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“网约车”获合法地位 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily 7月日下午,国务院新闻办公室举行发布会,交通部、公安部、国家质检总局等部门有关负责人介绍《关于深化改革推进出租汽车行业健康发展的指导意见、《网络预约出租汽车经营管理暂行办法(以下简称《暂行办法)的相关情况《指导意见将出租车分为巡游出租车和预约出租车两类,首次提出将互联网专车纳入预约出租汽车管理,明确了出租汽车行业定位;同时明确网约车的合法地位图片来源于网络#0;请看相关报道:The regulation requires that car-hailing platms, such as Didi Chuxing and Uber Technologies, review the qualifications of drivers and their cars to guarantee safe rides.《暂行办法要求滴滴出行和优步等叫车平台审核驾驶员及其车辆的资质,以保出行安全The platms are responsible checking whether drivers' private cars are in good condition and are insured, and they must report the results to local transportation bureaus.叫车平台有责任查验私家车的车况及保险状况,并须将检查结果上报给当地交通管理部门这两年,关于叫车软件(car-hailing apps)到底该不该被合法化的问题一直都是热议话题叫车软件除了提供常规的出租车叫车务(taxi-hailing service)以外,还延伸出了专车(tailored taxi service)、顺风车(ride sharing)、快车(fast ride)等不同级别的车辆定制务,的确为公众的出行提供了不少便利此次出台的《暂行办法首次明确了这一类网络约车的合法地位(legalizing online car-hailing services),同时对驾驶员准入条件有了严格规定:应有三年以上驾驶经验(with three or more years of driving experience),无交通肇事犯罪记录(no record of traffic crimes)、无危险驾驶犯罪记录、无吸毒记录、无饮酒后驾驶记录(no record of dangerous driving, drug abuse or drinking and driving)、无暴力犯罪记录(no record of violent crimes)对于运营车辆也有明确的条件要求:7座及以下乘用车(passenfer vehicles with#0;7 seats or less);安装具有行驶记录功能的车辆卫星定位装置、应急报警装置(equipped with GPS and emergency alarm system);车辆技术性能符合运营安全相关标准要求(cars are in good condition and can guarantee safe rides)在此基础上,对于符合条件的车辆,应在公安机关登记为预约出租客运,并取得务所在地出租汽车行政主管部门发放的《网络预约出租汽车运输另外,《暂行办法建立了里程报废标准(mileage limit),规定网约车行驶里程达到60万千米时强制报废(the vehicle will be scrapped once it reaches the 600,000 km mileage limit)行驶里程未达到60万千米但使用年限达到8年时,退出网约车经营(dismissed from the car-hailing service)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)奥兰多发生美国史上最严重击案 -- :8:00 来源:chinadaily 当地时间6月日凌晨时,美国佛罗里达州奥兰多市中心一家名为“奥兰多脉动”的同性恋夜总会发生击案,已经造成50人死亡,53人受伤该击案目前已经成为美国历史上最严重击案Friends and family members embrace outside the Orlando Police Headquarters during the investigation of a shooting at the Pulse nightclub, where people were killed by a gunman, in Orlando, Florida,June , . [PhotoAgencies]请看相关报道:A man armed with an assault rifle killed 50 people at a packed gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday in the worst mass shooting in US history, which President Barack Obama described as an act of terror and hate.一名携带突击步的男子日在佛罗里达州奥兰多市一家拥挤的同性恋夜总会开,致50人死亡,构成美国历史上最严重的击案美国总统奥巴马将其称为恐怖和仇恨行为Mass shooting指造成多人受害的暴力事件(an incident involving multiple victims of gun violence),一般来说,导致人以上死亡的击事件(不包括手本人)都可以称为public mass shooting美国近几年发生的击事件中,有一部分属于school shooting(校园击)此次奥兰多击事件因为造成的死亡人数已达50人,被媒体称为massacre(大规模杀人事件)击案嫌疑人使用的武器:assault rifle:(自动或半自动配有大容量弹夹的)军用步(automatic rifles or semiautomatic rifles with large magazines designed military use)handgun:(可单手持握并完成射击的)手(a gun that you can hold, carry, and fire with one hand)关于奥兰多击案目前已知信息:The suspect was identified as Omar Mateen, a 9-year-old U.S. citizen whose family is believed to be from Afghanistan. 嫌疑人确认为Omar Mateen,9岁,美国公民,父母为阿富汗移民Mateen, who was carrying an assault-style rifle, handgun and possibly an explosive device, was killed after exchanging fire with officers at 5 a.m. He had taken hostages inside.当日凌晨5点,Matee在与警方交火时被击毙,他当时携带有突击步,手以及疑似爆炸装置,并且在夜总会内挟持了人质According to officials, Mateen called 9 during the attack to pledge his allegiance to ISIS.有官员表示,击事件过程中,Matee曾经拨打9表示效忠于ISISFederal officials are investigating Mateen's possible ties to radical terror organizations. He was known to the FBI, which questioned him in but found his ties were insignificant.联邦探员正在调查 Mateen与极端恐怖组织间的关联FBI曾留意过Mateen,并在年对其进行过询问,但没有发现他与恐怖组织有明显关联Mateen's father expressed shock over the attack, but said his son did have held anti-gay views.Mateen的父亲对此次击表示震惊,表示他的儿子的确有反同情绪Mir Seddique, the suspected shooter’s father, told N News that the mass shooting had “nothing to do with religion.” He also said Mateen got angry when he saw two men kissing in downtown Miami a couple of months ago and that he thinks that may have been a trigger in the shooting.嫌疑人Mateen的父亲Mir Seddique表示,击案“与宗教无关”他提到,几个月前,儿子在迈阿密看到两个男同接吻时很愤怒,而这可能是引发此次击事件的导火索“We are apologizing the whole incident,” he told N News. “We weren’t aware of any action he [was] taking. We are in shock like the whole country.”Mir Seddique说:“我们为整件事道歉,我们对于他的行为一无所知我们和全国人民一样震惊”Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer called patience as authorities continued the gruesome task of removing bodies from the club.有关方面正在继续清理事件现场的尸体,奥兰多市长呼吁大家多些耐心The names of the victims are being released as next of kin are notified, police said.警方表示,受害人姓名正在通知亲属Florida officials called on the public blood donations, and donors showed up in droves.佛罗里达官方呼吁民众参与献血,献血人员已开始排队关于奥兰多:位于佛罗里达州中部的奥兰多被誉为“世界主题公园之都”(The Theme Park Capital of the World),享誉全球的迪斯尼世界(Walt Disney World Resort)就在奥兰多其他的知名主题公园还有:奥兰多环球影城度假村(Universal Orlando Resort)、鳄鱼乐园(Gatorland)、水上乐园(Wet 'n Wild)奥巴马回应:美国总统奥巴马第一时间发表讲话,称此次击事件为恐怖行为(act of terror)和仇恨行为(act of hate),是美国历史上最严重的一次击事件(the most deadly shooting in American history)?特朗普声明全文:Last night, our nation was attacked by a radical Islamic terrorist. It was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9, and the second of its kind in 6 months. My deepest sympathy and support goes out to the victims, the wounded, and their families.In his remarks today, President Obama disgracefully refused to even say the words 'Radical Islam'. that reason alone, he should step down. If Hillary Clinton, after this attack, still cannot say the two words 'Radical Islam' she should get out of this race the Presidency.If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore. Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can't afd to be politically correct anymore.The terrorist, Omar Mir Saddique Mateen, is the son of an immigrant from Afghanistan who openly published his support the Afghanistani Taliban and even tried to run President of Afghanistan. According to Pew, 99% of people in Afghanistan support oppressive Sharia Law.We admit more than 0,000 lifetime migrants from the Middle East each year. Since 9, hundreds of migrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism in the ed States.Hillary Clinton wants to dramatically increase admissions from the Middle East, bringing in many hundreds of thousands during a first term – and we will have no way to screen them, pay them, or prevent the second generation from radicalizing.We need to protect all Americans, of all backgrounds and all beliefs, from Radical Islamic Terrorism - which has no place in an open and tolerant society. Radical Islam advocates hate women, gays, Jews, Christians and all Americans. I am going to be a President all Americans, and I am going to protect and defend all Americans. We are going to make America safe again and great again everyone.希拉里回应:民主党总统候选人希拉里在脸书发文,称此次击事件是恐怖行为,是针对LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)群体的仇恨行为希拉里声明全文:I join Americans in praying the victims of the attack in Orlando, their families and the first responders who did everything they could to save lives.This was an act of terror. Law encement and intelligence agencies are hard at work, and we will learn more in the hours and days ahead. now, we can say certain that we need to redouble our efts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad. That means defeating international terror groups, working with allies and partners to go after them wherever they are, countering their attempts to recruit people here and everywhere, and hardening our defenses at home. It also means refusing to be intimidated and staying true to our values.This was also an act of hate. The gunman attacked an LGBT nightclub during Pride Month. To the LGBT commy: please know that you have millions of allies across our country. I am one of them. We will keep fighting your right to live freely, openly and without fear. Hate has absolutely no place in America.Finally, we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals. This is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the ed States and it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets.This is a time to stand together and resolve to do everything we can to defend our commies and country.(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)应习近平邀请 俄罗斯总统普京本周将访华 --1 :59: 来源: 中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京 Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing on Saturday at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Chinese state media has confirmed.中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京The two leaders are expected to ink a . billion high-speed rail deal as well as discuss extended military cooperation. Up to 30 trade agreements could also be signed, reports the South China Morning Post.两位领导人有望签署价值6亿美元的高铁项目,并讨论深化军事领域方面的合作根据南华早报的报道,此次会面有望签署超过30项贸易协议One deal on the cards would govern the supply of Russian wheat to China. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin told reporters in Moscow, “We are talking about the construction of a grain terminal in the [Russian] Trans-Baikal region” and may “sign a contract this kind of serious, large supplies of wheat to China.”其中一项有可能签署的协议是有关俄罗斯谷物对华出口俄罗斯副总理德米特·里罗戈津在莫斯科告诉记者,我们现在正在商讨,在俄罗斯外贝加尔修建粮食码头,并有可能会为此类大型谷物对华出口签署相关协议The meeting is also seen as the latest attempt of President Xi to drum up support his “One Belt, One Road” development strategy. Beijing wants to revive the iconic land and maritime Silk Road, which date back to the days of Marco Polo in the th century, by building a trade and infrastructure network stretching all the way to Western Europe and Africa. Geopolitically, it is seen as a rival to the Washington-led Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact, which Beijing opted not to join.此次会面,也被媒体认为是习近平在竭力为“一带一路政策”争取持北京正通过构建直通欧洲和非洲的基建以及贸易网络,试图恢复海上以及陆上丝绸之路,这两条丝绸之路的历史可以追溯到马可波罗所在的世纪从地理上说,“一带一路”被认为,和美国领导的跨太平洋伙伴关系协定是竞争关系,中国未加入TPPXi has been traveling all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe in recent weeks — including stops in Poland, Serbia and Uzbekistan — but Russian support One Belt, One Road is seen as particularly important, given Moscow’s sway over key Balkan states. Putin will be keen to bolster a bilateral relationship that remains robust despite widesp international censure at the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea in , which resulted in the U.S. and E.U. imposing economic sanctions on Russia.最近几个星期,习近平出访了中亚和东欧很多国家,包括波兰、塞尔维亚以及乌兹别克斯坦,但是俄罗斯对于“一带一路”政策的持被视为至关重要,鉴于俄罗斯对巴尔干半岛诸国的配地位而普京也想进一步加强已经较为牢靠的双边关系,尽管年俄罗斯兼并克里米亚导致了大范围的国际批评,并且为此,欧盟和美国还对俄罗斯采取了经济制裁措施

