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2017年10月21日 18:27:49 | 作者:度乐园 | 来源:新华社
Former U.S. president George H. W. Bush has been released from a hospital in Maine, four days after he fell and broke a bone in his neck.美国前总统老布什在跌倒并导致脖子的一块骨头骨折四天之后,从缅因州的一家医院出院。The 91-year-old Mr. Bush, the oldest living former president, went into the hospital on Wednesday after breaking a vertebrae while at his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine.现年91岁的老布什总统,是仍然在世的最长寿美国卸任总统。他在缅因州肯尼邦克波特的夏季家中摔坏了一根椎骨之后,上周三入院治疗;He is in good enough condition that they can continue his recovery at home, Mr. Bushs spokesman Jim McGrath said.老布什总统的发言人吉姆·麦克格拉斯说,“他的状态良好,院方可以继续在他家中为他治疗复原。”Mr. Bush fractured his C2 vertebra, the second one below the skull, but it didnt affect his spine. Doctors treating him had called it ;a significant injury,; but said he was in excellent shape and they anticipated he would make a full recovery.老布什摔骨折了他头骨下第二块椎骨,但是并没有影响脊椎。为他治疗的医生曾经称这是一个“重伤”,但同时表示,他的状况良好,他们预期老布什总统会完全康复。Mr. Bush, who has Parkinsons disease, was last hospitalized for a week in December due to breathing difficulties.患有帕金森氏病的老布什,去2月曾经由于呼吸困难住院治疗一个星期。Mr. Bush is the father of former president George W. Bush and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who is seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.老布什总统是前总统小布什的父亲,他也是前佛罗里达州州长、目前正寻求获得2参016年总统选举共和党提名的杰布·布什的父亲。来 /201507/386584Seoul has accused Pyongyang of duplicity by strengthening its military posture this weekend even as negotiators from the two Koreas try to reverse a rise in tensions.韩国指责朝鲜表里不一,称后者于上周末在两国谈判人员努力阻止紧张局势升级之际加大了军事部署。Senior officials on Sunday afternoon resumed bilateral talks that ran late into Saturday night without agreement, and which were prompted by a rare exchange of artillery fire this week.上周,朝韩发生了罕见的相互炮击事件,两国为此举行了谈判,但直至上周六深夜仍未达成任何协议。上周日下午,两国高级官员再次举行谈判。But as Sunday’s meeting got under way, South Korea’s defence ministry accused Pyongyang of showing “two facesby deploying additional military assets over the weekend. It said North Korea had raised its frontline artillery assets to double the normal level and that 70 per cent its submarines were away from their bases.但在上周日谈判进行之际,韩国国防部指责朝鲜“两面三刀”、在周末期间加大了军事部署。韩国国防部表示,朝鲜将其前线的火炮力量增加至正常水平的两倍,同时还有70%的潜艇离开了基地。Senior officials from both sides met on Saturday evening at the truce village of Panmunjeom, which straddles the inter-Korean border, to discuss measures to repair relations. At 4.15am the negotiators agreed to adjourn the talks and resume on Sunday afternoon.上周六晚间,两国高级官员在位于朝韩边境的板门店“和平之家”会晤,讨论修复两国关系的举措。上周日凌晨45分,两国谈判人员同意暂时休会,并于当日下午重启谈判。The Pyongyang contingent was led by Hwang Pyong So, the North Korean army’s top political officer, who has become one of the closest aides to Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader, after rising through the Korean Workersparty.朝方由朝鲜人民军总政治局局长黄炳誓(Hwang Pyong-so)带队。黄炳誓在朝鲜劳动党(Korean Workers Party)内逐步晋升之后,成为最高领导人金正Kim Jong Un)最为亲密的助手之一。South Korea’s negotiators were headed by Kim Kwan-jin, head of national security office and a top adviser to President Park Geun-hye, who came to power in 2013 vowing to build trust with Pyongyang.韩方由青瓦台国家安保室室长、韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)高级顾问金宽Kim Kwan-jin)领队。朴槿惠013年上台之际曾承诺要建立韩朝信任关系。