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There was one other thing enticing Einstein to Berlin,还有另外一件事诱惑着爱因斯坦到柏林去,At some point, he received a birthday card, it was Elsa writing him a postcard.在某一时刻,他收到一张生日贺卡,这是埃尔莎给他寄的一张名信片。This must have exploded on him as you know reawakening all these emotions.这应该对他具有爆炸效果,你知道,所有这些情绪都被重新唤醒。Planck and Nernst come back at the train station, Einstein is there,普朗克和厄尼斯特回到火车站时,爱因斯坦已经在那里了,it was a dramatic moment, it was self-consciously dramatic moment.这是一个戏剧性的时刻,是自我意识的戏剧性时刻。There would have been a little dramatic flare there, he was holding flowers,在那里会有一点戏剧性的火花,因为他手里拿着花,as they look, and the flowers are red, Einstein says “Gentlemen, Ill go to Germany.就如同他们所见,花是红色的,爱因斯坦说:“先生们,我要去德国。Im gonna become one of you.”我会成为你们其中的一员。”By April 1914, Einsteins world is looking brighter,到1914年4月,爱因斯坦的世界看起来更明亮,the solar eclipse needed to help prove Einsteins long gestating general theory of relativity is only 4 months away,日食需要帮助明爱因斯坦一直育的广义相对论长育只有4个月了,and Einstein is on his way to Berlin to join the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute,而爱因斯坦正准备柏林进入凯泽·威尔姆学院,an elite group of scientists working under Fritz Haber--the institutes director. 这个由科学家组成的精英小组在学院院长弗里茨·哈勃麾下工作。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/178186Its Friday February 11th. Im Mark Licea and its time to get loaded.今天是2月1日,周五。我是Mark Licea,是时候了解最新资讯了。Nokia is embracing Windows Phone 7 on its future handsets. Microsoft and Nokia announced that Windows Phone will be the primary smart phone OS for Nokia phones but this doesnt mean Nokia will exclusively run Windows Phone 7 on its devices. Bing will be the default search on Nokia phones and Nokia maps will power many Microsoft services on the phone. Nokia and Microsoft will also merge their app stores. No idea how long it takes before Nokias current OS Symbian is phased out.诺基亚未来产品将采用Windows Phone 7系统。微软和诺基亚宣布诺基亚未来智能手机系统将主要采用Windows系统,但这并不意味着诺基亚产品都会采用Windows Phone 7系统。必应搜索将作为诺基亚的默认搜索引擎,诺基亚地图将采用许多微软手机应用。诺基亚和微软还联合推出了应用商城。目前还不得而知诺基亚的塞班操作系统还有多久才会被逐渐淘汰。The Opera mini web browser is coming to the iPad. The company announced that up-to-date Opera mini will launch at Mobile World Congress and be on Android, IOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices along with the iPad. This is the first established browser alternative to hit the iPad after apple safari.Opera移动浏览器将推出iPad版本。这家公司在全球移动大会上宣布将推出安卓,苹果,黑莓,塞班和iPad版本的浏览器。OPera浏览器的更新无疑对苹果的safari浏览器来说将是首次挑战。And ATamp;T doesnt want you to go to Verizon or any other network. Thats why they are offering unlimited cost to any phone on any network for free. Of course its not that simple. You need to have unlimited messaging and a qualifying voice plan. Unlimited messaging is per month or 30 for the family talk plan. ATamp;T is also promoting a sale where Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices can be purchased for a penny with a 2-year contract.美国电话电报公司并不想你成为老对头威瑞森公司的客户。因此他们免费让你想打多少电话或上网都能实现。当然这没你想得那么简单。你必须有无限通讯和语音套餐。每月20美元不限短信数量,或30美元使用家庭话费套餐。美国电话电报公司还为黑莓,安卓,windows Phone 7产品定制了为期2年的话费套餐。And T-Mobile has a great sale today and tomorrow T-Mobile will offer every phone four free customers that signed to your contract.德国电信公司最近生意不错,未来前景也很好。德国电信为每一位购买手机并签订合同的用户提供免费拨打的四个号码。And Windows Phone 7 users can make purchases on Amazon with a new app. Its free and lets you search and buy products from the online retailer. Windows Phone 7 specific swipes are also supported to let you slide between product and files like reviews, related items and details.安装应用,Windows Phone 7将可以再亚马逊上购物。这款应用是免费的,使用它,你可以用手机向在线零售商购买商品。Window Phone 7的这款特殊应用将持用户阅读商品及产品信息,详情评价等。And Google wants to make sure your personal information is safe. They are lauching a feature that anyone can enable and lets you log in to Google using your existing password and a special second password that changes. Google will send you a pass code by text or through the Google authenticator app and then you log in. The set maybe intimidating for some but if your information is worth protecting youll do it.谷歌想要确保用户的个人信息安全。登录谷歌的一个新特点就是要输入已注册的账户名和密码,另外还有一个动态密码。谷歌系统将在你登录时自动把动态密码以短信形式发送到你的手机上。这种设计也许太过严谨,但如果你的信息值得这样被保护,你会选择这么做的。Thats your news for the day and that wraps up your week of getting loaded. Im Mark Licea for CNET.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的新闻,也是本周的最新资讯。我是CNET.com的Mark Licea,感谢您的收看。phased out 逐渐淘汰注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/204104

