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第一句:May I have a pillow and a blanket, please ?请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。A: May I have a pillow and a blanket, please.请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。B: OK, sir.好的,先生。A: How much longer does it take to get to Honolulu? 还有多久到达檀香山?B: About one and half an hour.大概一个半小时。第二句:I think I am a little bit airsick.我想我可能有点晕机。A: Hello, may I do something for you?您好,我可以为您做些什么吗?B: Hello, I dont feel very well.I think I am a little bit airsick.您好,我觉得很不舒。我想我可能有点晕机。A: Dont worry. Here is the vomit bag if you need it. There is some medicine on the plane. I will go to bring you some.别担心,这是呕吐袋,如果您需要的话。飞机上有晕机药。我去为您拿一些来。背诵句型:Can I put my baggage here ?我能将手提行李放在这儿吗?Could you change my seat, please ?我更换座位? /201309/256825

Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out. 请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out.请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。All right.好的.知识扩展: Please remind me that I must call him up before noon.请提醒我需要 在中午之前给他打电话。Hello, this is Mark returning your call. 我是马克,您给我打过电话。Hello, BM Company.你好,这里是BM公司。Hello, this is Mark returning your call.你好,我是马克,您给我打过电话。知识扩展: This is Marie calling back.我是马克,回您的电话。 /201405/300867

大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: The new owner of the company is not very popular but he is able to deliver the goods. 这个公司的新老板不太受欢迎,但他有本事将生意做出来。 /08/82949



  4 客房务3句英文任你选Could you do the tum-down service for me now?现在可以为我收拾房间吗?Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom?请您清理一下浴室好吗?Would you give me a wake-up call at 6:00 tomorrow morning?能否给我安排一个明早6点的叫早电话?半个句型要记牢do the tum-down service (收拾房间)Tip:还可以说clean the room (打扫一下房间)。 /201505/373126

  第一句:Can you take a message for me?能帮我留言吗?A: Good morning. A company.早上好,A公司。B: Hello. This is Dick Smith of DEF Company. May I speak to Mr. John Black, please?你好,我是DEF公司的迪克·史密斯。我可以和约翰·布莱克先生通话吗?A: Im sorry. Mr. Black, please?对不起,布莱克先生刚出去。B: Can you take a message for me?能帮我留言吗?第二句:I think its better for me to leave a message.我觉得还是留下一个口信比较好。A: Could you call back later or would you mind leaving a message?您可以过一会儿再打来或者给他留言吗?B: I think its better for me to leave a message. But its more important and urgent. Please make sure he gets this message.我觉得还是留下一个口信比较好。不过这件事很紧急,请一定将留言传达给他。A: I see. Im sure to pass your message to Mr. Black.明白了,我一定把您的留言传达给布莱克先生。其他表达法:Would you mind telling him that due to some sudden changes, do not fill out any orders?你可以告诉他,由于意外变化请勿发货吗?Let me repeat the message.我再重复一遍留言。说明:本书的MP3经过剪辑,去掉了无用的过渡音乐.简介:本书是一本专门为英语专业教师与学生,外企白领和外贸从业人员编写的商务口语学习指南.全书分为四部分:简单的日常交往对话可以帮助你了解接待外国客人的礼节和恰当用语;公司常用会话则侧重公司内部的上下沟通与协作,让你对外企内部运作了然于心;商务往来会话是由与外国人建立商务合作关系,实现拓展市场获得双赢局面的会话实践范例组成;进出口业务会话部分综合了外贸领域具体操作的各个方面. /200705/13287

