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Tracy Anderson#39;s Best Moves for Killer Legs特蕾西·安德森关于迷人长腿的最佳动作Want killer legs?想要迷人长腿吗?When it comes to fighting flab, your legs are your secret weapon. Let me explain: Some of your body#39;s biggest muscles are in your legs, and working those is going to net you a much larger calorie burn than exercising the smaller muscles (and help you look great in short skirts!). Make sense? That#39;s why I try to always involve the legs in every movement I do, whether I#39;m holding them in a fixed position for a specified amount of time or constantly kicking them up or out. And this sequence is no different. It gets you out of your comfort zone of doing old-school squats and lunges, and challenges your brain, which is also a key factor in shaping up. Now let#39;s build some long, lean legs you#39;ll love.当谈到战胜松弛的肌肉时,你的双腿就是你的秘密武器。容我解释:身体中一些最大的肌肉就在你的双腿上,相比锻炼更小的肌肉,作用于这些肌肉能燃烧更多的卡路里(并且帮助你在穿短裙时更迷人!)有道理?这就是我每做一个动作都要涉及到腿部的原因,不管我是在具体的一段时间将腿放于固定位置还是频繁的踢来踢去。这个顺序没有什么不同。它使你从做老式深蹲和弓步这些舒区走出来,挑战你的大脑,大脑在塑造过程中也是重要的因素。现在,让我们塑造你将会爱上的瘦长腿吧。Knee pull amp; kick膝盖拉伸和踢Start on all fours; pull left knee forward so it#39;s slightly in front of right (A). Rotate torso, balancing on right hand; drop hips slightly as you kick left leg up (B). Return to start and repeat.四肢开始放在地上;左膝盖向前拉,这样就会在右膝前一点(A)。旋转身躯,用右手保持平衡;左腿向上抬的时候臀部也上抬一些(B)。重新开始然后重复。Tracy#39;s tip: Don#39;t let hips touch the floor. You may also want to wear 1? to 2?-pound ankle weights for these moves.特蕾西的建议:不要让臀部触地。做这些动作的时候,脚踝上也可以绑上1.5-2.5英镑的重量物。Hip dip amp; extend臀部倾斜和伸展Start on all fours, then drop hips to the right; they should be stacked (A). Lift up onto right knee as you extend left leg straight up and out (B). Bring left leg back down, return to ;A; and repeat.四肢开始放在地上,然后把臀部放在右边;臀部要叠在一起(A)。你在将左腿向外伸直时,右膝抬起来(B)。左腿收回放下,重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。Inverted twist amp; kick反向扭和踢Lie on left side with legs bent, hips stacked and left leg slightly behind right. Rotate torso so left palm and right forearm are on the floor (A). Keeping right forearm and left palm down, roll onto right hip and extend left leg, swinging it up and back (B). Return to ;A; and repeat.左侧卧,双腿弯曲,臀部叠放在一起,左腿放在右腿后面一点点。旋转身躯,这样左手掌和右前臂就当在地板上了(A)。右前臂和左手掌保持放下的姿势,滚动右臀并伸展左腿,将腿前后摆动(B)。重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。译文属 /201606/450026


  Best friends maybe priceless but the cost of keeping the relationship alive is £23,870.最好的朋友也许是无价的,但使友谊长存的成本是2万3870英镑。According to a study, a BFF (best friends forever) does not come cheap with devoted pals blowing £4,679 on birthday presents alone over a lifetime.一项研究指出,有一名死党(永远最好的朋友)并不便宜,因为单单是为挚友准备一辈子的生日礼物就要花费4679英镑。And while it costs nothing to be a shoulder to cry on, big hearted Brits go the extra mile and splash out £168 on pick-me-ups to get their mate through a rocky patch like the break up of a relationship.虽然在朋友哭泣时成为朋友的依靠并不会带来什么损失,但是慷慨大方的英国人会为朋友付出更多,他们会花168英镑来为朋友买提神酒,助其熬过诸如恋爱关系破裂等困难时期。There’s a further £242 spent on presents to show how much they mean from gifts bought on holiday to treats for no reason.从节日礼物到毫无缘由的款待,为了显示他们对你是多么重要,你还会花242英镑为他们买礼物。And distance does not break up a close friendship as BFFs fork out a whopping £18,000 on travel to see each other despite being miles apart because of university, jobs and marriage.此外,距离并不会破坏你们之间的亲密友谊。虽然你们相隔甚远,但死党们还是会因为上大学、工作或是结婚等一些原因,把巨额花费用在探望彼此的旅途上,而这笔费用高达1万8000英镑。The survey based on a friendship spanning 40 years found more than eight in ten adults with a BFF felt their friendships were worth every penny.