Business Americas mobile merger Tripped at the altar商业 美国手机业者合併 功亏一篑The Justice Department seeks to block ATamp;Ts acquisition of T-Mobile司法部门阻止ATamp;T收购T-mobileRANDALL STEPHENSON has no time for doubts. In March, when the boss of ATamp;T, Americas second-biggest mobile-phone operator, declared that his firm would buy T-Mobile USA, the number four, for a whopping billion, he seemed convinced that the deal would pass antitrust muster. ;This is an intensely competitive marketplace,; he said. ;When you watch a show or a football game, what dominates the airwaves? Its advertising for the mobile marketplace.;兰德尔·斯蒂芬森已没时间犹豫了。三月份,美国第二大手机运营商ATamp;T总裁宣布收购美国T-Mobile。T-Mobile 以39亿美元总资产位于美国手机公司第四位。斯蒂芬森似乎对于这次的收购通过反垄断法的检阅非常有信心。他说:;这个市场竞争相当激烈。当人们观看一场演出或是球赛时,是谁控制着无线电波?这是在为手机市场做广告。;Mr Stephensons optimism was misplaced. On August 31st Americas Justice Department filed a suit to block the proposed merger, arguing that it would ;substantially; reduce competition for mobile services in America. This does not mean that the deal is dead—yet. But to salvage it, ATamp;T must fight a long battle in court at a time when the Obama administration is signalling a tougher approach to antitrust enforcement. Or it must accept painful conditions in a settlement.但是,斯蒂芬森太过乐观。8月31日,美国的司法部门发起诉讼,反对其提出的并购预案,并称此举会;严重;阻碍美国移动业务的竞争。但是这不表示并购彻底无望。要想挽回计划,ATamp;T必须上诉,而此时正值奥巴马政府对反垄断法的实行表现出强硬态度之时,这场上诉必是一次漫长的过程。但如果不上诉,就必须接受反垄断协议里苛刻的条款。Critics say the merger would create a predatory duopoly: ATamp;T and its main rival, Verizon, would have a combined share of about 80% of Americas wireless market (see chart). Nonsense, retorts ATamp;T. The merger would be good for consumers: it would give them a choice between two strong national companies; it would let the firm expand its fourth-generation (4G) networks, not least in rural areas; and it would alleviate the shortage of radio spectrum.家说,收购成功会形成ATamp;T和它的主要竞争对手Verizon两强争霸的局面,使他们在美国无线网络市场的份额达到80%。ATamp;T反驳称其胡说,并表示,收购行为有利于消费者:拥有两大实力公司供其选择;促进企业扩大城乡4G网络覆盖范围;还可弥补无线电覆盖不到的区域。After five months of digging, Americas antitrust regulators disagree. They reckon the merger would result in ;higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for mobile wireless services;. Unless it is blocked, says James Cole, a deputy attorney-general, consumers will suffer.美国反垄断机构通过五个月的深入研究,决定否定ATamp;T的收购申请。他们认为并购会;提高价格,减少选择,降低移动无线业务产品的质量;。司法部副部长詹姆斯·寇乐表示,到时消费者将会遭殃。Regulators are particularly worried that the takeover would eliminate a disruptive competitor. T-Mobile has a history of cutting prices aggressively. It was also the first carrier to offer wireless e-mail, the latest high-speed networks and a smartphone using the Android operating system.反垄断机构尤其担心收购通过会减少一个遏制竞争的对手。T-Mobile曾大幅度削价销售。并且它最先向消费者提供无线邮件收发、最新高速网络和配备安卓操作系统的智能手机。The Justice Department doubts that the deal would yield efficiencies to outweigh its negative impact. And it argues that ATamp;T could improve its services simply by investing in its own network, rather than by removing a competitor. An accidentally leaked ATamp;T document suggested that this would be cheaper: the firm did not need T-Mobiles spectrum and needed to invest only .8 billion to catch up with Verizons 4G coverage.司法部认为这次并购产生的效益不会超过其负面影响。司法部表示,ATamp;T要发展业务只需继续在自己的互联网上投资就可,何必费力除去一个竞争对手。据一份意外泄漏的ATamp;T的文件透露他们这样做是为了省钱:其实ATamp;T并不需要T-Mobile的无线频谱,但是仅38亿美元的投资就可使他们赶超Verizon的4G网络覆盖率。The early signs are that ATamp;T is y to fight. An hour before the suit was announced, the firm said that it would bring 5,000 call-centre jobs back to America from offshore after the deal is approved. Later, it vowed to see the government in court. In July it hired investment bankers, signalling that it is willing to divest assets to gain regulatory approval.ATamp;T在早些时候做出的战斗准备就显示了它的这一目的。在司法部提出诉讼的前一个小时,ATamp;T就表示,并购通过会为美国带来5000个电话接听中心的工作,挽救危机中的美国。诉讼发出后不久,它便宣称将和政府对簿公堂。七月份,ATamp;T雇佣了一些投资家,这表明它想抽离资本来取得反垄断管理机构的批准。Whether all this will be enough to save the deal is unclear. Shortly before the suit was announced, a poll of telecoms experts by Stifel Nicolaus, a research firm, found that less than half expected the marriage to be approved. Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, which must also give its blessing, clearly has doubts.不管ATamp;T做这些是不是为了通过收购。在诉讼发起之前,美国蒂夫尼可拉斯公司在电信专家中做了一次投票,只有不到一半的人认为收购预案能通过。而且本应持此次收购的联邦通信委员会主席朱利斯?格纳科夫斯基也认为预案可能被否定。If the Justice Department were to succeed in blocking the takeover, that would be quite a blow for Mr Stephenson and ATamp;T. But there would also be some happy faces. The prospects of Sprint Nextel, Americas third-biggest wireless carrier, would suddenly be rosier: its shares rose by 7% on the news. And T-Mobile USA, which is owned by Germanys Deutsche Telekom, may get another lease of life. If the deal is blocked, it will get a break-up fee of billion, a chunk of spectrum and a favourable roaming agreement. Being jilted at the altar can be lucrative.如果司法部成功阻挠了这次收购,对斯蒂芬森和ATamp;T来说都是一次不小的打击,但对某些公司却是好消息。美国第三大无线运营商Sprint Nextel的股票随着消息的公布上升了7%,前景更加光明。德国电信子公司T-Mobile USA也将获得新生,事后将得到30亿的;分手费;和大范围的频谱资源,还将得到一份优惠的漫游协议。即便被抛弃,T-Mobile仍有利可图。 /201301/222279

Science and Technology科技Clean water清洁水源Silver ths of life生命的银丝带A water filter that kills bacteria, rather than just removing them新滤水器能够消灭细菌,而不单单是排除细菌MORE than a billion people lack clean water-and in most cases the lack is just of cleanliness, rather than of the water itself.超过十亿人口缺少饮用水,并且在绝大多数情况下缺少的只是纯净的水,而不是水本身。The result is disease, particularly diarrhoea. This kills millions of children a year and stunts the growth of millions more.其结果是给人们带来了疾病,特别是每年夺取数百万儿童性命并使更多的儿童生长发育受阻的腹泻。Better water filters, then, could save many lives and improve many others, and Yi Cui of Stanford University thinks he has come up with one.所以更好的滤水器就能挽救许多生命,提高人们的健康水平。而来自斯坦福大学的崔毅教授认为他已经研制出了这样的滤水器。Traditional filters work by forcing water through pores to weed out bacteria.传统的滤水器使水流流过微孔从而排除细菌。That needs power, as well as frequent changes of the filter element as the pores fill up with bugs.