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Scripts:Oil followed stock markets in their gains on Friday, jumping more than a dollar a barrel after that move by the US Federal Reserve, one company that’s being benefiting from higher oil prices in recent times is the energy giant Petrobras. I asked its CEO and president Jose Sergio Gabrielli whether if prices were going to ease in the near future.No, we think that we have very er, a strict and tight market of supply and demand that while its leads are now lessening. we have a growth of the demand in the same level as the growth of supply. We don’t see any trend that goes to move the price further down or further up. However, as we have a very tight inventories and we have a very large movement of capital on the future markets. And we have a lot of residual political problems that affect the price of oil. We are going to see a very high-level volatility in the price of oil, moving in and around for very large numbers, but on the trend way we’re going to have very large.. er.. the prices are not going to ,to fall very fast.This comes to one of the kind of house-keeping issues if you like. It is difficult, isn’t it, contain rising costs within oil companies at the moment, do you think that costs are inevitably going to rise or do you feel that you can hold them in check?I think they’re going, they’re in the last two years, we have very high increase in price of our products with supply chains increasing our costs. The margins are collapsing right now. But we see some signs that we’re reaching a peak level. And we’re going to see a plateau, and then in the next two or three years, we’re going to see some leveling off of the price of our costs. However, we’re going deeper and more demanding areas for production of oil which means our oil costs are going up, and also on the refinery side , we have more complexity in the refinery, and the cost of refinery... Notes:Housekeeping: Management and maintenance of the property and equipment of an institution or organization.Level off: to stop increasing or being reduced200807/4413515第十五单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Anne, would you please come in for a while? Please also bring along the minutes of yesterdays management meeting.A:安妮,你能进来一下吗?同时,请带上昨天的高层会议记录。B:Of course,sir. Heres the minutes of the meeting.B:当然可以,先生 这就是会议记录。A:How long did the meeting last?A:会议进行了多久?B:The meeting was delayed by thirty minutes and it lasted for two and a half hours.B:会议推迟了三十分钟,进行了两个半小时。A:Did the chairman ask for me?A:会议主席问起我吗?B:Yes,I told him that you were very ill and couldnt attend.B:是的,我告诉他你病重,所以无法出席。A:All right. Have you handed in my report to him?A:好的,你把我的报告交给他了吗?B:Yes,l did. Besides, here are all the reports and materials handed out in the meeting. I think youll have to do some replies.B:是的,此外,这是在会议中分发的报告和资料,你也许要做些回答。A:Thank you, Anne. Youve done an excellent job. Did they mention the date for the next meeting?A:谢谢你,安妮,你做得非常好。他们提及下次会议的日期了吗?B:No,they didnt. The chairman said he would send a memo to all managers by the end of this week informing them of the date of the next meeting.B:没有,主席说将在本星期内发一份备忘录给各位经理,Conversation 2会话 2A:Hi, Mary, you have been a secretary for several years in this company. Could you tell me what a secretary should do for a meeting or a conference?A:喂,玛丽,你在本公司干了几年秘书了,能告诉我在会议中秘书必须做些什么工作吗?B:Well, an important part of the duties of a secretary, I think, is to do well the preparation work for the meeting.B:唔,我认为一个秘书的重要职责之一就是做好会议的准备工作。A:What should a secretary do to prepare for a meeting? Can you tell me a bit more about it?A:那么秘书应该做些什么样的准备工作呢?你能讲得稍微详细些吗?B:First of all, the agenda should be prepared before the meeting. Then you should ensure that those entitled to be present are properly informed.B:首先,开会前要准备好议程,然后你要确定通知到应该出席会议的所有人员。A:I see, and how about the documents and the Information?A:我明白了。文件和资料怎么办呢?B:All the necessary documents and the information relevant to the meeting should be available, preferably printed and distributed before the meeting.B:所有有关会议的必备文件和资料都得准备妥当,最好在会议前印好并分发出去。A:And what should a secretary do during the meeting?A:那么在会议期间秘书要做些什么呢?B:Of course, she should take minutes.B:当然应该做记录。