Prospects of improving relations have been undermined by a series of diplomatic and military confrontations. The latest came two weeks ago when Seoul accused Pyongyang of laying mines that maimed two South Korean soldiers on the southern edge of the demilitarised zone that divides the peninsula.两国关系改善的前景受到了一系列外交和军事冲突的影响。最新冲突来自两周前,当时韩国指责朝鲜在位于韩朝分界线的非军事区南部边缘地区布雷,导致两名韩国士兵身受重伤。On Thursday North Korea fired three shells over the border and South Korea responded by firing about three dozen. There were no reports of any casualties. Pyongyang then threatened further military action if loudspeakers blaring propaganda across the border from the south were not silenced by Saturday afternoon.上周四,朝鲜在两国边界处发射枚炮弹,韩国则回击了30多枚炮弹。双方均没有伤亡报道。随后平壤方面威胁称,如果韩国不在上周六下午前停止在边界处播放宣传广播,就会采取进一步的军事行动。Despite the joint effort to bring calm over the weekend, the military posturing continued. On Saturday eight US and South Korean combat jets flew over the peninsula in a show of force. Seoul’s defence ministry said on Sunday its forces remained on high alert, and that the propaganda broadcasts were continuing.尽管上周末双方努力缓和局势,但军事上的部署仍在继续。上周六架韩美战机在朝鲜半岛上空飞行,展示武力。韩国国防部上周日表示,其军队依然处于高级别的戒备状态,而且继续用扩音器播放宣传广播。Meanwhile, the “semi-war footingNorth Korea assumed on Friday remains in force, with state media on Saturday carrying warnings of the country’s iness for conflict.与此同时,于上周五进入“准战时状态”的朝鲜依然枕戈以待,其官方媒体上周六警告称,朝鲜已做好战争准备。“We servicepersons are eagerly waiting for an order of attack on the provokers,Hong Chul, an army officer, was ed as saying. “The time of ultimate destruction on the part of the South Korean group of traitors is near at hand.”媒体援引朝鲜军官Hong Chul的话称:“我们军人急切地等待着打击挑衅者的命令。最终打垮南朝鲜逆贼集团的时机近在咫尺。”Experts this week noted that North Korea routinely threatens war to put pressure on Seoul and Washington, but warned that the exchange of fire was unusual and raised the risks of dangerous accidents.专家在上周指出,朝鲜时不时威胁发动战争以对韩国和美国施压,但他们警告称,此次互射炮弹异乎寻常,增加了爆发危险事件的风险。“Pyongyang instigates crises approximately twice per year, ratcheting up tensions, grabbing headlines and then fading away until the next bizarre or bellicose incident,Christian Whiton, a former US envoy for North Korean human rights, wrote on Saturday for CNN. “Unfortunately, North Korea is getting better at creative aggression.”美国前朝鲜人权问题特使克里斯蒂安惠Christian Whiton)上周六为美国有线电视新闻CNN)撰稿时指出:“平壤方面几乎每年都会有两次挑起危机,加剧紧张局势,抢占新闻头条,随后偃旗息鼓,直至下一起古怪或挑衅的事件发生。遗憾的是,朝鲜对创造性挑衅越来越得心应手。”来 /201508/395093When Chinese planners decided to build a nuclear power plant on a rain-lashed cove in the south of the country, they simply relocated more than 1,000 villagers to nearby towns.当中国规划人员决定在华南一个常受大雨袭击的海湾建设核电站时,他们只需将000名村民重新安置在附近的城镇。Contrast that with EDF, a French utility, which is building a similar plant in southwest England. To minimise disruption to the neighbours, human and otherwise, it had to build a bypass road around the nearest town, relocate bat roosts and create man-made burrows for about 60 badgers.相比之下,正在英格兰西南部建设类似核电站的法国电力集EDF),为了把对邻近地区的人或其他生物的破坏降至最低,不得不围绕最近的城镇修建一条绕行道路,将蝙蝠的栖息地重新安置在其他地方,并为大0只獾修建了人造洞穴。Despite the differences, EDF is hoping to learn a lot from Taishan, where state-owned China General Nuclear is constructing two European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs). The main lesson: how to build a nuclear power station fast and on budget.