针对长达40年之久的友谊进行的一项调查指出,拥有死党的成年人中,超过80%的人认为他们的友谊都是物有所值的。TopCashback spokesperson Natasha Smith said: “Those friendships which stand the test of time are often the most important in our lives.”海涛返利网发言人娜塔莎·史密斯表示:“经得起时间考验的友谊往往在我们生活中最为重要。”“However, they come at a cost. From train tickets once a month to flights and a new dress for a wedding on the Italian coast, the price paid for having a best mate can soon add up.;“但是,这样的友谊是有代价的。从一月一次的火车票到为一场在意大利海岸举办的一场婚礼而购买的飞机票和新裙子,因为死党而花的钱很快就会积少成多。” /201607/456719。

  Zhao Dan (1915 ~1980)赵丹(1915 ~ 1980)Zhao Dan, born in Zhao Feng Chao in Nan Tong city, Jiangsu Province, whose ancestor hometown was in Feicheng, Shandong Province, was one of the most acclaimed and accomplished actors in Chinese film history.赵丹,原名赵凤朝,原籍山东肥城,出生于江苏南通,中国电影史上最卓越的男演员之一。He was fascinated with film and drama since childhood,which he spent in a theater that his father owned. In 1932,Li Pingqian, a famous director of Star Film Studio, took a fancy to him and made him act a rich playboy in silent film The Spring Dream of the Lute. Since then he became a basic actor in Star and starred in over 20 films like Twenty-Four Hours in Shanghai, Three Sisters, Go to Northwest, Nation#39;s Soul, Crossroad, Street Angel, etc. Since 1933, of which Crossroad and Street Angel Zhao played in 1936 and 1937, were two pieces that early revealed his talent. At the same time, he starred in world famous dramas such as Nala, Big Thunderstorm and Romeo and Juliet. His artistic talent in film and drama made him soon become an attractive drama actor and film star.赵丹自幼着迷影剧,童年在父亲开的剧院里度过。1932年被明星影片公司著名导演李萍倩看中,在无声片《琵琶春怨》中扮演一执跨子弟,从此成为明星影片公司的基本演员。1933年起,他先后参加拍摄了《上海二十四小时》、《三》、《到西北去》、《热血忠魂》、《十字街头》、《马路天使》等20多部影片。其中,1936年和1937年他主演的《十字街头》与《马路天使》是最早表现出他才华的优秀作品。与此同时,他还在世界名剧《娜拉》、《大雷雨》、《罗密欧与朱丽叶》中饰演主角。在影、剧两个方面露出的艺术才华,使他很快成为一名引人注目的话剧演员和电影明星。After the war broke out, Zhao began a creative relationship with director Zheng Junli, with the 1948 anti-Kuomintang drama-comedy, Crows and Sparrows which was the symbol of his performing arts. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, his playing historical figures in biographical films made his performing arts reach its peak. The three figures of Nie Er, Lin Zexu and Li Shizhen have been the immortal artistic images in Chinese film gallery.战争爆发后,他于1948年在反国民党的戏剧喜剧《乌鸦与麻雀》中与导演郑君里合作,该片是他表演艺术成熟的标志。五、六十年代,他在《李时珍》、《林则徐》、《聂耳》这三部传记影片中塑造的历史人物形象,达到当时我国表演艺术的高峰。李时珍、林则徐,聂耳这三个人物都成为中国电影画廊中不朽的艺术形象。Zhao Dan was a successful performing artist with many outstanding achievements. In the several decades of his film career, he appeared in 35 films, portrayed a series of brilliant roles. In 1995#39;s centennial commemoration of the birth of world film and 90 years of Chinese film, Zhao Dan was posthumously awarded the “Centennial Award” as one of the best actors in Chinese film.赵丹是我国卓有成就的表演艺术家。在他几十年的艺术生涯中,一共拍摄了35部故事片,塑造了一系列光辉的艺术形象。1995年,赵丹获得为纪念世界电影诞生100周年和中国电影诞生90周年而特设的中国电影“世纪奖”最佳男演 员奖。 /201605/443522

  Do you feel cold all the time? If so you will probably wonder why you need to be swathed in layers of clothes when your friends and family are peeling them off. The chances are that when other people come to your home they start to swelter and feel faint from the heat but when you visit your friends#39; homes you have to wrap yourself up in a blanket and top up on the hot drinks just to keep from feeling as though you are in an icebox.你是否总觉得身上发冷?如果是这样,你可能会疑惑为何当你的朋友和家人脱去厚衣时你仍然需要裹得密不透风。当别人到你家就会开始脱去外衣,而且感觉要被高温热晕,而你去朋友家就需要裹好摊子并且一直加热饮,只是为了不至于感觉自己在冻箱里一样。