阶层天花板---说说教育中的不公平现象 -- :36:9 来源: 在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生 NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao. Teenagers have been cramming years these tests, which they believe (with justification) will determine their entire future. Yet it is at an earlier stage of education that an individual’s life chances in China are usually mapped out, often in ways that are deeply unfair.在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生不过,其实在教育更为早期的阶段,个人的生活已经被决定了,而且通常是以不太公平的方式To give more students access to higher education, the government has increased its investment in the sector five fold since 1997. The number of universities has nearly doubled. In 1998 6% of secondary-school graduates went on to university. Now 88% of them do. About 7m people—roughly one-third of those aged between 18 and —now gain entry to some m of higher institution each year.为了给更多学生接受高等教育的机会,政府自1997年以来,在教育领域的投资增加了5倍之多大学的数目几乎增加一倍在1998年,有6%的高中生上大学,而现在有88%的高中生上大学每年大概有700万人,也就是18岁到岁年轻人的三分之一,有机会接受高一级的教育China’s universities offer more opporty social mobility than those in many other countries, says James Lee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But the social backgrounds of those admitted have been changing. Until 1993, more than 0% of students were the children of farmers or factory workers. Now universities are crammed with people from wealthy, urban backgrounds. That is partly because a far bigger share of young people are middle-class. But it is also because rural Chinese face bigger hurdles getting into them than they used to.香港科技大学的詹姆斯.李称,中国的大学和其他国家相比,提供了更多的社会流动性但入学学生的社会背景已经发生变化直到1993,有超四成的学生来自农民或工人家庭而现在的学生都是来自城市中的富裕家庭这可能是因为很大一部分的年轻人来自中产阶级,但也是因为中国的农民正面临前所未有的困难The problem lies with inequality of access to senior high schools, which take students the final three years of their secondary education. Students from rural backgrounds who go to such schools perm as well in the university entrance exams as those from urban areas. But most never get there. Less than % of young people in the countryside go to senior high schools compared with 70% of their urban counterparts. The result is that a third of urban youngsters complete tertiary education, compared with only 8% of young rural adults.问题在于高中阶段的不公平,在高中,学生将会完成第二阶段教育的最后三年进入高中的农村学生,和那些城市学生在高考中表现的一样好但大部分农村学生都没有机会进入高中学习不到一成的农村年轻人会上高中,而7成的城市年轻人会上高中,这也导致有三分之一的城市年轻人能够完成他们的第三阶段教育---大学,而农村学生仅有8%的比例One reason is that junior high schools in the countryside are far weaker academically than urban ones. Local governments invest less in them per student than they do in cities. Urban parents tend to be better educated and thus better able to help children with their studies.一个原因是农村的初中教育质量远低于城市对每个学生的人均投入,地方政府给城市的,要远多于农村而且城市的父母教育程度更高,能更好地辅导学生的学习Expense is a huge deterrent many. Governments cover the costs of schooling the nine years of compulsory education up to the age of around . But at senior high schools, families must pay tuition and other expenses; these outlays are among the highest in the world (measured by purchasing-power parity). Many students drop out of junior high school—which isfree—because rising wages in low-skilled industrial work make the prospect of staying at school even less attractive. Millions enter the workce every year who are barely literate or numerate此外,费用问题对农村学生来说也是一大障碍在九年义务教育阶段,也就是到学生大概岁左右,政府负责学生上学的费用,但是上高中,农民们就需要自己付学费和其他费用(根据购买力测算),中国的这类费用,在全世界范围内都属于高昂的而且,还有很多学生在免费的初中就辍学,因为工业的低技术工种工资不断上升,也让继续求学的吸引力越来越低成千上万的年轻人进入社会,而这些人还属于半文盲ince the 1990s more than 0m people have moved from the countryside to work in cities. Many have left their children behind because of the difficulty of getting them into urban schools: the country’s system of hukou, or household registration, makes it hard migrant children to enjoy subsidised education in places other than their parents’ birthplace.从上世纪90年代开始,有亿人从农村进入城市有很多人因为无法将孩子送到城市中的学校,而把他们留到了老家:中国的户口系统使农民工的孩子,无法在他们父母出生地之外享受义务教育Unnatural selection非自然的选择Children from poor backgrounds who do make it as far as the gaokao face another difficulty: competition with better-prepared candidates from 700 or so feeder (usually known as “keypoint”) schools. These receive more funding per student than average schools, have better teachers and plusher facilities. They are supposed to train the brightest students, but many get in with the help of money and connections.来自贫困家庭的学生即使能参加高考,也会面临另一重困难:和来自大约700余所重点中学的学生竞争这里的学生和普通学生相比,国家对每个学生的投入更多,拥有更好的教师和昂贵的器材他们本应该教育最优秀的学生,但很多学生是通过金钱和关系进去的Hoping to make the system fairer, some feeder schools now allocate places on the basis of pupils’ proximity. Inevitably, this has sent local house prices skyrocketing, reincing the schools’ privileged intake by a different means.为了使教育体系更公平,一些重点学生以距离学校远近来招收学生不可避免地,这使当地房价快速上涨,同时,也阻止有采用各种特殊方法进入学校的新生Some of the feeder schools channel their pupils into the best universities via an alternative route to the gaokao. The Ministry of Education introduced this in to reward people with “special talents” that are tricky to assess through standardized tests, such as innovative thinking, creativity, or skills in sport or art. This was supposed to make the types of students attending university more varied. Instead it has increased inequality, by giving advantages to those who have benefited from the superior facilities of key point schools.一些重点高中还通过替代通道送其学生进入重点大学中国教育部在年奖励一些通过高考有难度的“特殊人才”,包括有创新思维,或者体育、艺术特长这本是想让更多类型的学生能进入不同的大学学习,但与此相反,它反而助涨了不公平,特别是那些通过不公平手段进入重点高中的那群人The government is trying to reduce other unfairnesses, too. But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opporties are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges. This was evident from the outcry that followed an announcement last month that provinces and cities would have to reduce as local students at their universities. These allow universities to accept local students even though they may have lower gaokao scores than those from elsewhere. The news triggered protests in three cities by parents who worried about losing a precious advantage their children.政府也在尝试降低不公平性,但这相当困难:那些享受到不公平机会的人不愿放弃自己的特权这个道理显而易见,特别是上个月个省市宣布降低本地学生的录取名额通告后,爆发的那场抗议原来,即使本地学生的高考分数线比其他地方略低,本地大学仍会录取这条消息导致三个地方的家长进行抗议,他们担心这将会影响到自己的孩子

