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淮安妇幼医院淮安中山医院网上咨询热线Avon boots out its boss雅芳把老板给炒了Andrearsquo;s adieu钟彬娴,再见!An ugly mess at a beauty firm化妆品公司的丑陋乱局;YOU have got to go home tonight, Friday evening, and you have got to fire yourself,; a management coach once told Andrea Jung, the boss of Avon, an American beauty firm. The idea was for her to come back to work the following Monday as if starting her job anew. Alas, this brilliant tip was not enough. As Avonrsquo;s share price has wilted like mascara under a sunlamp, Ms Jung is being pushed out for real. On December 13th the firm announced that she will be replaced as chief executive.美国化妆品公司雅芳的一位经理曾对老板钟彬娴女士(Andrea Jung)说道:;你今晚必须回家,周五晚上,而且你必须辞职。;该想法是为了让她能在下周一犹如重新开始工作一样重返办公室上班。唉,这个聪明绝顶的小建议并不能起到明显作用。当雅芳公司股价像日光灯下的睫毛膏一样萎缩时,钟彬娴女士确实被推到风口浪尖。12月13日,公司宣布钟彬娴将只担任首席执行官一职。The makeover will be gradual. Ms Jung, who has run Avon since 1999, will stay on as chairman and help the board find a new boss. It will be a tough job for anyone. Avon is the worldrsquo;s biggest direct-seller: an army of cheery salesfolk hawk its products door-to-door. The 125-year-old New York-based company has an annual revenue of over billion and operations in more than 100 countries. But it has stumbled badly of late. Its share price has fallen by 45% this year (see chart).该变动将会是平缓的。钟彬娴自1999年来执掌雅芳,她将留着主席的位置上并帮助董事会找到新的主席。这对任何人来说都是棘手的。雅芳是世界上最大的直销公司:雅芳有一热情洋溢的销售大军,挨家挨户的推销产品。总部坐落在纽约的雅芳已经有125年的历史,年收入超过100亿美元,经营范围超过100个国家。但是最近雅芳发展严重受阻,其股价今年已经下跌了45%。Ms Jung had a glossy start at Avon, presiding over six consecutive years of double-digit growth. Yet she failed to use these fat years to invest in the business. By 2005 the firm was looking blemished. Sales declined in major markets. The share price dropped. Ms Jung laid off 25% of senior staff and cut costs everywhere except for advertising and distribution.钟彬娴女士在雅芳上任伊始非常顺利,代领雅芳连续六年创下增长率为两位数的记录。但是她并没有利用公司繁荣发展的这几年对业务进行投资。到2005年,公司发展出现问题,主要市场的销量下滑,公司股价下跌。钟彬娴解雇了25%的高级职员,并且全面消减除广告和配送方面的成本。Avon never really recovered. In March Ms Jung launched the biggest hiring drive in the companyrsquo;s history and nearly doubled the marketing budget. She saw in the global economic crisis a chance to overtake Avonrsquo;s rivals. It didnrsquo;t work.雅芳从未真正恢复。年3月,钟彬娴开始公司成立以来最大的招聘活动并且将营销预算将近翻了一番。她在全球金融危机中看到打败竞争对手的商机,但是却失败了。Moreover, the company has spent more than 0m on an internal investigation of alleged corruption among sales representatives in China and Latin America. Several have been dismissed. Americarsquo;s Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating, too. If Avon is found guilty of anything, the penalties could be steep.而且,公司耗资1.5亿美元对中国和拉美的销售代表中所谓的贪污行为进行调查,一些销售代表被解雇。美国券交易委员会也进行调查。如果雅芳被判定有罪的话,那么处罚将会非常严重。165963江苏省洪泽县中医院妇科 Japan’s hopeless politics无望的日本政治Nuclear options核的选择The uncanny stickability of Japan’s prime minister日本首相超长的忍耐力Jul 30th 2011 | TOKYO| from the print editionALREADY enduring its sixth prime minister in five years, Japan is overdue a seventh. Naoto Kan, the man at present on the inside of the revolving door, only stayed there by promising at the beginning of June to step down soon, in return for a stay of execution at a parliamentary no-confidence vote. For both the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and his comrades in the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) the way he is lingering over his departure is exasperating.