这需要消耗电力,而且由于微孔上积满了细菌,滤水器元件也需经常更换。Dr Cuis filter, though, does not screen the bacteria out. It kills them.但是崔教授研制的滤水器并不是将细菌排除出去,而是将其消灭。The filter element he and his team have designed is a mesh of tiny carbon cylinders, known as nanotubes, and silver wires laid on top of a thin strip of cotton cloth.崔教授及其团队所设计的滤水器元件采用微小的碳圆柱形网状物,也就是碳纳米管。Silver is well known to kill bacteria, so Dr Cui conjectured that forcing bugs to pass close to the metal without actually trapping them might lead to their destruction.薄薄的棉布覆盖着碳纳米管一端,并用银丝固定。金属银因能够杀死细菌而为人所知。崔教授据此推测将细菌引至银丝附近而不是使其进入微孔,即可消灭细菌。He also suspected that running an electric current through the silver might help the process, because electrical fields have the ability to break down the membranes that surround bacterial cells.他同时猜测,使银丝接通电流,将有助于整个过滤工序,因为电场具有穿透细菌细胞膜的特性。Though silver is a good conductor, carbon is cheaper, and the nanotubes provide the extra electrical conductivity needed.因此虽然银是良好导体,碳也很便宜,但是纳米管却可以额外提供必需的导电性。To make their new filter, the team first dipped strips of woven cotton into ;ink; containing nanotubes. They then used pipettes to drop the silver wires, which were suspended in methanol, on to the surface of the strips.制作新型滤水器,首先把棉布条浸入含有碳纳米管的;墨水;中,然后用吸管将浸泡在甲醇中的银丝滴在棉布条的表面。Once dried, the new filters were y to try.置干后,新的滤水器就可以工作了。To do that Dr Cui connected them to a battery and ran water containing E. coli, a common bacterial contaminant of water, through them.崔教授将这些碳纳米管与电池相连接,并使含有导致水污染的一种常见细菌——大肠杆菌的水流经其中。A few drops of the filtered water from each experimental run were then scattered on an incubation plate to see what was left to grow.随后每次过滤实验得到的几滴水被放在孵化盘中用以观察水中剩余物质的状况。As they report in the latest edition of Nano Letters, Dr Cui and his team found that when the filter was operated at -20 volts it killed 89% of the bacteria and that at +20 volts it killed 77%.正如在最新一期《纳米快报》中报道的一样,崔教授与其团队发现滤水器在-20伏的电压下工作时,可消灭89%的细菌,在+20伏的电压下工作时,可消灭77%的细菌。At zero volts, most of the bacteria survived.而在不通电的情况下,大部分细菌都得以存活。In a follow-up experiment, in which contaminated water was run through three of the new filters in sequence, 98% of the bacteria were killed.在进一步的实验中,受污染的水依次流经三个新型滤水器,结果98%的细菌被消灭了。Using silver this way might sound expensive, but it is not.如此使用银乍听起来十分昂贵,实则不然。The amount involved is minuscule, as is the quantity of electricity needed to keep the filter charged (a small solar panel would be sufficient to supply it).银的使用量非常小,与维持滤水器运转所需电量(一小块太阳能电池板就足够了)一般。And the filter itself would be expected to last indefinitely.此外,滤水器本身还可望永久使用。The next test, then, is to see if the new device kills the full range of dangerous bacteria found in polluted water.随后的测试将明这种新型滤水器是否能消灭在受污染的水中所发现的各种有害细菌。If it does then potable water, one of the necessities of life, may become easier for many people to obtain.如果确实如此,那么许多人就可以更容易获得生活的必需品——纯净的饮用水了。 /201210/206855

  While they are with her, they are relatively safe.它们和她在一起的时候是相对安全的。And for now, the coyote is content with the afterbirth.而现在,土狼和这些新生的小牛犊联系在了一起。But the mother pronghorn must leave her calves alone while she grazes.但是这位母亲叉角羚在放牧的时候必须离开她的小牛犊们。And with legs as wobbly as stilts, their best defense is to lie low.它的腿像高跷一样摇摆不定,它们最好的防御是降低身子。She has young of her own to worry about,whose arrival has been carefully timed to coincide with an abundance of food.她担心自己年轻的孩子们,它们的到来经过仔细的时间推敲,符合捕食者们充足的食物来源。But they are not top dog here.但它们不是这里顶级的。Yellowstones top predator, the wolf, dominated during the winter but is far less visible in summer.黄石顶级的捕食者狼在冬季占据统治地位,但是在夏天却并不多见。They prefer to stay close to well-hidden dens to protect their pups from.它们宁愿呆在接近藏匿巢穴来保护它们的幼崽免受其他侵害。注:听力文本来源于普特 201210/203559

  Business商业报道Home entertainment家庭Netflix messes upNetflix这回弄巧成拙了The terror of the film and television business has become a lot less scary电影和电视业的担忧恐惧都显得微不足道It seldom pays to annoy your customers你难得会因为惹怒用户而付出代价LAST December Jeff Bewkes, Time Warners boss, sneered that Netflix threatened media about as much as the Albanian army threatened world peace.在去年12月,时代华纳的老板Jeff Bewkes曾嘲笑Netflix就像阿尔巴尼亚军队危害了世界和平一样危害了媒体业。Few were fooled. Netflix, which hires out DVDs through the post as well as streaming films and television through the internet,Netflix,一个凭借邮递务租售DVD光碟和通过互联网租售流媒体电影和电视节目的公司,had aly impoverished Hollywood by training people to rent DVDs instead of buying them.由于使得人们不再购买DVD光碟而只是租借它们,早已让好莱坞的收入大为缩水。It was starting to lure people away from pay-television.它在开始引诱人们离开付费频道,但上当者人数寥寥。But then the army began marching in the wrong direction, and its general shot himself in the foot.然而,这军队接下来开始朝着错误的方向进军,这次,这位上将是搬起石头砸了自己的脚。On September 1st Netflix began imposing new prices on its 25m subscribers.自9月1日起,Netflix开始对2500万订阅用户执行新的收费方案。Americans had been able to pay .99 a month for DVDs through the post as well as the right to stream some films and programmes.在这之前,美国人每个月只需付9.99美元,就能享受邮递租借DVD光碟和网络观赏一些流媒体电影、电视节目的务。Netflix would henceforth offer them a choice:现在,Netflix给了他们一个选择:.99 a month for streaming,要么每个月为流媒体务付7.99美元,or the same price for DVDs.要么以同样的价格租借DVD光碟。People who wanted both would pay .98.两种务都需要的人则需每月付15.98美元。Customers dont like it.用户们并不喜欢这个方案。They have jammed the firms switchboard and posted 82,000 largely hostile comments on its Facebook page.