个词看懂习近平今年首访 --5 ::35 来源: 国家主席习近平于月日至1日对巴基斯坦进行国事访问,于1日至日赴印尼出席亚非领导人会议和万隆会议60周年纪念活动【在巴基斯坦】home of brother兄弟的家This will be my first trip to Pakistan, but I feel as if I am going to visit the home of my own brother, said Xi Jinping.习近平说,这是我首次访问巴基斯坦,但我感觉就像到自己兄弟家中探访一样all-weather strategic cooperative partnership全天候战略合作伙伴关系China and Pakistan upgraded their relations to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Monday, eyeing perpetual friendship from generation to generation.中国与巴基斯坦一致同意将两国关系提升为全天候战略合作伙伴关系,致力于中巴世代友好core interests核心利益The two countries should support each other on their core interests, Xi Jinping said, noting that China firmly backs Pakistan's efts to safeguard its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.习近平说,两国应该维护彼此的核心利益他表示,中方坚定持巴基斯坦在维护其主权独立和领土完整方面所做的努力Iron Pakiron brotherhood巴铁铁哥们Chinese netizens even coined the term "Iron Pak" to refer to the unbreakable ties between China and Pakistan.中国网友甚至造出“巴铁”这个术语,用以形容中国和巴基斯坦之间牢不可破的友谊China-Pakistan Economic Corridor中巴经济走廊The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, called a flagship project of "One Belt and One Road", is at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 1st Century Maritime Silk Road.中巴经济走廊位于丝绸之路经济带和1世纪海上丝绸之路交汇处,是“一带一路”的旗舰项目【在印度尼西亚】Bandung Spirit万隆精神Asian and African countries should carry on the Bandung Spirit, which upholds principles of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, and promote a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation.亚非国家应该继续弘扬“团结、友谊、合作”的万隆精神,促进合作双赢的新型国际关系three-point proposal三点倡议The three-point proposal by Xi Jinping includes boosting Asia-Africa cooperation, expanding South-South cooperation and promoting South-North cooperation.习近平提出的三点倡议分别为:深化亚非合作、拓展南南合作和推进南北合作historic walk历史性步行Asian and African leaders' "historic walk" Friday from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka, or the Independence Building, was part of the commemorative events upon the 60th anniversary of the gathering in Bandung.日,亚非国家领导人一起参加"历史性步行",他们从萨沃尔-霍曼饭店步行前往万隆会议旧址——独立大厦,以纪念万隆会议召开60周年one plus one greater than two1加1大于Asian and African nations, Xi Jinping suggested, need to boost win-win cooperation and create the "one plus one greater than two" effect.习近平说,亚非国家加强互利合作,能产生“一加一大于二”的积极效应Bandung Message万隆公报Later on Friday, the leaders mally endorsed the Bandung Message, which urges stronger Asian-African cooperation.日晚些时候,各国领导人正式签署了《万隆公报,旨在进一步推动亚非合作(中国日报网英语点津 杜娟)专家新建议:顺产并不一定优于剖腹产 --30 18:: 来源: 长期以来备受推崇的顺产,受到了专家的质疑,所谓的“顺产”真的是那么顺利吗? When it comes to childbirth, vaginal delivery is often assumed to be the best thing – women have, after all, done it thousands of years.谈及生产,顺产似乎总被认为是最佳的生产方式——毕竟,女性用这种方式生产已经延续几千年了But natural birth actually comes with risks, including tearing, haemorrhage and incontinence the mother and injuries to the baby during labour.但是顺产其实也是有风险的,对妈妈们而言可能会出现会阴撕裂、产后大出血,和大小便失禁等问题,宝宝也可能在生产过程中受到伤害So why is it that the vast majority of pregnant women are only being warned about the risks of Caesarean sections?那么为什么对于大多数的怀女性,医生仅仅警告她们剖腹产的风险呢?This could now change, as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist is to discuss the current view of vaginal birth as the default option childbirth in the UK.这一现象现在要改变了因为在英国,生育孩子时,默认选择顺产的方式对此,英国皇家妇产科学院要进行研讨了Now they will consider whether there’s merit in routinely discussing the relative risks and benefits of vaginal birth and Caesarean section with pregnant women.现在他们要探讨是否应该告诉产妇,顺产和剖腹产的相对风险和益处,并将此作为一种工作流程执行下去While both Caesarean section and vaginal birth are considered to be relatively safe in high-income countries, each features its own set of risks.尽管在高收入国家,剖腹产和顺产都很安全,但是也依旧有各自的风险How such risks are perceived and valued may vary considerably between health professionals and women themselves.对于医护专业人员和产妇自身,对于风险的感受和评估可能有很大的不同UK hospitals still treat vaginal birth as the default birth mode most women, despite its risks and the fact that the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that there should be some room choice.对于大多数产妇,英国各大医院仍将顺产作为默认的生产方式,尽管英国国家卫生与临床技术优化研究所(NICE)已经建议要为产妇提供选择空间Studies from other high-income countries suggest that risks due to natural birth may be poorly appreciated by women and health professionals.高收入国家的研究表明,产妇和医护专业人员对于顺产带来的风险没有充分的认识While up to 95 per cent of UK women aim a vaginal birth in their first pregnancy, only around 75 per cent achieve this.英国女性在生育头胎时,有95%的人表示想进行顺产,但是只有75%的人能如愿Some 1 per cent experience an emergency Caesarean section during labour, which is not as safe as a planned one.在生产中,有1%的人接受了紧急剖腹产手术,远没有计划好的剖腹产手术安全A further substantial proportion of women experience important complications of vaginal birth.还有很大一部分产妇在顺产时,出现了严重的并发症These include an 8 per cent postpartum haemorrhage rate, 1 per cent blood transfusion rate, and a 5-6 per cent third-degree tear rate (0 per cent suffer some degree of tearing).这其中有8%的人出现了产后大出血,1%的人要输血,5-6%的人三级撕裂损伤(0%的人出现一定程度的会阴撕裂损伤)One in six women end up having an operative vaginal birth, such as use of ceps, which is associated with faecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in later life.有六分之一的产妇在顺产时需要器械辅助,比如使用了产钳,这会导致以后的生活中出现大便失禁和盆腔器官脱垂的问题Also, it’s important to realise that long labours, complications and interventions are associated with maternal distress, postnatal depression and intense anxiety in future pregnancies.同时,产妇也应意识到长时间的生产,可能的并发症和医疗干预会导致女性对孩子出现消极情绪,产后抑郁以及以后再怀时的异常焦虑This leaves little more than half of first-time mothers experiencing an uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal birth.结果,生育头胎的产妇仅有一半的人数可以顺利进行顺产This is a considerable number which illustrates why women aiming a natural birth may need to know that such attempts could involve a medical intervention or complications.这一百分比也正说明了为什么想要自然生产的女性需要知道过程中可能会出现的医疗干预及并发症In this light, the alternative of a planned Caesarean section may be tempting.