who is just an amazing conditioning coach and, um, and then I had baseball coaches. So I did two-a-days, baseball practice in the morning and in the afternoon, I worked out with Phil.And I, any, no pressure. But Jackie Robinsons widow comes up to you and says she thought in the original movie, Sidney Poitier was going to play him. You have to follow in the footsteps.Yeah, I mean, there is no way you can, you could live up to that. So I just told her that I would work as hard as I could and that Ill do my best to honor him and try to give her a sense of what I knew about him aly. And I said, I will research and find out as much as I can. You tell me as much as you can. And I said Ill put my whole life into it.Well, it is so clear on the screen. You did a magnificent job. Congratulations on that lot of success.Thank you.Chadwick, thanks very much. /201304/236348

Learn how to pick the best resume style for you in this how to get a job from Howcast. Expert: Nicole Williams根据Howcast这段“怎样求职”视频,学习怎样选择最适合自己的简历风格。本视频中的专家是Nicole Williams。One of the things that is happening in the world of work right now is resumes are becoming more and more passe. The most important thing you can do is not worry about whether or not you have a functional resume, its to fill out your profile as fully as possible on sites like LinkdIn so that someone can come and find you. A resume is like icing on the cake. At the end of the day, you do have to have this piece of paper that essentially summarizes all of the work that youve done. In a LinkdIn profile, you get to talk as much as possible about all the experiences youve had and all the skills you have and an employer is seeking you based on those skills. So its not a matter of trying to condense it into as little a space as possible. With a profile, you get to have as much information as is needed to explain all of the experiences youve had. More often than not, nowadays employers are asking for your LinkdIn URL, and that is what theyre using to get as much information as they need about you. Do your research, know what kind of resume style is best to do for your industry, but at the end of the day, you definitely want to have a LinkdIn profile as well.在当今职场,求职简历已经越来越过时。最重要的事情就是,不要担心你是否制作了实用的简历。你只需要在LinkdIn网站上尽可能详细地填写你的资料就可以了。随后,你就已经拥有了详细列举所有工作经历的简历了。在LinkdIn资料中,你必须尽可能详细地列明所有工作经历,所有工作技能,有些雇主会基于这些技能进行搜索。所以,写简历并不是把所有内容浓缩在一张纸上。填写资料的时候,你必须填写尽可能多的信息,解释你所有的经历。通常情况下,雇主会要求你提供LinkdIn地址,在这里了解所需要的信息。进行调查研究,看一下哪种简历风格最适合你所在的行业,但是最后,你肯定还是需要填写LinkdIn资料。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/237402

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