许多人的投诉电话蜂拥而至以致电话系统瘫痪,并且在Netflix的Facebook主页上留下了多达82000条的恶意。Netflix told investors to expect a rare loss of subscribers, driving its shares down.Netflix告知投资者们要做好因订阅用户人数大幅下降所带来的股份下滑的准备,The companys reputation for top-notch customer service has been tarnished.这所公司以顶级用户务著称的名誉已经蒙上了污点。So Netflixs founder and chief executive, Reed Hastings, tried to explain himself—and made matters far worse.因此,Netflix的创立人兼总裁Reed Hastings尝试为自己的决定辩解—却只是越描越黑。On September 18th Mr Hastings explained that the company feared being left behind by technological change, like AOL with its dial-up service.在9月18日,Hastings先生解释说到他害怕公司会像还在提供拨号上网业务的美国在线务公司那样被日新月异的科技变化抛在背后,It was separating DVDs from streaming because its future lies in streaming. The DVD-by-post service,之所以要把DVD光碟业务从流媒体业务中分离出来是因为这项业务的未来存在于流媒体技术之中。he said, would move to a new website, with a new billing system, and be renamed Qwikster.他说到,邮递租借DVD光碟业务将会被移至一个新的网站,拥有新的付系统,并被重新命名为Qwikster。Its an odd name and a big mistake.这真是一个怪名字和一个大错误。As The Economist went to press, Netflix shares were trading around 0—a steep decline from their July peak of 9.在本文交付印刷之时,Netflix的股票成交价大概在130美元左右—与他们在7月份299美元封顶的价格相比下了一个大滑坡。Netflix has made a tactical error and treated its customers shabbily.Netflix不仅犯了策略性错误,而且对待用户们糟糕透顶。It has also jumped too hastily into the future—as if Renault were to declare that electric cars are the future and rename its petrol-car division Qwikmobile.另外,它对未来的规划也太过急进—好比说雷诺公司对外宣称电动车是未来发展的方向,然后就把他们的汽车部门改名为Qwikmobile。Worst of all, Netflix has disregarded a big strategic advantage.而最糟糕的是,Netflix忽略了一个极其重要的战略优势。DVDs may be old media, but they come with strong legal protections.DVD光碟或许是老式媒介,但是它们有着强力的法律保护措施。As soon as a DVD is released by a Hollywood studio,当一张DVD光碟从好莱坞片场发布那刻起,roughly four months after the film appears in cinemas, Netflix can start renting it.大概只要在电影院上映后四个月,Netflix就可以开始租售。To stream a film via the internet, in contrast, Netflix must strike an agreement with the studio or TV firm that owns it.相比之下,如果Netflix要通过互联网来播放流媒体电影,则必须先和持有它的片场或电视公司签订协议。As Netflix has become richer and scarier, negotiations have become harder.随着Netflix变得越来越有钱,越来越胆小,协商日趋困难。The company must wait eight or nine years to stream many studio films.公司必须要等到8到9年才能播放许多片场的流媒体电影,A few media firms refuse to sell any streaming rights at all.一些媒体公司更是拒绝出售任何播放流媒体的权利。When Netflix combined DVDs and streaming, it offered both a vast selection of up-to-date content and the prospect of instant gratification.在Netflix将DVD光碟与流媒体电影电视两种务结合在一起时,它不仅提供了大量可选购的最新内容,而且很容易使用户感到满意。By forcing customers to choose between the two, it has revealed the weaknesses of both of its offerings.然而Netflix强迫用户其二而择一的行为,将两者的弱点都暴露了出来。Netflix isnt like the Albanian army—it is far more dangerous than that.Netflix其实并不像阿尔巴尼亚军队—毕竟他们危险多了。But it seems to have trained its guns against itself.但是这回,看起来他们是把口对准了自己。点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201304/233262。

  If you are walking on the surface of mercury, you need one heck of spacesuit because if you are in the sun, it will be extremely hot.如果你在水星表面行走,你需要一件了不起的宇航,因为如果你置身于太阳将会非常热。You would see an enormous sun in the sky.你会看到一个巨大的太阳在天空中。That would just, you know, burn you to death if you are, you know, spend any time in it what so every close.你知道,如果距离非常近,你会被烧死。The mercury really climbs on mercury to a toasty 840 degrees Fahrenheit.水银的热度可以达到华氏840度。Thats about twice as hot as your kitchen oven on full heat. You need a bit more than SPF30 sun scream here.这是你厨房烤箱热度全开的两倍。你在这里甚至需要涂抹特定的防晒用品。To escape the heat, you can always head to the dark side, but dress warmly.为了躲避酷热,你可以转向黑暗的一面,但要记住穿着保暖。With virtually no atmosphere to keep the heat in, the temperature plummets to minus 275 degrees Fahrenheit.事实上没有大气的储热、温度就一落千丈降至零下275华氏度。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174072

  Business.商业。Formula One.一级方程式赛车。Flagged down.落马。Can Formula One succeed without Bernie Ecclestone?没有了伯尼#8226;埃克莱斯顿,F1能否继续传奇?BERNIE ECCLESTONE, the boss of the Formula One Group, rarely sticks around for the finish of a Grand Prix. This is meant to show what a serious businessman he is. Still, eyebrows lifted when he didnt turn up at all to last weekends race at Hockenheim in Germany. An ongoing court case in Germany over a payment of m from Mr Ecclestone to a banker who was involved in the sale of Formula One to CVC Capital, a private-equity firm, in 2005 has put his future at the top of the sport in doubt. German media reported that, had Mr Ecclestone gone to Germany, he might have run into trouble.F1的掌门人伯尼#8226;埃克莱斯顿很少会在国际汽车大奖赛结束后逗留。这意在显示他是一个谨慎的商人。然而公众的对他上周一直没有出现在德国霍根海姆大奖赛一事依旧表示惊讶。在2005年,参与CVC资产合作伙伴公司(一家私募股权公司)收购F1股份的高管承认收到了埃克莱斯顿4千4百万“好处费”,这件正在审理的案子让伯尼在此项运动上掌门地位受到质疑。德国媒体报道称,如果埃克莱斯顿去了德国,他将陷入困境。For CVC Capital, the uncertainty over Mr Ecclestone, who is 81, is becoming a problem. CVC took a huge risk in buying into the sport, at a time when several teams were threatening to break away and form a new outfit, in the hope of extracting a larger share of profits. The breakaway never happened and CVC profited handsomely.对于CVC资产合作伙伴公司来说,81岁埃克莱斯顿的不可靠将成为最大的问题。CVC为收购F1管理公司承担了巨大的风险,因为为在当时有数车队为了争取更大的利润分成,威胁退出F1另组建新赛事。车队退赛没有发生,CVC也赚得漂亮的一手。