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济南市第五医院可以做人流吗山东省交通医院好不好Obama to Address Foreign Policy on First Full Day in Office奥巴马上任首日处理外交政策议题  U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to tackle foreign policy issues on his first full day in office. Mr. Obama will likely address the Middle East crisis and other world issues on Wednesday. 美国总统奥巴马在上任第一天预料将处理外交政策议题。奥巴马可能会在星期三针对中东危机以及其他全球议题发表讲话。After almost two years of campaigning, a 78-day presidential transition period and a day of speeches, parades and balls, President Obama is y for his first full day on the job, Wednesday. 在经历了近两年的竞选活动、78天的总统交接期,以及一整天的就职演说、庆祝游行和舞会之后,奥巴马将在星期三正式展开总统工作。He signaled in his inaugural speech on Tuesday that his first focus will likely be foreign policy.  星期二他在就职演说中提到,上任后的第一个焦点可能是外交政策。"Know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are y to lead once more," he said. 奥巴马说:“美国是所有追求和平与尊严的国家以及男女老少的朋友,我们已经准备好再次领导世界。”Published reports e aides as saying one of Mr. Obama's first actions will be to name former U.S. Senator George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy. 一些媒体报导引述奥巴马助手的说法报道,奥巴马的首要行动将是任命前美国参议员乔治.米歇尔担任中东特使。During the transition, the president-elect remained silent about world affairs, deferring to the Bush administration. But as president, Mr. Obama seems to be indicating that he plans to move quickly to work with Israel and the Palestinians toward peace.  在总统交接时期里,总统当选人奥巴马对全球事务保持缄默,以表示对布什政府的尊重。但是就任总统后,奥巴马似乎计划尽快与以色列,巴勒斯坦人合作,促进以巴和平。Later on Wednesday, the new president is expected to meet with his National Security Council to start reevaluating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout the presidential campaign, candidate Obama promised a 16-month withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq and a new look at how the war in Afghanistan is being fought. 星期三稍晚,奥巴马总统将与他的国家安全会议成员会商,对伊拉克和阿富汗战事进行评估。在竞选总统时,奥巴马曾经承诺在16个月内将美军从伊拉克撤出,并且重新检视阿富汗战争的情况。By the end of the day, Mr. Obama might have a secretary of state. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will vote Wednesday afternoon on Hillary Clinton's nomination as the country's top diplomat. 星期三下午,奥巴马的国务卿可能就会产生,参议院多数党领袖里德表示,参议院将在星期三下午针对希拉里.克林顿的国务卿任命案进行表决。Shortly after Mr. Obama became president, the Senate approved six members of his Cabinet, but delayed for one day a vote on Clinton. Republican Senator John Cornyn said he had concerns about foreign donations to the foundation led by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton.  星期二在奥巴马就任后不久,参议院就通过了6位内阁成员的任命,但是将克林顿任命案延后一天表决。共和党参议院员科宁说,他对克林顿的丈夫、前总统比尔.克林顿基金会接受外国捐款一事存有疑虑。The economic crisis will also receive Mr. Obama's attention on Wednesday. He is expected to meet with his economic advisers and issue new regulations, forcing institutions that receive government rescue money to be more transparent about how it is spent. 除了外交议题,经济危机也将是奥巴马总统星期三的工作重点。他将与财经幕僚会晤,提出新的法规,要求那些接受政府援助金的机构,更透明地公开援助金的使用。Within days, Mr. Obama is expected to issue an executive order to start the process of closing the controversial military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to make plans for moving the detainees elsewhere. 在未来几天内,奥巴马总统还将发布行政命令,就关闭具有争议性的古巴关塔纳湾监狱展开行动,并且为如何安置那些被关押人制定计划。The new president is also expected to restore U.S. government funding for family-planning programs overseas and reverse the Bush administration's restrictions on federal spending for embryonic stem cell research. 奥巴马总统还将恢复美国政府对海外计划生育项目的赞助,并且推翻布什政府对联邦资金资助胚胎干细胞研究的限制。