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Halloween is on Monday and we still have Youtube周一的万圣节 我们的节目照常在油管上播出which means it#39;s time once again and tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.也就是说 又是一年一度 你要告诉你的孩子 你吃光了他们所有的糖果啦Everywhere you go, especially last couple weekends无论你去哪里 特别是近几周people ask me if you#39;re gonna do it again.总有人会问我 会不会再录制一波节目And they answers #39; yeah we are gonna do this#39;然后他们说 是啊 我们还会在录制一波节目嗒Every year until they stop the kids finally figure out, but每年他们都欺骗自己的孩子 直到他们最后找到了糖果if you have kids and it isn#39;t hard to do, in fact that it#39;s very easy you can do it at home.如果你有小孩 这一点都不难做到 很简单 你在家里就能实现#39;No, my candy, he#39;s gone.#39; #39;Where did it go? Mum and dad ate it#39;不 我的糖 他不见了 他去哪里了 爸爸妈妈吃掉了#39;I ate it.#39; #39;I ate it all and ate all your candy, i ate it. #39;Or you can do it in a car.我吃掉了 我全吃了 我吃完了你所有的糖 或者 你在车里也可以啊#39;I got really really hungry and ate all your Halloween candy#39;在你上学的时候我特别特别的饿#39;when you were at school#39; #39;How?#39; #39;What do you mean #39;how? I ate it?#39;所以我吃完你所有的万圣节糖果 怎么吃的 什么叫怎么吃的 我就吃了呀#39;I don#39;t wanna see you ever again.#39; #39;Go and get a jooob!#39;我再也不想见到你了 去 去找份工作吧Little Donald Trump, I#39; m officially inviting you#39; d take part in your sixth annual Halloween candy Youtube chanllenge.小川普一个 我正式邀请你来参加 第六届万圣节糖果之油管挑战赛Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy Not some of it, all of it.告诉孩子们 你吃光了他们的糖 不是吃了一点点 是全部都吃完了Record it, post it to Youtube with this录下来 发送到油管上title #39;HEY JIMMY KIMMEL- I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY#39;贴上标签“嗨 JIMMY KIMMEL - 我跟孩子说 我吃完了他所有万圣节的糖果”Won#39;t you post the keep an eye for message from us为啥不上传你的视频 用你的油管账号to your Youtube account or go through every or put the best ones on the show next week.和我们保持联系 或者你还可以查看所有视频 选出你希望下周播出哪一段Let#39;s make this a Halloween in your kids will remember for ever and ever. All right, bye, thanks.让这个万圣节 永远的停留在孩子们的记忆中 好的 拜 多谢观看Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things? Then click the button to subscribe my channel and you#39;ll finally be happy.你喜不喜欢点击按钮订阅东西呢 那就在我的频道下方点击订阅吧 你一定会获得快乐的 Article/201706/515305。

We take a breath every few seconds.我们每几秒钟就要呼吸一次Our life depends upon inhaling oxygen, but we never think about how we breathe.我们依赖吸入氧气以维持生命,但我们从未想过我们是如何呼吸的It just seems to happen automatically.呼吸的进行表面上是一种自然而然的过程How can something that seems so simple be the key to keeping us alive?怎么会有如此简单的东西,成为我们维持生存和关键因素Breathing starts with the environment around us.呼吸开始于我们所存在的环境The air we breathe in, or inspire,我们吸入或产生的空气has a mixture of gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, which is the most important for our survival.是一种包含氮气,二氧化碳和氧气的气体混合物,它对我们的生存具有最为重要的作用It enters our body through the nose and mouth, moves down into the pharynx, trachea and bronchial tubes,空气通过鼻子和嘴巴进去我们的身体,然后向下移动,经过咽喉,气管,气管and ultimately reaches the alveoli air sacs in the lungs.最终抵达肺中的肺泡气腔The alveoli use pressure to move oxygen and nutrients into the blood.肺泡通过气压将氧气和养分压入血液The diaphragm and intercostal muscles are a pumping system that facilitates this air exchange.隔膜和肋间肌肉组成一个泵压系统促进空气交换How you breathe affects your energy level, especially when you are under physical or emotional stress.你的呼吸,尤其是在当你受到来自身体或者情绪的压力时又是怎样影响你的能量等级的Think back to the last difficult test you had to take.回想一下你上次进行的高难度测验It#39;s likely that as you became more nervous, the tension in your body increased, and your breathing quickly sped up.似乎你开始变得紧张,身体开始变得紧绷,呼吸也快速的急促起来。The shallower our breath, the less oxygen that reaches our brain, and the harder it is to focus.我们的呼吸越浅,就会有越少的氧气能抵达我们的大脑,注意力也越难集中What#39;s our response to physical stress, like a fast-paced game of field hockey after school?我们对身体压力的回应就像一场放学后的高节奏的曲棍球赛事As we exert pressure on our bodies, the muscles require a great deal of energy and demand additional oxygen.