尽管五年之内日本经历了六位首相,但是任然期待新首相的上任。现任首相菅直人在处在旋转门之间,之所以还在位,是因为六月初称其在不久就会下台,以换取国会终止不信任的投票。无论是反对党自民党还是同僚的民主党,都对他这种迟迟不愿卸任的方式感到愤怒。For rival politicians (a category that includes virtually all of them), it is also rather frightening. As Japan struggles to cope with the disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, Mr Kan has nailed his colours to the anti-nuclear mast, arguing that Japan needs to reduce its dependence on atomic energy. Oddly he later watered this down, by saying he was only expressing a personal view not a government policy. But other politicians fear that, rather than quit, he may call an election, campaign on the future of the nuclear industry and (such is the popular hostility to it) win. Goshi Hosono, an avowedly pro-nuclear DPJ technocrat whom Mr Kan appointed as minister in charge of the nuclear mess, says it is “not a good idea” to test the public on this issue.对于对手(事实上包括所有人)来说,这十分可怕。日本正在全力应对福岛第一核电站泄漏灾害,菅直人坚持反核的立场,表示日本应减少对核依赖。随后又弱化其态度,称仅代表个人观点,而非政府的政策。但是其他的政客们则担心他不会弃权,而会继续参选,借反对核工业发展(大家都反对这点)而获胜。菅直人任命的公开拥核的民主党技术官员Goshi Hosono称,用核问题测试民众态度,这个想法的确不怎么样。201108/147312The Great Mortgage Disappearing ActFirst Direct, which was the most competitive lender on the market, has stopped offering mortgages to new customers. As Sky's Business Correspondent Joel Hills reports, it is not the only lender pulling mortgage deals. It's the great mortgage disappearing act and it's happening online and on the high street. First Direct is not the first,but it's the most high-profile lender to close itself to new business all together.The bank which is owned by HS says the move is temporary,it's not had any trouble,it's simply been swamped by mortgage applications.It's little wonder there is a mortgage rush on these cheap deals that're becoming harder to find.Last summer,we had the luxury of 15,500 mortgages to choose from, one credit crunch later,and today there are less than one third of that number.In the last week alone,906 mortgages have been pulled by lenders,as are rated just under 200 deals everyday.This one is from Chuck Riocosta,who rates up yesterday. A court, again, same thing yesterday.Glen Morris is a mortgage broker,he tells me he's getting daily e-mails from lenders, hiking rates and withdrawing products.After years of plenty, they've suddently become picky.I believe there's only 100% product left,and we are expecting news of that to go anytime now,even a 95% loan-to-value mortgage now is tough to find.So people without a deposit are gonna find it very difficult in this market,also people with credit problems. The frustration for first-time buyers like Lian Jacab is that house prices are falling at a time when mortgages are getting more expensive,the trainee accountant still finds herself priced out."Plans for the future ,carry on saving, stay at home with Mom and Dad for a little bit longer."And tonight, another lender is pulling yet another cheap deal. The Cooperative has suspended its two-year mortgages due to excessive demand-- a sign that this vanishing act is beginning to unsettle borrowers.Joel Hills,Sky News 01/60846淮安中山医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱

淮安有三甲医院吗US Navy Captures More Pirates, May Take Them to Kenya美海军索马里海域抓获海盗嫌疑人  The U.S. Navy has captured nine more suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia, after they allegedly tried to board an Indian commercial ship. The same American ship took seven other men into custody Wednesday.美国海军在索马里海域抓获了九名海盗嫌疑人,此前这些海盗嫌疑人被控企图登上一艘印度商船。美国海军同一艘舰艇星期三还扣押了另外七人。Thursday's incident started when the USS Vella Gulf received a distress call from the Indian merchant ship, Premdivya. The ship said it had been fired on by men in a small boat, who were trying to board it. The crew of the Indian ship detached the ladders the attackers were using, stopping them temporarily. Meanwhile, the American warship dispatched a helicopter.星期四一艘遇险的印度商船来电向美国军舰“维拉湾”求援。这艘船说,一艘小船上的人向他们开火,并企图登上他们的商船。印度船员们切断了袭击者攀登的舷梯,暂时制止了他们的行动。与此同时,美国战舰派出了一架直升飞机。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the attackers fled, and ignored warnings to stop broadcast from the helicopter, so the crew fired two warning shots near the small boat. When it finally stopped, the Vella Gulf and another U.S. ship moved in and sent a boarding party to the pirates' boat, where they found weapons including a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.五角大楼发言人怀特曼说,袭击者没有听从直升飞机要他们停止行动的广播警告,并开始逃离,因此机组人员向小船放了两,予以警告。小船最终停了下来,维拉湾号舰艇和其他美国军舰来到了现场,派人登上海盗船,在船上发现了武器,包括火箭推进手榴弹发射器。Whitman says the men were taken into custody and will be transferred to another ship, the USS Lewis and Clark, for detention while the incident is investigated.怀特曼说,这些人被收押并将被送往“路易斯和克拉克号”军舰,在对该事件进行调查时调查期间对他们进行拘留。"They are going to be remaining on Lewis and Clark until we have had an opportunity to collect the necessary evidence, evaluate it and make a decision regarding further transfer," he said.他说:“这些人将被拘留在路易斯和克拉克军舰上,直到我们有机会收集到了必要据、加以评估并就他们的进一步移交作出决定。”The ed States recently signed an agreement with Kenya for the prosecution of alleged pirates. That led U.S. Navy ships in the area to take a more aggressive approach, capturing and holding suspected pirates, rather than simply releasing them. Whitman says the 16 men now in U.S. custody will likely be the first to try the new system.美国最近和肯尼亚就海盗嫌疑人的起诉问题签署了协议,这导致美国海军舰艇在这个区域可以采取更为大胆的行动,捉拿并扣押海盗嫌疑人,而不是简单地释放他们。怀特曼说,这16名美国扣押的嫌疑人将可能是第一批对其试用新体制的人。"Once we have been able to satisfy our information needs, collect the necessary evidence that we have, we will be looking to turn these individuals over to appropriate legal authorities for them to address their activity," he said. 他说:“一旦我们的信息需求得到满足,收集到我们掌握的必要据,我们就会着手将这些人送给恰当的司法当局,让他们对自己的行动作出说明。”Whitman says this is also an opportunity to work out final details with Kenyan authorities for the transfer and detention of suspected pirates.怀特曼说,这也是一次机会让我们和肯尼亚当局就转交和拘留这些海盗嫌疑人作出最终的详细安排。Pirates are currently holding several ships in the Gulf of Aden area, following a sharp increase in such hijackings last year. 海盗目前在亚丁湾还劫持着几艘船只,这种船只劫持事件去年明显上升。Last week, after receiving a ransom, pirates released a Ukrainian-flagged ship loaded with tanks and other military equipment after holding it for 19 weeks. The ship, with its freed crewmembers, has arrived in the Kenyan port of Mombassa.