CVC had hoped to reduce its stake with an initial public offering (IPO) of Formula One on the Singapore stock exchange. However, in May it sold a total of 21% of the sport, for .6 billion, to three institutional investors: Waddell amp; Reid and BlackRock, both American asset managers, and Norges Bank Investment Management, Norways state money manager. Combined with cash from the business, the sale gave CVC a tasty 300% return on its original investment-though an IPO could have earned it more. In June CVC postponed the proposed IPO, blaming market conditions.CVC本打算通过在新加坡券交易所为F1首次公开募股的方式减持股份。但是在五月,CVC将16亿美元即总资产的21%卖给了三个团体投资人:同为资产管理者的Waddell amp; Reid和黑石,还有挪威投资管理——挪威的国家资金管理者。尽管公开募股会赚的更多,结合从营销中获得的现金,出售给团体投资人还是带给了CVC为原有投资300%的高额回报。在6月,CVC归咎于市场行情,推迟了原有计划的公开募股。Private-equity firms do not often have to deal with chaps like Mr Ecclestone, who has dominated the sport for decades. In CVC had to join an apology made by Mr Ecclestone for seeming to praise Adolf Hitler. Also that year Sir Martin Sorrell, the boss of WPP, an advertising giant, who sits on the Formula One Groups board, protested when Mr Ecclestone complained that a life ban from Formula One given to Flavio Briatore, Renaults team chief, for ordering a driver to crash, was excessive (The ban was overturned in 2010).私募股权公司不需要经常与像埃克莱斯顿这样献身于F1数十载的老伙计进行交易。在年CVC不得不参与到埃克莱斯顿关于自己表扬希特勒的言论的道歉中。在同一年中,WPP,这个广告业巨头的总裁、F1董事会成员之一苏铭天爵士,对埃克莱斯顿的抱怨表示反对,因为埃克莱斯顿认为认为对于雷诺车队队长弗拉维奥?布里亚托利操纵车手故意撞车被终生禁止参与F1任何赛车事务的处置太过分了(这项禁令于2010年废除)。Now CVC is waiting to see whether Mr Ecclestone will be charged in connection with the case involving the German banker, Gerhard Gribkowsky. On June 27th Mr Gribkowsky was found guilty in Munich of receiving corrupt payments, and given a prison sentence, which he is now appealing. According to people close to the sport, if the German authorities charge Mr Ecclestone with a non-trivial offence in relation to the payment to Mr Gribkowsky, (which he has admitted making, though he says he was being blackmailed), he will be permanently removed as chief executive of Formula One Group.现在CVC正在作壁上观,看埃克莱斯顿是否因与德国家Gerhard Gribkowsky 受贿案关联而被控诉。7月27日,Gribkowsky被查出于慕尼黑受贿,已被判入狱,但他现在正在申诉。根据体育圈的人说,如果德国当局对埃克莱斯顿给Gerhard Gribkowsky行贿一事判他严重犯罪(行贿一事埃克莱斯顿已经承认),就算他声称自己是被勒索,他也将永久被剥夺F1首席执行官的职位。CVCs managing partner, Donald Mackenzie, is said to be worried about how his possible departure might affect the business. The Formula One Group depends on reaching agreement with a dozen racing teams and the Federation Internationale de lAutomobile, which regulates racing. In the past Mr Ecclestone has handled the teams brilliantly, using divide-and-rule tactics to prevent any serious rebellion and to keep a large share of revenues for his firm. He maintains close relations with circuit owners and governments, which together make up the sports largest source of revenue, in the form of hosting fees. It is not obvious who inside the business could succeed him; Mr Ecclestone reportedly jokes that a number two could send faxes and bring coffee, but nothing else.CVC的合伙人之一麦肯齐,据说他很担心埃克莱斯顿可能的离开对商业带来的影响。F1的正常运转离不开12参赛车队的合作以及负责管理赛车项目的国际汽车联合会的持。在过去的日子里,埃克莱斯顿运筹帷幄,运用分而治之的策略杜绝任何违规行为并为自己的公司保持巨大的收益。赛道所有者和政府以主办的形式为整个赛事的收益投入巨资,埃克莱斯顿则与这些人保持着紧密的联系。目前在赛车圈内尚未发现合适继任者;埃克莱斯顿据报道有过这样的玩笑话:二把手可以发传真可以买咖啡,但是除了这些也没什么别的能耐了。Bernies blinkers 伯尼的马失前蹄Mr Ecclestone is a skilled dealmaker; but he has missed out on two areas of opportunity for the sport. The first of these is the internet. Formula One has barely begun to develop its business online. Licensing Formula One brands and content to -games firms could generate pots of money, as could online betting.埃克莱斯顿是个经验丰富的交易商,但他在这项运动的两个方面错失良机。第一个是网络;F1基本没有开发其商业网络,向公司出售F1品牌商标和赛事相关内容的使用权可以带来大量的金钱收入,媲美网上。Second, Formula One has failed to establish itself in America, despite corporate sponsors need for exposure in the worlds biggest market. Partly because of the steep fees that Mr Ecclestone charges to host a Grand Prix, circuits often end up losing money and stop hosting the event; there has been no American race for the past five years. That will soon change, with Austin, Texas, hosting a race in November and plans for a Grand Prix in New Jersey in June 2013. Red Bull, a team owned by an Austrian energy-drinks firm, is said to be looking at launching a new “Stars and Stripes” Formula One team with American drivers. Local drivers boost audiences.第二则是尽管赞助商需要在这个世界最大的市场中露面,F1还是没有进军美国。一部分是由于埃克莱斯顿所需举办大奖赛的经费逐年攀升,赛道所有者往往赔本最终停止举办比赛——美国已经在过去的五年没有举办了。这即将发生改变,德州的奥斯汀市将在11月举办比赛并计划将于2013年6月在新泽西举办大奖赛。由澳大利亚功能饮料公司所有的车队红牛,据说将成为一个由美籍车手参与的新“星条旗”车队,本地的车手则会增加观众的数量。Although losing Mr Ecclestone may not be as big a car crash as some fear, there are other risks for the company that sits atop the sport. The biggest is that the teams will demand more money. Without them, after all, there is no show, and they are the sports biggest cost. Over time, the racers have claimed an ever larger slice of the cake. In 2003 the teams collectively commanded an estimated 27% of the profits that Formula One derived from its three main businesses (hosting fees from governments, selling television rights, and advertising and sponsorship). In a new deal that lasts until 2020, now signed by nearly all of the teams, they will get 63%.尽管失去了埃克莱斯顿可能不会像撞车那么让人害怕,然而其他的风险对于该公司来说则比比赛本身更重要。