It may seem like a pretty trivial problem but it can be annoying and can cause real issues – it is just not professional to wear your coat at your desk and hug a hot water bottle at work! So just why do you feel cold all the time? There are a number of potential reasons ranging from medical problems through to a lack of sleep. In this article we have set out the most common 10 reasons why someone might feel cold all the time, if you notice that some of these apply to you, you may want to speak with your physician who will be able to advise you on how best to handle it.这看起来并不是一个大问题,但会让人厌烦而且会导致一些麻烦。在工作时间总是穿着外套或捧着热水杯会显得很不专业!为什么你总觉得寒冷呢?从各种医学问题到缺少睡眠,其中的隐藏原因有很多。我们将在本文罗列出部分人总是觉得寒冷的10个最常见原因,如果你发觉其中一些原因对你适用,你最好去找能提供最佳解决意见的相关医生聊一聊。10.You Might Be Anemic10.你可能贫血Red Blood Cells are one of the key components of our blood. Their job is to carry oxygen from the lungs through the bloodstream and to the other organs. The red blood cells are able to perform this function because they are full of a compound called hemoglobin which helps bind to oxygen temporarily. A key component of hemoglobin is iron: a lack of iron in the diet or through excessive blood loss can cause a condition known as iron deficiency anemia. It is more common in women than men, particularly women who suffer from heavy menstrual periods.红细胞是我们血液的重要组成部分。它们的工作是从肺搬运氧气,通过血管将氧气传输到别的器官。红细胞主要通过血红蛋白这种可以暂时固定氧气的化合物发挥作用,而血红蛋白的主要成分是铁元素,膳食中缺铁或大量失血都会导致我们所熟知的缺铁性贫血。缺铁性贫血在女性中比较常见,特别是处于经期的女性。One of the key symptoms of anemia is that you feel cold. If your inability to feel comfortable at normal temperatures is fairly recent you might want to consider getting a blood test run in order to rule out problems with anemia. Once identified it is relatively easy to treat. You can take iron supplements to boost your levels up to normal relatively quickly but in order to maintain them you should aim to make changes to your diet. You should aim to eat more beef liver, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, green leafy vegetables like spinach and eggs. All of these are not only high in iron but are more efficient at delivering iron into the body than supplements.贫血的其中一个重要症状就是感到身体寒冷。如果在正常温度下你会觉得不舒,那么最好考虑一下近期做个血液检测以解决贫血带来的问题。一旦确诊,缺铁性贫血很容易治愈。你可以通过摄入铁补充剂以促进它尽快达到正常水平,但要保持铁含量正常,你还要改变膳食习惯。你需要有意识地多吃些牛肝,或者像西兰花之类的十字花科蔬菜,以及像菠菜之类的绿叶蔬菜和鸡蛋。这些食物不仅铁含量高,而且相对于补铁剂,它们可以高效地将铁元素输送到体内。9.You Might Be Anorexic9.你可能有厌食症Anorexia is a food disorder where sufferers restrict their food intake as much as possible. Anorexics are more than just thin they are dangerously underweight and are likely to suffer from a range of problems including headaches, dry skin, problems sleeping and an inability to regulate their body temperature. Because anorexics often hide their bodies under baggy clothing their family and friends may not, initially, notice their weight loss and therefore if someone complains about feeling cold all the time it can be a warning sign that indicates that loved ones may need to watch out for food problems and support the sufferer to seek treatment.厌食症患者总是尽可能少吃,以致食物摄入混乱。厌食症患者除了消瘦、体重严重不达标以外,还可能引起包括头疼、皮肤干燥、睡眠问题和体温不正常等问题。在厌食症初始阶段,厌食症患者总是裹着厚衣,他的家人朋友可能不会注意到他们体重下降。所以,如果有人总是抱怨寒冷,那可能是个警告,暗示着他们的饮食可能存在问题,并提醒他们寻求帮助以解决厌食症问题。