A:And after the meeting?A:在会议之后呢?B:After the meeting she should type the minutes up, and then keep proper records of the business transacted and the resolutions passed and also implement many of the decision reached at the meeting.B:会后应当把会议记录打出来,还要把讨论的问题和通过的解决方案记人档案,并把会上所作出的决定加以执行。A:Its seriously good.A:非常好。 /201605/441948I spoke earlier to Bob Parker who's the deputy chairman of Credit Suisse asset management. I asked him whether he's impressed by the new highs in Asia and whether those numbers can be sustained.Well certainly it's justified by the high levels of growth that we are seeing in Asia. And you know, we stick with our view that Chinese growth for example this year will be well above 10 % may actually come out to 12 %. Um, and it also is justified by the high level of savings which are now being transfered from bank deposits into equity markets. Now having said that the Asian markets which we have been long of and have been recommending to our clients for at least the last 2-3 years are now becoming expensive. That our pockets are undervaluation in Asia and I would highlight the Japanese market, Taiwan and possibly, Thailand and Malaysia. But over all Asia has a block that's gone from being cheap two years ago to now expensive relative to other equity markets.So treat with caution but does that mean that we should be keeping on money mainly in Europe in the ed States or in the ed States or is there still a worry that we could see a slowdown which take the shine of those markets?Well I think the first point to make is that on our models, globally equities are cheap relative to other asset classes. So I think the equity market rally that we have had this year with the interuption in August. Um, I think taking a 3-6 months view is still intact. Within equity markets the geographic markets which are the cheapest today are still a core Europe, Germany France Italy. And quite very interestingly Japan. Japan on our model is gone(So it sounds like terribly,I mean we had a very very bad year last year)it's been...(and not so good to stride there.)it's just been one of the worst performing equity markets for the year last 18 months. And Japan 9 months ago looked very expensive now Japan is moving up to being one of the cheapest equity markets. In the last few days we have had 4 of the biggest banks, Merrilynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Citigroup announce huge write-downs in round numbers just those 4 are gonna write down 15 billion dollars in round numbers. Are you impressed with that? Does that draw the pain, draw the poison out of the subprime or equity crisis.I think the simple anwser is yes. Having said that the subprime market is 700 billion US dollars and we estimate that going into 2008 the default rate on subprime could actually rise close to 20%. So I think the subprime crisis is not over. It's gonna take months if not years to sort out.OK. What about the dollar though, I mean clearly we are looking at an ailing dollar. Does that suggest to you that there are a lot of imbalances and difficulties in the financial system of gain, of which we should beware as investors?Well I think the primary source of the problems for the US dollar is obviously the expectation that interest rates will come down further in the ed States and I think that's right. And the trade and current account deficit one of the surprises going into the 2008 may well be the improvement in the trade uh, in current account position of the ed States as we see an economy which is growing more moderately and therefore importing less. Against the Euro the dollar is clearly undervalued and I would be very surprised if we actually break out of this range of 140-145 one dollar Euro towards 150. I think we actually could be forming a base for the dollar against the Euro. It's a different question against the Asian currencies which I think appreciate on trend and one should obviously highlight the fact that the Japanese yen is probably now the most undervalued currency in the world. Notes:round numbers: A round number is a number that ends with one or more zeroes (0), meaning