最大的问题就是车队会索取更多的利润分成。毕竟没有这些车队,那就没有比赛可言,但他们是整个赛事中花费最大的。随着时间的推移,参赛者要求分到的蛋糕越来越大块。2003年,车队总共要求的经费大约占F1从三大主要商业项目(政府的主办费,电视直播的版权和赞助商的广告费)收益的27%。在一项持续至2020年,现在所有车队几乎都签署了的新交易中,他们将分到收益的63%。And some people wonder if Formula One can carry on charging governments so much to host races. By expanding outside traditional markets in Europe, Formula One has been able to keep raising its fees; non-European governments such as Singapores or Indias pay two-fifths more on average to host Grands Prix than traditional markets. For now, demand from governments comfortably exceeds the number of racing slots available. Mr Ecclestone has no shortage of calls from countries such as C?te dIvoire and Bulgaria seeking the prestige of hosting a race. Soon, however, they may be calling someone else.有些人怀疑F1还能否继续像现在这样向政府收取大量承办费用。通过跳出欧洲传统市场进行扩张,F1已经可以持续不断地募集经费;非欧洲国家政府例如新加坡和印度,相比传统市场平均付了举办大奖赛费用的五分之二。目前,政府的需求远大于已有可用于比赛的赛道数量。埃克莱斯顿呼吁像科特迪瓦和保加利亚这样,试图通过举办比赛增加威望的国家毫无压力。不过不久之后,这些国家可能要联系其他人了。 201208/193355Business.商业。South Koreas music industry.韩国音乐产业。Top of the K-pops.韩流顶端。Korean musicians must export or starve.韩国音乐家,音乐外销成唯一出路。PSY (pictured, also known as Park Jae-sang) is having the time of his life. On August 12th at a stadium in Seoul, the rap stars concert felt like the only party in town. He entertained 30,000 fans for almost four hours. And this veteran of the South Korean charts has suddenly become popular in the West, since the for his song ;Gangnam Style;, in which he rides an imaginary horse around a posh part of Seoul, went viral on YouTube. The track even hit number one on the iTunes dance chart in Finland.PSY(如图,本命朴载相)火了。8月12日,这位说唱明星在首尔一家体育馆内举行了演唱会,场面火爆万人空巷。他为30000名粉丝表演了近4个小时。不仅如此,新歌;江南style;骑马舞(在首尔高档社区附近做骑马的动作)MV在油管的爆红,使得经常登上韩国音乐榜单的PSY在西方也赢得了瞩目。这首歌甚至在芬兰iTunes舞曲排行榜上也成为了第一。Korean pop (known as K-pop to fans) is turning into an export success. Groups such as Super Junior and 2NE1 now sell millions of CDs and concert tickets in other parts of Asia. As K-pop zooms up the foreign charts, share prices of leading labels, such as SM Entertainment, have soared too.韩国流行音乐(也称韩流)正取得出口上的成功。诸如super junior和2NE1等组合在韩国以外的其他亚洲地区售出了上百万CD及演唱会门票。韩流在外国的飞速发展,让SM等大型唱片公司的股票价格水涨船高。But the outlook at home is less rosy. With the worlds fastest broadband connections, Koreans have embraced downloading. This in itself is not a problem, but the way they do it is.不过,韩国音乐产业在国内前景却不容乐观。有着全球最快宽带速率的韩国人喜欢从网上下载音乐,这本身并不是问题,问题出现在下载的方式上。In other countries, many music-lovers still pay for downloads, through the likes of Apples iTunes shop. Fans typically shell out at least 99 cents per track (and more in countries such as Japan and Britain). Of this, 70% goes to music labels and artists.在其他国家,许多音乐爱好者付费,通过苹果Itunes等在线商店下载音乐。一般下载一首歌曲的价格至少为99美分(有的国家收费更高,如日本和英国)。其中,音源下载收入的70%会交给唱片公司和歌手。In South Korea, the market works differently. Subscription-based services, which allow the listener to rent music, are extremely popular. For a period of one month fans of rock and pop music pay a fee of around 9,000 won () for 150 tracks. Such services have helped to drive overall music sales to 430 billion won in 2011.韩国音乐市场的运营模式则不一样。该国的订阅务允许用户租听音乐,这种务在其国内极其流行。有段时间,只需付9000韩元(8美元),爱好摇滚或流行音乐的用户就可以在一月内租听150首歌曲。2011年,该项业务的销售额为4300亿韩元。Alas for labels and artists, however, their payout is miserly. Under subscription deals, they collect as little as 30 won per track. This must then be split between performers, writers and the label itself. SM Entertainments boss complains that even 1m downloads cannot cover the cost of making a music .不过,唱片公司和歌手就悲剧了,他们从中获得的分红简直少得可怜。订阅销售模式下,唱片公司和歌手每首歌只能收取30韩元。就这点钱还得在表演者、作词作曲者和唱片公司间进行再分配。SM公司老板抱怨说,100万下载量收取的分红还不够MV制作费。The fear of illegal downloading keeps the average price per track of digital music low. That the subscription-service operators are a powerful oligopoly further reduces the labels bargaining power. Thus, SM Entertainment took in a trifling 1.9 billion won in domestic digital sales in the first quarter of 2012. By contrast, the firm sold CDs worth 3 billion won, despite the physical formats supposed demise.为遏制非法下载,数码音源的价格被压得很低。而租听务运营商的垄断地位,进一步压缩了唱片公司的谈判空间。因此,SM公司2012年第一季度的国内音源收入才19亿韩元。形成鲜明对比的是,尽管有朝一日CD终将被淘汰,该公司的唱片销售额仍旧达到了30亿韩元。SM Entertainment and other purveyors of K-pop cover this shortfall at home by having their stars hawk the latest phone, or appear on television variety shows. The biggest labels have become adept at squeezing cash out of their pop stars names, rather than their music. But only a handful of musicians are famous enough to benefit.SM和其他公司通过让明星代言最新手机,或是参加电视综艺节目来弥补这块收入短板。唱片巨擘们善于利用偶像名号赚取利润,音乐本身反倒其次。不过,能单以名气吸金的明星毕竟只占少数。South Koreas old business model, perfected by its carmakers, was to use a captive home market as a launch-pad from which to invade foreign shores. The countrys pop musicians have turned this model upside down: they have to export their tunes to make up for meagre pickings at home.传统的韩国商业模式已由汽车制造商发展到极致,即先掌控国内市场,然后以此为跳板征外国市场。而这个国家音乐人却将这个模式颠倒过来:不得不通过音乐出口来补贴国内的微薄收入。 /201208/196287


