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More than any other season in the poles,在两极 与其他季节相比winter was to pose the greatest challenge to the Frozen Planet crew.冬季给来到极地的人 带来最大的挑战The team endured winds of over 100 miles an hour摄制组忍受着时速超过160公里的狂风and temperatures as low as -50 degrees centigrade.还有摄氏零下五十度的低温Their boats were trapped in sea ice for days,他们的船陷入海冰中好几天while bears trapped others indoors.熊让他们不敢外出Some of the coldest conditions experienced一次最冷的经历were near the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada.发生在加拿大北部的北极圈附近In winter, temperatures drop to -40 degrees, and stayed there.冬天 气温长期保持在零下四十度On the edge of the vast Taiga forest,在广袤的针叶森林边缘the team hoped to film one of the most remarkable摄制组想拍摄这个星球上predator-prey relationships on the planet.最神奇的捕食和被捕情况What they experienced was the struggle against the elements.他们要与恶劣的天气作斗争What they witnessed was a more profound struggle而他们看到的是 一场生死攸关for life and death.意义深远的竞争 /201211/211495

It was a late night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves... But you’re paying for it now with a stonking hangover and some pretty serious tidying up to do. And it looks like the mess is more than just superficial. Luckily Polycell know all the tips to sort out that post-party damage.狂欢至深夜,大家看上去都很尽兴……但是现在到你忙活的时候了,醉的一塌糊涂,却还有一大堆整理工作等着你。而且那些混乱不仅仅是表面上的。有幸的是,Polycell将教给你怎样进行派对过后的整理工作。Step 1: Stained Walls1.沾了污渍的墙壁Oh dear - someone#39;s got a bit excitable. Unfortunately your wall now looks like the set of the Texas Chainsaw massacre. Start by dabbing it with a rag soaked in warm water, but if you can still see the stain then you need to try painting it with polycell stain stop - this is great for disguising the evidence!!天哪,有的人简直兴奋过度了。你的墙壁不幸地遭殃了,就好像经历了德州电锯大屠杀一样。可以先用浸了温水的抹布擦拭一下,如果仍然能看到污渍,你必须按照Polycell教你的方法重新进行粉刷了——这用于掩盖据是非常好的。Step 2: Damaged Paintwork2.油漆受损How did that happen? Nevermind, it can be easily fixed with Polyfilla. If you#39;re not much of a DIY expert, use a no-sanding Polyfilla, which gives an ultra smooth, hassle-free finish. Just squeeze it directly into the hole and smooth with a wet filling knife. If you#39;ve got any left over paint, you can then touch up the area once it has dried.这项工作应该怎样进行呢?不要紧,根据我们提供的方法很容易完成。如果你不擅长自己调制,可以使用提前配置好的材料,可以简单地将损坏的墙壁粉刷平整。只要挤到损坏的小孔里,然后用剪刀抹平就可以了。如果有剩余的油漆,可以等修补的地方干燥之后加以润色。Step 3: Damaged Woodwork3.木制品受损So it#39;s not just the paintwork that took a battering - looks like someone#39;s managed to scratch the skirting boards and put a big dent in your coffee table - that#39;s easy to sort out. Just get some woodflex, give it a stir and sp it into the scratch. Give it a few hours then sand it down before giving it a lick of paint.不仅仅是表面的油漆受损,似乎有人刮伤了咖啡桌的边缘,造成了凹痕——这也很容易处理。拿一些水性木器漆,搅拌一下涂抹在刮伤处。静置几个小时,打磨,然后再用油漆粉刷。And next time - remember to hold the party at somebody else#39;s place.下次,记得在别人的地盘举行派对。Thanks for watching After Party Clean Up.感谢收看“怎样进行派对后的整理工作”视频节目。 Article/201301/219660

