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Presidential Candidates Make Appeals in Key States美两党总统候选人做选战最后冲刺  The major U.S. presidential candidates are making last-minute appeals in hotly contested states in advance of Tuesday's election. Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are focusing on a handful of states that could determine the winner. 美国总统大选即将于明天(星期二)举行。两位主要候选人正在一些选战激烈的州做最后的冲刺。民主党候选人奥巴马和共和党候选人麦凯恩现在都把注意力集中在几个有可能决定最后结局的州里。In Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Florida, John McCain targeted the tax plan of his Democratic opponent, who McCain says aims to redistribute wealth and stifle economic growth. 麦凯恩在宾夕法尼亚、新罕布什尔和佛罗里达州把矛头指向奥巴马的税收计划。麦凯恩说,奥巴马的计划是重新分配财富、抑制经济发展。McCain, a former Navy pilot and senator from Arizona, told voters in Scranton, Pennsylvania, they have a choice. 麦凯恩是来自亚利桑那州的参议员,过去当过海军飞行员。他对宾州的选民说,他们面临著一个重要的抉择。"Senator Obama is running to be re-distributionist in chief," he said. "I'm running to be commander in chief." 麦凯恩说:“奥巴马参议员要做财富重新分配统帅,而我要做国家武装部队统帅。”Barack Obama campaigned Sunday in major cities in the key Midwestern state of Ohio, which has backed the winning candidate in each of the last 11 presidential races. Public opinion surveys show a tight race in Ohio. Most give Obama a narrow lead. 星期天,奥巴马在中西部关键的俄亥俄州几个主要城市竞选。在美国过去的11届总统大选当中,赢得俄亥俄州的候选人无一例外,最后都赢得了大选。目前的民调显示,两位候选人势均力敌,不过,奥巴马在多数民调中略占优势。The Democrat focused on the economy and the anxiety that many Americans feel because of the nation's financial crisis. Obama says his tax plan would offer relief to nearly all U.S. workers and small business owners. 民主党竞选的重点是经济,以及国家的金融危机在很多美国人心中引发的焦虑。奥巴马说,他的税收计划将让几乎所有的美国工薪阶层和小生意人都受益。National polls show Obama leading over McCain, aided partly by concerns over the economy. But the race is close in the half dozen or so key states that could decide the election. The U.S. president is chosen on a tally of electoral votes from individual states, not the national popular vote count. 全国性民调显示,奥巴马领先于麦凯恩,部分原因是人们对经济的担心。但是,在有可能决定最后胜负的五、六个州里,奥巴马和麦凯恩差距并不很大。美国总统的产生是根据各个州以及首都华盛顿特区的选举人票来决定的,而不取决于全国范围内选民的投票结果。Ohio has 20 electoral votes of the 270 that are needed to win the election. In Cleveland on Sunday, Obama urged his supporters to be sure they cast their ballots. 要想赢得总统大选,就必须赢得270张选举人票。而俄亥俄州掌握著20张选举人票。星期天,奥巴马在俄亥俄州克里夫兰市敦促他的持者一定要投下自己的那一票。"At this defining moment in history, all of you can give this country the change we need, and it starts right here in Ohio," he said. "It starts right here in Cleveland." 奥巴马说:“在这一历史性关头,你们将能够给国家带来我们所需要的变革,变革就从俄亥俄开始,就从克里夫兰开始。”Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigned in several smaller Ohio cities, while Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was in another key state, Florida. 共和党副总统候选人佩林在俄亥俄州几个小城市竞选,民主党副总统候选人拜登则主攻另一个关键州佛罗里达。As Obama and McCain near the end of a nearly two year campaign, their political parties are mobilizing supporters in a massive get-out-the-vote drive. Early voting is underway in 34 U.S. states.  奥巴马和麦凯恩即将结束各自将近两年的竞选活动,而民主和共和两党则在努力动员持者参加投票。在34个州里,提前投票已经开始了。McCain campaign manager Rick Davis says the key states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, which voted Republican in 2004, are still in play. 麦凯恩竞选团队负责人瑞克.戴维斯表示,在那些关键的州里,包括俄亥俄、佛罗里达和维吉尼亚,谁胜谁负,现在还不好说。Speaking on the Fox News Sunday program, Davis said McCain made a comeback in his fight for his party's nomination, and is doing it again. 戴维斯星期天在接受福克斯电视采访的时候说,麦凯恩过去在党内提名的竞争中后来居上,现在也正在这样做。"He has been counted out before and won these kinds of states," Davis said. "And we are in the process of winning them right now." 戴维斯说:“麦凯恩过去就曾经被认为已经出局了,而最后却在这几个州获胜。现在我们也正在赢得这些州。”On the same program, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Democrats are focusing their final efforts on voters who have not made up their minds. 在同一个电视访谈节目中,奥巴马竞选团队负责人戴维.普罗夫表示,民主党方面最后的努力重点是说那些还没有拿定主意的选民。"There are still undecided voters out there, so in these last 48 hours we are continuing to talk about the economy, Barack Obama's plans for the middle class, and we are just trying to turn out every single supporter we have so we have historic turn-out on Tuesday," said Plouffe. 他说:“还有一些选民没有想好要选谁,在最后这48个小时内,我们要继续谈经济,谈奥巴马为中产阶级制定的计划,我们在尽最大的力量,保所有持奥巴马的人都出来投票,使星期二参加投票的人数创历史记录。”John McCain will visit seven states on Monday, ending the marathon effort in his home state of Arizona. Barack Obama will make campaign stops in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, then spend election day in his home city of Chicago. 麦凯恩星期一将奔赴七个州竞选,然后回到家乡亚利桑那州。奥巴马则计划在佛罗里达、北卡罗来纳和维吉尼亚州竞选,之后,在选举日赶回芝加哥。