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鸡西妇幼保健妇保医院的评价The US and Russia have agreed terms for a “cessation of hostilitiesin Syria from February 27, in a move to stem the spiralling violence in a civil war into which several foreign powers have been drawn.美国与俄罗斯已同7日起在叙利亚“停止敌对行动”,此举是为了遏制暴乱的不断升级,已经有数外国势力卷入这场内战。The ceasefire plan does not include Isis or al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, Jabhat al-Nusra, and leaves open the option for other groups to be excluded if they are deemed “terroristorganisations by the UN Security Council.此次停火计划不包括“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)以及基地组织叙利亚分“努斯拉阵线Jabhat al-Nusra),其他组织如果被联合国安理会(UN Security Council)视为“恐怖分子”组织,也可以将之排除在协议外。Moscow and Washington, who back rival sides in the conflict, called on other parties to declare their acceptance of the plan by midday, Damascus time, on Friday, February 26.俄罗斯与美国政府在叙利亚冲突中分别持对立两方,两国政府呼吁其他各方6日,本周五大马士革时间中午以前宣布接受该计划。According to the peace deal, Moscow, which backs Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, and Washington, which backs the rebels fighting to oust him, would set up a communication hotline and, potentially, a “working groupto ensure the plan’s implementation and the honouring by their sides of the ceasefire.根据这一和平协议,持叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的莫斯科,与持反政府武装的华盛顿将共同建立一个沟通热线,可能还会成立“工作组”,以确保停火协议的实施,以及停火双方执行该协议。John Kerry, US secretary of state, called on all sides to accept the deal. “If implemented and adhered to, this cessation will not only lead to a decline in violence but also continue to expand the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian supplies to besieged areas and support a political transition to a government that is responsive to the desires of the Syrian people,he said.美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)呼吁各方接受该协议,他表示:“如果协议获得切实执行及遵守,停火不但会令暴力事件减少,还可以继续扩大向被围困的地区提供急需的人道救援,并持政治过渡到一个能够响应叙利亚人民愿望的政府。”Vladimir Putin, Russian president, said it was essential that Russia and the US, as co-chairs of the International Support Group for Syria, were y to effectively monitor implementation of the ceasefire by both the Syrian government and armed opposition groups.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)表示,该协议对俄罗斯和美国都很关键。作为叙利亚国际持小组(International Support Group for Syria)的联合主席,两国已准备好有效地监督叙利亚政府和反对派武装力量执行停火协议。The agreement “could become an example for responsible joint action of the international community,he said, in a statement.普京在声明中表示,该协议“可能成为国际社会负责任的联合行动的示例”。Late on Monday, the High Negotiations Council, which represents the opposition in peace talks, issued a statement indicating it had accepted the terms of the cessation of hostilities.周一晚间,代表叙利亚反对派参加和平谈判的“谈判最高委员会High Negotiations Council)发声明表示接受停止敌对行动的条款。Meanwhile, Mr Assad, called a parliamentary election for April 13, according to a statement issued by the presidency on Monday. Syria’s last parliamentary election was in 2012 and they are held every four years.与此同时,叙利亚总统阿萨德在周一发表声明称将3日举行议会选举。叙利亚每四年举行一次议会选举,上一次是012年。A ceasefire is critical for Syria, whose war has killed about 300,000 people and displaced half the population. Russia and Iran have intervened military on behalf of Mr Assad while a US-led coalition has bombed Isis in the east. Most recently, Turkey has targeted Syrian Kurdish militants advancing near its border.