Today in History: Friday, November 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月2日,周五On Nov. 2, 1948, President Harry S. Truman narrowly won re-election over Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey.1948年11月2日,杜鲁门总统以微弱优势击败共和党候选人杜威获得连任。1783 Gen. George Washington issued his farewell address to the Army near Princeton, N.J.1783年,乔治·华盛顿将军美国新泽西州普林斯顿向军队发表告别演说。1795 James K. Polk, the 11th president of the ed States, was born in Mecklenburg County, N.C.1795年,美国第11届总统詹姆斯K.波尔克在北卡罗来纳州梅克伦堡县出生。1865 Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the ed States, was born near Corsica, Ohio.1865年,美国第29届总统沃伦·哈丁在俄亥俄州科西嘉岛附近出生。1889 North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states.1889年,北达科塔州和南达科塔州成为美国的第39个和第40个州。1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour expressed support for a national home for the Jews of Palestine in what became known as the Balfour Declaration.1917年,英国外交大臣阿瑟·巴尔弗表示持巴勒斯坦建立犹太人之家,这就是众所周知的《贝尔福宣言》。1947 Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden airplane, the Spruce Goose, on its only flight, which lasted about a minute over Long Beach Harbor in California.1947年,霍华德·休斯驾驶着巨大的木制飞机Spruce Goose进行它唯一的飞行,在加州长滩港持续了大约一分钟。1959 Charles Van Doren admitted to a House subcommittee that he had the questions and answers in advance of his appearances on the TV game show ;Twenty-One.;1959年,查理·范多伦向众议院一个委员会承认,在电视游戏节目《21》中提前获得了问题和。1963 South Vietnamese President Ngo Dihn Diem was assassinated in a military coup.1963年,南越总统Ngo Dihn Diem在一次军事政变中被暗杀。1976 Former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter defeated Republican incumbent Gerald R. Ford, becoming the first U.S. president from the Deep South since the Civil War.1976年,前乔治亚州州长吉米·卡特击败共和党现任总统杰拉尔德·福特成为内战以来第一个来自南方腹地的美国总统。1983 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill establishing a federal holiday on the third Monday of January in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.1983年,里根总统签署了一项法案,在一月的第三个星期设定联邦假日,纪念民权领袖马丁·路德·金。2004 President George W. Bush was elected to a second term.2004年,乔治W.布什连任美国总统。2009 Afghanistan#39;s election commission proclaimed President Hamid Karzai the victor of the country#39;s tumultuous ballot, canceling a planned runoff.2009年,阿富汗的选举委员会宣布总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊获得投票胜利,取消了计划中的决胜选举。2010 Californians rejected a ballot measure that would have made their state the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use.2010年,加州拒绝了一份欲使其成为第一个大麻合法化州的投票议案。 /201211/207268


  【视频欣赏】【视频文本】True serenity comes from within, but even Buddhists can use a little jump start now and then.You Will NeedOpportunities to laugh Time for family and friends TV-watching time Absorbing hobbies And a gratitude journal A new job Step 1: Laugh often(多笑)Laugh as often as you can. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to drop dramatically, leaving your feeling profoundly relaxed.People with a strong sense of humor are less prone to depression and anxiety.Step 2: Find time for friends(多和朋友聚聚)Find time for friends and family. Researchers who studied very content people found that every single one was extremely outgoing and reported strong social bonds.Step 3: Take charge(掌握生活规律)Take charge of your life—even if that means standing up to a controlling loved one or finding a job that gives you more freedom. Confronting a troubling issue now will ensure more serenity later.Step 4: Do what you love(做自己喜欢的事)Start a career doing what you love. A Swedish study found that people who work hard at something they find fulfilling are more satisfied with their lives.No matter how much you love your job, take vacations: people who don’t are more susceptible