The reasons that sufferers of anorexia often feel cold all the time is due to the fact that they have very little body fat. While too much fat is, of course, a bad thing, fat does play an important role in maintaining body temperature. This is because not only does fat act as an insulating material, protecting our bodies from fluctuations in temperature, but, when we notice that we are cold, our bodies burn fat to release energy which generates heat. This is why you will notice that people who originate from colder areas (such as the Inuit) tend to carry more fat than those who originate from warmer areas (such as a Masai for example) as people from colder climates need more fat to maintain their body temperature. Wherever you live and whatever your ethic origin you should, however, aim to ensure that your BMI (body mass index) which measures the relationship between your height and weight does not drop below 18.5 which is the lower end of the ‘normal#39; category.厌食症患者总是觉得寒冷的原因是体内脂肪太少。脂肪对于保持体温很重要,但是脂肪太多也不见得是一件好事。脂肪不仅是保我们身体不受气温波动影响的绝缘层,同时,当我们感到寒冷时,它会燃烧脂肪释放能量来保温。这就是为什么居住在寒冷地区的人(比如因纽特人)会比来自温暖地区的人(马赛人)拥有更多脂肪,生活在低温里的人需要更多的脂肪来保持体温。不管你居住何处,是什么人种,都必须要保由身高和体重关系计算得到的BMI值(体质指数)不要低于18.5,这是最低正常指数。8.You Might Be Developing Diabetes8.也许是患有糖尿病If you have not previously felt cold all the time but you suddenly find that you just cannot get warm at all you may be developing diabetes. If you are aly aware that you are diabetic you will be aware of this potential problem and know what to watch out for. Sadly due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, Type II diabetes is on the rise in the developed world. This disease typically comes on in middle life and the early symptoms can be difficult to detect. While the most commonly known symptoms are a raging thirst and pressing need to urinate tied in with extreme tiredness some undiagnosed diabetics find that they are unable to regulate their body temperature.如果你以前并没有感觉身体寒冷,但你突然发现自己一点也感觉不到温暖,也许你是患上糖尿病了。如果你已经意识到自己患上糖尿病,你就得注意潜在的问题并了解要注意的事情了。令人忧伤的是,由于不健康的饮食习惯和生活作息,II型糖尿病的发病率在发达国家呈增长趋势。这种疾病通常在中年时期患上并且初期症状很难识别。糖尿病最常见的症状是剧烈口渴,尿频并且伴随极度乏力,一些未确诊的糖尿病人还会发现他们无法调节自己的体温。Diabetes is easily dismissed by non-sufferers as a lifestyle disease that is easily managed with tablets and injections. Sadly it is much more complicated than that and left unmanaged can cause significant damage to the body and the health of the sufferer. One of the side effects of diabetes is known as diabetic nephrothapy or diabetic kidney damage which can occur when blood sugar levels are allowed to remain too high for too long. If the blood sugar levels damage the kidneys they are not able to filter the blood properly. One of the symptoms and side effects of this problem is feeling cold all the time. If you are a diagnosed diabetic and you suddenly start to notice the cold you should ask your physician to run kidney function tests. If you are not diagnosed as a diabetic it is one of the issues you should consider discussing with your doctor in order to rule out diabetes as a possible cause.糖尿病很容易被未曾得病者忽视,因为这种生活方式病的病情很容易被药物和注射剂控制。但让人忧伤的是,它比表面看起来要复杂得多,如果这种病失去控制,将会对患者的身体和健康造成巨大的伤害。据了解,糖尿病的副作用之一就是因血糖长时间过高而引起的糖尿病肾病或糖尿病肾损害。如果血糖浓度损伤了肾脏,肾脏将不能很好地过滤血液。而它的症状和副作用之一就是会一直感到寒冷。如果你是一位已确诊的糖尿病病人,并且突然开始感到寒冷,你应该要求你的内科医师给你检查肾功能。如果你没有确诊为糖尿病,你应该考虑的是和你的医生进行商量,排除糖尿病的可能。7.You Might Have Problems With Your Blood Or Blood Vessels7.也许你的血液或血管存在一些问题Your blood vessels are a vital part of your body – if they are suffering from problems then you may find that one of the symptoms can result in you feeling cold all the time. If your blood is not clotting as it should be then you might notice that you start to feel cold all the time. There are anecdotal reports from people who take Coumadin and Warfarin to reduce clotting problems that they feel cold while on the medication.