上个星期,海盗得到了一笔赎金以后释放了一艘被扣押了19个星期的满载坦克和军用装备的乌克兰船只。这艘船上的船员得到自由,已经将船停靠在肯尼亚港口蒙巴萨。In keeping with a U.N. Security Council resolution, the U.S. Navy has recently increased its patrols in the region, in an effort to deter the pirates, who come out of chaotic and poverty-stricken Somalia. Warships from several other nations are also patrolling in the area.根据联合国安理会作出的决议案,美国海军最近已经增加了在该地区的巡逻,以便对海盗形成威慑力量,这些海匪都来自兵荒马乱又贫困交加的索马里。来自其他国家的一些战舰也在这个海域巡逻。02/62292淮安市第一人民医院肛肠科 Two welcome new biographies of Charles Dickens whose birth 200 years ago will be celebrated next February两本查尔斯·狄更斯新传记,喜迎明年二月狄更斯诞辰200周年。Becoming Dickens: The Invention of a Novelist. By Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. 《成为狄更斯:一个小说家的创造力》作者 罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特Charles Dickens: A Life. By Claire Tomalin《查尔斯·狄更斯:一生》克莱尔·托玛琳THERE is an immediacy about Charles Dickens’s life, just as there is about his novels, a kind of bursting physicality. “If I couldn’t walk fast and far”, he once said, “I think I should explode and perish.” He exhilarated and exhausted himself. Both these biographies, timed for the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth next February, bring out the mad energy of the man.回顾查尔斯·狄更斯的一生跟阅读他小说一样,有一种实实在在的冲劲扑面而来。他曾经说,“如果步伐不再轻盈脚力不再充沛,我想我宁愿自爆死去。”他忘情宣泄,直到耗尽自我。在狄更斯200周年祭这个节点,这两本传记展示了这作家疯狂的精力。 Robert Douglas-Fairhurst sets out to counter what he sees as the literary man-of-destiny version of Dickens, to recover the uncertainty, muddle and loose ends. He concentrates therefore on the early unsettled years, up to 1838 when, at 26, Dickens decided to sign himself “Charles Dickens”. Until then he had just been “Boz”, a sketch writer and the hugely popular author of “The Pickwick Papers”.有人认为狄更斯命中注定成为作家,罗伯特·道格拉斯·菲赫斯特提出了异议,并还原了狄更斯摇摆不定、浑浑噩噩和信马由缰的一面。为此,他把目光放在狄更斯早年不安稳的日子上,1838年之前。那一年狄更斯26岁,最终选定以“查尔斯·狄更斯”作为笔名。此前,他还只是一个叫“兹”的札记作家和写过一部热销小说《匹克威克外传》。But writing was hardly a proper job. Since the age of 15, he had been racing through more plausible alternatives: from legal clerk, to courtroom and parliamentary shorthand reporter, then on to journalism and ambitions in the theatre. Mr Douglas-Fairhurst’s early cut-off date enables him to slow these years down, to listen for the echoes between the life and the writings and to draw on a broad range of contemporary references.但是对狄更斯来说,作家几乎不算是正式工作。15岁起,他在其他更靠谱的职业中频频跳槽:从法务学徒到法院及议院速写记录员,后来又当过记者还跃跃欲试戏剧表演。道格拉斯·菲赫斯特截取狄更斯的早年时期,使得他能够从容分析,细听当时社会和狄更斯作品之间的回响,广泛参阅了当时的文献。As he shows, the question of alternatives, of the road taken or not taken, fascinated Dickens. “See how near I may have been to another sort of life,” he wrote of himself at 20 when he had been on the point of auditioning as an actor. Or, more fearfully, he wrote of his 12-year-old self: “I might easily have been…a little robber or a little vagabond.” He came that close, he believed, when his father (the model for Mr Micawber in “David Copperfield”) was imprisoned for debt and, as was customary, the family joined him—except for young Charles who took lodgings and was set to work in a blacking factory.他指出,狄更斯曾乐此不疲地从事待选行业,追问自己该走哪条路不该走哪条路。