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16. Missing the Bus Stop (1) 16.错过公交站(1)A: Does this bus stop at Normandy Street?A:这个公交站在诺曼底街吗?B: Yes, it does. Is that your stop?B:是的。那是你要下车的站吗?A: Yes, it is. How much further until the bus gets there?A:是的。到那还有多远?B: Actually, the bus passed by Normandy Street ten minutes ago.B:事实上,公交在10分钟前刚刚经过诺曼底街。A: I missed my bus stop? Darn it, I knew this would happen to me.A:我错过了公交站?该死,我就知道这会发生在我身上。B: Are you on your way to work?B:你是去工作的路上吗?A: Fortunately Im not, or else I wouldve been running late.A:幸运的是我不是,否则我一定会迟到的。B: Are you meeting a friend?B:你要去见朋友?A: Yes, I am actually. Im going to have to call him, and tell him I missed my stop.A:是的,我确实是。我不得不打电话给他, 告诉他我忘了下车。B: You should get off on the upcoming stop.B:你应该在即将到达的车站下车。A: Good idea. Ill just walk back to Normandy.A:好主意。我这就走回诺曼底街。B: It might be a long walk.B:那可能是一段很长的路。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/43738201. My Hero is my favorite TV program.;加油!好男儿;是我喜欢的一档电视节目。02. She won the final in this years Super Girls contest.她在今年的;超级女生;比赛中获得冠军。03. Im a super fan of Li Yuchun.我是李宇春的超级粉丝。04. You can vote for your idol by phone.你可以通过电话为你的偶像投票。05. She succeeded in entering the semi-final.她成功入围半决赛。06. He won the champion at last.他最终获得了冠军。07. I want to know the top 10 standings.我想知道前十强的排名情况。08. I think he is the worst of the top six in terms of singing skills.我认为就唱功而言,他是前六强中最差的。09. She garnered the most audience votes.她的观众投票数最高。10. His fans frantically shrieked when he took the stage.他一登场便引得粉丝们疯狂尖叫。11. He got more than 3 million votes in support of him.他赢得了超过300万张的持票。12. The contest finals will be held in Beijing.总决赛将在北京举行。13. I voted for him through mobile phone SMS messages.我通过发送手机短信为他投票。14. I like him because he is charismatic on stage.我喜欢他,是因为他在舞台上魅力十足。15. The second season of Super Girls came to a close on Friday night.第二季;超级女生;比赛于周五晚上拉下帷幕。16. The ranking of competitors is determined by the number of SMS messages.选手的排名是依据其短信持量决定的。17. She achieved instant fame when she won the nationwide singing contest.在全国歌唱比赛中一举夺魁使她一夜成名。18. I think he is a miracle on todays Chinese music stage.我觉得他在中国乐坛中是个奇迹。19. She was eliminated in the audition.她在海选环节中被淘汰了。20. There are 50 000 girls attending for the talent show.共有5万名女孩参加才艺展示。 /201507/384434kick back 休息;放松例句:I really need to kick back during the holiday season.我真的需要在度假季好好休息一下。I want to kick back and relax after the exam.我想要在考试后好好休息。A:What are you doing tonight?今晚你打算做什么?B:Im going to kick back and watch a movie.我打算休息一下看场电影。背景音乐:小野丽莎-Its only a paper moon关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201612/480909

讲解文本:pick 挑选picky 挑剔的He is always very picky about food.他吃东西总是挑肥拣瘦。Dont be too picky, Jack is a nice guy.Jack人不错,你就别太挑剔了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201606/452006

