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Its one of our most important tools, and holds a prominent place in many ancient philosophies and religions. 这是我们最重要的工具之一,在很多古哲学和古宗教中占有很显著的地位。The ancient Greeks believed that fire–along with earth, water, and air–was one of the four essential elements that made up the world. 古希腊认为,火,土,水和气是组成这个世界的四个基本要素。We now know that the worlds a lot more complicated, with over a hundred elements of matter which can be combined in a tremendous variety of ways. 现在,我们知道世界的构成其实是更加复杂的,由上百种物质组成,而同时这些物质又可以以无数种不同的方式结合。This might leave you wondering where fire fits in. What exactly is fire? 那这就让你感到奇怪了,火是从哪里来的,具体是什么东西呢?Watching a flame dance through the air, you might conclude that fires a gas, like oxygen or carbon dioxide. 看到空气中的跳动的火苗,你可能会觉得火是一种气体,像氧气,二氧化碳那类的。Its not. Fire can burn fuel thats a gas, or a liquid, or even a solid–as in the case of glowing charcoal. 其实不是。火可以使气体,液体甚至是固体燃料燃烧-比如燃烧的木炭。But the fire itself isnt any of these things. 但是火本身并不是这些东西的任何一个。In fact, fire isnt any thing at all. 实际上,火没有自身的形态。Its not its own type of matter; its something that matter can do. 它不是物质,但却起到一些物质的作用。Fire is a chemical reaction. 火是一种化学反应。A fire needs oxygen and some kind of fuel. 火是需要氧气和某种燃料共同作用的。This fuel–whether its candle wax, wood, or gasoline–usually contains big molecules that have carbon atoms inside them. 这些燃料不管是石碏、木头还是天然气通常都会含有大量的碳分子。You can think of these molecules as little containers of energy. 你可以将这些分子想象成小小的储能体。When theyre allowed to combine with oxygen, this energy is released as heat and light. 当它们与氧气结合时,这些能量就会作为光和热释放。Fire is a rapid chemical reaction known as oxidation. 火是一种快速的氧化化学反应。Inside a fire, oxygen molecules break bigger molecules apart into carbon dioxide and water vapor. 在火中,氧分子将更大的分子氧化成二氧化碳和水蒸汽,火中的所有光和热都来自于含碳的大分子同氧气的结合。All the heat and light of a fire comes from big, carbon-based molecules combining with oxygen. 火所有的热和光来源于碳分子和氧气结合的反应。So what is fire? Its not the fuel or the oxygen or the heat or the light. 那么到底什么是火?它不是燃料,不是氧气,也不是光和热。Fire is what happens between all these things. Its a chemical reaction. 火就是它们之间所产生的一种化学反应。201308/251041南岗区中医院看产科需要多少钱哈市九州妇科医院看妇科好不好New film: “Zero Dark Thirty”影讯:猎杀本·拉登American night美国之夜The OBL thriller has landed“本·拉登”来袭KATHRYN BIGELOWS superb new thriller about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, “Zero Dark Thirty”, hits the ground running like its heroine—and never draws breath. After a montage of emergency calls made on September 11th 2001 by doomed people in the twin towers, the film jumps ahead two years to Maya, a red-headed avenging angel and ferocious CIA analyst, who is watching the interrogation of an al-Qaeda paymaster in a so-called “black prison” run by the American agency.凯瑟琳·毕格罗的一部十分精的惊悚电影—猎杀本·拉登,就像剧中女主角一样大获成功。电影首先出现的2001年9月11日双子塔上一些将要死去的人的拨打紧急电话一些列画面,接着镜头转入两年后,一位有着强烈复仇愿望的红发女郎玛雅查看“黑暗监狱”里的基地组织幕后老板的审讯。Maya accepts the methods used by Dan, her CIA mentor, on the unfortunate Ammar to get information that could prevent an attack on a hotel in Saudi Arabia. She even fetches the water for the water-boarding. In the mercifully brief scene where Dan uses humiliation and confinement to break his battered captive, Mayas presence is part of the routine. The attack happens anyway because the Saudis fail to act on the CIAs tip.