从这一角度看,替代顺产的剖腹产手术好像很诱人While not risk-free, it appears to be similar to that of of a planned vaginal birth in the short term and – with a slightly higher risk of respiratory problems at birth – may be even safer the baby.但也不是一点儿风险没有的在短期看来,剖腹产和计划好的顺产很相似——只是在手术时,呼吸系统出现问题的概率略高一点儿——但是对于孩子来说,剖腹产整体更安全However, the scarring from a section will make each future pregnancy more risky as it can affect the development of the placenta, resulting in increased risks the mother of developing major bleeding and hysterectomy, although this is rare.但是,剖腹产后留下的伤疤对于以后再次怀是有风险的,因为这会影响到胎盘的发育,也会增大产妇出现大出血和切除子宫的可能性,当然这种可能性不高There is also some concern that babies born by Caesarean could be at higher risk of developing asthma.通过剖腹产出生的孩子也更容易患哮喘病,这也有些令人担忧Since women will value these risks differently, inming them of the merits of both options would empower them to decide what matters most to them.不同的人对风险的评估也不同,所以告知产妇这两种方式的优缺点,才能让他们根据自己的情况和需要来决定 some that will be the opporty to experience labour and the benefits of vaginal birth, others it will be the option of a more controlled and predictable Caesarean birth.对一些人来说,他们乐于享受生产过程,阴道生产也对他们很有利;对于另外一些人而言,他们倾向于选择剖腹产,更好控制,也更便于预测But in reality things are more complicated. If potential risks of vaginal birth are routinely discussed with all women, Caesarean section rates in UK hospitals are likely to rise further.但是,实际情况远比这复杂如果医院常规地告知了产妇顺产的风险,英国各大医院剖腹产的比例必然会升高The NICE report estimates that normal births cost an average of ?1,5, planned Caesareans cost ?,369 and emergency C-sections cost ?3,.英国国家卫生与临床技术优化研究所(NICE)的报告估计,正常的顺产要话费1,5英镑,而计划好的剖腹产手术需花费,369英镑,紧急剖腹产手术需花费3,英镑Others have argued that too much focus on risk will only generate unnecessary maternal anxiety.还有人质疑说,太过关注生产风险,只会导致不必要的生育焦虑A simpler option may theree be to communicate the risks of vaginal birth only to women over an accepted risk threshold complications – such as all women aged over 35 years in their first pregnancy or those with a combination of age over 30 years and BMI over 30.更简单点的办法是,只和那些有可能出现一定程度并发症的产妇沟通顺产的风险——比如年龄超过35岁生育头胎的产妇,或者那些30以上且体体质指数也超过30岁的产妇Ultimately, a woman’s birth plan should reflect her values.归根究底,一位准妈妈的生产计划反应了她的价值观If this means having a planned Caesarean section, then such inmed choices should be respected and health services developed to accommodate such plans.即便这意味着接受计划好的剖腹产手术也没什么,在充分知情的去情况下做的决定是应该受到尊重,而且医疗务应该去适应这样的计划日本奇葩霓虹面条你敢吃吗? -- :55:31 来源: 日本奇葩霓虹面条你敢吃吗?'Bad scientist' creates neon noodles - but would you eat them your dinner?A man who created neon noodles is being scrutinised as he's refusing to reveal what exactly has given them their crazy colours.由于拒绝披露关于“五面条”的上色细节,霓虹色面条的发明者受到严厉审视The fluorescent foodstuff is unbelievably bright to look at, but has sparked heated debate over exactly what they might taste like.这种荧光食品拥有难以置信的亮丽色,其口感到底如何也激起了热烈讨论The udon noodles, were given a special treatment by a Japanese scientist who has declined to say exactly what it was that he did to get the electrifying effect.这种乌冬面由一位日本科学家进行了特殊改良,但他却拒绝透露他究竟是如何打造出这种令人震惊的视觉效果的But it appears to involve colouring the noodles with a special dye, and then shining what appears to be ultraviolet light onto them in order to produce the special effect.不过他似乎是运用了一种特殊的染料为面条上色,接着将其置于紫外线下照射,使其产生特殊的视觉效果Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause many substances to glow and it is believed this is how the scientist achieved this effect.目前已知紫外线的照射能使许多物质发光,这也被认为是该科学家实现这一视觉效果的方法The Japanese are well-known their love of colourful food, which in the past has included black and bright red burgers, deep blue curry and all sorts of other exotic variations on traditional dishes.日本人对于五颜六色的食品的热爱是出了名的以前出现过的色食物包括红黑汉堡、深蓝咖喱以及其他各种传统菜肴的奇异变体But a neon sign-like version of Japanese noodles is believed to be a first.但有如霓虹灯般五颜六色的日本面条,据信还是首次出现Many online users want to know what they tasted like after they were posted online by Japanese Twitter user Reraku, a self-proclaimed "bad scientist".自称“不良科学家”的日本推特用户Reraku将该面条的照片发到网上,不少网友表示很想知道面条口感究竟如何He used the pictures to post that he had created "electrical udon" and included a poster showing that they were going to go on sale at a special event at the end of the month in the Osaka area of Japan.他用面条照片明是他创造了这种“带电的乌冬面”;他上传的图片中还包括一张海报,海报显示这种面条将会在本月底于日本大阪(Osaka)地区的某个特别活动上出售The neon sign noodles have been given the star billing the Unbelievable Science festival which takes place on August 30 and where they will be sold to visitors alongside purple curry and fried food "pumped up with flavour steroids".即将于8月30日举办的的“不可思议科学节”上,“霓虹灯”面条被认为将是最畅销的明星产品;届时售卖给参观者的还有紫色咖喱和“用类固醇调味的”油炸食品Vocabularyneon:霓虹的scrutinise:仔细查看fluorescent:发荧光的ultraviolet:紫外的steroid:类固醇英文来源:镜报译者:liangliangzl审校编辑:刘明

微软裁员,智能手机业务或已到尽头 --7 :: 来源: 日前,微软宣布计划削减1850个工作岗位,此举将作为微软收缩旗下智能手机业务的一部分The firm also said it would post a 0m (euro 66m) writedown, part of which is to cover redundancy payments.据微软表示,此举将给公司带来9亿5000万美元(约合6亿600万欧元)的减计收入,其中一部分将被用来付员工的遣散费用A union official suggested the firm had cancelled plans to manufacture further handsets of its own, although this has not been confirmed.尽管未被实,但是据一名工会官员透露,微软已经撤销了对自主手机的进一步生产计划The move comes just two years after the US company paid .bn Nokiarsquo;s handset business.就在这一举措仅仅两年前,微软还付了7亿美元来购买诺基亚的手机业务Last week, a study indicated Windows-powered handsets ed less than 1% of global smartphone sales over the first three months of the year.据上周的一项研究结果表明,在今年前三个月的全球智能手机销量中,Windows系统手机占比不到1%Microsoft is also in the process of selling its Nokia-branded feature phones business.微软目前也在经营其他业务,销售贴牌诺基亚的功能手机Microsoft said up to 1,350 of the job cuts would be made in Finland as a result of the latest announcement.