to heart attacks!Step 5: Don't feel guilty(不要有负罪感)Be a couch potato without guilt. A study of women who kept a daily mood diary found that watching TV at night was their daily relaxation peak.Step 6: Sleep more(多休息)Get more sleep. A major impediment to serenity is fatigue due to lack of sleep.Step 7: Return to nature(与大自然接触)Go for a hike, take a walk on the beach, or garden—just get outside. Scientists believe that we’re actually hard-wired to relax when we’re in the presence of the natural world, including plants and animals.Step 8: Go with the "flow"(沉浸)Go with the “flow,” which is the state of intense well-being that occurs when we are so immersed in an activity that we lose all track of time—researchers say this is a key to contentment.Step 9: Keep a gratitude journal(写感谢日记)Keep a gratitude journal. Studies show it helps us want what we aly have — the true key to happiness.The well-known “serenity prayer,” attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr, says, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Article/201001/95126。

  【视频欣赏】How To Beat Your Addiction For Good on Howcast【听力文本】You keep saying you want to be rid of it, but nothing works. You need to want it badly enough.You Will NeedFellows in recovery Rest Physical activity Self-examination Toughness Interests Gratitude Replacement activity Step 1: Bond in recovery(找一个志同道合的知己,一起克食物的诱惑)Bond and interact with others in recovery. Join a peer support group or find friends who are doing something about their addictions so that you don’t feel alone.Step 2: Remove yourself(尽量避开诱惑)Avoid places where you are likely to come across your vice. Stay away from people and places where you will be reminded of it.Step 3: Get rest(休息好)Give yourself rest, relaxation, respect, and stability in every aspect of your life. For self-esteem, start by eating well, exercising, and pacing yourself.Step 4: Conquer inaction(战胜不活跃的自己)Push yourself to conquer distraction, laziness, and inaction. Attend talks, books for inspiration, and stay physically active to get reconnected with the world.You don’t have to hit bottom to begin recovering.Step 5: Examine your thought patterns(找到自己喜欢美食的原因)Examine the thought patterns that lead to your addiction, and the denials you attempt. Identify your triggers and eliminate them.Step 6: Treat this like any sickness(把自己对美食的喜欢当成一种不正常的心理)Treat withdrawal as you would any sickness and stick it out. You are getting your health and life back and you need to toughen up.If you think you’re having detox symptoms, seek medical help right away.Step 7: Replace the addiction(发展新的兴趣爱好来替代)Find something that gives you more pleasure than the addiction. Build a discipline and gratitude around that activity.Data from 2002 to 2007 show that 11.9 percent of U.S. children lived with a parent who abused alcohol or drugs. Article/201005/103447

