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襄樊第一人民医院做人流怎么样贴吧襄阳人民医院专治小看Flash学口语 第11课:Invitation /200706/14506襄阳樊城区人民医院官网 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470012襄阳襄城区妇幼保健院中医院是正规的吗

襄樊市中心医院打胎可靠吗【新闻精讲】Is there life for technology firms beyond Wall Street? 科技公司能否在华尔街之外觅得生机?FOR months Twitter, the micro-blogging service, has received the kind of free attention of which most companies can only dream. Politicians, corporate bosses, activists and citizens turn to the platform to catch every tweet of America’s new president, who has become the service’s de facto spokesman. “The whole world is watching Twitter,” boasted Jack Dorsey (pictured), the company’s chief executive, as he presented its results on February 9th. He has little else to brag about.数月来,微务商推特不花一文就得到了密切关注,大多数公司只能望洋兴叹。政客、企业老板、活动家和普罗大众纷纷转向这一平台,紧追美国新总统的每一条推文。这位总统已然成为该务实际上的代言人。2月9日,公司首席执行官杰克#8226;多西(Jack Dorsey,见下图)在发布财报时夸口道:“全世界都在关注推特。”别的他也没什么好吹嘘了。platform n.平台de facto adj.实际的 (actual)- They took de facto control of the media.- adv.实际地 (in fact)- The country has been de facto divided.spokesman n.代言人boast v.自夸brag v.自夸- He is always bragging about his success.little 几乎没有/a little 有一点But Donald Trump has not provided the kind of boost the struggling firm really needs. It reported slowing revenue growth and a loss of 7m. User growth has been sluggish, too: it added just 2m users in that period. Facebook added 72m. The day of the results, shares in Twitter dropped by 12%.但这家苦苦挣扎的公司并未从特朗普那里得到它真正需要的推助。推特的财报显示收入增长放缓,亏损达1.67亿美元。用户增长也已放缓:这一期间用户数仅增加了200万。Facebook则增加了7200万。公布财报的当日,推特的股票下跌了12%。boost n.鼓励帮助(assist),增强- After layoffs at the company, people need a boost in morale.revenue n.收益sluggish adj.迟缓的- The sluggush pace of the project is worrisome.Because news outlets around the world aly report on Mr Trump’s most sensational tweets, many do not feel compelled to join the platform to discover them. Others are put off by mobs of trolls and reams of misinformation.由于世界各地的新闻媒体都已经报道了特朗普最具爆炸性的推文,很多人觉得没必要再到这一平台去查看了。其他人则是因大批的网络喷子和大量虚假信息而对推特失去兴趣。outlet n.出口 (新闻/情感/机会)sensational adj.轰动的 (causing great excitement or interest with shocking details)- The sensational news story caused a stir, but after a few days everyone forgot about it.compel v.强迫 (to force someone to do something)- Illness compelled me to stay in bed.put off 推迟- put somebody off 使不喜欢 (to make someone dislike)mob n.暴民troll n.网络语言攻击 (a deliberately offensive or provocative online post)ream n.大量- reams of informationmisinformation n.错误/虚假信息And not even Mr Trump could change the cold, hard truth about Twitter: that it can never be Facebook. True, it has become one of the most important services for public and political communication among its 319m monthly users. It played an important role in the Arab spring and movements such as Black Lives Matter. But the platform’s freewheeling nature makes it hard to spin gold from. In fact, really trying to do so—by packing Twitter feeds with advertising, say—would drive away users.即便是特朗普也无法改变这样一个冷酷无情的事实:推特永远也无法成为Facebook。诚然,对每月3.19亿活跃用户来说,它已是进行公共和政治交流最重要的务之一。在阿拉伯之春和像“黑人生命不容忽视”(Black Lives Matter)这样的运动中,推特扮演了重要的角色。但是这个平台随心所欲的本质让人很难从中掘金。实际上,真试图这么做的话,例如将推特订阅跟广告捆绑,反而会把用户赶走。freewheeling adj.放纵的(not controlled)- She has a freewheeling life.spin v. 抽取 (draw out)pack v.打包feed n.资讯drive away 赶走- drive v.强迫,驱动- I was driven by passions. Article/201704/501517襄阳中医院做输卵管通液多少钱 新东方英语900句 Lesson 13:FamilyCore Sentences.1. How many people are there in your family?2. I've got two sisters and one brother.3. Sam and Tony are twins.4. Robert was up in a single parent household.5. Richard comes from well family.6. I have a close family.we love each other.7. His parents always quarrel with each other.8. My father is a and he is very strict with us.9. There are more and more families in big cities.10. What do your parents do?11. My father is the b owner. 12. Rick is an only child. Her great grandpa is still living.13. My parents grew up in the countryside. We moved to the city when I was just five.Dialog ExerciseNumber one Talks about family.A. How many people are there in your family?B. Four, my father, my mother, my brother and I. We are geting on very well.A. What do you parents do?B. My father is professor, he is strict with us. My mother works in a hotel, and she loves us a lot.A. How old is your borther?B. He is twenty five, three years older than I am.He is a soldier.A. Do you have any grandparents?B. My grandpa on my father side is still living. But he dosen't live with us.Nuber Two Introduction of the FamilyA. How many are there in your family, Eleen?B. There are three of us in my family.A. So you are the only child in your family.B. Yes, and you?A. There are fives in my family.B. Are you the youngest?A. No, I'm not. My brother Jaims is the oldest, and my sister Cleo is the youngest.B. So you are the second child of your family. How old is your brother?A. He is going to be twenty tomorrow.B. Please tell him Happy Birthday.A. Thank you, I'll tell him. /200604/5858襄阳市第三人民医院几点关门