根据最新公布的消息,微软表示将在芬兰裁员,最多50人;My understanding is that Windows will go on as an operating system, but there will be no more phones made by Microsoft,; said a union representative.一名工会代表说道:;我的理解是Windows 会作为一款操作系统继续销售,但是微软不会再生产手机了;A statement issued by Microsoftrsquo;s chief executive did not make clear if this was indeed the case.微软CEO发表的声明并没有表明是否的确是这么一回事;We will continue to innovate across devices and on our cloud services across all mobile platms,; said Satya Nadella.萨蒂亚;纳德拉表示:;在设备和各移动平台云务上,我们将继续创新;The company has promised to provide more inmation when it posts an earnings update in July.微软承诺等到7月份披露盈利报告时,他们将提供更多(相关的)信息But one expert said he still believed it still had plans new handsets.但是有专家表示,说他仍然认为微软有新手机计划;The writing has been on the wall some time about Microsoftrsquo;s remaining smartphone operations in Finland,; said Ben Wood from the CCS Insight consultancy.来自咨询公司CCS Insight的本;伍德说道:;根据市面上的这些信息,我们可以对微软在芬兰遗留的智能手机业务有一个了解;;But Nadellarsquo;s vision Windows is predicated on delivering the operating system to any screen, whether its a watch, a giant TV or a phone.;但是对纳德拉来说,Windows 的目标是把这款操作系统移植到每一个设备上,无论它是手表、大电视还是手机;So, Microsoft will continue to support smartphone licensees - including Alcatel, Acer and HP - as long as it can.;微软将继续持对对阿尔卡特、宏碁和HP的手机授权,时间越长越好;;And I think we will eventually see a Surface-branded phone emerge as well.;我想,我们最终也会看到微软推出Surface手机;;But that will be so Microsoft can show what the art-of-the-possible is business-targeted devices - similar to what it has done with its Surface tablets and laptop - rather than trying to sell tens of millions of s itself to consumers.;;但是在这之前,微软必须要学会如何在商用产品上实现艺术可能(这有点像微软在Surface平板和笔记本电脑上的做法),而不仅仅只是向消费者出售上千万数量的设备;B记者铁锤猛砸张家界玻璃桥,为中国制造点赞! -- :37:37 来源: 张家界新建了一条长达30米的玻璃悬桥,为了验这座桥的坚固性,B一名记者来到张家界,用铁锤猛击桥面,结果令人震惊 A journalist has tested the safety of a 30-metre-long glass bridge by slamming it with a sledgehammer.为检测这座30米长玻璃桥的安全性,一名记者用铁锤猛击了桥面The makers of the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in Central China’s Zhangziazie Grand Canyon invited B’s Dan Simmons to try to smash his way through the panels - some 300 metres above the ground.这座桥位于张家界大峡谷,是世界上最长、最高的玻璃桥,桥面离地300米大桥的建造者邀请B记者丹·西蒙斯来到张家界,让他尽全力猛砸桥面The stunt was intended to promote the safety of the skywalk, after another glass bridge in China was reportedly shattered when a tourist dropped a mug in September, causing panicked crowds to flee in terror.之前在九月份的时候,中国另一座玻璃桥事故引起了人们的巨大恐慌,当时一名在桥上的游客掉落了一个不锈钢水杯,导致玻璃桥面皲裂张家界之所以此次邀请B记者来进行如此惊险的实验,目的是为了向公众展示这座天桥的安全性A journalist has tested the safety of a 30m glass bridge by slamming it with a sledgehammer.为检测大桥安全性,B记者抡起大锤朝桥面砸去The makers of the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge (pictured) in Central China’s Zhangziazie Grand Canyon invited B’s Dan Simmons to try to smash his way through the panels.这是全球最长、最高的玻璃大桥,大桥建造者邀请B记者,让他尽其所能地猛击桥面The journalist was seen repeatedly swinging a sledgehammer down into the bridge in an attempt to break through the glass.这名记者多次抡起大锤砸向桥面,试图砸碎上面的玻璃Despite smashing the top layer of glass with a number of blows from the sledgehammer, the two reinced layers of glass below the surface remain intact.尽管顶层大锤敲击的地方出现了许多裂痕,但是下面两层更加坚固的玻璃则完好无损’This is how they’re going to assuage people’s fears of glass bridges,’ Mr Simmons can be heard saying.西蒙斯说道:“他们用这样的方法来减轻人们对玻璃桥的恐惧”The president of the company behind the bridge vowed it could withstand 5 people jumping on one panel all at once, and support a total of 800 people at a time.这座桥所属公司的总裁信誓旦旦地表示,一块桥面可以承受5个人同时跳跃所产生的力量,并且一次可以承受800的热的总量The nail-biting structure, which is between two cliffs in the national park of Zhangjiajie, is set to open to bold tourists in July.这座桥建在张家界两座悬崖之间,采用咬合结构,将在7月份对游客开放The platm, which cost 6 million Yuan (AUD million) to build, offers panoramic views of the Hunan province.这座桥的建筑成本达到了600万人民币(约合500万美元),给游客提供了一个观览湖南省全景的机会Israeli architect Haim Dotan designed the structure, which is planned stage hold fashions shows and the world’s highest bungee jump.以色列建筑设计师海姆·堂海设计了这座桥,将来可能还会在这座桥上举行时装秀和世界上最高的蹦极The stunt was intended to promote the safety of the skywalk, after another glass bridge in China shattered when a tourist dropped a mug in September, causing panicked crowds to flee in terror.在此之前中国曾发生一起玻璃桥事故,引起人们极大恐慌,当时一名游客掉落的水杯砸破了玻璃桥面此次张家界的“砸桥”是为了向公众展示这座桥的安全性中国的硅谷:华为深圳总部一窥 -- ::5 来源: 过去年里,在中国发展最快的城市——深圳,那里的一片土地被打造成了中国版的硅谷 Over the past years a patch of ground in one of China’s fastest growing cities has been transmed into a local version of Silicon Valley.过去年里,在中国发展最快的城市之一,那里的一片土地被打造成了中国版的硅谷This is the home of Huawei, on the outskirts of the industrial city of Shenzhen.它就是位于工业化城市深圳关外的华为总部The campus of about 500 acres now houses nearly 60,000 employees, reflecting the company’s growth from local telecoms equipment provider to global tech powerhouse selling network gear and smart devices.这个占地500英亩的园区,现在约有6万名员工,这儿见了这个公司从当地的一家通讯设备供应商发展成为销售网络装置和智能设备的全球科技巨头的成长历程CNNMoney was granted rare access to see what it’s like inside a Silicon Valley-style tech campus -- with Chinese characteristics.CNNMoney 成为为数不多的能进入这个“具中国特色的硅谷风格的科技园区”的参观者 a start, it’s massive. But most striking are the perfectly manicured lawns, shrubberies and parks that weave around the buildings and through the grounds. There’s even a small lake, complete with a family of black swans imported from Australia.进入园区,你就会为它的大气所惊叹然而,最让人印度深刻的还是那些环绕在公司大楼周围的修整完美的草坪,小灌木丛以及休闲公园,甚至还有一个小湖,那里栖息着来自澳大利亚的黑天鹅一家The company’s media-shy founder Ren Zhengfei is, we are told, a keen amateur architect and gardener and has been closely involved in the development of the campus. Ren also spent time in Silicon Valley.