200811/54999World Markets Edge Higher美三大汽车公司寻求获得联邦救助 World markets were mostly higher, despite more discouraging U.S. economic news. Congress and the Bush administration are examining restructuring plans put forth by failing American carmakers in hopes of securing emergency federal loans. 美国经济的负面消息不断传来。与此同时,美国国会和布什政府正在审查陷于困境的美国汽车制造商提交的改组计划,它们希望获得联邦紧急贷款。The latest economic data shows further contraction of America's service sector, the slashing of 250,000 private-sector jobs in November, and reduced productivity gains in the ed States, which is now believed to have been in a recession since the end of 2007. 最新的经济数据显示,美国务业进一步收缩,11月份私人部门损失了25万份工作,美国的生产率增长出现下降。所有这些都进一步表明,美国经济处于衰退状态。The deteriorating economy has further strained America's aly-struggling automobile industry. The biggest of the top three U.S. carmakers, General Motors, says without immediate government assistance, it could face bankruptcy in coming weeks.  不断恶化的经济使已经在死亡线上挣扎的美国汽车工业雪上加霜。三大汽车公司中规模最大的通用汽车表示,如果没有政府的立即援助,它将在几个星期之内面临破产。General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are asking for a total of billion in federal loans, and have pledged to cut costs and restructure operations to restore long-term viability. 通用、福特和克莱斯勒正在要求政府提供总数为340亿美元的联邦贷款。它们保降低成本,改革经营管理,以恢复长期的生存能力。The Bush administration, which has opposed extending federal assistance beyond a billion government loan originally intended to foster the development of more fuel-efficient vehicles, is taking a wait-and-see approach to the carmakers' pleas for help. 布什政府反对在最初的250亿美元用于开发节能汽车的联邦贷款之外提供任何新的联邦援助,现在仍然对汽车制造商要求帮助采取观望态度。"We want to make sure that a company is viable, so that if the American taxpayers help the automakers now, that they do not have to help them again in six months because the plans did not work. We have said that we want to try to help the automakers. But we need to look at each of them and see if what we would be able to support could actually be a good investment fort the taxpayers, and we just do not know that yet," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. 白宫发言人佩里诺说:“我们想要确保一家公司能够独立生存。所以如果美国纳税人现在帮助汽车制造商,他们就不需要在6个月之内由于援助计划不生效而被迫继续施以援手。我们已经说过,我们希望试图帮助这些汽车公司,但是我们需要审查每一家公司,看看我们提供的帮助对于纳税人来说是不是一笔真正好的投资。我们现在还不能确信这一点。”Auto executives are to testify on Capitol Hill later this week for the second time in as many weeks. Tuesday, the carmakers reported sales in November that were down as much as 47 percent from a year ago. 今后两天,三大汽车公司的总裁们将在国会山接受几个星期以来的第二次质询。星期二,这些汽车公司报告了11月的销售情况,销售量比一年前下降了多达百分之47。"The pace of deterioration [of sales] has actually accelerated. Weakness in the first quarter [of 2008], more weakness in the second quarter, significantly more weakness in the third quarter, then October and November were the worst levels we have seen post-World War II," said General Motors Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson. 通用汽车公司的首席运营官弗里兹.亨德森说:“销售恶化的速度实际上正在加快。2008年第一季度销售量就已经下降,第二季度更加疲软,第三季度疲弱态势急剧恶化,然后10月和11月达到二战结束之后最差的水平。”But industry analysts say, even if car sales were better, U.S. manufacturers would still be losing money because the cost of producing each vehicle exceeds what they can charge to sell them.  但是产业界分析人士说,即使汽车销售量好转,美国汽车制造商还是会亏损,因为每辆车的生产成本都超过了它的销售价格。Carmakers need to cut costs, and that means securing significant wage and benefits concessions from the ed Auto Workers union, according to analyst Rebecca Lindland of the forecasting firm Global Insight.  美国经济咨询公司全球透视的分析人士莱拜卡.林德兰德说,汽车制造商需要削减成本,那就意味着要从工会组织汽车工业联合会那里获得工人工资和福利方面的巨大让步。"This [bailout of the auto industry] is not going to really work without getting some kind of flexibility from the UAW. These companies could go bankrupt, and then the union is powerless. So they have to give concessions," he said. “如果不能从汽车工人联合会那里得到某种弹性让步,对汽车工业的救助就不会真正发挥作用。如果这些公司破产,工会就失去了地位。所以它们不得不做出让步。”Democratic congressional leaders have said it would be unacceptable for the U.S. auto industry, the backbone of American manufacturing, to fail. What is yet to be decided is whether emergency government funds would come from a 0 billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 国会的民主党领导人表示,美国制造业的柱汽车工业的倒闭是不能令人接受的。现在需要决定的是,政府的紧急救援资金是否出自国会10月份通过的7千亿美元的金融救助方案。The Treasury Department has spent nearly half of those funds to prop up banks, mortgage and investment firms, and insurance companies.  财政部已经动用了这笔资金的将近一半来援助、房贷公司、投资机构和保险公司。At a news conference, President-elect Barack Obama said he wants to see federal assistance go beyond rescuing financial corporations and provide relief to Americans who are in danger of losing their homes.  当选总统奥巴马在新闻发布会上说,他希望看到联邦救援不仅仅要帮助金融公司,而且也要惠及到面临失去住房危险的美国人。"