尽管有以上不同,EDF还是希望能够从台山核电站学到很多东西。在台山,中国国有的中国广核集团(China General Nuclear Power Group)将建造两座欧洲压水式反应EPR)。EDF希望从该项目中学到的主要经验是:如何快速按预算建设核电站。It is a lesson that is crucial for the future of the EPR. Each reactor is an enormous structure designed to withstand a direct hit by an aircraft, or the kind of flooding that devastated the Fukushima reactor during Japan’s 2011 tsunami. But building such safety margins into the design is expensive.这一经验对于欧洲压水式反应堆的未来至关重要。每座反应堆都是一个巨大的建筑结构,其设计要能承受飞机的直接撞击,或011年日本海啸期间摧毁福岛反应堆的那种洪水袭击。然而,在设计方案中加入这样的安全裕度造价十分高昂。The other two EPRs that are under construction in Olkiluoto, Finland, and Flamanville in France have been hit by severe delays and cost overruns. That’s allowed Taishan, which started third, to pull ahead, although it too has been delayed by about two years from its original end-2013 commissioning target by slower-than-expected construction, and a safety review of all reactors in China. The #163;16bn Hinkley Point C project in Somerset will meet about 7 per cent of the UK’s electricity demand. EDF has brought in CGN and rival nuclear operator China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) as minority partners, partly in the hope they can contribute financing for future nuclear bids in Britain and elsewhere.目前,另外两座正在建造的欧洲压水式反应堆已遭遇严重的工期延误和超,分别位于芬兰奥尔基洛Olkiluoto)和法国弗拉芒维尔(Flamanville)。这使得原本第三个开工的台山核电站跑在了前面。不过,比起2013年底投产的最初目标,台山核电站工期也延误了大约两年,原因一方面是建设进度比预期要慢,另一方面则是中国对所有反应堆开展的安全审核。萨默塞Somerset)欣克利角C核电Hinkley Point C)造价60亿英镑,将满足英国约7%的电力需求。EDF将中国广核集团和它的对手、核能运营商中国核工业集团公CNNC)都争取为少数合伙人,部分原因是希望这两个集团能够为未来在英国和其他地方开展的核能竞标提供资金。“It would be a fantastic opportunity if we could tap into their experience to make sure that our project is successful at Hinkley,Nigel Cann, Hinkley Point C’s construction director, said this month when he toured the Taishan site.欣克利角C核电站工程建设总监奈杰#8226;卡恩(Nigel Cann)这个月考察台山施工现场时表示:“这可能是一次绝佳的机遇,我们或许能用他们的经验,确保我们在欣克利角的项目成功。”Much is at stake. For EDF to win export markets for the EPR, developed along with French engineering company Areva and Siemens of Germany, it needs to lower costs and reduce construction hitches.对EDF来说,此事事关重大。要想为该公司与法国工程公司阿海Areva)和德国西门子(Siemens)一道开发的欧洲压水式反应堆技术打开出口市场,该公司必须降低成本,并减少工程建设过程中的磕磕绊绊。Maximising efficiency is also very important for the UK’s nuclear ambitions. Hinkley Point is the first of 5 new nuclear power plants that the government envisages will come on line by the end of the 2020s.效率最大化对英国的核电理想也非常重要。英国政府计划在2030年之前投入运座新的核电站,欣克利角核电站是其中的第一座。That pales in comparison with China’s nuclear vision. The country currently has 20 reactors operating and about 35 slated for completion in the next six years.这与中国的核电前景相比实在是相形见绌。中国目前运行的核反应堆0个,而且计划在未年再完工35个左右。Even before the start of construction, the new Hinkley Point reactor was controversial.而新的欣克利角反应堆尚未启动建设,就已处于争议中。To persuade EDF and its Chinese partners to build the plant, the British government signed a 35-year contract that guarantees a price of #163;92.50 per megawatt hour for Hinkley’s electricity twice the current wholesale market rate. Some condemned it as a very large subsidy for nuclear.为说EDF及其中国合作伙伴建设这座核电站,英国政府签订了一5年的合同,保欣克利角核电站的每兆瓦时电价为92.5英镑,这个价格是当前批发电价的两倍。有些人指责说这是对核电的一笔极为庞大的补贴。