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inspector检查员,cordially热情地,windmill风车,compartment车厢,eyelid眼皮German VisitA man decided to visit his brother who was stationed in Germany. He assumed that most Germans would speak English,but found that many people spoke only their native tongue—including the ticket inspector on the train.He looked at the man‘s ticket, then chatted cordially a bit, making gestures like a windmill. The man simply nodded from time to time to show him that he was interested.When the ticket inspector had gone, an American woman in the compartment leaned ward and asked if he spoke German.“No,” he confessed.“Then that explains,” she said, “why you didn’t bat an eyelid when he told you that you were on the wrong train.”德国之旅一个人决定去探望住在德国的弟弟他以为大部分德国人会讲英语但最终发现很多人都只说德语——包括列车上的检票员他看了看男人的票,然后很热情地和他聊了一下,手势比划得像风车一样男人一次次地只是点头示意他对谈话感兴趣检票员走了以后,车厢里的一个美国女人靠过来问男人讲不讲德语“不讲,”他承认“难怪,”女人说,“他跟你说你上错车的时候你眼睛都不眨一下“1.station安置,驻扎:the British ces stationed in Germany驻德英军;Hundreds of fishing boats are stationed there.数百条渔船停泊在那里.native tongue母语native:native silver天然银,native land故土,native produce土特产品,native plants土生植物3.inspector检察员sanitation inspector卫生检查员;building inspector房屋验收;quality control inspector质量管理检查员. “making gestures like a windmill”在这里是伴随状语,前面讲检票员在和男人说话,这里的“手势比划得像风车呼呼转一样”就是形容检票员谈话的姿态5.compartment泛指分隔的空间a storage compartment一个仓库; a small compartment一个小而舒的地方6.bat an eyelid是个特别生动的说法bat是“眨”的意思,eyelid是“眼皮”,连起来就是眨一下眼皮男人连眼皮都没有眨,说明他压根就不懂检票员说的话,没有任何反应If Life Were Like A Computer假如生活是一台电脑You could addremove someone in your life using the control panel. You could put your kids in the recycle bin and restore them when you feel like it! You could improve your appearance by adjusting the display settings. You could turn off the speakers when life gets too noisy. You could click on “find” (Ctrl, F) to recover your lost remote control and car keys. To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you mess up your life, you could always press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over! 你可以通过控制面板增加或者删除一些人;可以把孩子放进回收站,然后在你喜欢的时候再还原可以通过调整显示器的设置让外表更好看;可以在吵闹的时候关掉音箱;可以点击“搜索”找到丢失了的遥控器和车钥匙;锻炼身体的时候,点击“运行”要是你的生活一团糟,同时下“ctrl, alt, delete”键,一切重新开始 8889

Sugar Sugar休格吃糖Mom took Carol to the stable. Their horse was in the stable. They walked over to Sugar. Sugar was their horse. “Say hello to Sugar,” Mom said. Carol said, “Hello, Sugar.” Mom gave a carrot to Sugar. Sugar ate the carrot. He ate the carrot fast. Mom gave a carrot to Carol. Mom said, “Now, you feed Sugar.” Carol gave the carrot to Sugar. Sugar ate the carrot. “He ate it so fast,” said Carol. Mom said, “Yes, Sugar eats carrots very fast.” Carol said, “We should give him a new name. We should call him Carrot. Why is his name Sugar?” Mom said, “He likes sugar, too. Watch this.” Mom took some sugar cubes out of her pocket. She held them in her hand. She gave them to Sugar. Sugar ate the sugar cubes. He ate them fast. “Let me give some sugar to Sugar,” Carol said.妈妈带卡罗尔来到了马厩他们的马在马厩他们走向休格休格是他们的马妈妈说:“跟休格打个招呼”卡罗尔说:“你好,休格”妈妈给休格喂胡萝卜休格吃了胡萝卜休格吃胡萝卜的速度很快妈妈递给卡罗尔一个胡萝卜妈妈说:“现在,你喂休格”卡罗尔将胡萝卜给休格休格吃了胡萝卜卡罗尔说:“休格吃东西的速度很快”妈妈说:“是的,休格吃东西的速度很快”卡罗尔说:“我们应该给它取个新名字我们应该叫它胡萝卜它的名字为什么叫休格?”妈妈说:“因为它也喜欢吃糖果看这个”妈妈从口袋里拿出了几块方糖她将糖拿在手里她将糖递给休格休格吃了方糖它吃的速度很快卡罗尔说:“让我们喂休格点糖”译文属原创,,不得转载 185

