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哈尔滨市妇幼保健院妇产科怎样A friend of mine who teachs European history at Washington University in St. Louis tell about the time he spotted a plagiarized term paper. He summoned the student to his office. ;This isn#39;t your work.; he said. ;Someone typed it for you straight out of the encyclopedia. ;You cann#39;t prove that!; the student sputtered. My friend amiled and show him the paper. Circled in red was: ;Also see article on communism.;我有个朋友在圣路易斯的华盛顿大学教欧洲历史,他说有一次他发现了一篇抄袭的学期论文。他把那个学生叫到了办公室。“这不是你写的,”他说,“有人帮你从百科全书上原封不动地打印了下来。” “你没有据。”那学生气急败坏地说。 我朋友笑了,他把论文拿给他看。用红笔圈出来的是:“也可参阅共产主义一文。”内容来自: /201210/204474哈尔滨市妇产医院的qq号是多少黑龙江妇儿医院治疗好不好

尚志市治疗宫颈炎多少钱黑龙江省武警消防总队医院能做人流吗This owl looks like it#39;s taking advantage of the cold weather to practise its skating moves on the ice.冰天雪地的加拿大,这只猫头鹰貌似是在利用这样的天气条件练习自己的溜冰技巧。The snowy owl was captured on camera with one leg outstretched behind it while it balanced on one claw.摄影师捕捉到这只雪鸮伸出一只腿,仅靠另一只爪子就能保持平衡。But, the beautiful bird may just have been stretching after it woke up to freezing temperatures of -20C in Montreal, Canada.不过这只漂亮的雪鸮也许只是睡醒了舒展下身体而已。照片拍摄于加拿大东南部的蒙特利尔市,当地非常寒冷,气温达到了零下20度。Wildlife photographer Yves Adams battled the freezing winds to capture the incredible shots on camera - after following the bird all day.野生动物摄影师伊夫-亚当顶着寒风,在跟着这只猫头鹰整整一天后,拍到这些非常赞的照片。Mr Adams, from Belgium, said: ‘I had seen the owl hunting in the area for a few days, so I tried to follow him, as he#39;d obviously found a good spot.来自比利时的亚当先生表示:“我这些天一直观察到这只猫头鹰在这个区域狩猎,所以我想跟着他,他明显是找到了一个好地方啊。”‘I really wanted to get close to this bird, so I crawled very slowly through the snow, protected in my down clothing, for an hour or so.“我非常想再离他近一些,所以我慢慢地在雪地上匍匐前行,我的羽绒的颜色正好可以隐去我的身形,大概趴了有一个多小时吧。”Eventually I came pretty close, maybe 15 metres away, but the owl was very relaxed. It was a beautiful thing to see, even if it was very cold, lying on the snow.“后来我距离他非常非常近,可能只有15米。这只雪鸮看起来非常放松,他是一只非常美丽的猫头鹰,虽然天气很冷我还得趴在雪地上,但是我觉得什么都值得了。”‘Although the bird was in a deep sleep, his peeping eyes recorded every movement I made. Suddenly he woke up, and stretched. This all happened in seconds, so I had to react very very fast.“虽然他处在深度睡眠状态,但他的眼睛似乎能瞥见我所有的活动。突然他就醒了,伸展了下身体。一切都发生得非常快,所以我要捕捉到镜头也必须非常快才行。”‘I have a lot of respect for these northern birds. I was able to retreat to my warm hotel room each night, but this bird had to stay out all night, often with strong blizzards at night, with very low temperatures.’“我对这些北地的鸟儿充满了敬意。我每天晚上还可以回到温暖的宾馆里,但他整夜都要待在外面,蒙特利尔这里晚上经常会有强暴风雪,气温也非常低。” /201212/214947哈尔滨市阳光妇儿医院妇科医生怎么样How to Look Good in Pictures如何让照片中的自己更美Do you know what to do when the lens points to you? It’s not all about flashing a smile and hoping for the best. And there’s no one who knows that better than celebrities. After mugging it for millions of flash bulbs—including plenty of shots at this year’s New York Fashion Week—they’ve learned a thing or two about looking good in pictures, and now they’re sharing their lessons with you.