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第38课What are your rates? 费用多少? 38.“打尖住店” Excuse me,Do you know where there''s a good hotel? 问哪里有合适的饭店适合你去住。 136. Do you know where there''s a good hotel. 你知道哪的饭店不错? 137. What are your rates? 费用多少?(多少钱一个房间?)(receptionist 接待员) 138. What does that include? 包括了哪些务? 139. When is check-out time? 什么时候必须结帐? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2945Now I try not to gossip as a rule, but the other day a website ran an article with a picture of me wearing sweatpants on the way to the gym.我基本上不太看花边新闻,但是有一天我看到一个网站上的文章,上面载着一张我穿着运动裤往健身房走的照片。And the writer asked, “Why does this petite beauty insist upon dressing like a massive man?”作者写道“为什么这个娇小的姑娘总穿得像个大块头的男人?”Because I like to be comfortable.因为我想要穿得舒一些。There are pervasive stereotypes about masculinity and femininity that define how we are all supposed to act, dress and speak. And they serve no one.这里有太多的广泛的关于性别气质的刻板印象,它规定我们要怎么做,怎么穿,怎么说。这种性别刻板印象对任何人都没有好处。Anyone who defies these so-called ‘norms’ becomes worthy of comment and scrutiny.任何遵守这些的所谓的“正常人”就有权利和监督别人。And the LGBT community knows this all too well.LGBT人群最能体会其中的酸楚。Yet there is courage all around us.然而,我们周围充满了勇气可嘉的人。The football hero, Michael Sam. The actress, Laverne Cox. The musicians Tegan and Sara Quinn.橄榄球英雄Michael Sam,女演员Laverne Cox,音乐家 Tegan 和 Sara Quinn。The family that supports their daughter or son who has come out. And there is courage in this room. All of you.那些持他们孩子出柜的家庭。还有来自这个房间的你们的勇气。即在座的各位。And I’m inspired to be in this room because every single one of you is here for the same reason.我深受启发,因为你们的每一位都因为相同的原因齐聚一堂。You’re here because you’ve adopted as a core motivation the simple fact that this world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another.你们在这里,因为你们都抱着一个简单的中心理念,那就是只要我们减少彼此的敌意,这个世界就会变得更好。If we took just 5 minutes to recognize each other’s beauty, instead of attacking each other for our differences.如果我们花5分钟去认识其他人的美丽,而不是攻击我们的不同。That’s not hard. It’s really an easier and better way to live. And ultimately, it saves lives.这并不难做到。我们的生活就会更简单更快乐,更会拯救很多生命。Then again, it can be the hardest thing, because loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves.但是从另一方面说,这也可能是最难做到的事情。因为爱别人是从爱自己和接受自己开始的。And I know many of you have struggled with this.我知道,你们很多人在为此而挣扎。And I draw upon your strength and your support, in ways you will never know.我用了你们给我的力量和持,还有很多你们永远也不会知道的方法来做到这一点。And I’m here today because I am gay. And because…我今天来到这儿,因为我是同性恋。因为...201604/434682

Thank you, London. London is the greatest city in the world. I am so proud of our city. I am deeply humbled by the hope and trust youve placed in me today. I grew up on a council estate just a few miles from here. Back then, I never dreamed that someone like me could be elected as Mayor of London. And I want to say thank you to every single Londoner for making the impossible possible today. I have a burning ambition for London – an ambition that will guide me every day as Mayor of our great city. I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities that our city gave to me and my family. The opportunities not just to survive, but to thrive; The opportunities to build a better future for you and your family with a decent and affordable home and a comfortable commute you can afford; More jobs with better pay, not just being safe but feeling safe, cleaner air and a healthier city; And the opportunities for all Londoners to fulfill their potential. You know, I have been thinking a lot about my late dad today. He was a wonderful man and a great dad. He would have been so proud today, proud that the city he chose to call his home has now chosen one of his children to be the Mayor. I want to say thank you to my amazing mum – she really is – and to my wonderful wife, my daughters and to my family. Without you, I wouldnt be here today. And I want to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this election. To my campaign team. We have run a positive campaign and weve worked our socks off. I want to thank, I want to thank, I want to thank all the other campaign teams too, to every assembly candidate from every party. To the police, the returning officer and all the staff whove made the election happen. And of course, to all the other mayoral candidates. This election was not without controversy. And Im so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear, and unity over division. I hope, I hope that we will never be offered such a stark choice again. Fear does not make us safer, it only makes us weaker. And the politics of fear is simply not welcome in our city. I want to end by making a promise to London – a promise I first made during the campaign, but a promise that I will keep here in City Hall. I promise to always be a Mayor for all Londoners; To work hard to make life better for every Londoner, regardless of your background; And to do everything in my power to ensure you get the opportunities that our incredible city gave to me. Thank you very much.201606/448350