襄阳治疗包皮哪家医院比较好About 300,000 cases of tick-borne Lyme disease are diagnosed in the U.S. each year, and with an expanding tick population, experts think this year could be worse than usual.每年,美国约有三十万例蜱传播的莱姆病,随着蜱数量的增长,今年可能会比平时更糟。Thanks to a milder winter and more host animals, there could be more cases of Lyme and deadly tick-borne infections.由于温和的冬天和更多的宿主动物,可能有更多莱姆病例和致命蜱感染。Powassan virus, for example, causes swelling in the brain that can lead to permanent neurological damage. It#39;s fatal in about 10 percent of cases.例如玻瓦桑病毒,使大脑肿胀并导致永久性的神经损伤。大约10%的病例是致命的。Some ticks even carry another disease that can give you a meat allergy. Researchers warn it#39;s getting more common, but they#39;re still learning about how and why the disease sps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention isn#39;t tracking it closely yet.一些蜱甚至携带另一种疾病,可以使你肉过敏。研究人员警告称,现在这种情况越来越普遍,但他们仍在学习这种疾病如何和为何蔓延。美国疾病控制与预防中心也没有密切跟踪。Luckily, those diseases are still relatively rare, especially compared with Lyme. For example, in the decade since 2006, the CDC recorded fewer than seven cases of Powassan virus on average every year.幸运的是,这些疾病仍然是比较少见的,尤其是相比于莱姆病。例如,自2006年以来的十年,美国疾病控制与预防中心记录的玻瓦桑病毒平均每年少于7例。The CDC recommends people avoid tick-borne diseases by using insect repellent, staying out of brush and tall grass, and taking showers after visits to tick country. If you#39;re bitten, tell your doctor about any fever or rash.疾病控制与预防中心建议人们使用驱虫剂避免蜱传播疾病,远离灌木丛和高草从,访问有蜱的农村后洗澡。如果你被咬了,有任何发热或皮疹,告诉你的医生。译文属。 Article/201706/515137 鱼梁洲开发妇幼保健院中医院做人流好不老河口市妇幼保健医院网站



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