你的血管是你身体至关重要的一部分,如果它们出现问题,你感受到的症状之一就是一直感到寒冷。如果你的血液并不能正常凝结,你也会注意到你开始一直感到寒冷。据一些轶事报道,用香豆素和华法林抗凝剂来减少血栓问题的人在进行药物治疗时会感到寒冷。Arteriosclerosis which is a narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels can also cause coldness, particularly in the hands and feet, leading someone to feel as though they just can#39;t get warm. The loss of health in the arteries causes the heart to be less efficient at getting blood to the extremities of the body which in turn feel cold because they are not getting enough blood that has been warmed by the core of the body. Arteries harden and become less efficient with age but arteriosclerosis can also manifest itself in younger people who live an unhealthy lifestyle. Arteriosclerosis, if left untreated, can develop into cardiovascular disease which is, of course, very serious. A doctor will be able to arrange tests to confirm whether or not you are suffering from arteriosclerosis and arrange for you to start on the best treatment regime.动脉硬化,即血管的收缩和硬化,也会造成寒冷,尤其是肢体动脉硬化会导致身体无法感受到温暖。动脉硬化会导致心脏无法有效地从冰冷的四肢中获得血液,而这反过来又会导致四肢不能通过心脏获得足够的温暖血液。动脉会随着年龄变硬、变脆,但是动脉硬化也会出现在生活方式不健康的年轻人身上。如果放任动脉硬化不管,显然它会发展成为非常严重的心血管疾病。医生可以通过测试来确认你是否患有动脉硬化并且给你制定合适的治疗养生方案。6.You Might Have Cold Sensitive Skin (Pattern Of Blood Vessels)6.你可能是怕冷的敏感体质(与皮肤表层血管相关)Our skin is one of the most important organs of the body when it comes to regulating and managing body temperature. When we are in a cold environment the blood vessels near the surface of our skin contract, this prevents the blood flowing through them from cooling down. Conversely when we are in a warm environment the blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate to increase the blood flow and causing us to sweat and therefore to cool down. This has the effect of conserving body heat (by preventing the blood from getting cold and then making our body core cold in turn) or of shedding body heat. In effect the blood vessels of our skin work like the heat exchange of a fridge or the radiator of a car.皮肤是身体最重要的组织之一,负责调节和管理体温。在寒冷环境下,表层皮下血管自动收缩,保持体温不继续下降。在炎热的温度下,表层皮下血管血流速加快,身体开始出汗,带走部分热量,保持体温不继续升高。我们的身体以这种机制来保持身体热量(通过保持血液温度,稳定核心温度)或减少身体热量。皮肤血管的作用就像冰箱的热系统和汽车的散热器一样,既可以降低体温也可以升高体温。Take a look at the wrists of a number of people. In some the blood vessels will be very obvious, in some people so obvious that it is possible to see their wrist pulse beating. In other people the vessels will be difficult to see and their pulse hard to detect even if it is strong. People whose blood vessels sit close to the surface of their skin are far more likely to feel cold and find it harder to warm their blood and therefore their body. Often, of course, how close the vessels are to the surface will be tied into how much weight or otherwise a person carries which ties in to some of the other points made in this article.观察许多人的手腕后,可以发现一部分人血管比较明显,更容易看到手腕上脉搏的跳动。而有些人不管他们脉搏跳动得多厉害,他们的血管很难观察到。血管更接近皮肤表层的人不容易感受到温暖,更容易觉得寒冷。而血管有多接近皮肤表层取决于一个人的体重。同时,血流量也会与其他身体体质有关。审校:飞扬 来源:前十网 /201608/459237That oak is pregnant, Walt! Something you would like to tell me?橡树怀了,沃尔特!你想告诉我什么?When love to nature becomes too strong当对大自然的爱变得过于强大时 /201606/451078Rodrigo Alves, 32, has undergone 42 operations to look like a Ken doll (Barbie#39;s beau), and is now reportedly being treated for a potentially life-threatening condition after his body rejected his new nose.今年32岁的罗德里格·阿尔维斯为了看起来像芭比的男友肯,而做了42次整形手术。而根据近日的报道,他却因为身体对新鼻子产生排斥反应而面临潜在的生命威胁。