他在20岁作为演员在试镜前曾写道:“看,我极有可能就要过上另一种生活了”。又比如,他心有余悸地回忆12岁时,“我极有可能成为小流氓或者小游民。”他确信无疑,尤其在他父亲(《大卫科帕菲尔》中米考伯的原型)负债入狱,举家依惯例连坐时,这种可能性极即将成为现实。幸好当时政府把少年狄更斯遣送到鞋油厂寄宿,责为学徒。It was the defining trauma of his life. It opened the crack in his imagination through which he saw, a hair’s bth away, a whole world of other sorts of life: from the man next to him in the library, in his Boz sketch “Shabby-genteel People”, who blacked his clothes to hide the frays, to the terrified criminal in the condemned cell in “A Visit to Newgate”, just feet away from a whistling passer-by.这一创伤对他的人生起了决定性影响,狄更斯创作思路被它敲开了裂缝,从中看到了一线之外全然不同的人生百态:那其中有图书馆中坐他旁边的斯文人,把身上的衣染成黑色,由此遮掩上面的屡屡破绽(《兹札记》中《穷摆架子的高雅人》);也有关在死牢中惶恐的死囚,与一名吹着口哨的路人仅咫尺之隔。(《参观纽盖特监狱》)。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst covers much ground, but one of his central ideas is Dickens’s pervasive sense of what might have been. He sees it in the false trails and shadow plots (take “Great Expectations”, where Pip imagines himself in one story though is really in another), in his doublings among characters and in his jostling possibilities and competing outcomes (for instance in “A Christmas Carol”).道格拉斯·菲赫斯特用了不少篇幅讨论这一点,但是书中另一个主要观点是狄更斯时时刻刻感觉到事物本应如此却奈何那样。这一点可以在以下方面体现:一些错误的线索以及缥缈的剧情(以《远大前程》为例,皮普觉得自己知晓一段往事,岂料往事中还有故事,真相出人意表);人物双面性格以及冲突的可能性和矛盾的大结局(例如《圣诞颂歌》)。“Becoming Dickens” is an ingenious, playful and often brilliant analysis as much as it is a narrative. In a sense, Claire Tomalin’s enormous task is more straightforward. She tells a story. Clear-eyed, sympathetic and scholarly, she sps the whole canvas, alive with incident and detail, with places and people. She writes of publishers, illustrators, collaborators and all Dickens’s intersecting circles of friends and family. It is wonderfully done.《成为狄更斯》是原创性作品,作为一本传记依然不乏幽默与深刻的议论。在这个意义上,克莱尔·托玛琳的大作可谓更直接。她讲述狄更斯一生的故事。作为一个传记作家,她思维敏锐,富有同情心而且治学严谨。她利用鲜活的事件和细节,地方和人物,展示狄更斯的生活全景。她谈及了狄更斯的出版商、插图者,合作者以及所有与狄更斯有关的朋友和家族。故事讲得十分出色。Mr Douglas-Fairhurst observes that almost nothing can be said of Dickens of which the opposite is not also true. Ms Tomalin richly bears that out. Here is the loyal friend and philanthropist, the champion of the poor—and also the bully. Here too is the man who could light up a room, the clown, the mimic and dancer of hornpipes—but also the obsessive who prowled the streets unable to “get rid of my spectres unless I can lose them in crowds”.道格拉斯#8226;菲赫斯特发现,几乎所有对狄更斯的,反过来说也同样成立。托玛琳的书充分地实了这一点。狄更斯是忠实的朋友、慈善家、穷人的救星,但同样是名霸道者。他能扮小丑、口技者和角笛舞者,让观众开怀大乐,却也是偏执狂,逡巡于街道之间,“只有在人群中,我才能摆脱心中的恶灵”。After his death, Dickens’s daughter Katey (shown above, with her sister Mamie, being to by their father) said that she had loved him immeasurably, but that he was “a wicked man”. She was thinking of her mother Catherine, so passive, so overlooked and so constantly pregnant (they had ten children). Having decided she was the wrong wife for him, Dickens literally partitioned off her bed, then forced her into a separation while mocking her to their friends. Ms Tomalin takes care to notice Catherine and the other women in Dickens’s life. Power was vital to him, the power to make his public laugh and cry and love him for it—better still, to see them do it at his famous public ings. But a brutal streak went with it.