We have got to start helping homeowners, in a serious way, to prevent foreclosures. The deteriorating assets in the financial markets are rooted in the deterioration of people being able to pay their mortgages and stay in their homes. And if we help Main Street, ultimately we are going to help Wall Street," he said. “我们必须开始以十分严肃的方式来帮助房主,防止他们丧失房屋赎回权。金融市场资产不断贬值的根源在于人们缴纳房屋贷款、保住他们房屋的能力不断恶化。如果我们帮助了普通的美国人,最终我们也能够帮助华尔街。”Mr. Obama spoke after announcing the latest member of his economic team, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who he nominated to be commerce secretary.Major markets in Asia and Europe all closed moderately higher.200812/57895The remote village of Kodinji in southern India, population about 13,500, is home to more than 100 pairs of twins, and 90% of those were born within the last 18 years. No one quite knows why, and no published study explains the phenomenon. At the last count, 20 pairs of twins were enrolled in one local school, most of them identical and same-sex. Other nearby schools report similar incidences. As far as this village is concerned, it has a lot of twins, much more than others. Most schools have a lot of twins. We can’t pinpoint the reason though. Born in 1993 within 12 minutes of each other, Abhi and Anu Bhaskar walk together to school every day. In our school, they identify us by the way we comb our hair. I comb to the left and he to the right. And I have a mark on my neck. Apart from these, I do not think there are any differences. One of the most popular Hindu Gods in Hindu mythology, Lord Rama had twin boys named Luv and Kush. I think it’s a blessing. Maybe this place is one of God’s favorite ones. Kodinji is different from other places. The village also has a set of identical triplets. The fact that the number of twin births is said to have risen substantially here during the last 20 years is puzzling. And at present, there’s no scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Pinpoint: to be able to give the exact reason for sth or to describe sth exactlyRama: a deified hero worshiped as an incarnation of Vishnu(印度教主神之一,守护之神).200812/59748

Selling music companies 出售音乐集团Siren song 塞壬之歌No one wants to pay for music. Yet investors are splurging on music firms人们不想为听歌付费,但投资者们仍在音乐公司上挥霍May 12th 2011 | from the print editionAnd you thought Cher was extravagantSAY what you like about the men who built business empires from the wreckage of Soviet communism. To money-losing Western outfits, they are angels. Roman Abramovich turned Chelsea football club into a winner. Alexander Lebedev rescued the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers. And on May 6th Len Blavatnik, an oil magnate, agreed to pay .3 billion for Warner Music Group. The stunned reaction among music executives suggests that his is the greatest act of charity yet.谈谈这些你所听说过的男人,来自苏维埃共和国存体却创造了商业帝国。对于西方亏损机构而言,他们就如同天使。罗曼阿布拉莫维奇将切尔西足球酒吧变成冠军;亚历山大列别杰夫将《伦敦晚报》和《独立日报》从运营困境中解救;以及5月6日石油大亨布拉瓦特尼克,投资华纳音乐集团33亿美元,这一惊人举动是只因几位音乐执行推举他为目前最富有的慈善家。Warner Music was born in 2003, when Edgar Bronfman and a group of investors paid .6 billion for Time Warner’s music division. Mr Bronfman, heir to a whisky fortune, was known as an unlucky investor. New York magazine called him “possibly the stupidest person in the media business”. Not any more. He has managed to sell a company in a collapsing industry for substantially more than it cost (and there are rumours that another suitor will yet try to trump Mr Blavatnik’s offer). It is like making a killing on a buggy-whip firm in the car-crazy 1920s.华纳音乐诞生于2003年,由艾德加布隆夫曼和一群投资家于投资了26亿美元而成立。布隆夫曼先生在收购了威士忌酒的产业后,被公认为不幸运的投资者。《纽约杂志》称他“可能是媒体商业中最愚蠢的人”。的确再也找不到更愚蠢的人了。他管理了售出一家在夕阳产业的公司,但事实上高超它应有的售价,(并且有谣言称另一家参与竞标的公司手中仍有布拉瓦特尼克先生的王牌)。这就如同在20世纪20年代扼杀一家过时的公司。201105/137713

When the wind picks up at the foot of the Rockies, there are those who believe they can hear the future. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, making alternative power sources competitive with fossil fuels has been a mission since the energy crisis of the 1970s. Scientists worked to create solar cells far more efficient than those currently available to homeowners. They believe the market for this technology is about to come of age. When it was installed, this was believed to be the largest residential solar-electric system in the ed States. The homeowner is actually selling electricity back to the power company. "I also feel good because I've always been committed about the environment and doing something and we have to start as individuals to do things." But individuals can do only so much. Researchers here say, for renewable energy to really make a difference, it has to be on a large scale. There hasn't been any great sense of