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泉州妇幼医院打玻尿酸多少钱泉州唇裂修复哪家医院好泉州治青春痘 Use whipped butter or margarine. 使用搅打过的奶油或麦淇淋As much as you’re trying to cut down on your fat intake,some things just don’t taste right without a little bit of butter or margarine.Go ahead and sp,but use the whipped varieties sold in little tubs. Their fat molecules are mixed up with a lot of air. so they have only about half the calories and fat grams of the sticks.虽然你拼命想减少脂肪的摄取量.有些食物如果不添加一点奶油或麦淇淋的话.尝起来就是不对劲.尽管涂用吧,不过要选用那种搅打过装在小盒子里卖的产品.这类产品的脂肪分子里混合了大量的空气.它们所含的热量和脂肪大约只有条状奶油的一半.健身短语1.As much as you re trying to. . .虽然你拼命要……(Though youre trying very hard to...).go ahead进行下去,放手做3.mix up...使……混合均匀 7晋江市中医医院切眼袋多少钱

泉州切眼袋整形医院Goldman Sachs To Invest In GeelyA Goldman Sachs Group Inc.-managed private equity fund is investing about 0 million in Geely Holding Group's Hong Kong-listed arm to fund the Chinese auto maker's growth ambitions, according to a person familiar with the matter. Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. is expected to announce the investment by Goldman Sachs Capital Partners on Monday, a Geely executive said. The Hong Hong-listed Geely arm plans to use the money to fund its working capital as it expands. That could free up capital for its parent to bid for Ford Motor Co.'s Volvo unit. People familiar with the matter have said Ford was likely to pick Geely Holding soon to take over Volvo -- a sign of Geely's global ambitions. Geely Auto confirmed earlier this month that its parent was bidding for Volvo with an unnamed state-owned investment company. The Goldman Sachs fund is investing in convertible bonds and warrants that will give it a minority stake in the Chinese auto maker, according to the person familiar with the matter. The exact size of the stake will vary depending on whether the company hits certain targets and Goldman decides to exercise the warrants. An investment of 0 million represents around 15% of the listed arm's market capitalization of over .6 billion, according to FactSet Research Systems Inc., a research firm. Geely said Wednesday that it planned to issue convertible bonds and warrants without naming Goldman Sachs Capital Partners as the buyer. International investors have in recent months backed major Chinese auto makers, betting they may become global champions. The Goldman fund's 0 million investment is chunky compared with typical private equity deals in China. Most deals are below 0 million because Chinese business owners rarely give up control and deals bigger than 0 million require central government approval. Private equity funds in recent months have made more investments in Chinese listed companies that need capital. Those deals don't require the same level of government approvals and due diligence needed for investments in unlisted companies. The auto makers are looking to survive a possible wave of consolidation in China's domestic market by snatching up smaller players at home and buying into distressed brands overseas in order to expand sales both domestically and outside the country. A unit of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. agreed last year to pay 2 million for a 10% stake in electric carmaker BYD Co. The electric car and battery maker's shares have soared this year to over HK (US.13) a share from the HK a share Berkshire paid. Earlier this year, Chery Automobile Co. secured backing from yuan-denominated private equity funds managed by CDH Investments and Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. Hangzhou-based Geely has made substantial improvement in the engineering and quality of its vehicles since 2006 under Frank Zhao, the company's product development director, who joined Geely from the U.S. auto maker now known as Chrysler Group LLC via a separate Chinese auto maker. /09/84643泉州全切双眼皮磨削疤痕精切双眼皮哪家便宜价格 泉州开眼角哪家医院专业