  TEXT:If they#39;re captured and their guns turned on Yorktown, the British will be forced to surrender. How#39;s it look up there? It#39;s time. All the batteries in our line lay silent. We lay anxiously waiting for the signal...Patriots race 100 yards to the British lines under fire and a hail of hand grenades.Come on! Come on! A force of 400 break through and storm the British fort. Fighting in close combat with bayonets, they beat the redcoats back. Immediately after the fighting had ceased, I went out to see what had become of my wounded friend. He was dead. 34 of Martin#39;s comrades lie dead or wounded...but they#39;ve breached Yorktown#39;s defenses. Two days later, the British surrender and begin negotiations for peace. For the past six years,leadership...training, weapons and intelligence have been vital. The Rebels have achieved the impossible. The ed States is the only country to win independence from the British in war. On April 30, 1789, Washing ton is inaugurated first president of the ed States of America under the new constitution. But liberty comes at a price. Over 25,000 men have lost their lives in the battle for independence...but a new nation is born. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.译文:如果占领它们并将炮火指向约克镇,英军将被迫投降。上面的情况怎么样,是时候了。我们阵线的炮兵都静静等待,我们都急切地等待信号出现。爱国将士迎着英军炮和手榴弹的火力阻击冲向100码开外的英军阵线。快上,冲啊。400人小分队冲破英军阻击占领了要塞,使用刺刀进行近距离交战,他们成功击退了英军。战斗一停止,我立马出去查看受伤战友的情况,他已经死了。马丁的34位战友躺在地上或死或伤,但他们成功攻破了约克镇的防线。两天后,英军投降,和平谈判开启。过去的六年中 领导力,训练,武器和情报成为了关键因素,起义军赢得了不可能的胜利。美利坚合众国是唯一用战争从英国手中赢得独立的国家。1789年4月30日,华盛顿在新宪法的授权下就任美利坚合众国第一任总统。但这自由来得代价高昂,两万五千多人在争取独立的战争中牺牲了生命,但新国家也因此诞生。我们认为下面这些真理是不言而喻的人人生而平等,造物主赋予他们若干不可剥夺的权利,包括生命权,自由权和追求幸福的权利。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国的情报之父-华盛顿(4)(接上期内容)  约翰·霍尼曼在战前是一个做纺织品生意的商人,因为同情独立战争而愿意为华盛顿效力。1776年,他奉华盛顿的命令,去新泽西的新不伦纽克搜集情报。在那里,他成为一名专做牛肉生意的人,财产颇丰,并宣称忠于英国--并且曾因为这个差点被;叛变的暴徒;抓捕。霍尼曼很快就成了当地知名的亲英派商人,他的生意做得很顺当,并因此与特伦顿地区的英国驻军和黑森雇佣军(系英国从普鲁士征召的雇佣兵)建立了密切联系。他的慷慨、友好和;对大不列颠的忠诚;,使他得以和一些英军高级指挥官攀上交情。  1776年12月22日,华盛顿司令下令,逮捕;亲英奸商;霍尼曼。  然而,没过几天,霍尼曼奇迹般地从大陆军的军营里;死里逃生;,;逃回;新不伦纽克。此时,华盛顿已知道,特伦顿地区的英军已被派往纽约,只留下黑森雇佣军驻守。指挥官鲁尔上校狂妄自大,他的部队也嗜酒成性,疏于防备,没有修筑任何防御工事。逃回去的霍尼曼向鲁尔上校报告说,大陆军都待在冬季兵营里,没有任何行动的迹象。军士们更加放心,昼夜狂欢。就在圣诞节的夜晚,华盛顿指挥军队悄悄渡过特拉华河,正陶醉在圣诞节欢乐中的黑森雇佣兵们被打得措手不及,只好束手就擒。特伦顿之役规模不大,但这个胜利是在战争初期大陆军屡遭挫败,士气最为低落的关键时刻取得的,因而意义重大。显然,霍尼曼在其中起了不可替代的作用,谍报工作因此显得更加意义非常了。  值得一提的是,华盛顿手下有一名代号为;355;的女间谍,她善于伪装,行踪诡秘,机智大胆,颇得华盛顿的赏识,甚至被称为;完美的间谍;。作为一名间谍,她的成绩堪称完美。她揭开了美军叛变将领本尼狄克特·阿诺德的真面目,后者企图以2万英镑的价格将西点要塞出卖给英军。同时,她还单匹马擒获了英军情报首脑约翰·安德烈少校,使英军的情报网几乎陷于瘫痪。美国赢得独立战争的胜利,她功不可没。;355;的真实名姓至今仍不可知,在很多人看来,她是拯救美国的英雄,也是所有美国优秀间谍的女祖师。[下期第三集《西进》]Perfect Hot Chocolate. A short film showing you how to make the perfect frothy hot chocolate. Give it a go, and taste the benefits. .绝对美味的热巧克力。本期节目将会告诉你如何做热巧克力,来学学吧。Step 1: You will need所需材料#8226;1 mug1只杯子#8226;1 small saucepan1只炖锅#8226;1 teaspoon1只茶匙#8226;1 whisk1台搅拌机#8226;1 grater1个擦菜板#8226;300ml milk300毫升牛奶#8226;3 heaped teaspoons instant hot chocolate powder满满3茶匙烘烤过的巧克力粉#8226;some ground cinnamon一些肉桂粉#8226;a piece milk chocolate1块牛奶巧克力Step 2: Milk2.牛奶Fill a mug with 300ml of milk. Pour about 3 quarters into a pan, and keep the rest back in the mug.把300毫升牛奶倒入杯子里,把其中的3/4倒入平底锅中,剩下的留在杯子中待用。Step 3: Paste3.面糊Add 3 heaped teaspoon of hot chocolate powder to the mug. Stir it into a smooth paste.加入3汤匙的巧克力粉,搅拌成面团。Step 4: HANDY HINT4.便捷提示Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a warming flavour boost. Stir it in well.加入一些肉桂粉,以提高口感,搅拌好。Step 5: Froth5.泡沫Place the pan over a medium heat. Heat the milk for about 3 minutes. When it#39;s hot, whisk until it#39;s frothy.把平底锅放在火上,用中火加热三分钟,变热后搅拌使其多沫。Step 6: Pour6.倒入Pour the hot milk back into the mug. Stir well.把热牛奶倒回杯子中,搅拌好。Step 7: HANDY HINT7.便捷提示For a really indulgent treat, grate a little milk chocolate over the mug.为了使其更加美味,可以在杯子中放入一些牛奶巧克力碎屑。Thanks for watching How To Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate谢谢收看本期“调制热巧克力”节目。 Article/201208/196974美国第一夫人米歇尔.奥巴马以女性和母亲的身份,谈论医疗改革。 Article/200912/91316

