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天桥区儿童医院体检收费标准历下区儿童医院妇科预约山东省立医院无痛人流好吗 With the acquisition of the territory in the far south, Sun Quan obtained a source of notable wealth, and secured his frontiers to the west and the north.孙权据长江以南,远离战争中心,积累了一定的财富。When Liu Bei died in 223, the government in Shu-Han, now controlled by the regent Zhuge Liang, confirmed the arrangement of peace and alliance with Wu.刘备死后,辅臣诸葛亮遵守盟约与吴友好。Cao Cao made several attacks on the line of the Yangtze, but was compelled each time to withdraw.曹操虽向长江流域发动进攻, 但都被迫撤回。In 226 Cao Pi died, and the chief military attention shifted northwest to the frontier against Shu-Han along the Wei River valley (in present-day Shaanxi).曹丕死后(226),战争中心转移到蜀汉和渭河流域(今陕西境内)的西北境内。In this period of tranquility and prosperity, on 23 of June 229, Sun Quan assumed the imperial title for himself.这期间,孙权于公元229年6月23日称帝,南方的吴享受了一段时期的稳定。Sun Quan, also called Zhong Mou, was a fonder of Wu in the southeast. His father Sun Jian, a general in the service of Yuan Shu, was killed in campaign a-gainst Liu Biao and his forces were largely taken over by Yuan Shu.孙权字仲谋,三国吴国的创建者,其父孙坚是效忠袁绍的大将,和刘表作战时被杀,其兵力被袁绍接管。But a few years later, about 194, his son Sun Ce, then aged nineteen, took service with Yuan Shu. He was given command of some of the soldiers who had followed his father, and was sent to be in charge of the defence in south of the Yangtze River.几年后,约在194年,孙坚19岁的儿子孙策跟随袁绍作战,袁绍将孙坚的一些旧部分给孙策用来镇守长江以南。Sun Ce established his position in the southeast essentially through his own remarkable military skill. In 198, at the age of twenty-three, he had declared independence from Yuan Shu, now a usurping emperor, and held control of Danyang, Wu and Guiji commanderies, (a stretch of territory from present-day Nanjing past Hangzhou Bay), including some outposts on the coast of Fujian.孙策以其军事能力很快赢得威望,198年,23岁的孙策脱离已自己称帝的袁绍,占领了丹阳、吴、会稽(今南 京、杭州湾一带)和福建沿海等地,并以此为根据地向西扩张。From this base Sun Ce extended his power westwards, and by 200 he had taken Yuzhang commandery (a-bout the present-day Poyang Lake in Jiangxi). In 200, soon after his conquest of Poyang, Sun Ce was assassinated by former retainers of a defeated local family from Wu.200年,孙策攻占玉章(今江西鄱阳湖)后不久被仇人所杀。Sun Ce was succeeded by his younger brother the eighteen-year-old Sun Quan.其弟孙权,时年18岁,即位。Sun Quan swiftly established his authority in the territory his brother had left him.孙权很快就建立起了自己的威望。By 203 he started to expand further to the west, and early in 208 he destroyed Huang Zhong, the subordinate commander of Liu Biao who controlled the territory about present-day Wuhan on the middle Yangtze River.203年,他开始西征扩张土地,208年,他打败刘表的大将黄忠,取得了现在位于长江中游地段的武汉等地。By the time of the Red Cliffs campaign, however, the state of Sun Quan was strong enough to hold off a direct attack from Cao Cao in the north.赤壁之战时,孙权已有能力抵御来自北方曹操的进犯。With the help of Zhou Yu, Sun Quan allied with Liu Bei to defeat Cao Cao in Red Cliffs Campaign in 208, which secured his position as a kingdom in south to struggle with Cao Cao in the north and Liu Bei in the west.孙权在一代名将周瑜的辅佐下,领导东吴在赤壁战胜曹操,使天下成三国鼎立之势,北拒曹操,西抗刘备。The consideration of survival gave urgency to the expansion into Jing province, culminating in the destruction of Guan Yu in 219 and the successful defence against Liu Bei*s attack in 222. At the same time, the government of Wu extended its influence into the far south.为了不坐以待毙,孙权于219年向荆州进攻,打败关羽,又成功地抵御了刘备222年的进攻,同时吴的疆域扩展到了更远的南方。In 210, after the death of Liu Biao and the defeat of Cao Cao at the Red Cliffs, Sun Quan appointed his officer Bu Zhi as governor to Panyu, present-day Guangzhou. Bu Zhi established relations with Shi Xie, and Shi Xie agreed to be subject and send tribute to Sun Quan.在210年刘表死后和赤壁之战之后,孙权派官员簿直到番禺(今广东)任太守,簿直与南方的石碣建立联系,石碣向吴国称臣赋税。Sun Quan did attempt to expand his empire beyond his immediate territory. He received emissaries from Fujian and other countries of the south, re-established a Chinese presence on Hainan island, and sent an expedition to Taiwan island.此外,他还向本土以外扩展,他接受来自福建和其他南部地区的遣使,重建了大陆对海南的控制,还加强了与台湾诸岛的联系。