当镜头对着你时你知道该做什么吗?这不是露出一丝微笑然后期待最好的效果就行了的。没有谁比明星更知道这些了。经过数以百万计的闪光灯的历练,包括今年纽约时装周的大量摄像镜头,他们多少知道如何使照片中的自己更美,现在他们正与您分享着经验。Rebecca Romijn;Sometimes you have to fake confidence, posture, or a smile—fake it until you make it!;丽贝卡#8226;罗梅恩“有时候你不得不假装出信心、姿势或一个微笑,假装这些直到你做到最好!”Brad Goreski;Posing is an actual art form. You can give a really great dress to a girl, and if they don’t know how to pose in it, the dress falls dead. If the dress has an open neckline and a plunging back then you give them the surprise over-the-shoulder. For me personally, I try to give smiles and no smiles. I think it’s good for them to give steely, sexy, sensual, and then just a happy smile.;布拉德#8226;戈雷斯基“摆姿势是一门真实的艺术形式。你可以给某个女孩一件漂亮礼,但如果她们不知道穿着它如何摆姿势,那这件礼就会黯然失色。如果一件礼领口大开且露出后背,然后你在肩以上部位给他们惊喜。就我个人而言,我试着微笑或者不笑,我觉得对他们来说在给出坚毅、性感、感性之后,来一个快乐的笑容这是很好的。Katharine McPhee;I try to stand up as straight as I can. I have really broad shoulders, and the straighter I stand, the more of an hourglass shape it gives me.;凯瑟琳#8226;麦菲“我试着尽可能得站直,我有很宽阔的肩膀,我站得越直,它就会使我的身体像沙漏那样拥有更多的性感。”Shay Mitchell;Work it! Have fun. Don#39;t be nervous. If you#39;re laughing and you have a genuine smile, there#39;s no bad photo you can take. My favorite pose is the arm out on the hip. Have your face a little bit titled—I don’t like to face straight on. Chin up, and you’re good to go.;薛#8226;米契尔“努力吧!享受快乐。不要紧张。如果你在大笑,而且笑得很真诚,那么你拿到的照片就没有不好的。我最喜欢的姿势是手插在臀部。让你的脸有一点点倾斜——我不喜欢直直地面对。抬起头,你就可以了。”Maria Menounos;When you stand next to someone, stand straight, and lift your head.;玛丽娅#8226;曼努诺斯“当你站在别人旁边,站直并抬起你的头。”Megan Hilty;Keep breathing—don#39;t be so stiff!;梅根#8226;希尔提“保持呼吸,不要这么僵硬!”Miranda Cosgrove;Wear something you feel really comfortable in.;米兰达#8226;卡斯格拉夫“穿一些你感觉相当舒的衣。”Debra Messing;Shoulders back. That#39;s huge! It just completely makes everything look taller and better.;黛拉#8226;梅辛“不要耸肩,这事关重大!就这完全可以让一切看起来更高、更好。”Karina Smirnoff;Three things: Blot your face so you’re not as shiny. Use excessive hairspray because if the carpet is outside, it seems to always blow the wrong way. And, last but not least, wear less makeup rather than more. Because when you go into pictures with more makeup, it just looks like a mess.;卡琳娜#8226;斯莫诺夫“三件事:把脸弄干净那么你就不会有油光。多用点发胶,因为如果红毯在外面,那么头发似乎总会被吹乱。最后但同等重要的是,少化妆而不是多化一点,因为当你妆很浓的时候去照相,它看起来就一团糟。”Nikki Reed;I#39;m always nervous on a red carpet, when there#39;s a thousand paparazzi standing there taking photos. I#39;ll forget that I was supposed to pose in a certain way, so I don#39;t really know what my advice would be, other than to just be yourself!;妮基#8226;瑞德“在红毯上我总是很紧张,当有一千仔站在那里拍照,我就会忘记我该怎样摆姿势,所以我真的不知道我的建议是什么,除了做你自己!” /201209/199923五常市妇幼保健院妇科

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