狄更斯死后,他的女儿凯特(上图,狄更斯给她和她梅蜜念书)说她虽然无比热爱父亲,但他却是“一个坏蛋”。她念及母亲卡洛琳,如此消极被动,如此备受冷落还饱遭生育之苦(她为狄更斯生了十个孩子)。狄更斯认为卡洛琳不适合做他妻子,居然马上在床上用隔板隔开她,逼她分居还不忘在共同朋友面前揶揄她。托玛琳特别为卡洛琳和另一个女人着墨。狄更斯醉心影响力,那种使大众发笑和哭泣并迷恋他的影响力,他更希望这种情况出现在他著名的公开朗诵中现场。但是这种影响力也让他多少有点冷酷无情。Ms Tomalin ends with an exhausted Dickens splashing his head in a bucket of water, and writing on. After all, it is the writer she is interested in, his range, invention and universality. Everyone him in his lifetime, high and low. Speaking of Pickwick, she remarks that Dickens seemed to feed his story “directly into the bloodstream of the nation…making his ers feel he was a personal friend to each of them.” When he died, among the flowers at his graveside in Westminster Abbey were small bunches tied with rags.在托玛琳一书结尾,劳累的狄更斯将一桶水浇在自己身上,继续写作。毕竟她关心的是作为作家的狄更斯,他作品的范围、他创造人物的能力而且其雅俗共赏。在狄更斯的时代,有井水的地方就有他的作品。谈到匹克威克,托玛琳指出,狄更斯似乎将这个故事“融入大众血肉……让读者感到狄更斯是他们每个人的朋友”。当其逝世,一束束用旧布扎起的鲜花献在他西斯特敏斯特教堂墓地前。201110/156891淮安妇科有哪些

洪泽县妇幼保健院治疗脱肛多少钱China Pandas' Bamboo Dwindling 地震造成熊猫口粮短缺 Bamboo, the staple diet of pandas, is reportedly in high demand following last month’s powerful earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province. Officials say there is only three to five months' supply of bamboo for the pandas to eat. "There are many landslides which are covering the bamboo area, so basically there’s no bamboo there. The amount of bamboo which can be purchased or cut has decreased sharply." Chinese television reported on Saturday that staff at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center were trying to find fresh supplies of bamboo. Despite the food crisis, visitor numbers to the center have returned to pre-earthquake figures. Chinese news media is also reporting that in Shifang [1], soldiers rescued a lion and two tigers abandoned after the quake. According to reports, the road to Happy Valley Zoo in Shenfang was blocked by rubble and subsequent landslides, but the military managed to reach the zoo and rescued the three big cats which were all reportedly suffering from malnutrition. The lion and two tigers were more than 65 pounds underweight. Chinese television reported an endangered northeast tiger, found only in the northeastern part of China, needed urgent attention. Over 30 soldiers helped (to) [2]carry the animals in crates for one mile from the zoo for a temporary landing spot for evacuation. Local transport then took them to another zoo for treatment.参考中文翻译:据报道,上个月四川强震过后,大熊猫的主要口粮——竹子需求量大增。相关官员说,现在的竹子仅够大熊猫三到五个月的用量。“竹子供应地区面临大量砂体滑坡,那些地方基本已经没有竹子供应链。能够购买或者砍伐的竹子锐减。”中国电视台周六报道,成都大熊猫养殖研究中心的工作人员正在试图寻找新鲜竹源。尽管面临这口粮危机,该中心的游客量已经恢复到了震前水平。另据中国新闻媒体报道,在什邡,解放军官兵解救了地震过后遗弃的一头狮子和两只老虎。报道说,通往什邡欢乐谷动物园的道路被碎石和随后的山体滑坡阻断,但是军队成功抵达动物园并且解救了这三只营养不良的大型猫科动物。这头狮子和两只老虎都严重重量不足,比正常体重低65磅。中国电视台报道,仅存于中国东北地区的东北虎需要紧急关注。30多名士兵抬这装这三只动物的笼子走了一里多路,把他们从动物园抬到了临时撤离点。随后地方运输把它们送到另一个动物园进行治疗。200811/56850 British PM Calls for Return of Traditional, Conservative Banking英首相吁恢复保守的管理方式 Writing in Britain's Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for a return to old-fashioned, conservative banking practices. It is a change for Mr. Brown who as Treasury Secretary for a decade was a proponent of the light regulatory atmosphere in Britain's financial sector. 