urgency for finding energy alternatives. For decades, low gas prices have kept Americans in their cars, usually alone. But a jumping gas prices often spotlights the search for something else to keep all those cars going. What's in there now is a material that looks like straw or, it's actually the material that farmers just leave sitting on the ground after they go through when they harvest corn. We are trying to get farmers to collect this material so that we can run it through conversion technology to make new liquid fuels. Since the energy crisis of the 70s, some farmers have been diverting part of their grain harvest to make a fuel called ethanol. But the emphasis now is on the stalks and stubble left on the ground after the harvest. "The cellulose attained here that actually is made up of sugars, is something that they can turn into ethanol on the same way that they're currently taking the corn grain that having it turned into fuel grade ethanol. " The National Renewable Energy Lab has a plant that converts harvest leftovers and just about anything else into fuel. Proving that renewable energy technology is viable remains a struggle, at least in America. Wind turbines were pioneered in the ed States, but countries in Europe use them to supply more meaningful amounts of power. With the current energy situation labeled a crisis, the urgency for finding reliable alternatives to fossil fuels may have arrived. And for renewable energy, the future may be now.cellulose: 纤维素organic substance that forms the main part of all plants and trees and is used in making plastics, paper, etc wind turbine:风力涡轮发电机A wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. 200810/53419Education policy 教育政策 Final exam期终考试As elections loom, Barack Obama tries to reform America’s schools 随着选举临近,巴拉克-奥巴马尝试改造美国的学校AMERICA’S schools are dotted with stories of progress. In December your correspondent watched a class of seven-year-olds on Chicago’s poor West Side. As Mauricia Dantes, a consultant for IBM before she retrained as a teacher, led the pupils in a discussion about the deaf-and-blind author Helen Keller, one small girl declared: “I feel like I’m in college.” One day, thanks to Ms Dantes and other teachers, she may be. 美国的学校系统里不乏一些可圈可点的先进事迹。去年12月份,我们的记者在芝加哥欠发达的西区旁听了一节七年级课程。当毛里西噢-邓蒂斯(Mauricia Dantes)教师(之前是IBM的一名咨询员)引导学生们围绕聋哑作家海伦·凯勒(Helen Keller)展开讨论时,一个小女孩大声说:“我感觉自己像在大学里。”感谢邓蒂斯女士和其它教师,有一天她可能真的会到那里。Barack Obama wants such scenes to be the rule rather than the exception. The question is what the federal government can do to help. Ten years ago Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), a bold effort to improve America’s schools. On March 14th Mr Obama announced that he wants to pass a new version by August. It could be one of his most important feats. But it will not be easy. 巴拉克-奥巴马希望这样的场景成为常例,而非特例。问题是联邦政府能提供怎样的帮助。十年前,国会通过了《不让一个孩子掉队法》(No Child Left Behind Act,NCLB)——一项旨在改进美国学校系统的大胆举措。3月14日,奥巴马先生宣布他想在8月份前通过一个新版本。虽然这有可能成为他执政期间最重要的成就之一,但是实现起来将不会轻松。The main problem is that politicians still disagree on Washington’s role in education. The federal government provides less than 10% of the money schools spend. But NCLB, the most recent incarnation of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, gave the federal government unprecedented influence. States must set standards of achievement. Schools that fail to make progress face sanctions. 主要问题是政客们仍无法就联邦政府在教育中该扮演的角色达成共识。虽然来自联邦政府的补贴在学校开中占比不到10%,但是作为1965年中小学教育法(Elementary and Secondary Education Act)最新体现的NCLB法案给了联邦政府前所未有的影响力。就教学质量,各州必须设定合格标准,未能达标的学校将面临处罚。201104/130807西南地区的旱灾仍在继续,救援工作正在进行。在云南,省政府、非政府机构和当地人民一起携手共度难关。Duan Lijun is a primary school student in Mile County, one of areas hit hardest in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Thanks to relief work, Lijun is given a bottle of mineral water each day. But the teenage girl saves most of her limited water a for her family. Because of this, she drinks just one and a half bottles of water each week. "It's been a long time since we lacked drinking water. Everyday, I pray it will rain soon, and that my folks at home won't suffer from thirst any longer."Since last fall, Southwestern China has been plagued by its worst drought in six decades. In some areas, the disaster is worst in a century. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the disaster has affected around 61 million people and left about 5 million hectares of land barren across Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Guangxi. Duan's hometown Yunnan is the worst-hit province, with about 5.4 million people facing water shortages.To cope with the severe challenge, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation has launched the Spring Rain program, calling for donations for water, food and other relief materials.The national Land and Resources system has also been given responsibility to pump underground water into drought affected areas. The first 153 meter-deep artesian well was made in Yiliang, a county nearby the provincial capital of Kunming, on Friday. One local farmer is very happy to have fresh water nearby his home again."I got here five this morning to queue for the water."The 552 cubic meters of water the well pumps every day will go some way to addressing the demand for water to drink and irrigate crops. Across the province, workers are drilling daily with the aim of digging over a thousand wells by mid-May. 52 are aly functioning and 288 are under construction, providing 20 percent of the needed drinking water. The Ministry of Water Resources has allocated more than 6.3 billion yuan, or around 900 million US dollars to support further relief work.Qiu Ruitian is deputy director of the State flood control and drought relieve office."The fund will be used to supply drinking water for both humans and livestock, to upgrade water conservation infrastructure and support small-scale farming water."With such industrious collaboration it is hoped that Southwest China will be enjoying a reliable water supply before long. Tingting, for CRI News.201003/100052

International Space Station sex banCommanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed."We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been."We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman aly on the station.Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions.In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the ed States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.Vocabulary:break new ground: to do something that has not been done before 有了新的突破out of bounds: not reasonable or acceptable 不合理的;令人无法接受的背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/107663Big Three US Automakers Tout Fuel-Efficient Vehicles美国汽车业三巨头推出新款节油车  Just one month after seeking government economic assistance, amid unprecedented financial turmoil in the auto industry, the 'Big Three' American Automakers - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler - are introducing new fuel-efficient vehicles, in an effort to revamp their image and increase sales at the Detroit North American International Auto Show. 陷入史无前例的财务危机的美国三大汽车公司通用、福特和克莱斯勒在寻求政府经济援助的一个月之后,便推出新的节油汽车,争取改变形象,增加销售量。The North American International Auto Show has traditionally served as an extravagant unveiling of the latest in the automotive industry. But, with automotive sales in a steep decline, this year's show represents a critical moment for American automobile manufacturers. 北美国际汽车览会传统上被用来隆重推出汽车工业的最新产品。但是面临汽车销售急剧下降的局面,今年的汽车览会对于美国汽车制造商来说至关重要。The very livelihood of thousands of autoworkers in Detroit depends on a drastic turnaround, particularly for General Motors. GM Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner knows the stakes.  底特律数十万汽车工人的生计维系于一次重要的时来运转。这对于通用汽车公司来说尤其是这样。通用首席执行官里克.瓦格纳了解这个重要性。"For , GM's focus is to rapidly implement our accelerated restructuring plan to successfully guide GM through the unprecedented economic and credit crisis that is affecting the entire global auto industry," he said. "That's a big job to be sure." 他说:“年,通用公司的中心工作是迅速贯彻我们正在加速进行的改组计划,成功地带领通用公司走出影响全球汽车工业的史无前例的经济和信贷危机。毫无疑问,这是一个重大的挑战。”Just before Wagoner unveiled what is ahead for the company, hundreds of GM employees gathered in the Cobo Center in a show of solidarity, shouting slogans in front of the assembled media.  就在瓦格纳宣布公司今年的计划之前,数百名通用公司的雇员在科中心集会,展示团结。他们在大批聚集在那里的媒体面前高呼口号。The employees also waved signs that said "40 miles per gallon" and "we're electric," themes designed to highlight the direction that Wagoner is leading the company. 雇员们手中还挥舞着写有“每加仑汽油40英里”、“我们要电动汽车”等标语,这些标语的主题都是为了概括瓦格纳领导通用公司进行改组的目标。"There is no better example of where we are heading in this critical area than the Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle that we are bringing to market next year," added Wagoner. 瓦格纳说:“在这个至关重要的改组过程中,最能代表我们未来方向的例就是雪弗莱VOLT型多种系列的电动汽车。我们将于明年把这种汽车投入市场。”GM introduced the Chevrolet Volt Concept Car, a vehicle propelled by an electric motor powered by a battery, in 2007. If continued testing proves successful, GM plans to start selling the vehicle in the ed States in November of 2010.  通用公司2007年推出雪弗莱VOLT概念车,这是一种由电池提供动力的电力马达驱动的汽车。如果后续的实验获得成功,通用公司计划将于2010年11月开始在美国销售这种汽车。