The contract is now undergoing a state aid investigation by the European Commission. In its initial assessment in January, Brussels said the UK was potentially wasting up to #163;17.6bn of taxpayer support on the plant.该合约目前正接受欧盟委员European Commission)的国家补助调查。布鲁塞尔方面在1月的初步评估中表示,英国可能在持这个核电站上浪费高76亿英镑纳税人的钱。The Commission will not reveal its decision until later this year. But EDF, which operates all but one of Britain’s existing nuclear power plants, is proceeding with its plans for Hinkley anyway, including regular fact-finding trips to Taishan.欧盟委员会将在今年晚些时候公布结论。但EDF(英国现有核电站除一家外都为其所有)已在推进欣克利角计划,其中包括定期前往中国台山核电站进行实地考察。In Somerset, the company has contracted with local vocational schools to train steelworkers. In China, two decades of frenzied building have produced a workforce experienced in handling steel and concrete.这家公司已在萨默塞特与当地职业学校签订了培训炼钢工人的合约。中国在20年的疯狂建设中,培养出了一批钢铁和水泥作业的熟练劳动力。Guo Ruiting, whose business card s “Boffin Senior Engineerstarted building power plants 30 years ago when EDF constructed CGN’s Daya Bay reactor. He noted with pride that his team poured the 9,200 cubic meters of concrete for the base of the Taishan reactor in one continuous shot.早在30年前EDF建设中国广核集团的大亚湾反应堆时,名片上印着“专家级高级工程师”的郭瑞廷(音)就已开始参与建造核电站。他自豪地说他的团队在浇筑台山反应堆的地基时,一次性连续浇灌了9200立方米水泥。“We thought we would be able to learn from Finland and France, because they started before us,says Olivier Bard, deputy general manager at Taishan. “But now we are the ones who have to figure everything out for the first time.”“我们之前以为可以借鉴芬兰和法国,因为他们起步得比我们早。”台山核电站副总经理奥利弗#8226;巴德(Olivier Bard)说,“但现在我们才是必须在一切方面开辟新道路的人。”来 /201405/301518Japan has protested bitterly after Russia’s prime minister visited a disputed island in a row that threatens improved relations between the two countries.在俄罗斯总理访问日俄争议岛屿后,日本提出了强烈抗议。两国围绕争议岛屿展开的争吵对两国间本已改善的关系构成了威胁。Dmitry Medvedev visited the island of Iturup, known as Etorofu in Japan, and declared the Kuril islands were part of Russia. “This is how it is and how it will be,said Mr Medvedev on Saturday. The island is one of four disputed since the end of the second world war.俄总理德米特里蔠德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)访问了伊土鲁朴岛(Iturup,日本称择捉Etorofu)),并宣称千岛群Kuril islands)是俄罗斯的一部分。“现在如此,将来也如此,”梅德韦杰夫上周六表示。伊土鲁朴岛是二战结束后日俄存在争议的四个岛屿之一。Japan summoned the Russian ambassador for a dressing down, telling him the visit was “extremely regrettableand “injured the feelings of the Japanese people while the foreign minister will delay a planned visit to Moscow.日方召见俄罗斯大使提出强烈抗议,告诉他此次登岛“非常令人遗憾”,而且“伤害了日本人民的感情”,而日本外长也将推迟原本计划好的对莫斯科的访问。The tension reduces the chances of a summit this year between Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia and hurts a relationship both countries need to offset their frosty dealings with other neighbours.这种紧张降低了日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)在年内举行峰会的可能性,也伤害了两国关系。日俄两国现在都与其他一些邻国关系冷淡,日俄关系改善对于它们缓解这一局面有着重要意义。Japan never signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union after the war because of Moscow’s claim to the four southernmost islands of the Kuril chain, which Tokyo calls the Northern Territories.由于莫斯科方面声称对千岛群岛最南边的四个岛屿(日方称北方领Northern Territories))拥有主权,战后日本始终未与苏联签订和约。Covering about 5,000 square kilometres, the islands offer rich fishing and have a Russian population of thousands. The previous Japanese population was expelled after the war.这四个岛屿总面积约000平方公里,拥有丰富的渔业资源,居住着数千名俄罗斯人。