  第一句:Were getting tight for time.我们时间很紧了。A: We’re getting tight for time7 我们时间很紧了。B: Don’t wony. Mike will be by in a moment别着急,迈克一会就到。第二句:There is more work to be done.还有很多工作要做。A: How’s the work?工作怎么样了?B: There is more work to be done.还有很多工作要做。 知识扩展:1.时间很紧的表达还有:I’m really pressed for time.我确实是时间紧边。Time is going to be tight.时间越来越紧了。I am in a hurry.我赶时间。We’ll be very short of time.我们将会非常缺乏时间。We have no time to lose.我们没有时间可浪费。2.表示工作任务繁重:I’ve been working a lot lately.我最近工作很忙。That’s too much.事情太多了。内容来自: /201402/276040第一句:How do you think about the picnic?你觉得这次野餐怎么样?A: How do you think about the picnic?你觉得这次野餐怎么样?B: That was terrific!太棒了!A: I do agree with you.我完全同意。第二句:I hope next time we can go to someplace warm and sunny.下次希望可以去个充满温暖和阳光的地方。A: I like the great beaches.我喜欢美丽的海滨。B: Me too.我也是。A: I hope next time we can go to someplace warm and sunny.下次希望可以去个充满温暖和阳光的地方。B: I like skiing.我喜欢滑雪。背诵句型:You are going to be really jealous when you find out where Ive headed for the holidays!你要是知道我去哪儿度假你肯定会嫉妒坏了!You got it! Im going to spend two fabulous weeks in Hawaii!你猜对了。我要在夏威夷度过两个星期的快乐时光。 /201306/242655


  1 恭贺升职3句英文任你选I am so happy to hear about your promotion. Congratulations!听说你升职了,真替你高兴。恭喜啊!Congratulations on your move to the high level.恭喜你获得高升。Congratulations on your promotion.祝贺你高升。半个句型要记牢Congratulations on -(祝贺……)Tip: Congratulations!用于对个人表示祝贺,如实现了什么目标获得某种成就时。但不用于新春祝贺。注意不要忘记复数;s; 。 Congratulations on sth.此句省略了主谓语,完整的应该是I give you my congratulations on sth. /201509/393163。

  Are you able to work alone without direct supervision?你可以在没有上司监督的情况下独立工作吗?Definitely.当然,Im a self-starter and finisher.我会主动开始工作并且将工作完成。I usually only need direction at the beginning and from then on I can work on my own.通常,我只需要在开始时得到指导,之后便可以自己完成工作。In my previous job,my boss often traveled on business and I worked a great deal without his supervision.在我上一份工作中,因为老板经常出差,我有很多工作都是在没有他的监督下完成的。He fully trusted my ability and judgment.他完全信任我的能力和判断。 /201308/252077

  1.Add ink 加墨 A:I need to add ink to the copier. Do you know how?B:Yes. These are solid inks for the color copier. A:我想给复印机加点墨,你知道怎么加吗?B:知道,这些是色复印机用的固体墨。 2. Add paper 加纸A: Please add paper to the copier.B: Okay. The problem is I don't know where the papers are.A:请给复印机加些纸。B:好的,可问题是我不知道纸在哪里。3.Automatic feed 自动进纸A: How many pages can the copier take for automatic feed?B: Fifty pages.A:复印机自动进纸可以一次性复印多少张纸?B:50张。4.Bind 装订A: Would you bind the copies for me?B: Sure. Just let me know what kind of binder you would like.A:您能帮我装订这些复印材料吗?B:当然可以,只要告诉我你要哪种装订册就可以了。5.Copy paper 复印纸A: Where are the copy papers?B: Ask Wendy.A:复印纸在哪啊?B:问问温迪。 /200808/45465

  第一句:I am trying a program and it works perfectly to filter out the junks.我试了一种程序,它能极好地滤除垃圾。A: But now it is OK.但是现在好了。B: How do you deal with them?有什么好办法?A: I am trying a program and it works perfectly to filter out the junks.我试了一种程序,它能极好地滤除垃圾。第二句:You can use the program to create any number of filters.你可以用它创建任何数量的过滤器。What’s the program?什么程序?B: It is Active E-mail Monitor, a spam filter. 它是一种邮件过滤软件,叫“自动邮件监控器”。 A: Oh, I know it. You can use the program to create any number of filters.噢,我知道。你可以用它创建任何数量的过滤器。背诵句型:You can use tbe program to cut down on the amount of junk e-mails you receive.你可以用这种程序来减少你收到的垃圾邮件的数量。Can I download any software from the net to avoid the junks?我能从网上下载什么软件过滤垃圾邮件吗? /201308/253591

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