  Challenging yourself is important for your personal growth. This could mean drifting away from your daily routine and stepping out of your comfort zone. Thinking of it might even be a challenge aly but this coaching will be your guide.挑战自我对个人成长极其重要,这意味着偏离日常规律,走出习惯范畴。想到这一点已经觉得是一个巨大的挑战,但是这段教育视频可以为你提供指导。How to challenge yourself? Challenging yourself is so important for your own personal growth. If someone wants to do the same thing everyday for the rest of their lives, life would be very very dull. So, challenging yourself actually mixes things up a little bit and actually enables you to discover a little bit more about yourself and personally grow.怎样挑战自己?挑战自己对你的个人成长非常重要。如果你的余生每天都重复同样的事情,生活将会非常乏味。所以,挑战自己可以让生活更加丰富,让你更深入地挖掘自己的潜力,让自己获得成长。So to challenge yourself, what would you think is the best way to do so? I would say it#39;s to do something different. So, set yourself some goals that are slightly different than what your normal routine would actually consist of. So, if you#39;re used to ing a particular type of book, why not a different type? So if you#39;re used to ing novels, why not newspapers? It may sound quite bizarre and quite minimal but that could be a really small goal that you could set yourself to actually challenge yourself.那么,挑战自己的最好方法是什么呢?我要说,尝试做一些不同的事情。为自己设定一些与常规情况有所不同的目标。如果你习惯阅读某些特定类型的书籍,为什么不阅读一下其他类型的呢?如果你习惯阅读小说,为什么不看报纸呢?这听上去非常怪诞,差别非常细微,但是可以作为你用来挑战自己的小小目标。If you#39;re a dancer for instance and you#39;ve been doing the same dance for the past 5 years, why not take up a different activity or a different sport? Challenging yourself is not about sort of making things difficult but it#39;s actually to move you out of your comfort zone to do something completely different which enables you to grow. If you#39;re doing the same thing day in and day out, where would the challenge be? Where would the change be? Where would your change of behaviour and patterns be? So to challenge yourself, it#39;s really important in this day and age. So, to challenge yourself is to take yourself out of the box and do something different.如果你是一名舞蹈家,过去五年一直跳同样的舞蹈,为什么不参加一种新的活动或体育运动?挑战自己并不是说使事情变得更加困难,而是让自己走出已经习惯的范畴,尝试一些完全不同的东西,这可以使你成长。如果你每天重复同样的事情,怎么会有挑战呢?你的行为模式怎么能发生变化?所以,在当今社会,挑战自己非常重要,挑战自己就是走出常规,做一些不同的事情。As human beings, we need to grow as individuals and change our behaviours every now and then. So, change your routine and dosomething different today.作为人类,作为个人,我们需要成长,需要不时改变自己的行为。所以,从今天开始改变习惯,做一些不同的事情。Thanks for watching How To Challenge Yourself感谢收看“怎样挑战自己”视频节目。 /201210/202608讲师: 肖恩;卡罗尔字幕:中英双文授课语言:英文在TEDx加州理工学院,宇宙学家肖恩;卡罗尔把我们带入一段性强且发人深省的,穿梭于时间与宇宙之间的旅程,目的是探究一个貌似简单的问题:为什么存在着时间?潜在的指向的对于整个宇宙以及宇宙中的我们的见解足以令人称奇。 Article/201201/168698


  【视频欣赏】Communication Skills: How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills Article/200912/93190。