01/61425济南看妇科医院哪好 China moved almost a million people from its coastal provinces to safer areas before Typhoon Morakat hit the mainland on Sunday. Heavy rain triggered landslides and caused several hundred houses to collapse, but the effects weren't as bad as might have been feared, after the damage it had wreaked elsewhere.The storm had caused the worst flooding in 50 years in Taiwan. They're still working there to free thousands of people who remain trapped, and searching for the dozens who are missing.In Japan, there were more casualties, as a different typhoon caused severe problems along the western coast of the country. Again torrential downpours triggered landslides and flooding. One man was found drowned inside his car, a woman was found dead in a gutter.Trigger: 引起,触发A spark triggered the explosion. 一粒火星引起了这场爆炸。Landslide: 滑坡,泥石流Collapse: 倒塌Having been neglected for years, the house collapsed. 这所房子因年久失修而倒塌了。Wreak: 造成(巨大的破坏或伤害)Casualty: (事故、灾难等的)死者;伤者;受害人There were dozens of casualties in the train crash. 在那次火车撞车事故中有数十人伤亡。Downpour: 倾盆大雨,豪雨She was drenched by the sudden downpour. 她被那场突然下的倾盆大雨淋得湿透。08/81340As the fighting rages in Libya, human rights groups are looking to a longer term consequence of the war - the use of landmines.The hazards of mortar fire and rocket attacks are bad enough, but Libyans must now face the renewed problem of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines.利比亚人不仅要面临迫击炮和火箭弹的袭击,他们现在还要面对一个新的问题,那就是对人员和车辆都有杀伤力的地雷。There are reports that both sides in the conflict have been using them. Human Rights Watch accused government troops of placing mines last month south of Ajdabiya. And while a rebel commander vowed his forces would not use landmines, over the weekend, journalists reported seeing rebels burying the devices near Ajdabiya's eastern gate. 有报导说,交战双方都使用了这些地雷。人权观察指责政府军上个月在阿季达比耶以南埋置地雷。虽然一名反对派指挥官誓言他的军队不会使用地雷,但媒体周末报导说看到反对派在阿季达比耶东部出口埋放地雷装置。Further north, Benghazi driver Tarek el Mehadawi said he is not so worried about the area around his hometown, but is concerned about other parts of the country.在更北部,班加西汽车司机梅哈德维表示,他并不非常担心自己家乡附近的情况,他更担心的是国家的其他地方。Mehadawi said areas around Sirte, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's hometown, or the besieged city of Misrata would be likely places for the hidden munitions, but that it's very difficult to know their precise location.梅哈德维说,利比亚领导人卡扎菲的家乡苏尔特,或者被包围的城市米苏拉塔更有可能是埋藏地雷的地点,但很难知道确切位置。Which is what makes the weapons so deadly. Most of the victims of landmines are civilians. In Libya, they would be the farmers and shepherds who walk the areas close to the roads where the mines are laid.而这正是地雷如此致命的原因。大部分遭地雷伤害的都是平民。在利比亚,这些很可能是农民或者牧羊人,他们会行走在道路附近埋有地雷的区域。For Libyans, the problem is not new. Nearly 70 years after the armies of Britain and Germany fought pitched battles across North Africa, landmines from World War II remain buried beneath the sands.对利比亚人来说,地雷不是什么新问题。在英国和德国部队在北非激烈争战将近70年后,砂子下面仍然留有二战期间的地雷。201104/132582临沂市人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱

济南市第五人民医院不孕不育French researchers are predicting doom for Planet Earth. They believe neighboring planets could stray out of orbit and collide with the Earth billions of years from now. The B's David Shukman explains their theory.A view of Earth from orbit and a strange question "how long would it last?" Scientists have long known about the violent event that formed solar system. But now they study the movements of our nearest neighbors. Mars, they reckon, could drift uncomfortably close or do this. If we are really unlucky, it can actually collide with us. Literally, the end of the world."So what exactly is this research saying? Well,one key thing that the orbits of the planets which look steady aren't all that regular. Over the years, some start to move pretty wildly.These are the projected tracks. And the odds are that will lead to a very big collision in about threebillion years'time."With that long to go, the researcher involved doesn't look too worried. But amid the old instruments of the observatory in Paris where he works, he has a doom-laden message about the future