Tom: Jess, you were talking before about mistakes that your Hungarian students always made, and how some students from the same country all make the same mistakes again and again and again. Well, I work here in Thailand and they have a very cute phrase, ;same, same; which I think means to describe something as being the same as something else, I spend five — ten minutes talking to a student explaining that instead of using same same, she should use ;the same as; and I was trying to get this phrase over to her and finally she understood what I meant and she looked at me and said, ;Ah, same as same same same same;.汤姆:杰西,你之前说过匈牙利学生常犯的错误,同一个国家的学生经常会重复犯同样的错误。我在泰国工作,泰国有一个非常可爱的短语“一样一样”,我想那是形容某样东西和其他东西一样的一个短语,我花了5到10分钟和一个学生解释,我们不应该用same same这个短语,而是应该用the same as来表示和……一样,我努力让她理解这个短语,最后她终于明白我的意思了,她看着我说,“啊,same as就是same same的意思啊”。Jess: In Spain I think the most common mistake was that in Spanish the noun people is a singular noun. You would say ;le gente es; so when my Spanish speakers would use this noun they would always say, ;Oh the people is very hungry; or ;the people is very quiet; and I spent most of my time in Spain going ;are — are — are; after these, the people even upper intermediate, advanced learners will still making that mistake. In France, one very common mistake was the pronuciation error. The sound ;Th; at the beginning words, for example, ;there; or ;those; that the French would pronounce with a zed sound, so ;zere; or ;zose; and I was very reluctant to correct it because its such a sexy accent and it sounds so much more gorgeous with the French ;ZZ; but I did have to correct it and I was always in France sticking my tongue out of my mouth to emphasize to them that there tongue needed to be forward to their teeth to make the correct sound. You said you worked in Libya. What were the common mistakes for Libyan students?杰西:我认为西班牙学生最常犯的错误是,在西班牙语里people这个词是单数名词。你要说:“le gente es”,所以我的西班牙学生用这个单词时经常会说,“哦,人们非常饿”或者是“人们非常安静”,我在西班牙的大部分时间都在纠正他们要用表复数的are,而不是is,甚至中级以上的学生和高级班学生还会犯这个错误。在法国,一个非常常见的错误是发音错误。举例来说,开头单词“th”在法语中会发“z”的音,我非常不愿意纠正这个,因为这是一个非常性感的口音,法语里的“Z”音听起来更华丽,不过我必须要纠正,我在法国时,经常要把舌头伸出来,向他们强调舌头要抵到牙齿发出正确的音。你说过你曾在利比亚工作过。利比亚学生常犯的错误是什么?Tom: One that always made me smile was when a cheery student or the security guard at the school or people that I met around the compound where I was living would give me a cheery wave and say ;How are you? Im fine; and it took me a good month or two before I realized that in Arabic the question and answer to go together. It just sounds strange in English. I thought they were jumping the gun by answering their own question.汤姆:会让我笑的一个错误是,我在学校里碰到的活泼的学生和警卫或是在住宅楼里遇到的人们,会一边开心地向我挥手,一边说,“你好吗?我很好。”我用了一两个月才明白,在阿拉伯语里,问题和回答是要一起说的。这在英语里听起来很怪。我想他们是通过自问自答抢先行动。Jess: Sounds like they were talking to themselves. And how about in Japan?杰西:听起来他们在和自己说话。那日本的情况呢?Tom: Now, Japanese have another common phrase which I think it used both in Japanese and because it comes from English they use it in English to. Its ;so-so;. Im not quite sure when you might use it. Its when things are not quite good, not quite bad, so if you say, ;hey, how are you doing?;, they will say ;so-so; or if you say, ;Hey, hows your food?; theyll say, ;so-so;. Its not English and the first few months I had of hearing that, I really couldnt quite work out. I understood the meaning, but I knew that it was not something I would ever say, but the difficulty there is trying to think of a good alternative. Its that kind of non-committal, I dont really care answer. I like strong opinions. I love it. I hate it. Lets leave this so-so.汤姆:日本的常见错误是另一个,我想日语和英语里都用这个词,因为这个词来源于英语。那就是“so-so”。我不太确定什么时候用这个词。事情不好不坏时,你可能会说,“嘿,你最近怎么样?”对方可能会答:“一般吧”,如果你问“嘿,食物怎么样?”对方可能会答:“还行。”英语并不这么说,前几个月我听到这种说法时,我实在是不能明白。后来我理解了这个词的意思,可是我知道我不会这么说,不过很难想出一个准确的替代词。这是种含糊的说法,我不太在意回答。我喜欢有力的观点,比如我喜欢,我讨厌。我们忘掉这个so-so吧。Jess: I agree. Its like over use of the adjective nice. It just sounds really bland.杰西:我同意。就好像是过度使用nice这个形容词。听起来非常乏味。 译文属 /201604/439550

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