叙利亚急需一个停火协议,这场战争已致30万人死亡,一半国民流离失所。代表阿萨德的俄罗斯和伊朗已加以军事干预,而以美国为首的联军则在东部轰炸ISIS。最近,土耳其将向其边境附近推进的叙利亚库尔德武装锁定为目标。However, plenty of scepticism surrounds the plan. This month, peace talks sponsored by Washington and Moscow collapsed as Assad forces launched an offensive under Russian air cover to capture rebel strongholds in the north, forcing tens of thousands of civilians to flee.但是该停火计划受到了大量质疑。本月,由美俄两国政府发起的和平谈判未能成功,因为阿萨德部队在俄国空军的掩护下发动进攻,占领了反抗者在北部的据点,迫使数万平民逃离。Moreover, the deal does not rule out air strikes, a clause that rebels fear will be used against them. It does not prevent outside powers providing military aid to the warring parties. Mr Assad said on Sunday he would accept a ceasefire as long as “terroristsdid not use it to improve their positions, specifically pointing to a halt in weapons supplies. Damascus defines all rebel groups fighting it as terrorists.此外,该协议并不排除继续空袭,反政府武装担心这一条款将被用来针对他们。这份停火协议没有阻止外部力量向交战各方提供军事援助。阿萨德在周日表示,如果“恐怖分子”不利用停火协议获得更有利的位置,他才会接受停火,他特别指出要停止武器供应。叙利亚政府将所有反政府武装定义为恐怖分子。It is unclear how Syria’s US-backed Kurdish militants, who have been carving out an autonomous region in the north, will react to the ceasefire plan. The deal calls for all parties to stop seizing territory but the Kurds have been taking land from rebel forces in Aleppo’s countryside on the grounds that the fighters were tied to Jabhat al-Nusra. ]目前尚不清楚受美国持的叙利亚库尔德武装会对停火协议作何反应,他们在北部已获得了一个自治区。该协议要求各方停止占领土地,但库尔德人一直在抢夺反政府武装在阿勒Aleppo)农村地区的土地,理由是当地武装分子与努斯拉阵线有紧密联系。Mr Kerry made no mention of Mr Assad’s fate or Russia’s increased air strikes in recent weeks. This is likely to anger opposition groups that are aly at odds with the US after it pushed them to go to the failed negotiations in Geneva.克里没有提到阿萨德的命运和最近几个星期俄罗斯空袭的增加。这很可能会惹怒反对派团体,由于美国迫使他们去日内瓦参加那场不成功的和谈,他们与美国已产生分歧。“If there was trust this would be different but right now there is no trust not in Russia and not even in the international community,said Yasser al-Youssef, a political representative of the Nour al-Din al-Zinki brigades in Aleppo.阿勒颇Nour al-Din al-Zinki反政府武装政治代表亚西尔优素Yasser al-Youssef)表示:“如果这里面有信任,结果将会不同,但现在这里面没有信任,俄罗斯没表现出信任,甚至连国际社会也没有表现出信任。”“Before this deal, Russia said they were intervening to stop Isis and 90 per cent of the time it was us rebels or civilians who got hit,Mr Youssef said.优素福说:“在这份协议之前,俄罗斯表示他们正在施加干预以阻止ISIS,但90%时间遭受打击的是我们这些反抗者或平民。”The rebels have yet to decide on their position regarding the ceasefire, as does Mr Assad.叙利亚反政府武装尚未决定是否接受这份停火协议,阿萨德方面也一样。来 /201602/428210黑龙江省哈尔滨市第三医院在线询问 A fire at a school in southern Turkey has killed 12, including 11 teenage girls, and injured 22 others.土耳其南部一所学校发生火灾,导2人丧生,其中包括11名少女,并造成22人受伤。The fire broke out in a girls dormitory late Tuesday in the southern province of Adana. The cause of the fire was unknown, and it was not clear how many of the injured were children.这场火灾星期二夜间发生在土耳其南部阿达纳省的一个女生宿舍。火灾原因不明,也不清楚伤者当中有多少是儿童。Adana Governor Mahmut Demirtas told the state-run Anadolu agency some of the injured students were affected by the smoke and some of them had been hurt trying to escape from the burning building.阿达纳省长马赫穆特·德米尔塔斯告诉国营阿纳托卢通讯社说,一些受伤的学生是受到浓烟的侵害,还有一些伤者是试图逃出着火建筑的时候受伤。Turkish television showed flames rising from a multiple-story building and firefighters battling the blaze.土耳其电视台的画面显示,一座多层建筑上火焰熊熊,消防队员正在奋力灭火。Turkish government officials said Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, National Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz and others were headed to Adana.土耳其政府官员表示,土耳其副总理凯纳克,内政部长索伊卢以及国家教育部长伊尔马兹等官员正在赶往阿达纳省。来 /201612/481149哈尔滨治疗不孕不育最好的医院是哪里