18  Disability -- My Experience with ALS  I am Stephen Hawking. People often asked: How do you feel about having ALS? The answer is, not a lot. I try to lead as normal a life as possible, and not think about my condition, or regret the things it prevents me from doing.  As a child I had never been good at ball games, and my handwriting was the despair of my teachers. In my third year at Oxd, I seemed to be getting more clumsy, and I fell over once or twice no apparent reason. My family doctor referred me to a specialist.  The realization that I had an incurable motor neuron disease was a bit of a shock. Not knowing how rapidly the disease would progress, I was at a loss. The doctors told me to carry on with the research I had just started in general relativity and cosmology. After all, if I were going to die anyway, I might as well do some good. But I didnt die. In fact, although there was a cloud hanging over my future, I was enjoying life in the present more than bee. I began to make progress with my research, and I got engaged to a girl called Jane Wilde. That engagement changed my life. It gave me something to live . But it also meant that I had to get a job if we were to get married. I theree applied a research fellowship at Cambridge. To my great surprise, I got a fellowship, and we got married a few months later.  The fellowship took care of my immediate employment problem. I was lucky to have chosen to work in theoretical physics, because that was one of the few areas in which my condition would not be a serious handicap. And I was tunate that my scientific reputation increased, at the same time my disability got worse. Up to 197, I was able to feed myself, and get in and out of bed. Jane managed to help me, and bring up the children, without outside help. However, things were getting more difficult. In 1980, we changed to a system of private nurses, who came in an hour or two in the morning and evening. This lasted until I caught pneumonia in 1985. I had to have a tracheostomy operation. Bee the operation, my speech had been getting more slurred, so that only a few people could understand me. However, the operation removed my ability to speak altogether. A computer expert in Calinia heard of my trouble and sent me a computer program he had written. The program could be controlled by a switch, operated by head or eye movement. When I have built up what I want to say, I can send it to a speech synthesizer. This synthesizer is by far the best I have heard, because it varies the intonation. The only trouble is that it gives me an American accent. However, the company is working on a British version.  I have had ALS practically all my adult life. Yet it has not prevented me from having a good family, and being successful in my work, thanks to the help I have received from Jane, my children, and a large number of other people. I have been lucky, that my condition has progressed more slowly than is often the case. But it shows that one need not lose hope. 18The authorities are once again slapping quarantine orders on poultry farms and have started the slaughter of tens of thousands of chickens. Hong Kong is on birds flu alert, 80,000 chickens are being cold and no poultry will be allowed in or out of the island three weeks. Tests have been done on dead chickens from farms in the northeastern UN long district, the health secretary says it appears they die from the H5 strain of the birds flu.As Hong Kong is now affected by the birds flu, we will ban all the affected chickens from our farms 1 days and also suspend all the imports of chicken and poultry, including birds the next 1 days. I can tell you that there will no live chickens supply the upcoming winder festival. now health officials can't rule out the possibility-the virus might be the more deadly H5N1, that strain remains mainly in animals' disease, but has infected the people bee, Hong Kong has suffered two serious birds flu. 6 people died in an outbreak H5N1 in 1997, the other happened in 01. 58591Famous Americans-John Philip Sousa; Confidential Magazine and the Criminal Libel Suit of 1957; developer versus programmer versus coder; describing a person with a good characterWords:composerto conductmarchto dedicateofficialto be inspire bylibelobscenityto indictto extraditeto subpoenamistrialdeveloperprogrammercoderupstandinghonorableprincipled 5