Alves is currently in a hospital in Spain with necrosis, according to the Daily Mail. He told the publication, from the hospital, ;I had nose reconstruction three months ago and it appears the new cartilage has been rejected by my body.;据《每日邮报》报道,阿尔维斯如今正在西班牙的医院里忍受着细胞坏死的折磨。他在医院接受采访时表示:;三个月前,我接受了鼻子重塑手术,而如今我的身体似乎对新的软骨产生了排斥反应。;;A horrible hole has appeared in my nostril, and the infection is eating my nose and I#39;ve been warned if it is not stopped, it could eat into my face,; Alves explained.阿尔维斯解释道:;我的鼻孔里出现了一个可怕的洞,而感染正在导致鼻子腐烂。医生还警告我说,如果感染没有被中止,那么我的脸也会遭殃。;According to the National Institutes of Health, necrosis is the death of body tissue, which occurs when too little blood flows to the tissue. It is a condition that cannot be reversed.根据国家卫生研究院表示,坏死是身体组织死亡的征兆,当过少血液流经组织时,坏死就会出现。这种病症并不能得到修复。Alves shared a before-and-after photo on his Instagram two weeks ago, apparently still feeling positive about his surgeries, with the caption, ;42 plastic surgeries, 305K English pounds very well spent!;两周前,阿尔维斯在INS上分享了一张手术前后对比照,还附言说:;42次整形手术,花了30.5万英镑真是超值!;The Anxiety and Depression Association of America notes that people who have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) think about their real or perceived flaws for hours each day. People with BDD can#39;t control negative thoughts about their looks and don#39;t believe people who tell them that they look fine. They may even undergo unnecessary plastic surgeries to correct perceived imperfections, but never find satisfaction with the results.美国抑郁焦虑协会表示,身体畸形恐惧症患者每天都会花数小时时间来思量他们的身体缺陷。身体畸形恐惧症的患者无法控制自己不去想外表的缺陷,并不相信人们对他们的称赞。他们甚至还会接受不必要的整形手术来矫正想象中的不完美。但是,他们对手术结果永远不会感到满意。We sincerely hope Alves gets better, and that if and when he does, he and the woman trying to look like Barbie can connect and start a support group.我们真诚地祝愿阿尔维斯早日康复,并且希望他能够和那位整容成芭比的早日接触,并组成一亲友团。 /201604/439334

  Planning a barbecue but worried about the weather? Don’t be put off: follow these tips for great grilling come rain or shine. Plus: recipes you can cook in the oven or over coals计划烧烤的同时会担心天气吗?不要推迟:遵循这些提示,大烧烤就会风雨无阻。另:你可以在烤箱或者煤炭上面烹饪食物When it comes to great British sports, barbecuing in the rain is right up there with aggressive queueing and passive-aggressive apologising as something we are born to do. Battling the elements, we tell each other as we tog up, is all part of the fun – but this summer is testing even my fondness for grilling in Gore-Tex.当谈到英国体育运动时,很有争议的雨中烧烤是我们出生后就会做的事情。淋着雨时一边打扮一边逗趣,,是整个运动期间最有乐趣的一件事-但今年夏天,我在戈尔特斯最喜爱的烧烤正在接受挑战。However bad the weather gets, don’t bring your barbecue into the garage or even the kitchen; carbon monoxide poisoning is much, much worse than wet feet. If you don’t happen to have an overhanging roof to keep things dry but well ventilated, invest in a large umbrella that will cover both you and the grill – a sturdy parasol will do the job, and free up your hands to turn the food and drink the beer. Where there’s rain there’s often wind, too, so make sure it’s well weighted down, or you could get a lot wetter once the fire brigade turns up. In really gusty conditions, position your barbecue at 90 degrees to the prevailing gale.不管天气多坏,都不要把烧烤架搬到车库,甚至厨房;一氧化碳带来的毒气远比弄湿脚要严重的多。如果你没有一个屋檐让所有物品保持干燥而且通风良好,那么请利用一把大伞,遮挡住你和烧烤架 - 一个坚固的遮阳伞将完成这项任务,并解放你的双手来翻食物,喝啤酒。A hands-free parasol might help …一个免提遮阳伞就可以做到……If you’re in the market for a new model, a kettle barbecue with a tight-fitting lid is a wise investment to keep the heat in and the water out. Bear in mind that whichever sort you have, rain will bring the temperature down, so it’s wise to add a little more charcoal than you usually would. Food will take longer to cook, and I find it’s also easier to burn things – mostly because I’m so reluctant to open the lid to check on them.