that they are multiples of 10, 100, 1000, and so on.200807/43914No ring, no vows. But no rights? Couples who live together without getting married can soon be entitled to a share of the wealth if they split up or if one partner dies. The Law Commission has published new proposals aimed at making the law fairer for cohabiting partners especially if they've lived together for a certain period or had a child. DS reports.' and all the time I have I will share with you.'A commitment to stay together, traditionally marriage has had a special status in British law and society, but less and less of us is choosing to exchange vows .So is the law out of touch with the way we're living our lives? Two million couples now live together without tying the knot and that's set to double in the next 20 years. But what happens when things go wrong? Most people cohabiting wrongly assumed that they have common-law rights, their property and assets will get divided as if they were legally man and wife. In fact people who live together don't have any rights and that can be painful.The contrast couldn't be clearer. Last week, divorcee Melissa Miller, married for 2.5 years, got 5 million pounds of her ex-husband's financial fortune. But unmarried Shirley Mcgauley who lived with her partner for 10 years got nothing when he died. The courts have established the principle that wives like Melissa Miller should be rewarded for their contribution to a marriage. But the situation is very different for unmarried couples who split. When Shirley Mcgauley's partner Martin died, she suddenly found she was entitled to nothing, not even a share of the house even though she had helped / pay the mortgage. The insurance money paid on his death ,the money in their bank account and Martin's pension were all inherited by his parents."It's, it's the most awful thing to go through 'coz you have to deal with your grief, which you can't because you've got so many other worries. Money worries, financial worries, how you are gonna pay bills . And who is gonna listen to you? Who is gonna help you? Nobody, nobody wants to know because the law states that it's eh, next of kin, which leaves people like me basically nowhere."Heterosexual couples now have less legal rights than gay couples who can choose to register their civil partnerships. And so the Law Commission is asking whether it's time for change. For example, should those who split be able to claim a lump sum or maintenance. And how long should they have to live together before being eligible. In other countries, such as Scotland, there is no minimum of time period and cohabitating couples enjoy similar rights to married couples. But there is a more fundamental question. Once a couple decides to commit to marriage by buying the rings and ordering the dress, it's generally accepted that they are taking on certain responsibilities and in return ,the state gives them certain rights But if a couple chooses not to bother and simply to live together, why should they expect the same benefits? We don't feel that should be used as a means for denying basic justice for those who have not been together within a marriage relationship , but who at the end of that relationship, are otherwise going to suffer that injustice .The Church of England was initially against any changes, but now says it accepts the proposals as there is still a distinction between cohabitees and spouses. It could take years before any changes happen. Until then the official advice to those living together is to put property in joint names and to make a will.1.split up :separate, divide; be separated, be divided; separated, divided, parted 2.tie the knot:get married, be wed结婚3.common-law:law which is determined by judges, method of lawmaking that began in England; unwritten law, law that is based on past legal decisions 不成文法; 习惯法 4.lump sum:total sum, inclusive total, comprehensive sum 一次付款额; 总金额 200805/39351