and what a collision would eventually mean."It would be totally devastating because the relative speed is very high. They go at ten kilometers per second. So it's ten times the velocity of a bullet . And the impact is enormous. Everything will be destroyed on Earth."Until now, the worry has been one of these, an asteroid. It's thought one of them finished off the dinosaurs. Think what a planet would do.But this is just a computer graphic. The calculations may be wrong. The only people who need to react to this research are film producers in Hollywood. David Shukman, B News.We are gonna have to say those might be the most menacing graphics we'd ever used. Watching things collide on the planet that I live on? Can't tell like that very much.It's almost Biblical-financial meltdown, swine flu and now this. What's next, the rain of frogs?But still watch the news. We want you to keep watching.Yeah. Please do. You'll still be here as long as that doesn't happen. 06/74397济南市阳光医院在线咨询 Air France to Replace Speed Sensors on Airbus Jets法航换空客仪器搜索队又找到尸体 As search crews continued to look for more bodies and wreckage from last week's Air France plane crash, the French carrier has decided to immediately replace suspect speed sensors with new ones on all its long-haul Airbus carriers.法国航空公司决定立即用新仪器来更换空中客车飞机上怀疑有问题的速度传感器。在此同时,搜救人员继续在寻找上星期法航坠毁班机的乘客尸体以及残骸。The speed sensors are suspected in playing a part in last week's air crash over the Atlantic Ocean. An investigation into the incident has found the devices appeared to have provided inconsistent data to the pilots. One French pilots union, ALER, has urged its pilots not to fly the Airbus planes in question until these sensors are replaced.速度传感器被怀疑是造成上星期大西洋海域上飞机坠毁事件的一部分原因。对这一空难进行的调查发现,这一设备似乎给飞行员提供了前后不一致的数据。法国飞行员联盟欧特,敦促它的飞行员们在更换传感器前不要驾驶有问题的空中客车飞机。But on Tuesday, the main French pilots union SPNL announced Air France had agreed to immediately equip all of its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft with new speed sensors. SPNL spokesman Eric Derivry told French media that Air France was replacing the sensors as of Tuesday, and that all the long-haul craft would have at least two of the new devices. Air France had earlier announced it would put in the new sensors but had offered no calendar. Airbus had also advised its customers to replace the sensors.然而,星期二,法国主要的飞行员联盟全国航班飞行员工会的发言人德里夫里说,法航同意立即在所有空中客车A330型以及A340型飞机上装设新的速度传感器。德里夫里告诉法国媒体,法航星期二更换了传感器,并且每架长途飞机都会有至少两个新仪器。法航稍早前宣布,他们将装上新传感器,但是没有提出日程表。空中客车也建议它的客户更换传感器。Derivry said properly functioning speed sensors were critical for pilots to navigate planes. He said there appeared a strong possibility that faulty sensors could have caused the crash even if there was no direct link.德里夫里表示,正常运作的速度传感器对飞行员操纵飞机起着关键作用。他表示,有问题的传感器看来有很大的可能导致了这次坠机事件,尽管没有直接的联系。Meanwhile, search crews working off Brazil returned the first of more than two dozen recovered bodies to land. According to news reports, they have also recovered a large tail section of the plane. Nearly 228 passengers and crew were aboard the Air France airliner when it disappeared over the Atlantic last week. The crash was the airline industry's deadliest in years, and the worst in Air France's history.与此同时,在巴西海岸工作的搜索队伍已经找到20多具尸体,并将其中的第一具尸体送回陆地。根据最新报导,他们同时也找到了飞机的一大块尾翼。上星期,当法航447班机在大西洋上空消失时,有228名乘客以及机组人员在飞机上。这次坠机是航空业多年来最致命的一次,也是法航史上最严重的一次。06/73717济南中心医院挂号预约