我们得知,华为的创始人,很少在媒体露面的总裁任正非先生,是一个建筑和园艺的业余爱好者,他参与了园区的建设巧合的是,任正非也在硅谷工作过一段时间But this site does not have the feel of a free-wheeling enterprise culture that Silicon Valley has made famous.不过,这个园区缺乏硅谷有名的自由精神The dozen or so buildings here favor function over m, but when there are 60,000 workers to squeeze in that’s perhaps not surprising.这数十幢建筑更多的注重于功能而非形式,不过这里可生活着60000名员工,所以倒也不足为奇了What is surprising is the apparent lack of people using the grounds or coffee shops during office hours. It looks almost deserted except mealtimes.工作时间竟然没有人在外面走动或者在咖啡馆小坐,这倒是挺令人意外的The campus has canteens plus restaurants, employee accommodation, a hotel, sports club with swimming pool, and the Huawei university where new employees undergo a three-month familiarization course.园区里有来个食堂和餐厅,有员工宿舍,一个酒店,带游泳池的健身俱乐部,以及华为大学,新员工需要在这里接受为期3个月的入职培训Competition to work here is fierce. Each year Huawei receives about 0,000 applications from new graduates. It will hire about ,000.在这里工作,竞争非常激烈华为每年都会接到万份应届毕业生的申请,但只有1万人会被录取People such as 6-year old electronics engineer Xiong Zhitian, from Henyang Province in central China.比如像6岁的电子工程师熊止天,他来自中国中部河南省He lives on campus in one of the company’s 3,0 apartments. Rent is subsidized -- he pays about 老公签被拒 巴基斯坦新娘玩转“一个人的蜜月” -- 3::36 来源: 丈夫签被拒,无奈只有新娘自己去希腊度蜜月,结果她给丈夫发来的照片是这样的……虽然老公不能同游,但新娘却在旅行照中用自己的搞笑精神,告诉丈夫自己无时无刻不在想念他看到这些照片,难道不觉得也是另外一种浪漫吗? Holidaying alone has its complications - even more so if you’d originally expected to travel with someone else. And if that journey was supposed to be your honeymoon, but your husband can’t join you, what’s a newlywed to do? Why, have her picture taken in every location with a sad face and her arm out to indicate her missing husband, of course.一个人的旅行真的不好玩——而当原本预计的两人旅行变成一人单独出发,就更加糟糕了可如果这是两个人的蜜月旅行,丈夫却无法成行,那这对新人该怎么办?自然,只好在每个地方拍照时留下一张悲伤的脸,伸出胳膊暗示丈夫的缺席啦Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever, a young Pakistani couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had aly been paid . So Huma went without him - but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.巴基斯坦这对年轻的夫妇Huma Mobin 和 Arsalaan Sever今年初才结婚他们计划到希腊去度蜜月,可是,希腊边境署却没有这么痛快它们拒签了新郞的签,然而,此时所有的行程都已预定好并付款最后,新娘Huma和她的公公婆婆去了希腊,开启了没有新郎的蜜月之行The idea the unconventional photos actually started a year ago, when Huma and Arsalaan had just got engaged. He was sent to Budapest work, and sent back a single snapshot of himself, arm out and a pouty face to show how much he missed her.事实上,早在一年前,他们就萌生了拍这种“非常规照片”的念头当时,二人刚订婚,Arsalaan被派往布达佩斯工作,他就曾寄回过自己的单身照:伸出的胳膊以及一张撅着嘴的脸,以表达对Huma的思念Huma told the B World Service programme Outside Source: "Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we’re missing [each other]."Huma在接受B全球务节目采访时表示,“无论何时,只要我们单独旅行,我们就会这样做我们只是想表达对对方的思念The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents - Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.Huma的这些照片都是由Arsalaan的父母拍摄的——Huma称自己和婆婆的关系很好二人相处非常融洽,事实上,在圣托里尼时,婆媳二人晚上还出去泡吧But all that, Huma says she missed her husband dfully. "He’s the life of the party, my better half - I wouldn’t have gone without him but he ced me to."然而即便如此,Huma说她实在是太想念丈夫了“他总是聚会的灵魂人物,是我更好的另一半——我真的不愿一个人来度蜜月,但他要求我来”"The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, who really comted me and told me to make the best of it," Huma says. Their friends in Lahore looked after Arsalaan while he was on his own.她说,“第一个晚上,我伏在婆婆的肩上哭了一夜,她一直在安慰我,并劝我好好放松心情度假”而他们在拉合尔的朋友也会帮忙照顾一个人在家的ArsalaanSo what was the reaction from other holidaymakers when they saw her putting her arm around her imaginary friend?当其他的度假的人们看到这位姑娘伸出胳膊去搂抱想象中的朋友,他们又会怎么想呢?"People were literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks over there, so I came off really quite normal doing this," she says airily.Huma愉快的说,“人们个个都伸直了脑袋忙着自拍,所以我这样做很正常,没什么大不了”In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together their first anniversary.同时,Huma的这些照片也在网上走红二人现已在拉合尔团聚,希望能在他们的第一个结婚纪念日时一起出去度假 a month -- but he can only live here two years bee finding his own place.他住在公司的公寓里,这样的公寓一共有30间房租有补贴——他只用每月付0美元就可以了——但在找到自己的住处前,他最多只能在这里住两年Huawei was his first choice after leaving university.华为是他大学毕业后的第一份工作"Huawei is a fast growing company and I think the prospects here are amazing. It has research centers around the world and maybe it can offer me an opporty to travel," he said.“华为是一个发展非常迅速的公司,我认为这里的前景一片光明它在世界各地都有研发中心,我还有可能出差,到全世界看看”Money is also a big draw. Entry-level graduates earn about ,000 yuan a month (,530) -- about -3 times the average graduate starting salary in China, says a Huawei spokesman.华为的薪水也颇具竞争力新入职的应届毕业生月薪大约是000元(30美元)——是中国应届毕业生平均薪资的两到三倍,据华为的发言人表示But don’t expect to see some of Silicon Valley’s softer perks here.不过,这里可没有与硅谷相媲美的福利At Google (GOOGL, Tech30), employees get free meals, haircuts, medical checkups and even laundry.在谷歌公司,员工们有免费的午餐,可以免费理发、健康体检甚至免费洗衣At Huawei employees pay most things from food to using the sports club.而在华为,从吃饭到健身,都得员工自己买单But people like Zhitian, the work is what it’s all about. I ask him whether one day he would like to work in a Silicon Valley tech company.但是像熊止天这样的员工,工作就是全部我问过他,是否考虑有一天去硅谷的一家科技公司上班"I think if the position is the same and if the company I work now can provide a platm me I will not choose to change. I think it’s good and I am growing up here."他说,“我想,如果是相同的岗位,而假如我现在的公司能给我提供一个平台,我不会选择跳槽我觉得这里很不错,并且,这里是我成长的地方”