八岁就开始做菜的食神吉米bull;奥利弗,凭借独特的烹饪理念及出色的烹饪技巧成为英国最受欢迎的厨师、烹饪节目主持人及知名作家烹饪风格令人耳目一新,轻松自然,简单随意,原汁原味,而不是依靠复杂的作料、过多的修饰或繁复的工艺你吃过海狸吗?本期做客的吉米bull;奥利弗给你带来创新美食;;There was one point you were talking to a bunch of kids and you said that vanilla ice cream contains beaver.你曾和一大群孩子谈到香草冰淇淋包含海狸Beaver anal gland, yes. Oh, come on, youre telling me you dont like beaver anal gland? OK, if youve ever had...海狸腺,是的哦,来吧,你是在告诉我你不喜欢海狸腺吗?好吧,如果你曾经有过;You have sprinkled with that, son. ;beaver anal gland?孩子...你有点穿越了..海狸腺...?Listen, listen, you may, you may well...听着,你可以,你很可能;You make that up.你肯定吃了It a product called castoreum. It comes from, basically, rendered beaver anal gland. It in cheap strawberry syrups and vanilla ice cream. If you like that stuff, next time you put it in your mouth, just think of anal gland.这是一个叫做castoreum的产品它来自,基本上,有点像海狸腺这是便宜草莓糖浆及香草冰淇淋如果你喜欢这个东西,下次你把它放入你的嘴,就觉得腺OK, Bryan, stop me.好的,布莱恩,阻止我Can I just tell...我可以先告诉;But, wait a minute, wait a minute, when did that become OK?但是,等一下,等一下,那件事是什么时候好的?What happens in the food industry, while the cat is away, the mice will play. And that the point of the show. The point of the show is to tell the story of where food comes from.在食品工业中会发生什么, 老虎不在家,猴子称大王而这正是问题的关键这个节目就是讲述食物是从哪里来的But why beaver?但是为什么是海狸?More to the point, who found out that the beaver anal gland tastes good? You know what I mean.更值得一提的是,谁发现海狸腺好吃?你知道我的意思Hey, Larry, isnt this like ice cream? Come on over here. Give it a lick, Larry.嗨,拉里,这不是喜欢吃冰淇淋吗?拉里,你过来舔It tastes so good.味道很好Oh, my god!哦,我的上帝!注:听力文本来源于普特 6738

Japan’s Imperial Family Continues to Shrink日本皇室家族持续缩小Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Japanese Emperor Akihito, will soon be marrying a commoner and giving up her royal status. According to imperial law in Japan, a princess must leave the imperial family when she weds. The heir to the throne in Japan is always male, and there are only a few males left in the imperial family. Many people in Japan think women in the imperial family should have the right to ascend and bear heirs to the throne. If the laws don’t change, the family will shrink further. Under the current law, the 83-year-old Emperor is also not allowed to give up the throne until he dies.日本明仁天皇的长孙女真子即将脱离皇籍,嫁给一位平民根据日本皇室法律,公主结婚时必须放弃皇家身份日本的王位继承人通常都是男性,而皇室家族中只剩下了几位男性日本很多人认为皇家的女性也应拥有上升权和王位继承权如果不改变法律,皇室家族将继续缩小根据现有法律,时年83岁的天皇直到去世才能放弃王位译文属原创,,不得转载 5851《后裔中乔治bull;克鲁尼饰演一个地皮商人Matt King,他是个非常非常不称职的父亲,当他的妻子在夏威夷遭遇船舶事故之后,他被迫审视自己的过去,迎接未来这起事故也让他紧急进入到两个女儿的生活中来,但随即也发现叛逆的女儿们并不怎么需要他这个爹,他的婚姻实际上也不如看起来的那么牢固;;Why fairy tales are we playing this song? Because inside George Clooney is there ,budded为什么我们这首歌是童话故事?因为里面有乔治bull;克鲁尼,他在里面!Yes ,that right, that right ,you guys get that.是的,没错,没错,你们懂的How is doing ?他怎么样?Good ,really nice be now.好的,现在真的很好Hahahahahah.哈哈What in fact is the hours?事实上是什么时间?You dont know come with the sea,you really do teeth on celebrity white slat.When you really did all right ,you got subject secretary .你不知道你确实在聚会上牙齿非常白当你真的做好的时候,你有了这方面的专业秘书You are right over there..你就是在那边Yep,I can wait .没错,我可以等Which George is going to say ?乔治打算说什么?You know Mr. Clooney,你认识克鲁尼先生?I did appreciate that ,thank you very much ,there will be some cash-gory,我确实很感激,非常感谢你,会有一些现金...It has been quit year aly you ,a lot ask-buzz , George fan is line up to interview and he toke it now你已经很多年没有从事这个了,你会面临很多问题乔治的粉丝们正在为了采访排队It only time.这只是时间I know I know.我知道我知道But really crowd descendants, what the year?但实际上人非常多,今年是什么?It be the fun year ,yep, you gonna go back to work., to take a another job. We look further talk just a little bits,这是有趣的一年,没错,你要回去工作了...找另一份工作我们进一步细谈OK.好的You just want Facebook tips ?你想要Facebook的窍门吗?Just go ,go ,trust you .去吧,我信任你 86

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