如果你在市场上正在寻找一个新的模型,用紧身盖水壶烧烤是一个明智的选择,它可以保持温度并且雨水淋不到。请记住,无论你有何种办法,雨水依然会将温度降下来,所以明智的做法是比平时多添几块木炭。这将会需要更长时间来烘烤,我觉得它也更容易把物品烧着 - 主要是因为我很不爱打开盖子去检查。If the weather looks uncertain, it’s better to have something that can either be cooked in advance and finished on the barbecue, as in the ribs recipe below, or that doesn’t require searing heat, such as the peppers. Save the steak and seafood for another day, and concentrate instead on stuff that can be cooked low and slow without too much interference from the chef; this is the time to break out the brisket, and make the most of side dishes that can be prepared in the kitchen.如果天气情况不确定,最好准备一些可以提前煮熟或者也能烧烤的食物,如下面的肋骨配方,或者不需要加热,如辣椒。为某一天准备好牛排和海鲜,将精力集中到可慢煮小火煮的食物上,无需厨师太多干扰;现在我们信心十足,可以在厨房内准备能两用的小菜。Sometimes, however, even the stoutest Brit has to admit defeat and head indoors. Happily, these recipes have been designed to be just as good whether you’re inside or out.但是,有时甚至连最倔强的英国人也不得不承认失败,转到室内。令人高兴的是,有些食谱,无论你是室内还是室外,都可以烹饪。Roasted red pepper and walnut soup, or chargrilled red pepper and walnut salad比如:烤红辣椒和核桃汤,或炭烤红辣椒和核桃沙拉。Mustard and beer short ribs芥末和啤酒排骨译文属 /201608/460276China#39;s Supreme People#39;s Court (SPC) released a circular last Tuesday making it mandatory for relevant officials of government bodies to personally appear in court when there are trials involving major administrative disputes.最高人民法院上周二发出通知,强制要求涉及重大行政纠纷的案件庭审时,政府机关相关官员须亲自出庭。The stipulation applies to administrative cases that affect the public interest, are under huge public scrutiny, and are likely to induce mass incidents. Courts should also issue notices to recommend officials#39; appearance in other cases.该规定适用于影响公共利益、社会关注度高、可能引发群体性事件的行政案件。法院也应发出通告,要求官员在其他案件中出席。;Officials who should appear in court include principals of a government department as a defendant as well as other officials in charge of the specific areas concerned in the case,; it said.通知称,应当出庭的官员包括应诉的政府部门负责人、案件涉及到的具体领域的其他负责人。According to the SPC, those who cannot attend should designate other government staff to appear on their behalf. They should not have lawyers as their sole representatives in court.最高法表示,不能出庭的官员应当委托政府部门其他工作人员代为出庭,不得仅委托律师出庭。The circular also banned courts from refusing or delaying such lawsuits, stating that principals of the courts caught doing so will be disciplined and punished.该通知还禁止法院拒绝或拖延这些诉讼,并指出法院的主理人这样做会受到纪律处罚。Resolute efforts should be made to deter any illegal act to interfere in and obstruct a court#39;s handling of an administrative case, the circular said.此外,该通知提出,要坚决抵制干扰、阻碍法院办理行政案件的各种违法行为。 /201608/462778



  Shoppers in England will take home six billion fewer plastic bags this year thanks to the introduction of the 5p charge.在推出征收5便士的政策之后,英国消费者今年使用的塑料袋大约减少了60亿只。The first official Government figures show the charge has cut use of the environmentally-damaging bags by around 85 per cent.据英国政府第一次的统计数据显示,收费使得危害环境的塑料袋用量减少了大约85%。More than seven billion single-use plastic bags were handed out by the main retailers in 2014.在2014年,英国的零售商们发行了70多亿只一次性塑料袋。But in the six months that followed the introduction of the charge in England in October, that figure dropped to just half a billion.不过,在推出一次性塑料袋征收5便士政策后的前六个月,这一数字一下子减少了大约5亿只。That means six billion fewer bags will be taken home by shoppers over the course of the first year.如果保持第一年的这一趋势,那就意味着今年塑料袋的使用量将减少60亿只。Environment Ministers said this was the equivalent to the weight of roughly 300 blue whales, 300,000 sea turtles or three million pelicans.环境部长表示,这相当于大约300头蓝鲸的重量,也相当于30万只海龟或者300万只鹈鹕的重量。The 5p charge has also resulted in donations of more than 29 million pound from retailers towards good causes, including charities and community groups.收取5便士这一政策也导致零售商将收取的超过2900万英镑用于包括慈善机构和社会团体的公益事业。It shows small actions can make the biggest difference, but we must not be complacent as there is always more we can all do to reduce waste and recycle what we use.这显示出了小举措却能带来巨大的改变,不过我们也不可骄傲自满,因为在减少浪费和回收利用方面,我们能做的还远远不止这些。 /201609/464325