Although GM was the first to announce plans for a popular-priced electric car, it will have competition from Chrysler. The company reaffirmed its commitment to have an extended-range electric vehicle as part of its lineup in 2010. 虽然通用是第一个宣布研制大众化电动汽车的公司,但是它将遇到来自克莱斯勒的竞争。克莱斯勒公司重申了它致力于研制多系列电动汽车的规划,并表示这是它2010年改组计划的一部分。And, Ford is not far behind. Executive Chairman Bill Ford is the great grandson of company founder Henry Ford. He hopes to catch some of the momentum created by General Motors and carried by Chrysler. 福特也不甘落后。公司总裁比尔.福特是这家公司的创建人亨利.福特的曾孙,他希望能够借助这个由通用开创、克莱斯勒推进的势头。"We're employing a comprehensive approach to electrification that will tackle commercial issues, such as batteries, standards and infrastructure. It starts with strategic partners as an important part of the approach," he said. "We're going to work with partners to develop and produce batteries, infrastructure, as well as government policy to speed the acceptance of electric vehicles." 他说:“我们正在利用全面手段来推进汽车电动化,这个过程将着手处理各种商业化问题,例如电池、产品标准和基础设施等等。作为规划的一个重要组成部分,我们将从建立战略伙伴关系开始。我们将与合作伙伴共同开发研制电池,兴建基础设施,并且借助政府政策来促进人们接受电动汽车。”The excitement created by the speed at which auto engineers have brought electric-powered vehicles off the drawing board and onto the show floor is tempered in recent months with the dramatic drop in fuel prices. With oil currently hovering around a barrel, auto executives admit it makes purchasing a more expensive electric vehicle less appealing to consumers aly suffering from a weak economy and tight credit restrictions. 汽车工程师们把电动汽车由图纸变为览会上的车型的速度令人激动,然而最近几个月燃料价格暴跌使这种热情有所降温。目前国际市场的原油价格在大约40美元一桶的价位徘徊,汽车公司的主管们承认,这种情况减少了消费者购买更为昂贵的电动汽车的吸引力,疲软的经济和紧缩的信贷限制已经使他们不堪负担。But automakers hope the effort to reduce dependence on foreign oil, as well as a reduction in carbon emissions are other motivating factors that will help boost sales of these vehicles. Customers could also receive tax rebates for purchasing the more fuel-efficient electric vehicles. 但是汽车制造商希望减轻对外国石油的依赖以及减少二氧化碳气体排放会成为帮助促进电动汽车销售的另外一种动因。消费者可能还会由于购买这种更节省燃料的汽车而获得减税的优惠。01/60977Zambia Opposition Leader Sata's Lead Narrows as Vote Count Continues赞总统选举反对党以微弱优势领先 In Zambia, opposition leader Michel Sata is maintaining a slim lead over rival, Acting President Rupiah Banda, as vote tabulation continues from Thursday's presidential election. With more than three-fourths of the vote counted, Sata has 40 percent of the vote while Mr. Banda has 38 percent. 赞比亚反对党领袖萨塔以微弱的优势领先于对手代总统班达,与此同时,周四举行的总统选举的选票清点工作继续进行。在目前已经清点完毕的四分之三以上的选票中,萨塔获得40%的选票,而班达只有38%的选票。Veteran opposition leader Michael Sata sprang into an early lead as the first election returns came in from his strongholds in urban areas and Zambia's mining zones. 富有经验的反对党领袖萨塔在点票开始阶段就处于领先地位,当时的选票主要来自都市地区和赞比亚的采矿区,那些地方是他的票仓。However, acting president Rupiah Banda gradually gained ground as results began to come in from rural areas where his support is greatest. 不过,代总统班达逐渐缩小了差距,与此同时,开始清点来自农村地区选票,班达在那里有大量的持者。The elections were called following the death in August of the late President Levy Mwanawasa from a stroke. 这次选举是8月下旬总统姆瓦纳瓦萨中风去世之后举行的。An analyst with South Africa's Institute for Security Studies, Judy Smith-Hohn, says as a result the campaign was short though heated. 南非安全问题研究所的分析员霍恩说,这场选战因此是短暂而激烈的。"It's been a very highly contested election," she said. "They have had a very short time to actually prepare for it. So it's hard to tell what the tendencies, how it would have been if they had had a few months' chance to actually get the battle going." 霍恩说:“这是一个竞争非常激烈的选举。他们实际上只有很短的时间进行准备,因此,很难判断会有什么样的发展趋势,如果实际上只有几个月时间进行竞选,情况的确也只能如此了。”Mr. Banda campaigned pledging to continue Mr. Mwanawasa's pro-business and corruption fighting policies. These are credited for taming inflation and bringing five percent annual economic growth. 班达在竞选中承诺继续推行姆瓦纳瓦萨的利于商业和反腐败的政策。人们认为这些政策成功地遏制了通货膨胀并使经济出现5%的年增长率。Sata campaigned on the need for change saying that the economic gains had not reached the poor. 萨塔的竞选口号是需要变革。他说,经济增长没有使穷人受益。Voter turnout was low for the election. Some observers say this was because of the short time available to prepare voters. Others say it was because the winner will only serve two years, the time remaining in Mr. Mwanawasa's term. 这次选举的选民投票率很低。一些观察家说,这是因为选民只有很短的时间作准备。还有人说,这是因为获胜者只有两年的掌权时间,这两年是姆瓦纳瓦萨总统任期所剩的时间。The opposition has complained of rigging. But election officials maintain that the vote was free and fair.In the elections two years ago, Sata complained of rigging after he was narrowly defeated by Mr. Mwanawasa. However, the results were eventually upheld.200811/54784