玛雅采用了CIA顾问丹的方法,在可怜的的阿尔玛身上获取情报去阻止一场沙特阿拉伯的宾馆袭击,她甚至取来水对犯人施以水刑。丹处罚犯人比较宽容,在一简短的画面里,他通过羞辱和禁闭让他饱受虐待的犯人得以屈说出情报,玛雅像往常一样出现。尽管如此,后来袭击还是发生了,因为那个沙特阿拉伯人没有按照CIA的掌握的线索行事。Maya suggests that they hide this detail from Abbar, one of Osama bin Ladens many relatives, to extract more information from him. He duly names a certain Abu Ahmed as the al-Qaeda leaders personal courier and Maya spends the rest of the film following that name through a labyrinth where a “detainee ” is just another lead, like the background noise on a mobile phone, into the dusty arena where the first stealth helicopter touches down inside the Abbottabad compound at half-past midnight.玛雅认为基地组织对Abbar隐瞒了很多细节,以防CIA人员从他身上获取情报。Abbar此时恰好说出一个叫Abu Ahmed的人事基地组织头目的私人送信人,这部电影接下来都在讲玛雅顺着Abu Ahmed这个名字发现这好像一个“迷宫”,被关押犯人的审讯录像又是一个误导,就好像手机的背景噪声一样,接下来她来到了一个布满灰尘的体育场,在这个地方,第一架偷袭直升机在降落在Abbottabad的一个院子里,当时刚好午夜过了半小时。Maya is finishing the job that was started by her predecessor in Ms Bigelows 2008 film, “The Hurt Locker”, which was also written by Mark Boal, a journalist. Her work poses the same risks; after a tour of duty in Baghdad defusing bombs that all appear to have been built by the same shadowy bomb-maker, Ms Bigelows hero could not return home and re-enlisted to continue the hunt.玛雅正在做的这项工作是由她的前任在凯瑟琳·毕格罗的电影—《拆弹部队》里着手开始的。她的工作同样充满危险,在拆除了似乎由同一个神秘的炸弹制造者制造的炸弹的任务后,玛雅没有回家而是在队伍里继续寻找本拉登。In “Zero Dark Thirty” Maya is hunting the serial-killer-in-chief whom she believes to be the author not just of September 11th, but of all the subsequent attacks—in Saudi Arabia, London, Indonesia and Afghanistan—that are shown in the film. Like many such cinematic heroines, the CIAs Joan of Arc is sometimes in danger of becoming what she is hunting. The question of where she goes next, asked by the pilot who is taking her home, is left unanswered in the final, rare close-up of Maya. It is a shot—and a question—that lingers.这《猎杀本·拉登》这部电影里,玛雅一直在杀人狂魔头目追寻本拉登,她认为本拉登不仅是9·11事件的策划者,而且还是所有随后在沙特阿拉伯、伦敦、印度尼西亚、阿富汗的袭击制造者,这些袭击都在电影里出现了。就像许多银幕女主角一样,玛雅就像CIA里的圣女贞德,有时她因追查而陷入危险。带她回家的飞行员问她接下来她将要去哪里,关于这个问题,影片结尾没有给出,只给了玛雅很少有的的特写镜头。留给大家一个一闪而过的镜头,一丝疑问。 /201406/305370哈尔滨最先进的无痛人流

哈市九州医院有学生套餐?黑龙江省第一医院预约挂号平台The two children slept on the bed, 两个孩子睡在床上,and Michael and I slept on the floor.而迈克尔和我睡在地板上。My heart just bled for him all the time.我的心一直只为他而跳动。I love the fact that everything he sang, he sang from his heart.我深爱着他唱歌的一切事实,他从自己的心中而唱。Joe was a tyrant to them.乔对他们而言是一位暴君。This anesthetic that ultimately killed Michael Jackson was something he had been doing for a number of years.多年来迈克尔?杰克逊一直沉迷的这种麻醉剂最终杀死了他。They were willing to almost throw anything at the jury, hoping something would stick. 他们几乎愿意将所有事情抛给陪审团,希望会坚持下去。He was my favorite singer, my favorite entertainer. 他是我最喜欢的歌手,我最喜欢的艺人。There will never be another Michael Jackson. 永远都不会有另一个迈克尔?杰克逊。I grew up in East Chicago, Indiana. 我在印第安纳州东芝加哥长大。My mother and father divorced when I was at a young age about six years old. 当我大约6岁的时候我的母亲和父亲离婚。My mother was Baptist and my sister and I sang in the Baptist choir. 我的母亲是浸礼会教友,而我和在唱诗班唱歌。It made us have a love for music. 这段经历使我们对音乐产生了热爱。My father used to listen.我的父亲过去也经常听。