英国新首相就是她了 一起来认识下~ -- :6:58 来源:chinadaily Theresa May expected to become Britain's prime minister on Wednesday evening. 特蕾莎;梅将于英国时间本周三晚间就任英国的新首相 In politics decades, she has strong stances on immigration, same-sex marriage. 在几十年的从政生涯中,她一直对移民问题和同性婚姻持强硬立场 Theresa May is not a mother -- her opponent made that clear, to her own demise -- but you may be wondering who exactly is this conservative politician tapped to lead post-Brexit Great Britain. 特蕾莎;梅并没有子女,她的对手以此作为攻击她的弹药,结果搬起石头砸了自己的脚那么,这位被推举来领导欧脱欧时代英国的保守党政客到底是个什么样的人呢? The 59-year-old May became the heir apparent after Andrea Leadsom, the final of four opponents in the bid to lead the Conservative Party, dropped out following backlash to her remarks that she was more qualified than May to lead Britain because she is a mother. 在保守党党魁的最终选举中,59的梅击败了安德莉亚;利德索姆,成为了党魁的法定继任者利德索姆是梅在党内终选中个对手中的最后一个,她此前声称身为母亲的自己比不是母亲的梅更有资格领带英国,此番言论回火伤及自身,而她最终也弃选 To be fair, the tea leaves were aly pointing toward May, who garnered 99 more Conservative Parliament members' votes than Leadsom in the first round of ballots, and 1 more in the second. 平心而论,英国政界其实早已偏向了梅她在第一轮不记名投票中得到的保守党国会议员选票比利德索姆多出99票,而在第二轮中则多出1票 Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement: ;It is clear Theresa May has the overwhelmingsupport of the Conservative parliamentary party, I'm also delighted that Theresa May will be the next prime minister. She is strong, she is competent, she's more than able to provide the leadership the country is going to need in the years ahead and she will have my full support.; 现任首相大卫;卡梅伦在一次声明中说道:“显而易见,特蕾莎;梅得到了议会党保守党压倒性的持我很高兴她将成为新一任的首相她坚强而且能干,她完全有能力为这个国家提供其未来所需的领导力而且,我会全力持她” Leadsom also pledged her support to May. 利德索姆也承诺会持梅 Who Is Theresa May? 特蕾莎;梅是谁 职位: 英国内政大臣(至今) 脱欧中的立场: 对欧盟持怀疑态度,但持留欧 语录: 这就是脱欧,它已经发生了我们不会再试图留在欧盟,也不会试图走后门再次加入;而且,不会再有第二次公投 Shortly after graduating, May began working at the Bank of England, where she remained until 1983. May went on to hold positions at what is now the UK Payments Administration, according to abiography on her party's website. 毕业后不久,梅进入英格兰供职并一直在那工作到1983年据她所在党派网站上的个人简介描述,她随后进入现在的英国付管理中心任职 Key Dates the New PM 新首相的日程表 18 July - Parliament due to vote on Trident renewal 7月18日– 国会将就更新三叉戟系统一事进行投票(三叉戟是一种潜射弹道导弹) 19 July - Possible date her first cabinet meeting 7月19日– 可能会召开她的第一次内阁会议 July - First PMQs as prime minister 7月日– 就任首相之后的首次首相问答(PMQs Prime Minister’s Questions) 5 September - Parliament returns from summer recess 9月5日– 国会从夏季休会中返回 -5 October - Conservative Party annual conference 月-5日– 保守党年会 October - Her first European Council meeting as prime minister 月日– 就任首相后第一次参加欧洲理事会会议 本世纪英国的历任首英国在这个世纪里已经换了任首相,他们中有一半并非通过大选产生双语新闻:全球儿童幸福感调查 韩国垫底 -- :59: 来源: South Korean children are the least happy in study among developed countries, the government said on Tuesday, citing the stress of the country's educational pressure cooker.   South Korea ranked at the bottom among 30 countries in terms of children's satisfaction with their lives, the country's health ministry said, followed by Romania and Poland.   "The most relevant factor to the children's life satisfaction is academic stress, followed by school violence, internet addiction, negligence and cyber violence," the ministry said of its survey of more than ,000 households with children younger than 18.   World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim, himself born in South Korea, said the educational system put a heavy burden on children, with its focus on competition and long hours of work.   South Korea's survey results were measured against those of 7 members of the Organisation Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) grouping of wealthy countries, plus Romania, Latvia and Lithuania.   The survey, the first such exercise by the South Korean government, comes as around 600,000 students gear up the annual college entrance exam, with places in prestigious schools and a pathway to a secure job at a top corporation on the line.   When the test is held on Nov , the country's stock market will open an hour later, office openings will be delayed to ensure students don't get stuck in traffic, and the central bank will delay its interest rate-setting meeting by one hour.   Domestic air traffic will be curtailed during the listening comprehension portion of the exam.   More than half of children aged between and 19 who are suicidal give "academic permance and college entrance" as a reason, according to National Statistics Korea.   South Korean parents are well-known marching their children off to cram schools until late in the evening, and beginning English tutoring in kindergarten.   South Korea also made a poor showing in the survey's child deprivation index, which includes child poverty as well as time hobbies and school or club activities. It came in last, after Hungary and Portugal.   World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, who was born in Seoul and moved to the ed States at age five, said that South Korea's education system exacted a heavy cost   "Students endure a substantial psychological burden from competition and long hours of work," he said during a visit to Seoul on Tuesday.   相关内容   一项针对发达国家儿童的调查显示,韩国儿童是其中最不幸福的周二,韩国政府表示,导致这种现象的原因是其国内教育制度对儿童的重压   韩国卫生部表示,在针对儿童对其生活满意程度的调查中,韩国在30个发达国家中排名垫底,位于其后的是罗马尼亚和波兰   卫生部表示:“对儿童生活满意程度影响最大的是学业压力,其次是校园暴力,网瘾,家庭疏忽以及网络暴力”这项调查由000个有18岁以下儿童的家庭共同参与   出生在韩国的世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)表示,现行的教育体系注重竞争和长时间的学习,给儿童造成了巨大的负担   韩国的调查结果是通过衡量个富裕国家组成的经济合作与发展组织(OECD)中的7个成员国,以及罗马尼亚,拉脱维亚和立陶宛得出的   这项首次由韩国政府所进行的调查显示,每年有60万学生为高考努力拼搏,为的就是拔得头筹,能够进入名校和得到名企的安稳工作   当月日进行高考时,韩国的股市会延迟一小时开放,办公时间也会后延以确保学生不会遇到交通堵塞此外,韩国央行也会延迟一个小时召开利率决策会议   在考试进行到听力理解部分时,政府甚至会限制国内的航空交通   据韩国国家统计局显示,在至19岁自杀的儿童中,超过半数是因“学业表现和高考”不佳   韩国的父母们因将孩子送到补习班学习至深夜,并从幼儿园就开始英语辅导而闻名于世   在一项儿童被剥夺指数的调查中,韩国儿童调查结果也不容乐观这项调查包括儿童贫困状况以及儿童们花在兴趣活动、学校和社团活动上的时间总体而言,韩国位列倒数第一,排在匈牙利和葡萄牙之后   出生于韩国首尔,五岁时移居美国的世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)称,韩国的教育体系代价惨重   “学生长期忍受来自来自竞争和长时间学习的巨大心理负担”他在周二于首尔访问时如是说道<牛人_句子>

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