  Coral in Danger危险的珊瑚Aah, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef–blue, clear water, magnificent coral, beautiful fish.假想潜水于大堡礁——那片蔚蓝清澈的海里,美丽的鱼儿游曳在一望无际的珊瑚里。How about cloudy water and dying coral and you have to look pretty hard to spot a fish anywhere?再想象另一番景象:污浊的水域,岌岌可危的珊瑚,连鱼儿的影子都看不到。Nobody would want to go snorkeling in waters like you just described!绝不会有人会在刚才你描述的海里潜水的。Well, we may face more problems than disappointing snorkeling vacations if we keep harming the coral reefs of the world.要是我们不停止“迫害”地球上的珊瑚,就不只是度假不能潜水的扫兴了,我们面临的问题重重。Like the loss of one quarter of all marine animals and plants?比如,1/4海洋动植物灭绝?That adds more! One example of a way were destroying coral reefs around the world is farming near reef coastlines. In the Great Barrier Reef, far off Australia, for instance, scientists studied changes in the composition of coral over time and compared that to logs recording the local flood history. Barium, a metal rich in terrestrial soil, but usually low in seawater, began to rise soon after Europeans settled the area in 1862.不仅如此。比如,人类在珊瑚礁海岸线开垦种地,这样会破坏全球珊瑚的生长。科学家曾研究澳大利亚大堡礁珊瑚成分的变化,比对当地历史上洪灾的记录。发现自1862年,欧洲人移民澳大利亚起,仅在陆地土壤中富含的金属钡的数量开始在海里上升。You mean that after the settlers moved in and tilled land for farming, from then on, when a nearby river flooded, it washed loose soil into the reefs?你的意思是移民者定居后,垦地务农,附近的涨潮将疏松的土壤冲进了大堡礁?Exactly! These sediments cloud the water, blocking out sunlight that is necessary to the coralsgrowth. In fact, when sedimentation run-off is extremely bad, it can smother the coral and kill it.没错!这些沉淀物使水变污浊,遮盖了珊瑚生长必需的阳光。事实上,沉淀量很多的话,珊瑚可能会窒息而死。Sedimentation can also introduce nutrients that lead to excess growth of green algae, which can compete with the corals for space, impeding their growth and survival.此外,沉淀物还可能供给绿藻疯长的养分,绿藻会和珊瑚竞争生存空间,抑制珊瑚的生长,甚至是存亡。And sedimentation is just one way were harming coral. If we dont take action, marine scientists predict that the majority of the coral reefs of the world will be destroyed in just 40 years.这仅仅是众多人类活动破坏珊瑚其中的一种。如果我们还不采取措施,海洋科学家预计世界上大部分珊瑚礁在40年内会灭绝。 /201208/196336

  These scenes followed marches in Madrid yesterday against the cost of the Popes visit to tax payers estimated at some 50 million Euros. As night fell, the protests turned violent. Police made dozens of arrests and a series of clashes as they tried to clear the capital central South Square.There are many of the same people who have taken to the streets over austerity measures, but this time, they have a new target for their anger.许多人走上街头游行示威是为了反对财政紧缩政策,但是这一次,他们发泄愤怒的目标却换了。昨日示威者游行矛头直指此次教皇马德里之行,据估计这次到访将耗费大约5000万欧元。夜幕降临,抗议演变成了暴力事件。在市中心南广场,示威者与警察不断发生冲突,几十人被捕。 Pope Benedict will address more than a million catholic pilgrims who flocked to Spain for World Youth Day. Among them, a student from Mexico who was arrested on suspension of planning a gas attack on this anti-Pope demonstration. The visits proved deeply divisive in the country that is facing harsh cuts in an effort to stabilize its economy.教皇本笃十六世将在西班牙会见100多万天主教朝圣者,同他们一道庆祝青年节。其中一位来自莫斯科的学生因谋划用毒气袭击反教皇游行队伍而被捕,占令停学。教皇到访之际正值西班牙面临经济困境,西班牙政府力求通过大幅消减开以稳住经济。 ;I am protesting against paying for the Popes visit with our money. I think there are better things to spend it on. We could use this money to help other causes and its really not necessary that the Pope comes to visit us.;“我反对用纳税者的金钱来付教皇此行的花销。我觉得这些钱可以花在更有意义的地方。我们可以用这些钱来帮助有需要的人,况且教皇也没必要来访问我们。” In Madrid, preparations were being finalized too. Two hundred booths have been set up in one of the citys parks for more than 2,000 priests will hear confessions from pilgrims in a variety of languages. Some two thirds of those attending are expected to be Spanish. They will be keened that these scenes dont set the tone for the visit.在马德里,迎接工作还没有最终敲定。在马市的一个公园里已经建起了200多个忏悔隔间,2000多名牧师会在此聆听朝圣者不同语言的忏悔。大约三分之二的人会西班牙语忏悔。而他们强烈反感这次游行为教皇到访奠定了不好的基调。Steve Carroll, Sky News.史蒂芬·卡罗尔,天空新闻。本文译文属201206/188358。

  Science and Technology Premarital sex The waiting game科技 婚前性行为 等待的游戏Chastity before marriage may have its uses after all婚前守贞可能的确有作用WHEN is it the right time to do the deed?什么时候做爱做的事情合适呢?If priests had their way, it would be shortly after the wedding ceremony—but recent studies show such advice is rarely heeded.如果让神父们来说,这档事应当发生在在结婚典礼的不久之后——但是最近的研究显示,这样的建议很少得到人们的重视。Roughly 85% of the American population, for example, approves of premarital sex.比如说,大约85%的美国人赞同婚前性行为。Faced with numbers like that, what hope do the Vatican and its ilk really have?面对这样子的数据,梵蒂冈和它的同仁们又到底是做何想法呢?More than they did a week ago. Until now, the argument that couples should wait until they are married before they have sex has rested on mere assertion and anecdote.相对于已在一周前亲热过的情侣来说,现今依旧认为夫妇应将童贞留于婚后的论调,已仅仅成了一种口头宣言或是奇闻轶事。Dean Busby and his colleagues at Brigham Young University, in Utah, however, have gathered some data which support delay.然而,犹他州杨百翰大学的院长Busby和他的同事却收集了一些数据来持延迟(婚前的)性行为的做法。Fabian tactics费边战术Little is known about the influence of sexual timing on how relationships develop.目前,还不清楚性交往的时间节奏安排对两性关系发展会产生怎样的影响。Even so, opinions abound.但即便如此,各种意见观点仍然比比皆是。Some argue that the sexual organs, both physical and mental (for, as the old saw has it, the most powerful erotic organ is the mind) need a test drive to make sure the chemistry between a couple means they will stay together both in sickness and in health.有人认为,性器官包括生理和心理两部分(比如,如古谚所言,最能引发人情欲的器官是人心),它们需要一种驱动性的考验以确保情侣两人身上的化学吸引能够维持长久,让两人能够同甘共苦。