Russians go to the polls on Sunday for a presidential election in which the victory of Kremlin-backed candidate Dmitri Medvedev is considered a foregone conclusion. Medvedev's path toward high office has been very different from the one facing American presidential hopefuls.  俄罗斯民众计划星期天在总统选举中投票,克里姆林宫持的候选人梅德韦杰夫在这次选举中获胜已经被视为定局。梅德韦杰夫通往总统宝座的道路与美国总统候选人非常不同。Russians today are witnessing the twists and turns of an exciting presidential campaign. 俄罗斯人今天正在目睹一场激动人心的总统竞选的曲折过程。But … it is not their own. 但是这不是俄罗斯的总统竞选。Russia's presidential contest stands in sharp contrast to America's hotly-contested presidential primaries.  俄罗斯总统竞争与美国竞争激烈的总统初选完全不同。Unlike his American counterparts, Dmitri Medvedev - the candidate of the ruling ed Russia Party - did not need to submit his ideas, style and political record to the scrutiny of open competition, in which various party constituencies select their nominee based on discrete interests, be they regional, social, industrial, or financial. 与美国总统候选人不同的是,代表执政的统一俄罗斯党的梅德韦杰夫不需要暴露思想、方式和从政记录,来接受公开竞争的检验。在公开竞争中,不同政党的选民根据地区、社会、工业或者财政等不同利益来挑选候选人。Instead, Medvedev was nominated in private, though the exact procedure is unknown. Word of his candidacy came in December after the leaders of several parties, not just ed Russia, presented his name to current president Vladimir Putin. But it is widely believed Mr. Putin selected Medvedev himself. 尽管无法了解确切的程序,梅德韦杰夫却是私下任命。统一俄罗斯党等几个政党的领袖去年12月向现任总统普京提名梅德韦杰夫之后,梅德韦杰夫就成为候选人了。但是人们普遍相信,是普京本人挑选了梅德韦杰夫。The 42-year-old candidate also did not have to agree to a single debate against his opponents. President Putin says there is no need. 今年42岁的梅德韦杰夫也不用答应与任何一个对手进行辩论。总统普京说没有这个必要。The Kremlin leader asks why should Medvedev participate in debates and discuss problems that will be clearly formulated in a populist key. He continues, "Did we not have the opportunity to tell citizens what we have done and what we will do? In essence everything has been said." 普京问道,梅德韦杰夫为什么应该参加辩论、去讨论将会被清楚确定的问题?他说:“我们有机会告诉公民我们已经做了什么和我们将会做什么吗?其实所有事情都已经说过了。”Mr. Putin says the opposition candidates - political unknown Andrei Bogdanov, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, and populist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky - have been granted every opportunity to publicize their programs.  普京说,政界不知名人士格丹诺夫、共产党领袖久加诺夫和煽动民粹争议的日里诺夫斯基这些反对党候选人有充分的机会来宣扬他们的竞选计划。But none has challenged the front-runner's platform and opposition campaign advertising is barely visible. Televised political promotions are not frequent, and the candidates have little outdoor advertising.  但是没有任何人来挑战梅德韦杰夫的竞选纲领,而且很少能看见反对派的竞选广告。电视经常播放政治宣传,候选人的室外广告很少。The most prominent election publicity amid a sea of commercial ads is a generic series of small billboards with a reminder that March 2 is Election Day. Another series billboards in Moscow shows prominent Russians - Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, well-known actor Leonid Yakubovych, or Viktor Sadovnychy, an honorary citizen of the capital, announcing merely that they will vote. 在商业广告的海洋中,最令人瞩目的竞选宣传是一系列的小型标语牌,提醒人们留意3月2号是选举日。莫斯科另外一个系列标语牌是显示莫斯科市长卢日科夫、知名演员雅库波维奇或者显示莫斯科一位荣誉市民,标语牌上仅仅说,这些人都会投票。The advertising seems aimed at increasing voter turnout. Although denied by the Kremlin, political analysts say large institutions such as factories, hospitals and universities are being pressured to secure a 65 percent turnout to promote the legitimacy of the election.  宣传广告的目的似乎是为了增加投票率。克里姆林宫虽然否认,但政治分析人士说,工厂、医院和大学等大型机构正在被迫确保65%的投票率来提升选举的合法性。Public opinion polls indicate Dmitri Medvedev will win handily in the first round. Muscovite Andrei Borodin intends to vote for him. 公共民意测验显示梅德韦杰夫将在第一轮投票中轻松获胜。The Russian voter says everybody fundamentally understands that Medvedev is Putin's successor, adding that he is very pleased with Putin's policies and considers them to be those of order. Borodin says most Russian citizens feel the same. 莫斯科市民包罗丁说,他有意投票给梅德韦杰夫。包罗丁说:“每个人根本都了解,梅德韦杰夫是普京的继承人。” 他补充说,对普京的政策感到很满意,认为这些政策是有序的。包罗丁说,大部分俄罗斯公民都有共同的感受。Russia's March second vote comes eight months before the U.S. election. By January, both countries will have new leaders, who will have arrived in office after completely different campaigns. But outgoing Russian president Vladimir Putin says it will be in the interests of both countries for their new leaders to cooperate. 俄罗斯总统普京说,两国新的领导人进行合作,符合两国的利益。200802/27978

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