During this period, the expansion of authority in the southeast was remarkable. By 280, within the territory of Wu, from the south of the Yangtze River to the north of Vietnam, the number of counties had doubled since the time of the Later Han.在这一时期,吴在东南部的发展还是卓有成效的,到280年,吴的领地已从长江以南扩大到越南以北,是汉末时期的两倍。The frontier had been transformed, and there were newly claimed settlements in present-day southern area of Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian.边疆也有变化,领土包括新归顺的浙江以南、江西和福建。After the reign of more than fifty years, Sun Quan died in 262 and there were successive wars on the securing of throne.在位50年之后,孙权于262年驾崩,其后人进行了一系列的王位争夺战。The reign of Sun Xiu was not particularly effective, and his death in 264 came just at the time the state of Shu-Han surrendered to Wei.264年吴皇帝孙秀死时,蜀汉已降魏。In that period of emergency, Sun Hao, son of the former Heir Apparent Sun He aged in his early twenties, was chosen as an adult ruler who might restore the fortunes and energies of the state.前太子孙和之子孙皓年已二十有几,即位,但他也无力挽回灭亡的命运。He achieved, however, only limited success.魏灭蜀之后,蜀吴联盟不攻自破,吴国完全处于魏的包围之中。In 265 Sima Yan, son of Sima Zhao, deposed Wei Emperor Cao Huan , claimed himself as emperor, settled Luoyang as capital which was referred as Jin Dynasty in Chinese history.公元265年,司马昭之子司马炎废魏帝曹奂,改国号为晋,定都洛阳,这就是历史上的西晋王朝,司马炎时为晋武帝。In 280 Sun Hao was compelled to surrender to the Jin of the Sima family, hence a short unification of the whole country arrived.公元280年,晋军攻克建业,孙皓面缚请降,至此西晋统一全国。 /201512/415722山东济南看妇科最好的医院是哪家

济南市阳光妇科医院医生Policy of Pacification Through Marriage西汉和亲Marrying daughters of the Han imperial family to the rulers of the minority groups was one of the foreign policies of pacification in the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.----8A.D.).将皇家的女儿嫁给少数名族是西汉时期(公元前206年至公元8年)的和平外交政策之一。The policy had gone through two stages.这个政策分为两步。At first, Han rulers took the initiative to marry daughters of the royal family and offer valuables of all kinds so that the Huns could stop harassing the northern border of the empire.首先汉朝皇帝主动让皇家的女儿出嫁,然后给予各种珍惜物品,这样匈奴人就会停止骚扰大汉帝国的北部边境。When Emperor Wudi was in power, it was the Huns who proposed to Han for marriage.汉武帝时期,匈奴主动向汉朝求婚。In the reign of Emperor Wudi, substantial resources were available to him as a result of his own successful policies as well as those of his predecessors.武帝执政时期,由于他和先帝们成功的政策,他拥有了大量的富余物资。Consequently, he was in a position to take an active and offensive stand against threats of invasion.因此,他在对抗进犯的威胁时占据了主动的地位。He sent three expeditions led by Wei Qing and Huo Qubing against the Huns in 127B.C, 121B.C and 119B.C respectively.他在公元前127年、公元前121年和公元前119年分别派出了三由卫青和霍去病带领的远征队。By these actions, he drove them into the far north of Gobi, thus maintaining the safety of the Hexi Corridor.通过这些举措,武帝让他们远达隔壁北部,保障了河西走廊的安全。The threat from the Huns was resolved;however, they did not reach an agreement on the issue of the policy of pacification through marriage.匈奴人带来的威胁解除了;但是,他们并未就和亲政策达成一致。During the reign of Emperor Xuandi, the Huns was aly in decline.汉宣帝时期,匈奴已处于颓败之势,And the ruler Huhan decided to pledge allegiance to Han by sending his son to Han as a promise.匈奴首领呼韩决定将自己的儿子送到汉朝当人质来向大汉宣誓效忠。Emperor Yuandi, to further a good relationship between the Huns and the Han people, married Wang Zhaojun, a beauty at that time, to the Khan.汉元帝,通过将当朝的一位美女王昭君嫁给可汗与匈奴和匈奴人民加深了良好的关系。This action not only stabilized the relationship between the Han Dynasty and the Huns, but promoted economic and cultural exchanges between them.这项举措不仅稳定了汉朝与匈奴的关系,还加强了它们之间的经济与文化交流。Meanwhile, Han also marry daughters of royal families to rulers of Wusun tribe for pacification.同时,汉朝还将公主嫁给乌孙部和亲。In 71B.C, Han in alliance with Wusun tribe gave the Huns a fatal defeat from which it never recovered.公元前71年,大汉与乌孙的联合给了匈奴致命一击,使其难以恢复。The policy of marriage for pacification was an important policy helpful to the economic and cultural exchanges between Han and minority groups.和亲政策是对于汉朝和少数名族间经济与文化交流的一项重要政策。 /201510/397350长清区人民医院在线咨询 山东中医药大学第二附属医院咨询师

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