  5 Weird But Working Healthy Tips五个奇怪却有用的健康贴士1. Exercise when you are tired.1.疲惫时做运动After a long and tiring day of work an offer to exercise might not sound like a good idea, but it should. In fact, it is a physical activity that can provide the missing energy. The research shows that just one 30 minutes long moderate-intensity exercise reduces fatigue, improves mood and keeps away the sad thoughts!长时间疲惫的工作后开始锻炼,听起来并不是什么好主意,但这是应该的。实际上,肢体运动可以补充消耗的能量。研究表明,一次30分钟的中等强度运动可以减少脂肪,改善心情,赶走消极情绪!2. Write by hand to activate the activity of the brain.2.通过手写来激活大脑The researchers say that although typing with computer succeeds in a systemizing material in a short time, however, is much better to memorize the whole thing by writing it all down with hand. Specialists say that to learn something necessary, we need to absorb it, and some notes made by hand can help to absorb or learn more information. Moreover, when you a handwritten text, naturally it is easier for your brains to recover information and to remember it.研究者称,尽管用电脑打字可以在短时间内形成系统的材料,然而,全部手写对记忆整件事情来说更加有效。专家说,为了学习某些必要的东西,我们需要理解吸收它们,一些手写笔记能够促进理解和学习到更多的知识。此外,当你在阅读一篇手写的文章时,自然来说,大脑更容易回忆并记住其中的内容。3. Improve relationships by spend less time together.3.通过更少时间的相处来增进关系Running from one event to another failed to find a chance to breathe air can damage personal relationships. By taking time for yourself and just being alone for a while, you can have an opportunity to think, and don#39;t act so impulsively. And you get to know yourself better! So immediately,go for a walk, and sit in a cafe to watch people, or perhaps simply sort out the closet.一直忙于奔波,而不找个机会喘口气,这会损坏人际关系。为自己拿出一些时间来独处,你就有机会思考,不会表现地太冲动。而且,你会更加了解自己!所以,请立刻出去走走,坐在咖啡厅里看看人们,或者只是整理一下衣橱也好。4. Do not drink diet carbonated beverages, if you want to lose weight.4.如果你想减肥,千万不要喝碳酸饮料To get rid of unnecessary pounds it is recommended to give up soda water in general, including dietary. The research showed that overweight and obese adults, who are drinking a diet soda with food, consume more calories than those who drink regular soda. Also, researchers at the University of Texas study showed that a diet soda drinker#39;s waist circumference over a ten-year period increased 70 percent more than those who did not drink any sodas at all.为了减少多余的体重,建议即便你在享用正餐,也不要喝碳酸饮料。研究表明,过度肥胖的成年人在吃饭时喝无糖汽水,会比喝普通汽水的人消耗掉更多的热量。而且,德克萨斯大学研究员的研究发现,在十年内,喝无糖汽水的人的腰围,比从不喝任何汽水的人增长了70%。5. On a hot day drink hot and not cold beverages.5.热天要喝热饮,不要喝冷饮What cools more during a hot summer morning: cold or hot coffee? Two recent studies show that in fact, it was the hot coffee that did make people feel cooler. In other cultures, such as India, drinking hot drinks during the heat is the norm. When you are drinking something hot, the body will assess the change in temperature and increases perspiration. So we sweat to cool down!在酷夏的早晨,喝哪个更舒爽:冷咖啡还是热咖啡呢?最近两项研究表明,事实上热咖啡更能让人凉快下来。在其他的文化中,比如印度,热天喝热咖啡是很正常的事情。当喝热的东西时,身体会感受到温度的变化,并且增加排汗量。所以我们用出汗来降温!译文属 /201607/454303


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