201306/244801哈尔滨医科大学附属第四医院有做阴道松弛?Finance and economics财经商业Monetary policy in America美国的货币政策Taper tiger逐渐变弱的老虎The Federal Reserve surprises everyone by changing nothing美国联邦储备委员保持政策不变让人们感到惊奇SHORTLY after the Federal Reserve hinted in May that it might start to ease its monetary stimulus, rich-country bond yields shot up; emerging-market currencies and stockmarkets cratered.在美联储5月暗示可能会退出货币刺激政策后不久,富裕国家的债券收益率飙升,新兴市场货币和股市出现震荡。Was it all for nothing?难道这没有原因吗?On September 18th, at the end of a closely watched meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee, the Feds policy-setting body, chose not to taper.9月18日,在一个被密切关注的会议结束时,美联储的政策制定机构联邦公开市场委员会没有选择退出。Instead, it said it would keep buying 85 billion a month of Treasury and mortgage bonds with newly created money.相反,表示将用新创造的货币继续每月购买85亿的国债和抵押债券。Although the Fed had never actually promised to act in September, all the signals pointed in that direction.虽然美联储从来没有承诺在9月份采取行动,但是所有的信号都指向这个方向。QE would stop, it had said when the latest bout of bond-buying began last September,when the labour-market outlook had improved substantially.去年9月开始的新一轮购买债券时表示,当劳动力市场的前景已经大幅改善时QE会停下来。Since then, the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.3% from 8.1% and private employment has risen by 2.3m, or 2%.从那时起,失业率从8.1%下降至7.3%,私营部门就业增加了2.3或2%。In June Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, said the Fed would probably start to taper by year-end, and stop QE when unemployment hit 7%, which it expected by mid-2014.在6月,美联储主席本?伯南克表示,美联储可能会开始在今年年底如果失业率达到7%就停止量化宽松政策,预计是在2014年中期。So what has now held it back?那么是什么原因导致倒退?First, the pace of job growth has recently flagged; the drop in unemployment has been flattered by the number of people no longer looking for work.首先,就业增长速度最近开始减弱,失业人数的下降是被不再找工作的人数粉饰过的。The labour-market participation rate sank to 63.2% in August, a 35-year low.劳动力市场参与率8月下跌至63.2%,是35年来的新低。Second, fiscal policy continues to work at cross-purposes to monetary policy.其次,财政政策将继续为多个货币政策目的起作用。Higher taxes and spending cuts have subtracted at least a full percentage point from growth this year.更高的税收和削减开至少降低了今年经济增长整整一个百分点。The prospect that spending caps may be lifted when the new fiscal year begins on October 1st has melted away.在10月1日新的财政年度开始时可能会取消出上限的预期已经没有了。With Republicans in Congress and Barack Obama unable to agree on how to fund the government or raise the Treasurys statutory debt ceiling, the risk of a government shutdown loomed large in the minds of Fed officials.随着共和党在国会和奥巴马政府在如何资助或提高财政部的法定债务上限上谈不拢,在美联储的官员看来政府有很大的关闭风险。But the third and most important restraint on the Fed was the unexpected effect on financial markets of a prospective change in monetary stance.但是,对美联储的第三个也是最重要的约束是变动的货币政策对金融市场的意想不到的影响。The central bank had always emphasised that tapering did not mean tightening.央行此前一直强调退出并不意味着紧缩。Provided asset purchases remained above zero, the Feds balance-sheet would keep growing and monetary policy would still be loosening.倘若资产购买仍高于零,美联储的资产负债表将保持增长和货币政策仍然会松动。Separately, the Fed never wavered from its pledge to keep the federal-funds rate near zero at least until unemployment had fallen to 6.5%.另外,美联储从来没有动摇其承诺保持联邦基金利率接近零直到到失业率下降至6.5%。Nonetheless, investors radically repriced their expectations of Fed policy and fled positions predicated on a policy of QE ever after.尽管如此,投资者从根本上重新定价他们对美联储政策的预期,并从量化宽松的政策以后改变了定位。