A Visit to Quake-Survivor Giant Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base Black and white, pudgy and cute, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is popular around the world. But during last year's May 12 earthquake, two giant pandas died, and the Wolong Nature Reserve, the home for Giant Pandas suffered severe damage. How are the pandas faring a year after the disaster? Yunfeng tells the story of Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre where a few pandas from Wolong that survived the quake settled. Thousands of people visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base each day to see its lush vegetation, bamboo groves, and most of all, the giant pandas.A Korean tourist, with the Chinese name Quan Rongren, says it is the first time for him to see giang pandas."I like giant pandas very much. They are very cute, clumsy and naughty."Micah Smith from the ed States came with his classmates from Sichuan University."With other students from Sichuan University, we went to places where the earthquake struck, and we handed out stuff to some of the school students. We came here to check out the pandas. (They seem) pretty nice. I wish they were more awake, because many of them are sleeping. The baby pandas seem very active. They are playing with each other."Four pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base were transferred from the Wolong Nature Reserve after the earthquake. Wolong was only 11 kilometers from the epicenter and suffered severe damage. It was once home to 63 giant pandas. After the quake, the body of one giant panda was found, while another still remains missing. All giant pandas from Wolong have been transferred to reserves in other provinces.Zhang Hemin(张和民), director of the Wolong Nature Reserve, tries to hold back tears when he recalls the scary experience a year ago."The earth was shaking, and the giant pandas were too scared to move. They just huddled together. Their psychological injury was immense."Zhang is known as the "father of giant pandas" in China. Since 1983, he has dedicated his time and talent to researching the breeding and protection of giant pandas. He says he considers pandas to be family members.Zhang has spent most of his time with the pandas, studying them and playing with them and has developed a deep affection for them. He says it was painful to see pandas pinned under rolling rocks, to see them trying to flee to safety and to meet their frightened eyes.Zhang says it usually takes two weeks for giant pandas to get used to a new environment. But to attend to their psychological needs, he and his co-workers have been using 'Ai Xin Wei Yang' or 'Caring Breeding' techniques since the earthquake.And Zhang has this to say,"We caress them more and talk to them more, and whenever we want to communicate with them, we bend down to avoid talking to them from a higher position. Now, we are glad to see that these giant pandas have almost recovered their old spirits."Tan Wen, who has nearly 10 years of experience in raising pandas, was designated the caretaker of the four newcomers from Wolong. He has treated the four quake-survivor pandas with extreme care and comes to the base very frequently to check on them."I think what's most important for a panda caretaker is the sense of responsibility. To really get along with them, there is no recipe other than to let them know that you really care about them. When they got the message and started to behave, I felt so rewarded. If they get sick, I will find the vet who is available 24 hours. But I myself still can't help worrying about them."Zhang Hemin says he hopes the giant pandas at Chengdu can move back into their new home near Wolong soon."You know, Wolong is a nature reserve, and those pandas were used to living in nature, not in parks or breeding centers, so it must be a little bit uncomfortable for them. I hope they will move into their new home as soon as possible."The new Giant Panda Nature Reserve will be built in Gengda Village, 10 kilometers from the former Wolong Nature Reserve. Experts spent months selecting Gengda village, which they believe provides the best geographic conditions, resources and safety conditions for the pandas.The construction of the Gengda reserve will start in July. It is estimated that the project will cost more than 1.4 billion yuan, or some 200 million U.S. dollars. Donations from different countries, non-governmental organizations, international companies and the Hong Kong government are providing most of the funds for the project.Here is Zhang Hemin again."The support from the Hong Kong government encourages us. And we are so thankful to people who have always cared about China's