Others suggest that couples who delay or abstain from sexual intimacy early on allow communication to become the foundation of their attraction, and that this helps to ensure that companionship and partnership keep them together when the initial flames of lust die down.还有人认为,推迟过早的亲密性行为或者禁欲的情侣,他们之间的沟通理解成为了相互间吸引力的基础,这样以来,即使他们最初燃烧着的爱之欲火慢慢熄灭,他们也可以保持长久的友谊和伙伴关系。To examine these suggestions more closely, Dr Busby and his colleagues recruited 2,035 married people ranging in age from 19 to 71,为了更进一步的去检验这些意见观点,Busby士和他的同事征集到了2,035对已婚夫妇的数据,他们的年龄从19岁到70岁不等,and in length of marriage from less than six months to more than 20 years. Their religious affiliations varied widely; many had none.婚龄从不满六个月到超过20年不等,而且他们的宗教信仰差异也非常之大,很多人没有宗教信仰。All were asked to complete an online questionnaire normally used to help couples understand their strengths and weaknesses.所有的夫妇都被要求填写一份网上问卷调查,以帮助夫妇了解自己的长处和弱点。Among the nearly 300 questions, participants were asked when they first had sex with their partners, whether their sex lives were currently good, how they resolved conflicts, and how often they thought of ending their relationship.在将近300个问题中,参与者被问及到他们第一次与自己伴侣发生性行为的时间,他们的性生活目前是否良好,和他们如何处理矛盾冲突以及他们考虑终结伴侣关系这种想法的频繁程度。In addition, the questionnaire had 14 items that evaluated how good participants were at expressing empathy and understanding to their partners and how prone they were to be critical or defensive.此外,这项问卷调查还有14个项目,评估参与者能够多好的向他们的伴侣表达自己的同情和理解,以及他们在面临批评或自我防御辩护时将倾向于做什么。All questions, apart from those about frequency of sex, were answered on a five-point scale, with one indicating strong disagreement and five indicating strong agreement.所有的问题,除了性爱频度以外,选择的回答都是五分制计量的,由初始的1分表达强烈的反对到5分表达强烈的赞同。Because religiosity delays sexual activity, Dr Busby and his colleagues also asked participants how often they attended church, how often they prayed and whether they felt spirituality was an important part of their lives. They used the answers to control for religiosity.由于笃信宗教可以延缓性活动,Busby士和他的同事同样也询问调查参与者他们出入教堂参与教会活动的频率,他们多久祷告一次以及他们是否认为精神生活是他们生活中重要的一部分。They also controlled for income, education, race and length of relationship.他们采用的限定了信仰虔诚度,同样他们的也划分限制了不同的收入、受教育程度、种族以及两性关系维系长度。Their report, just published in the Journal of Family Psychology, suggests that people who delay having sex do indeed have better relationships, on four different measures (see table).他们刚刚在《家庭心理学杂志》发表的的报告认为,那些延缓推迟性行为的伴侣在四种不同的测量比较上(见文图)的确拥有一份更良好的两性关系。That result applies to both men and women.并且这个结果同时适用于男性和女性。Unfortunately, Dr Busby’s method cannot distinguish the cause of this.但不幸的是,Busby的方法不能区分到底是什么原因导致的这个结果。It could be, as many moralists preach, that the delay itself is improving. It could, though, be that the sort of people who are happy to delay having sex are also better at relationships.正如很多道德说教所言,这结果很有可能是因为延缓推迟(性行为)本身就正在经历改变。然而,这也有可能是因为乐于推迟性生活的人更善于经营两性关系。Correlation, in other words, rather than causation.换言之,这是一种相互左右的关系,而不是因果关系。That is material for another study.谈到婚姻则是另一份研究学问了。If the result persists, though, even when personality is taken into account, it will provide useful ammunition for priests and marriage-guidance counsellors.如果这个结论还是坚持其所持观点,那么即使考虑到人不同的性格问题,它也不免成为神父和婚姻指导顾问的强力攻击火药。 /201212/216169

  As the size of a small car and it has a nuclear power source so you dont have to worry about dust accumulating on solar eraser, anything like that.而对于小型车的规模,它搭载着核电源,所以你不必担心灰尘在太阳能上累积那样的东西。And most importantly, it has the capability to look for trace quantities of organic molecules.而最重要的是,它有能力寻找微量有机分子。So weve gone beyond now looking for evidence of habitability to actually looking for evidence of the building blocks of life.所以我们现在已经超越寻找可居住性的据,实际上是在寻找建造生命基石的据。Whether its alive or dead,无论是活还是死,a trip to this red planet has a lot to teach us about our lonely blue one and the universe beyond.一次这颗红色行星的旅程教给我们很多关于孤独的蓝色星球和宇宙之外的东西。Now if you have two planets that are next to each other in the same solar system that both had independent origins of life,现在,如果你有两颗行星,在同一太阳系中互相邻近,但都有独立的生命起源,you would have to conclude that the chance of having life all over the universe indeed,你将不得不得出结论,生命在全宇宙确实存在的机遇,even in other places in our solar system would be very high.即使在我们太阳系的其他地方也会非常高。I think, you know, you could basically go to the bank and bet on it.我想,你知道,你基本上可以去并打赌。We are not going to Mars just to search for life.我们去火星不是只搜寻生命。We are going to Mars to search for a second genesis of life.我们去火星是去寻找另一个生命的起源。We would like to find something thats different from us.我们想找与我们不同的东西。It doesnt have same genetic history and genetic code that we have.它不会有我们有的相同的遗传历史和遗传代码。And from my point of view, the more alien the better.而从我的观点来看,越陌生越好。Now that the second possibility is that we find life on Mars,现在,第二个可能性是,我们发现火星上的生命,but my goodness, it has a genetic code exactly like us, it uses DNA.但我的上帝,它有一个和我们完全一样的基因代码,它使用DNA。Its too coincidental.太巧合了。This is representing our cousins.这是代表我们的堂兄弟。Life either arose on earth and went to Mars or actually more likely that life originated on Mars and it was transported on a meteorolite coming to the earth early on and in fact, our home planet is Mars.源于地球的生命到火星去或更可能起源于火星而早期通过某种方式来到地球,实际上,我们的母星是火星。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/182364


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