Hi, everyone, Ive had the honour of spending the last fifteen years working with young people who are building meaningful projects in communities from coast to coast to coast. As Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister for Youth, Ive been able to take that engagement to a new level and see firsthand the incredible work being done by Canadians all across the country. But were always looking to learn more and always looking to listen, and thats why we want you to share why youre not just leaders of tomorrow, but leaders of today. Tell us your stories, keep up your incredible work, and happy International Youth Day.201608/461509SCENE③ C 同时间 在附近一个钢琴学校里【用电脑交朋友】 Sue: Do you want to 1) end up an 2) old maid?苏: 你想变成老吗? Rose: Im happy as a 3) single woman.柔丝: 我乐于做单身女郎。 Sue: Maybe now, but what about when you're old?苏: 或许现在是,但你老的时候怎么办? Rose: I'll worry about that then.柔丝: 我到那时再担心也不迟。 Sue: A lot of women like you meet nice men in 4) chat rooms.苏: 很多像你这样的女人,在网路聊天室碰到不错的男人。 Rose: You mean where you can talk with people 5) one-on-one?柔丝: 你是指那种可以跟人一对一谈话的地方? Sue: Sure! Lots of people do it.苏: 是啊!很多人这样做。 Rose: Use a computer to find friends? I don't know. It's not for me.柔丝: 用电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。 语言详解 A: I keep gaining weight. 我的体重一直在增加。 B: If you don't watch out, you'll end up as big as your mother. 若是你不留意,你最后就会跟你妈妈一样大块头。 【I'll worry about that then.我到那时再担心也不迟】 假如别人在你面前乌鸦嘴,说你现在不如何如何,以后就会怎样,但你根本听不进去的时候,就可以说这句话。 【It's not for me.这不适合我】 这句话是用在别人劝你接受一样东西,而你不愿意的时候。 1) end up 结束,落得……的下场。2) old maid 老3) single woman/man 单身女子/男子4) chat room 网络聊天室5) one-on-one 一对一 /200708/16596

[中文这样说]我是家里的独生子,我没有兄弟.【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I am the only son in the family. I have not brothers.American Style I am the only son in the family. I have no brothers.Not与助动词和情态动词连用构成否定式而have在此处为行为动词,不能和not连用. No与可数名词单数,复数或不可数名词连用,意思是没有 /200604/646478. It's up to... 由······来决定 用法透视 "to"后面接代词宾格或名词,表示"由......来做决定;取决于......;是......的职责"。 持范例 1. Do you want to eat a Western or Chinese meal? It's up to you. 吃西餐还是中餐?由你来决定。 2. It's up to us to help those in need. 我们有责任帮助那些有困难的人。 3. It's not up to you to tell me how to do my job. 用不着你来告诉我怎样做我自己的工作。 会话记忆 A: I'm looking forward to our son's graduation this weekend. 我盼着这个周末儿子毕业呢。 B: Yes. So am I. But what will he do after graduation? He really needs to go to college. 我也是。不过他毕业后做什么呢?他需要上大学。 A: Well, dear, we can't force him to go to college. It's up to him. 可是亲爱的,我们不能强迫他上大学啊,这得由他决定。 B: I know that but he has to learn to be independent. He can't just keep living at home. 我知道,但他得学会自立,他不能老待在家里 /200705/13514

冬冬是学校里的积极分子,一有活动他就会说:【口语要素1】Count me in. 可是有一次,他却闹了个大笑话,组织者再三问他想好了没有,他想也没想就说:【口语要素2】I’m glad I’m in.看到这里,Andy 想到了一个可以很好形容他的句子:【口语要素3】He has a finger in every pie. 那么到底冬冬参加的是什么活动呢?原来是一家女士内衣店来学校搞推销,找销售代表,但是事情已经定下来了,【口语要素4】The die is cast.这个时候冬冬也只好,去做了,【口语要素5】It’s too late for you chick out. /200604/6696Experts from across the political spectrum warned that if we did not act, we might face a second depression.不同政治派别的专家对我们提出警告,如果我们不采取行动,我们可能会面临第二次经济大萧条。So we acted—immediately and aggressively.所以我们果断而迅速地采取了行动,一年后的今天,And one year later worst of the storm has passed.最糟糕的暴风雨时期已经过去了。But the devastation remains.然而,灾难性的效应依旧存在。One in 10 Americans still cannot find work.现在仍然有十分之一的美国人找不到工作。Many businesses have shuttered.许多企业歇业,Home values have declined.房屋价格下跌,Small towns and rural communities have been hit especially hard.小城镇和乡村受到的冲击尤其严重。And for those whod aly known poverty, life has become that much harder.对那些本已很贫穷的人来说,生活变得更加艰难。This recession has also compounded the burdens that Americas families have been dealing with for decades 这次经济大萧条使美国家庭几十年来承载的重压进一步加剧。the burden of working harder and longer for less; of being unable to save enough to retire or help kids with college.这种压力就是:即使他们工作更努力、时间更长,也得不到更多的收入,无法存够钱退休或者帮孩子读完大学。So I know the anxieties that are out there right now.我能够理解人们现在的焦虑,Theyre not new.这些问题并不是新的,These struggles are the reason I ran for President.而我就是为了解决这些问题才竞选美国总统。These struggles are what Ive witnessed for years in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Galesburg, Illinois. 这几年,我在印第安纳州的埃尔克哈特和伊利诺伊州的盖尔斯堡亲眼目睹了人们的困境,I hear about them in the letters that I each night.也从每晚阅读他们的信件中了解情况。The toughest to are those written by children—asking why they have to move from their home, 最让人难过的是阅读那些孩子的来信,他们在信中问,为什么他们不得不从家里搬出来,asking when their mom or dad will be able to go back to work.或者他们的爸爸妈妈什么时候才能重新找到工作。For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough.对这些美国公民以及其他像他们一样的人来说,变革的速度似乎还不够快。Some are frustrated; some are angry.对此,有些人感到灰心,还有人感到愤怒。They dont understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded, but hard work on Main Street isnt; 他们不能理解,为什么华尔街那些不好的行为好像能受到嘉奖,而普通民众的努力工作却得不到回报;or why Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems.为什么政府似乎不能够或不愿意解决人们的问题;Theyre tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness.他们已经厌烦了党派分歧、叫喊和卑劣的争斗。They know we cant afford it.他们认为我们解决不了这些问题,Not now.至少现在还不能。201612/482674

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