之前生活在那里的日本人在战后遭到驱逐。Settling the Northern Territories dispute is one of Mr Abe’s most personal diplomatic goals. His father, Shintaro Abe, tried and failed as foreign minister in negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s. The younger Mr Abe was at his side as a secretary.解决北方领土争议是安倍个人最想实现的外交目标之一。上世纪80年代,他父亲安倍晋太郎(Shintaro Abe)以日本外长身份尝试与米哈伊尔戈尔巴乔Mikhail Gorbachev)谈判解决该问题,但以失败告终。当时,年轻的安倍晋三作为秘书伴随父亲左右。“It’s kind of a family business,said Nobuo Shimotomai, an authority on Russia at Hosei University in Tokyo. “Mr Abe wants to solve the issue himself with President Putin.”“这有点像是家族事业,”东京日本法政大Hosei University)俄罗斯问题权威专家下斗米伸夫(Nobuo Shimotomai)表示,“安倍想由他本人来与普京总统解决这个问题。”People close to Mr Abe say he has good personal chemistry with the Russian leader but many experts doubt whether Mr Putin will ever relinquish territory gained at great cost, and think he is playing “good cop, bad copwith Mr Medvedev.熟悉安倍的人表示,安倍与这位俄罗斯领导人有着良好的个人关系,但很多专家怀疑普京可能永远都不会放弃这块付出极大代价获得的领土,他们认为普京正在和梅德韦杰夫玩“一个唱红脸、一个唱白脸”的把戏。Shigeki Hakamada, a professor at the University of Niigata, believes Japan suffers from a degree of “Putin illusionin its fond hopes that the judo-loving Russian president who unlike Mr Medvedev has never visited the Kurils is y for a deal.新潟大学(Niigata University)教授袴田茂树(Shigeki Hakamada)认为,日本存在一定程度的“普京幻想”,自作多情地期望这位热爱柔道的俄罗斯总统——不像梅德韦杰夫,普京从未访问过千岛群岛——愿意达成协议。In 2012, Mr Putin used the judo term for a “drawin talking about the islands, referring to a 2008 settlement in which Russia and China agreed to split disputed Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island down the middle. But the Russian president is now riding a wave of nationalism after annexing Crimea in 2014.2012年,普京在谈论该群岛时,曾用柔道中表示“平局”的术语,提008年俄罗斯与中国同意平分俄中存在争议的大乌苏里斯基岛(Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island,中方称黑瞎子岛——译者注)。但014年吞并克里米亚后,这位俄罗斯总统如今正得到民族主义浪潮的撑。That move and Japan’s support for international sanctions on Russia has left a more pragmatic diplomatic calculation for both sides.吞并克里米亚之举——以及日本对国际社会对俄制裁的持——使得日俄双方更务实地进行外交盘算。“The Abe administration has a dilemma. If it doesn’t take a strongly critical stance to violations of sovereignty then it risks its future position with China over the Senkaku Islands,says Mr Hakamada. China claims the Japanese-controlled islands, which it calls the Diaoyu.“安倍当局进退两难。如果不就俄侵犯日主权的举动采取强硬的批判立场,那么它未来与中国在尖阁诸岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿——译者注)问题上的立场也受到威胁,”袴田称。中国宣称对这个由日本控制的群岛拥有主权。On the other hand, Mr Abe is determined to make progress on the Northern Territories, and given its difficult relationships with China and South Korea, Japan is reluctant to alienate Russia as well.另一方面,安倍决心在北方领土问题上取得进展,考虑到日本与中国和韩国之间的困难关系,日本也并不愿意疏远俄罗斯。Russia, meanwhile, is conducting its own diplomatic pivot towards Asia. To avoid that being purely a pivot to China, however, it needs to strengthen relations with other regional players such as Japan although the strength of Japan’s US alliance gives Russia little incentive to make concessions.与此同时,俄罗斯正将自己的外交重心转向亚洲。然而,为了避免完全以中国为重心,它需要加强与日本等其他亚洲国家的关系——尽管日本与美国的紧密同盟让俄罗斯没什么动力作出让步。来 /201508/395281