山东济南阳光妇科医院妇科华中国政府最近又采取了新措施,以应对过热的房地产市场,这是两周来第三次调整了。分析人士认为,这些措施不会立马见效,但可以看出,中国的地产业将有一次重大改变。China Sets New Property Market Rules for Second Time in Two Weeks After pledging to crack down on land hoarders earlier this month, China's Ministry of Land and Resources, the land watchdog, now says that no land transaction for housing projects will be allowed before early April, when the authorities will release this year's plan for land use.Ministry official Dou Minli says for local governments, having to temporarily halt land transactions and report their plans before selling are new rules."Any new land transactions are forbidden until the local governments set details for affordable housing projects."China is set to build 3 million new units of affordable housing and to renovate 2.8 million units in shantytowns nationwide this year. The Ministry of Land and Resources is working on specifying the plan.Meanwhile, China's State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the top supervisor of state-owned enterprises, has ordered 78 companies to hand in their plans for withdrawing from the property market within 15 working days. Du Yuanquan, spokesman for the top supervisor, says that only 16 state-owned enterprises that specialize in real-estate are permitted to keep their business."The chosen state-owned subsidiaries are required to withdraw from the property market as soon as they finish current projects."Among those ordered to end real estate business are the SOEs who bid on prime properties and set records for new land prices in the capital earlier this month.Chinese overseas shipping giant COSCO says the corporation will quit the real estate market in half a year. It is so far the first and only company to disclose its timeline. After heated debate during the mid-March political sessions, Chinese policymakers have come to the consensus that dealing with the overheating property market must involve two parallel approaches: one is curbing land prices by changing the current fiscal structure of the local governments that over-rely on selling land, and the other is expanding affordable housing projects.Song Huiyong, a real-estate analyst with the Centaline Group, says these acts may indicate the emergence of a new housing reform that will end total market-orientation."The process of fundamentally restructuring China's property market is on. The era of full market orientation is over. It also means the property market reform proposal that has been put on the agenda of the top legislature is on track."Chinese people saw a sudden marketization in the property market in the late 1990s. Before that, most city residents rented houses from their employers.Du Lijun, CRI news.201003/99586 Climate change and crops气候变化与农作物Hindering harvests妨害产量Changes in the climate are aly having an effect on crop yields—but not yet a very big one 气候变化已经对农作物产量造成影响——但是迄今影响不大May 5th 2011 | from the print editionTHE problems climate change looks likely to bring in the future may increasingly be visible in the records of the past. Not just in the far-off ages of surging sea levels following ice-age thaws, spikes in prehistoric temperatures correlated with natural releases of greenhouse gas and ancient civilisations brought low by drought, but in records from living memory—which are based on reliable measurements made at the time. Using such data researchers have now compiled an estimate of global changes in crop yields which can be put down to recent increases in temperature and decreases in rainfall (the world as a whole is getting wetter, but the rain has stayed away from some agricultural plains). The bad news is that they find that climate change has lowered the amount of maize (or corn, if you prefer) and wheat produced in a given area. The good news is that the effect is so far reasonably small. 冰河融化后的远古时代,海平面急剧上升,由于温室气体的自然释放,气温处于史前时代最高峰,古代文明由于干旱而衰落。在记忆可及的近代,人们根据可靠的测量对气候变化做了记录。根据过去的这些记录,气候变化可能造成的影响,在未来也许会越来越明显。研究人员利用这些数据,现在已经对全球农作物产量的变化做出了估计。农作物产量变化的原因可能是近来气温的升高和降水的减少(世界总的来说越来越潮湿,但是雨水远离了好些农业平原地区)。消息有好有坏。坏消息是,他们发现,在上述地区气候变化使玉米(或叫包谷,如果您喜欢的话)和小麦减产。好消息是,迄今为止气候变化的影响相当小。201105/135674山东附属医院妇产科怎样德州市无痛人流手术多少钱



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