Bond yields have risen by slightly less than a percentage point since May, mortgage rates by slightly more.从五月以来债券收益率上升了约一个百分点,住房抵押贷款利率上涨更高一些。Mr Bernanke fretted that this rapid tightening of financial conditions in recent months could have the effect of slowing growth, a problem that would be exacerbated if conditions tighten further.伯南克担忧最近几个月这种快速紧缩财政的情况会使经济增长放缓问题是继续紧缩会使情况更糟。The euphoric market response to the FOMCs decision this week would seem to vindicate that judgment.这周市场对联邦公开市场委员会决定的积极反应明了这个判断。But it leaves wide open the question of when the Fed will taper.但它留下宽泛的问题,美联储什么时候开始紧缩。The FOMC trimmed its projections for growth this year and next by about a quarter of a percentage point from its June forecast, to 2.2% in 2013 and 3% in 2014.联邦公开市场委员会对今年和明年经济增长四分之一个百分点的6月份的预测进行了修改,2013年增长2.2%,2014年增长3%。It also changed its unemployment projections, which it now expects to hit 7% early in 2014 and 6.5% later that same year.它也改变了失业率的预测,它现在预计2014年上半年将达到7%,和下半年6.5%。Mr Bernanke was at pains this week to stress that the 7% unemployment target for ending QE and 6.5% threshold for raising rates have never been automatic triggers.伯南克本周煞费苦心的强调,达到7%的失业率时退出QE政策和6.5%时提高利率从来没有自动进行。It all depends on what else is happening in the economy.这一切都取决于经济体中发生的其他事情。It is entirely sensible for the Fed not to be slavishly bound by its guidance,对于美联储不会盲目的遵从指导是完全合理的,but that raises questions over how useful such guidance is.但对这种指导有多大用处有人提出了疑问。Most Fed officials expect to raise rates by 2015, for example,大多数美联储官员预计2015年升息,例如,but Mr Bernanke said rates are unlikely to rise if inflation is below its 2% target, which the Feds new projections suggest could be the case until 2016.但伯南克表示如果通胀率低于2%的目标利率不太可能上升,美联储新的预测显示直到2016年才会实行。The start of tapering could conceivably come at the end of October if data reassure the Fed that the economy has brushed off higher bond yields and if a fiscal train wreck has been avoided.如果经济降低债券收益率的数据和财政列车已避免脱轨能够使美联储相信,紧缩计划能够真的在10月底开始。But there are no clear signposts, which will irk investors.但目前还没有明确的标志,这将会使投资者感到恼怒。Their frustration pales next to that of the Fed itself, which has blown its balance-sheet up to 3.6 trillion and held rates at zero since 2008 but achieved underwhelming results in return.美联储本身相形见绌,资产负债表为3.6万亿美元,并从2008年开始维持利率为零,但并没有取得让人满意的回报。On September 17th the federal Census Bureau reported that real household incomes in America, which had fallen by 8% between 2007 and 2011, did not fall further in 2012.联邦人口普查局9月17日报道,在美国2007年和2011年之间家庭实际收入下降了8%,在2012年并没有进一步下跌。That this counts as good news is telling.这算作一个好消息。Income inequality, meanwhile, is worsening on some measures.同时收入不平等使一些措施恶化。Emmanuel Saez at the University of California, Berkeley, reckons the top 10% grabbed its largest share of total incomes since 1917 last year.加州大学伯克利分校的埃马纽埃尔?赛斯估计自1917年以来,去年前10%的人在总的收入份额中占有最大的部分。This is partly due to QE, which has been very good for the stockmarket and thus the wealthy.部分原因是由于量化宽松政策,有利于股市,使某些人更富裕。QE works in part by boosting household wealth and thus spending and jobs, but the effects have not yet filtered through strongly to the wider economy.QE促进家庭财富增加,消费和就业,但效果尚未渗透到更广泛的经济领域。The taps will be open a while longer yet.水龙头在未来的一段时间继续打开。 /201310/259343依兰县中医院妇产科

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