Security has been tightened in cities around the world because of possible terror threats as they prepare for public celebrations marking the start of the new year.世界各地许多城市在准备迎新年的公开庆祝活动之际,加强保安措施,以应对可能的恐怖主义威胁。Sydney, Australia will be one of the first cities to mark the start of 2016, with its biggest fireworks display ever -- seven tons of fireworks at a cost of .1 million for the 12-minute show.澳大利亚悉尼市是全球最早迎新年的城市之一。悉尼市准备举行有史以来规模最盛大的焰火晚会。价值五百一十万美元吨焰火将2分钟内燃放。But Jakarta, Indonesia, is on high alert this year, after police uncovered plans for an alleged terror attack on the Indonesian capital during the festivities.但是印度尼西亚首都雅加达今年处于高度戒备状态。警方早先发现有人策划对雅加达迎新年的活动发动恐怖袭击。Brussels mayor canceled the Belgian capitals annual New Years Eve celebration because of a terror threat.由于受到恐怖袭击的威胁,布鲁塞尔市长取消了比利时首都一年一度的新年除夕庆祝活动。Mayor Yvan Mayeur said according to a crisis center analysis, it would not be possible to screen the tens of thousands of people who were expected to turn out for fireworks.布鲁塞尔市市长梅尔说,根据危机中心的分析,当局无法逐一检查数以万计可能前来观看焰火的人。Meanwhile, Belgian police announced Thursday they have arrested a 10th suspect in the November 13th Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed. Belgian police arrested two people earlier this week suspected of plotting a New Years Eve terror attack on what they call ;emblematic; targets.与此同时,比利时警方星期四宣布,他们逮捕了巴黎恐怖袭击事件的0名嫌疑人13日发生的巴黎袭击事件导致130人死亡。比利时警方本周早些时候逮捕了两人,他们涉嫌策划在新年除夕对他们所谓的“标志性”目标进行袭击。Four of the Islamic extremists who killed 130 people in multiple terrorist attacks in Paris in November were from Belgium.涉嫌制1月巴黎恐怖袭击,造成130人死亡的伊斯兰极端分子中,有4人来自比利时。Paris has also cancelled its fireworks show and cut back on plans for the evening, closing off the famed Champs Elysees avenue to cars for only one hour instead of three. But the light show projected on the Arc de Triomphe will be go on as scheduled. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told a French publication ((the weekly Journal du Dimanche)) that France needs its symbolic passage into the new year, to ;send a signal to the world; as it continues to recover from the attacks.巴黎也取消了迎新年的焰火晚会,并缩减了晚间活动计划。著名的香榭丽舍大道为晚间活动只对汽车关个小时,而不是原先的3个小时。但的灯光展将如期举行。巴黎市长伊达尔戈对《星期日》周刊说,法国需要象征性地走进新年“向全世界发出信息”,显示巴黎正继续走出恐怖袭击的阴霾。In Turkey on Wednesday, authorities detained two suspected Islamic State members believed to be planning suicide attacks on New Years celebrations in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The alleged plot involved suicide bombings in central Ankara where crowds gather to celebrate the start of the new year.土耳其当局星期三拘留了两名伊斯兰国成员嫌疑人。这两个人据信策划在土耳其首都安卡拉举行迎新年庆祝活动的时候发动自杀袭击。袭击计划涉及在安卡拉市中心人群聚集迎新年的地点进行自杀炸弹袭击。In New York City, thousands of police officers, some armed with long guns, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs, are preparing for the citys massive New Years celebration in Times Square, expected to draw more than a million people.在纽约,几千名警察正在为时报广场举行的大规模迎新年活动做准备。一些警察佩戴长,放射物质探测器和炸弹搜寻犬。预计将00多万人参加那里的迎新年活动。Police, the FBI, and Homeland Security officials say there are no specific credible threats to New York or any other U.S. celebrations.纽约警方、联邦调查局和美国国土安全部官员表示,纽约和美国其他城市的迎新年活动没有具体可信的威胁。来 /201601/422181