  婚姻有如围城,有的人拼命想挤进去,有的人抓破脑袋想逃出来。所以现在还是单身的你不必烦恼哦!【视频文本】Learn to appreciate your single status. Here are five things that singles sometimes take for granted.Step 1: SleepSleep is a beautiful thing. When you're single, no one's nagging at you to get up or counting the hours that you've spent in bed. You are left in peace with your box fan and body pillow. Sleep all day guilt-free!Step 2: MoneyWhen you're single, there's no joint account. You can do whatever you want with your money. There's none of that "what's yours is mine, what's mine is yours" foolishness. No household budget. Go ahead and buy that hideous, life-size statue of Wayne Newton. Put it in the middle of the living room. No one is the boss of you!Step 3: CareerWork all night, all weekend if you want to. Then socialize with the boss until 2:00AM or later. Your married co-workers can't compete. They've got "commitments". You win by default! And when that headhunter calls, there's no one holding you back. Pack up and move wherever the fattest paycheck is waiting.Step 4: RejectionWhen you're single, rejection is your friend. If you're on a bad date, make up some excuse and get the heck out of there. You don't have to ever see her again.Step 5: Amuse YourselfHost a poker tournament complete with back up dancers. See how much laundry you can fit into the washer. Create a new dish out of the few things you have left in the cupboard and eat it in the middle of the night. Become a pro at belching the alphabet. The possibilities are endless. Article/201008/111803

  Step 1 Switch to baths1.沐浴Switch to baths; showers strip more of your skin#39;s natural oils. Don#39;t make them too hot or too long; both can dry out skin.选择沐浴。因为淋浴会冲掉更多皮肤产生的天然油脂。水温不要太高,也不要太长时间,否则会导致皮肤干燥。Step 2 Use bath oil and mild soap2.使用沐浴油或温和香皂Pour bath oil into your tub, and wash with a mild, non-deodorant, fragrance-free soap.在浴缸中倒入沐浴精油,使用比较温和,无除臭剂,无香味的香皂。Tip:You can also use a bath treatment that contains oatmeal.小贴士:你也可以使用含有燕麦片沐浴疗法。Step 3 Moisturize3.保湿Moisturize as soon as you step out of the bath, after gently patting your body with a towel. Reapply during the day –especially before going into the blustery outdoors – and before you go to bed at night.走出浴缸,用毛巾轻轻地擦干身体后立即涂抹保湿产品。白天重复涂抹,尤其是进入寒风凛冽的户外和晚上睡觉之前。Tip:Choose moisturizer that contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or feverfew.小贴士:选择含有甘油,透明质酸或小白菊的保湿霜。Step 4 Wear soft clothes4.穿比较柔软的衣Avoid clothing and bedding made from wool, synthetic materials, and wool blends. Layer clothes to avoid overheating and sweating, which make dry skin worse.不要使用羊毛,合成纤维或毛线织成的衣和床具。分层穿着装可以避免过热出汗,否则会让皮肤更加干燥。Step 5 Turn down the thermostat5.降低温度Reduce the drying effects of central heating by lowering the thermostat to between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Put on a sweater if that#39;s too chilly for you.把中央空调的温度设置在华氏68至72摄氏度,以降低干燥效应。如果感觉太冷的话,可以穿上一件羊毛衫。Step 6 Humidify6.增加湿度Add moisture to indoor air with a humidifier. Or make a homemade one by putting a heatproof bowl filled with on top of a radiator or near a heating vent.使用加湿器增加室内湿度,或者在暖气炉上放置一个装满水的隔热碗。Step 7 See a doctor7.看医生See a doctor if you itch all over your body, it#39;s so bad that you can#39;t sleep, or your skin is broken from scratching so much; these are all signs that you may have a more serious medical condition.如果全身瘙痒,难以入睡,或者由于抓痒而蜕皮,着说明你的情况已经比较严重。赶紧去看医生。You Will Need:Warm baths,Bath oil,Mild soap,Moisturizer,A lowered thermostat,A humidifier or bowls of water,An oatmeal bath treatment (optional)你需要:温水沐浴,沐浴油,温和香皂,保湿霜,降低温度,加湿器,燕麦片沐浴疗法(可选) Article/201211/206899

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