英国首相布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,呼吁重新恢复老式的、保守的管理方式。布朗曾经担任英国财政大臣达10年之久,他以往一直推崇减少对金融界的监管。呼吁恢复以前的做法,对布朗来说,是一个变化。Back when he was Treasury Secretary, Gordon Brown maintained that lighter financial regulation created jobs and wealth in the economy. 在布朗担任财政大臣时,他坚持认为减少对金融界的监管能创造就业,为经济增加财富。But that economic climate has changed dramatically during the past six months, and the global downturn seems to have changed his view. 但这种经济气候在过去的六个月中已经发生了翻天覆地的变化,全球经济衰退似乎改变了他的看法。Writing in the Observer newspaper, Prime Minister Brown says Britain needs a more responsible banking system. 布朗在英国报纸《观察家报》上撰文,指出英国需要一个更加负责任的系统。What he would like to see is a return of more conservative, old-fashioned banking practices. 他希望看到的是恢复老式的、保守的做法。Interviewed on Britain's Sky News, Brown's Finance Minister in the Treasury Department, Stephen Timms says because of the recent global economic turmoil, the prime minister wants to see a number of changes brought in, including increased internal oversight at the banks. 布朗的金融大臣蒂姆斯在接受英国天空新闻电视台采访时说,由于最近的全球经济动荡,布朗首相希望能看到一些变革,包括增加对内部的监管。"One is around bonuses, to make sure that those are focused in the future on long-term good performance with claw backs if the good performance is not maintained," he said. "Second, on strengthening the boards of banks so they can really understand the risks that banks are taking on and can challenge the management of the banks if that is needed because that has not always happened in the period we have just been through." “其一是关于奖金,确保这些奖金着眼于未来长期的良好业绩,并在无法保持良好业绩时收回。第二,强化董事会的作用,确保他们真正了解承担的风险,并在必要时质疑的管理层,因为这种监管在我们刚经历过的时期里并没有这样作。”The prime minister also believes that worldwide cooperation is essential to minimize the effects of this downturn. 布朗首相还认为,世界范围的合作对于减低经济衰退的影响必不可少。And Finance Minister Timms says specifics must be worked out in the coming weeks. 金融大臣蒂姆斯说,具体的细节将在未来几个星期内制定。"We need to learn the lessons of what has happened for how we regulate banks in the future, including internationally because one of the problems that has emerged over the last year or so is gaps in regulation between different country jurisdictions," said Timms. "And at the G-20 summit coming up in London on the 2nd of April, we need to be looking at how we do a better job internationally with countries cooperating on regulating the banks." “我们应汲取过去的教训,确定我们将来如何监管,包括在国际上这样作,因为过去一年左右出现的问题之一是不同国家管辖范围内监管的差别。在即将于4月2日在伦敦举行的G-20国首脑会议上,我们需要探讨如何在的监管问题上,在国际间同各国更好地合作。”Many observers agree that more coordination is required. On Saturday, nearly 100,000 marched through the streets of Dublin to protest against government cutbacks as the recession deepens there and unemployment heads up. 很多观察人士同意应加强各国间的协调。星期六,大约10万民众走上都柏林街头游行,抗议政府在经济衰退恶化、失业率上升时减少各项经费。On Sunday, Mr. Brown attended a gathering in Berlin where leaders worked on forging a European consensus before the upcoming London summit. 星期天,布朗出席了柏林的一个会议。欧洲各国领导人设法为即将在伦敦举行的首脑会议达成欧洲的共识。The prime minister will also be meeting U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on March 3, where economic discussions will take center stage. 布朗首相还将于3月3日在华盛顿会晤美国总统奥巴马。经济问题预期是两国领导人会谈的中心议题。02/62955金湖县妇幼保健所男科大夫淮安中山皮肤医院



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