Modis praise sparks outrage莫迪的言论一石激起千层浪Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sparked backlash after he praised his Bangladeshi counterpart for her courage to fight terrorism ;despite being a woman;, triggering an avalanche of criticism on social media site Twitter.印度总理莫迪日前称赞孟加拉国总理;尽管身为女;却拥有打击恐怖主义的勇气,此言一出,便在社交媒体网站推特上招致铺天盖地的批评;I am happy that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism. I would like to congratulate Sheikh Hasina for her courage to deal with terrorism with zero tolerance,; Modi said at the Dhaka University.莫迪在达卡大学表示,;我很高兴看到,孟加拉国总理尽管身为一名女性,却公开表示她对恐怖主义零容忍。对于哈西娜总理零容忍姿态打击恐怖主义的勇气,我要向她表示祝贺;Twitter users went into frenzy early on Monday as Modis comments were picked up by local media, with many users expressing anger at what they said was a bigoted and sexist remark.莫迪的言论被当地媒体报道之后日一早便引爆了推特,许多用户表示愤怒,称莫迪此言心胸狭隘,存有性别歧视。来 /201506/379926

The long wait for new rail system investments ended on Friday after Thailand and China signed an agreement to build new tracks to fulfill Thailands ambition to improve its hapless train system.中国与泰国终于于周五签订新的铁路系统投资协议以建造新的铁轨来提升泰国的铁路系统。The memorandum of understanding was signed at Government House by Transport Minister Prajin Juntong and Xu Shaoshi, chairman of the National Development and Reform Council of China. The ceremony was witnessed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.这份谅解备忘录由交通部长Prajin Juntong和中国发改委主席徐绍史签订。与会的还有总理巴育以及中国总理李克强。It capped a visit by the Chinese premier who is the most prominent world leaderto visit the country since the military seized power on May 22.自军2号掌权以来,中国总理李克强是访问泰国的领导人中最有权势的一位。Mr Xi will also attend the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) summit in Bangkok on Saturday, along with delegates from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laosand Myanmar.习先生也将在周六参加大湄公河次区域峰会,参加此次峰会的代表团包括泰国,中国,越南,柬埔寨,老挝和缅甸。Under the agreement signed on Friday, China will build the countrys first standard-gauge tracks on two routes. The first one will run from Nong Khai province to the Map Ta Phut deep-sea port in Rayong province via Nakhon Ratchasima province and Kaeng Khoi district in Saraburi for 734 kilometres. Asecond 133-kilometre line will run from Kaeng Khoi to Bangkok.在周五所签订的这份协议下,中国将为泰国的两条线路首次建造标准轨距的铁轨。第一条长34公里,第二条长达133公里。The project will be carried out on a government-to-government basis with further financial details including the construction cost to be discussed,according to Thai government statement.这个项目将是政府间的合作,进一步的财务细节包括建造成本还有待讨论,泰国政府的声明中说。The lines will consist of 1.435-metre tracks that will enable trains to run at speeds up to 180 kilometres per hour, and can accommodate high-speed trains up to 250km/h inthe future. The State Railway of Thailand currently uses the 1-metre gaugesystem.这些线路的轨距是1.435米,能让列车80公里的时速运行,未来还能适应时速达250公里的高铁。泰国国家铁路局目前使用的是1米轨距的系统。The Xinhua news agency on Thursday estimated the construction cost at US.6 billion (350 billion baht).周四,新华社估计建造成本可06亿美元(3500亿泰铢)。Construction could start in 2016 and be completed in 2022, according to the agreement.建造可能于2016年开始,并于2022年结束,协议中规定。The two countries agreed that preparation should start as soon as possible. ACMPrajin said early this month that it could begin in February.两个国家同意前期的准备工作应该尽早开始,可能月份开始。Gen Prayut has said that the new system will be built for normal trains only but did not rule out a plan to bring high-speed trains to Thailand in the future.巴育将军说新的铁路系统是为常规列车制造的,但是并不排除未来将高铁带到泰国。The train project is in line with plans to improve its rail transport and the countrys ambition to be the transport hub linking Southeast Asia with China.