泉州治疗粉刺痤疮费用Key Sentences(重点句子)837. Excuse me,miss. I dont know how to turn on the ing light.对不起,,我不知道如何开那只阅读用的灯838. Just press the switch on your arm rest.您一下扶手上的那个开关就行了839. By the way,Would you like a copy of the latest“TIME”?顺便问一下,您是否要一本最新的《时代杂志?80. Could I stretch out on those two empty seats?我可不可以躺在那两个空的座位上?81. Youre probably airsick,and Ill get some medicine you right away.您很可能晕机了,我马上去给您弄些药来8. Ive just realized I dont have my travelling bag.我刚发觉我的旅行包不在身边83. I think I must have left it by your air-line counter at the airport.我想我肯定把它忘在机场你们航空公司的柜台边上了8. Dont worry,sir. Can you tell me what it is like?别急,先生,您能告诉我那只包是什么样子吗?85. It is made of black leather, with my name and address on it.它是黑色皮革制品,而且上面还有我的姓名和住址86. I really appreciate your help.衷心感谢你的帮助87. Ladies and Gentleman!It is about time to arrive in San Francisco.女士们,先生们!快要到旧金山了88. What ms must we fill out, miss?我们得填什么表格,?89.They are ED Card and Customs Decharation Card.ED卡和海关申报表850. All passengers except American citizens must complete this m.除了美国公民以外,所有的乘客都得填此卡851. It will save you much time when you go through the customs.这样可以让您在过海关时省去许多时间 63 China has ousted the UK as the world’s fifth-largest arms exporter by volume, mainly because of shipments to Pakistan, according to a report.一份报告称,中国已取代英国,成为全球第五大武器出口国,主要原因是中国对巴基斯坦军售数量较大。The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute yesterday said Chinese arms exports rose 162 per cent between 2008 to 2012, propelling China into the top five arms-exporting countries for the first time since the cold war.斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(SIPRI)昨日表示,中国武器出口在2008年至2012年期间增62%,推动中国自冷战以来首次跻身于全球前五大武器出口国之列。Also, it is the first time the UK has not been one of the top five conventional arms exporters since at least 1950, the earliest year covered by Sipri data.同时,这也是至少950年(SIPRI数据追踪的最早年份)以来英国首次不在全球五大常规武器出口国之列。Pakistan took 55 per cent of Chinese arms exports between 2008 and 2012, according to Sipri. During that time, China’s share of global arms exports rose to 5 per cent from 2 per cent in 2003-07, taking the country from eighth to fifth place in the rankings.根据SIPRI的数据,2008年至2012年,巴基斯坦是中5%武器出口的目的地囀?在此期间,中国占全球武器出口的份额003-07年期间的2%升至5%,排名从升至。“Military exports are one way for China to increase its international status,said Li Hong, secretary-general of the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association. “China needs to increase its influence in regional affairs and from that perspective it needs to increase weapons exports.”“军品出口是中国增强国际地位的方式之一,”中国军控与裁军协会(CACDA)秘书长黎弘表示。“中国需要在地区事务中提高自己的影响力,从这个视角看,中国需要增加武器出口。”Chinese defence spending is now second only to US military outlays. At current rates, Chinese spending could catch up with the US which accounts for more than 45 per cent of global military spending as early as 2025.中国军费出目前仅次于美囀?按当前趋势推算,中国军费出可能最快在2025年就赶上美国(目前美国占全球军费出5%)。For now, however, Chinese exports lag behind other countries with much smaller populations and economies. The US share of global conventional arms exports is 30 per cent. Russia, meanwhile, accounts for 26 per cent, German exports constitute 7 per cent and France accounts for 6 per cent.但就目前而言,中国的武器出口仍少于一些人口和经济规模都小得多的国家。美国占全球常规武器出口0%,俄罗斯6%,德国占7%,法国占6%。The rapid expansion in Beijing’s military budget in recent years and a focus on technological advances have raised the sophistication and competitiveness of Chinese weapons.近年中国军事预算的快速扩张,加上对先进技术的专注,都提高了中国造武器的技术含量和竞争力。This allowed China to cut the volume of its weapons imports in half in 2008-12 compared with 2003-07, when it was the largest importer of conventional weapons.这使中国008-12年期间的武器进口量与2003-07年期间相比减少一半003-07年期间中国是全球最大的常规武器进口囀?In 2008-12, China ranked second behind India, with 69 per cent of all Chinese weapons imports originating in Russia.2008-12年期间,中国在武器进口量方面排在印度后面,位列第2,中国进口的武器9%来自俄罗斯。India accounted for 12 per cent of all conventional arms imports in the period.同期印度占全球常规武器进口的12%。来 /201303/230707南安市中医医院激光去胎记多少钱泉州酒窝多少钱




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