哈尔滨市道里区妇产医院妇科挂号Indonesia has toughened its punishments for child rapists to include the death penalty and chemical castration.日前,印度尼西亚政府已经加大了对儿童性侵犯的惩罚力度,引入了死刑和化学阉割。It follows outrage over several recent violent crimes, including the gang-rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl.由于印尼最近发生了多起暴力案件,包括一4岁女孩惨遭轮奸并被杀害,这项法令随之出台。President Joko Widodo said the regulation was ;intended to overcome the crisis caused by sexual violence against children;. Previously, the maximum sentence for rape, of either an adult or a child, was 14 years in jail.印尼总统佐科·维多多表示,这项法令是“为了应对儿童性暴力产生的危机。”此前的法律规定,强奸罪(不管是对成年人还是儿童)的最高刑罚是有期徒刑14年。People jailed for sexual offences against children may also now be made to wear electronic monitoring devices after their release.现在,那些因性侵儿童被判刑的罪犯,出狱后还必须佩戴电子追踪设备。The gang rape of 14-year-old Yuyun on her way home from school and the rape and brutal murder of a 18-year-old factory worker have sparked national outrage.14岁女学生尤蕴在放学回家的路上惨遭轮奸以及一8岁的工厂女工被强奸并遭残忍杀害的事件,已经引发了全国公愤。In polls and on social media there is widesp support for tougher punishments including castration and the death penalty for perpetrators, particularly when children are the victims.对强奸犯采取更为严苛的惩罚措施,比如阉割和死刑(特别是当受害者是儿童时),在民意调查及社交平台上得到了广泛持。Introduced by emergency presidential decree, the new rules are in effect immediately. ;An extraordinary crime deserves an exceptional response;, Mr Widodo said.由紧急总统令引入的这项新规会立即生效。维多多总统对此表示:“对于特殊的犯罪,我们需要采取特殊的措施。”来 /201606/448500 Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon appears to be on his way to winning Sundays conservative party presidential primary.法国前总理弗朗索瓦#8729;菲永看来将获得星期天举行的总统大选保守党初选。Early returns give Fillon 44 percent of the vote, followed by ex-Prime Minister Alain Juppe with 28 percent and former President Nicolas Sarkozy with 21 percent. If those results hold up, Fillon and Juppe will meet in a runoff next Sunday and the winner will be the conservative candidate for president next year.初步投票结果显示,菲永获4%的选票,前总理阿兰#8729;朱佩获得28%的选票,前总统萨科齐得票率21%。按照目前的趋势,菲永和朱佩将在下星期天举行决选,获胜者将代表保守派参加明年的总统大选。Sarkozy has aly conceded defeat and says he will throw his support behind Fillon.前总统萨科齐已经承认败选,并且转而持菲永。This is the first time conservative voters directly chose a presidential candidate. Until now, party leaders picked the contender. The campaign was marked by concerns about the influx of migrants into Europe and the devastating series of jihadist attacks in France.这次是法国保守派选民第一次直接投票选举候选人,过去一直是由党内领导人任命。选举中,选民关心的议题包括移民大量涌入欧洲以及极端组织在法国发动的一连串恐怖袭击。After Britains shock ;Brexit; vote and Donald Trumps victory in the U.S. presidential contest, the French presidential vote is taking shape to be another test between mainstream parties and rising populist forces.英国选民投票脱欧以及川普当选美国总统后,法国大选也可能成为一次主流政党和日益上升的民粹主义力量之间的较量。来 /201611/479526松北区儿童医院私立还是公办哈尔滨做人流去哪做便宜



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