giant pandas. We'll live up to their expectations to rebuild a new cozy home for the giant pandas in the shortest time possible."Zhang also says the recovery and reconstruction project is a systematic project that includes assessments and mitigations of geological hazards caused by the earthquake as well as the recovery of local vegetation.Pandas usually mate in March and April. At that time, they climb from the bottom of mountains to the peaks to nourish themselves with fresh bamboo shoots before they deliver their cubs in August or September.To ensure the giant pandas have an uninterrupted "green zone," Zhang and his fellow workers are relocating more than 870 households situated on the mountain in Gengda Village.Of all the myths about giant pandas, one of the most beautiful ones goes like this: Four young shepherdesses were killed while trying to rescue a panda from a leopard. When the other pandas heard what had happened, they decided to hold a funeral to honor the girls' sacrifice.At that time, the giant pandas were pure white. To honor the deceased girls, the pandas wore black armbands at their funeral. They were so sad that they began to cry. As their tears rolled down their faces, the dye from the black armbands began to run and mingle with their tears.As the pandas rubbed their eyes, the black dye made big spots. In their grief, they clutched their ears and began hugging one another closely. The black dye marked the areas where the pandas touched themselves and each other. The pandas vowed never to wash off the black dye as a reminder of the girls and the sacrifice they made.It's not known how long this myth has been around in Southwest China, but if these giant pandas do have thankful hearts, they will definitely remember those who have cared for them especially after the May 12 earthquake and those who are still working hard to rebuild them a safe and comfortable home.05/69013There is unlikely to be a tweet out of the Spain players at the World Cup after coach Vicente del Bosque banned them from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook during the tournament.The 23-players in the European champions' squad, including striker Fernando Torres, midfielder Xavi and goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas, met up at the Las Rozas training facility outside Madrid on Monday.A spokeswoman for the Spanish soccer federation (www.rfef.es) said Del Bosque had told them they were not allowed to use the sites at any of the team's training camps or at the World Cup in South Africa starting on June 11.There are several examples of soccer players and other athletes getting themselves into trouble using the sites.England striker Darren Bent apologised to Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy last year about comments on Twitter relating to his transfer to Sunderland and his account was closed down.Real Madrid's Brazilian playmaker Kaka said this season he was going to shut his wife's Twitter account after Spanish media reported she had used it to criticise the La Liga club's coach, Manuel Pellegrini, for not giving her husband more playing time.【Notes】striker: (in football) a player whose main job is to attack and try to score goals(足球)前锋midfielder: 中场球员201006/105611一直以来人们都认为男人更擅长做体力活,使用一些笨重的工具,比如说锤子等。但是,研究表明,在某些需要使用锤子的时候,女性会更擅长一些。We might think women are not as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, like say, hammers, according to popular stereotypes.Turns out that women may have a leg up when it comes to hammering in certain situations. This was announced at the recent Experimental Biology annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.Scientists measured the accuracy and force of men and women's blows to a metal plate. They also tested their hammer style in rooms that were either brightly lit or pitch dark. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers marked the targets.)Indeed they found that men struck twice as hard as the women. But women were 25 percent more accurate than men in well-lit conditions. Surprisingly both sexes were better than expected at hammering in the dark, although men had an advantage, with about 10 percent higher accuracy.The researchers theorize that maybe men and women inherently use different strategies, putting more emphasis on either force or accuracy, respectively. But these are preliminary results. They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.But for now that old stereotype might need to be retooled.注解:leg up n. (对上马或跨跃障碍时的)帮助turn out 结果是;明是07/76638

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