这个计划是为了提高泰国的铁路交通,以及让泰国成为连接东南亚和中国的交通枢纀?China plans to build another line from its southern border to Vientiane in Laos which will connect to the Thai line in Nong Khai中国计划建造另外一条铁路从中国南方到老挝的万象,这条线路将与廊开府的泰国线路相连。The train deal will foster economic growth between China and Southeast Asia,Yang Yong of the China Railway Corporation told Xinhua.这个铁路协议将促进东南亚和中国的经济增长,中国铁路公司的杨勇对新华社说。Gen Prayut will visit China on Monday and Tuesday. While there, he plans totake a high-speed train ride from Beijing to Tianjin, said government spokesman Yongyuth Mayalarp said.巴育将军将于周一和周二访问中囀?他计划坐高铁从北京到天津,泰国政府发言人说。The two countries also signed another agreement on agriculture under which China would buy more farm products from Thailand. Commerce Minister Chatchai Sarikulya signed the deal on behalf of Thailand.两国还签订了一个农业协议,中国将从泰国进口更多的农产品。商业部长Chatchai Sarikulya代表泰国签署了这个协议。Gen Prayut said before meeting with Mr Li that China would buy 2 million tonnes of Thai rice but did not specify the timeframe of the purchase.巴育将军在与李克强会面前称中国将从泰国购00万吨的大米,但是并没有具体说明购买的时间表。来 /201412/349805

Just weeks before Taiwan holds general and presidential elections, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou announced he will hold face-to-face talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Singapore.在台湾数周后即将举行大选之际,台湾总统马英九宣布将在新加坡与中国国家主席习近平举行会谈。The meeting Saturday will be the first between Taiwanese and Chinese leaders since 1949 and authorities in China are predicting it will be a “major historic milestonein the development of cross-strait relations.定于星期六举行的此次会谈将是台海两岸领导人自1949年以来的首次会晤。中国有关当局说,这次会晤将是台海两岸关系发展过程中具有重大历史意义的里程碑。In Taiwan, opposition politicians immediately voiced their concern about the talks and dozens began to rally in the capital, Taipei. Some called for the impeachment of Ma, noting that before he was re-elected to a second term in office, the president pledged to not meet with Chinas leaders or discuss unification.但台湾反对派领导人对这次会谈表示担忧,数十人开始在台北举行抗议集会。马英九的发言人说,双方不会签署任何协议,并强调此次会谈旨在巩固两岸和平,维持台海现状。According to Chinese state media, the “cross-strait leaderswill not address one another as president during the meeting, but instead call one another “Mister.”中国国家媒体说,双方在会谈中不会以“主席”和“总统”相称,而是彼此称呼“先生”。After holding brief talks in the afternoon, the two will hold separate press conferences and dine together in the evening.习近平和马英九星期六下午举行简短会谈后,将分别举行记者会,并共进晚餐。Relations between Taiwan and China have bloomed during Mas tenure, but so has public concern -- especially among younger voters -- about the islands over-reliance on China.马英九担任总统期间,台湾与中国的关系获得极大发展,而台湾民众,尤其是年轻一代的台湾选民则担心台湾过度依赖中囀?Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen said no private agreements will be signed during the talk.台湾民进党发言人郑运鹏说,马英九可能在这次闭门会谈中与对方达成未经授权的协议。Eric Chu, the Nationalist Partys presidential candidate, echoed Chinas position about the meeting, saying the talks would be an important milestone for cross-strait relations.国民党总统候选人朱立伦表达了与中国相同的立场,即习马会将成为两岸关系中的里程碑。In the ed States, White House spokesman John Earnest welcomed the news, ;The fundamental interest of the ed States is in a stable and peaceful cross-strait relationship.;在华盛顿,白宫发言人欧内斯特对记者说,台海两岸维持稳定与和平的关系符合美国的根本利益。来 /201511/408154

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