当我们对身体施加压力时,我们的肌肉需要更多能量和氧气Our panting breath starts to kick in, which creates pressure to draw in more air and oxygen to the body,我们急喘的气息会反冲,它们增加压力从而引诱更多空气及氧气进入身体and regulates body temperature by allowing it to cool down naturally.控制体温让身体自然地冷静下来These aren#39;t the only times our breathing is affected or altered.这些不是仅有的我们的呼吸被影响或取代的时刻Think about the last time you got angry or emotional.回想上一次你感到生气或激动。Anger creates a metabolic reaction in the body, which stresses it out and heats up our internal temperature.生气在身体里制造了新陈代谢的反应,释放物质使我们的体温温度升高。Have you ever seen anyone lose their cool?你之前见过有谁失去理智吗Ultimately, if we#39;re breathing under stress over long periods of time, there are consequences.总体而言,这就是,我们在长时间的外部压力下呼吸.的后果When the cells of a body aren#39;t getting the oxygen they need,当身体细胞无法获取到它们所需的足够氧气时the nutrients available to the body decrease and toxins build up in the blood.身体可获取的养分逐渐减少,毒素也开始在血液中积累It is thought that a hypoxic, or oxygen-poor environment, can increase cancerous cells.这就是为什么在氧气稀薄或缺氧环境下会增加癌细胞的出现几率The good news is that we can control our breath much more than we realize.值得庆幸的是,我们对自身呼吸的控制远超我们实际认知This means we can increase both the quality and quantity of the breath.也就是说,我们可以从质和量上同时提高我们的呼吸能力The science of breathing has been around for thousands of years,呼吸的科学研究已经存在了数千年from ancient yogis in India to respiratory therapists working with patients today.从印度的古瑜伽修行者到现在的治疗病人的呼吸疗养专家Both would tell you that there are specific techniques that will help you improve your breathing.他们都会告诉你,对于帮你改进改善你的呼吸,他有特殊的本领Breathing is all about moving air from a higher-pressure to a lower-pressure environment.呼吸说到底其实是讲空气从高压区转移到低压区环境的过程More breath means more oxygen,呼吸越频繁氧气就越充足and ultimately a greater amount of nutrients that#39;s available for our cells and blood.最终将为我们的血液和细胞提供更多的可用营养We naturally do this when we let out a big sigh.当我们叹气的时候会自然的这样做Changing the air pressure going into the lungs is one of the main ways to alter breathing.改变正进入肺部的空气压力是改变呼吸的主要方式Our body automatically does this when we cough, sneeze, or have the hiccups.当我们咳嗽,打喷嚏或者打嗝的时候,我们的身体会你懂的进行上述的调整Here#39;s a simple experiment. Close off your right nostril with your right thumb.让我们进行一个简单的实验。用你的右手拇指塞住你的右鼻腔。Breathe in and out just through the left nostril.只用左鼻腔进行呼气吸气Notice how much harder it is to get the breath in.感受吸入空气相比往常困难的程度变化You have to focus your attention, and use your diaphragm and muscles much more than normal.你不得不集中注意力,比往常更频繁的应用隔膜和肌肉By decreasing the surface area of the airways, you#39;re increasing the pressure of oxygen, moving from the alveoli to the blood.通过减少气腔的表面积,我们增加了氧气的压强,使其从肺泡进去血液。Yogis often practice alternate nostril breathing to slow down the breath,瑜伽大师经常锻炼交替使用左右鼻腔呼吸以降低呼吸频率increase oxygen, and activate the body#39;s parasympathetic nervous system,增加进氧量,激活人体交感神经which deals with the body#39;s operations when it#39;s at rest.交感神经处理身体静态下的运行Let#39;s try another exercise. Visualize the way a dog pants when it breathes.让我们在进行另一个练习。想象一下是如何呼吸的。Now try doing the same type of panting, first with your tongue out, then with your mouth closed.现在试试做出一样的呼吸动作,首先伸出你的舌头,然后闭上嘴巴You will find yourself using your stomach muscles to push the air out as you exhale.你会发现当呼气时,使用腹肌将空气推出Place your hand under your nose, and you#39;ll feel the strength of the breath coming out.把手放在你的鼻子下边,你会感觉到呼吸出来的力量。Breathing this way is hard because it requires an active movement of our diaphragm and intercostal muscles.因为需要隔膜和肋间肌的活跃运动,这样的故意方式较为困难Our body temperature changes quickly during this exercise from the amount of pressure we are exerting on our breath.当我们运用在呼吸上练习的结果,我们的体温迅速变化It#39;s no surprise that you#39;ll find dogs doing this breath often to cool down on a hot day.毫无疑问,你会发现通常都是为了在热天降低体温才这样呼吸When we sleep at night, the medulla center of the brain makes sure that we keep breathing.当我们晚上睡觉时,大脑中心的髓质确保我们保持呼吸Lucky for us we don#39;t have to think about it.真庆幸我们用不着老想着这回事During the day, our breath is much more vulnerable, especially under stressful or difficult situations.在白天,我们的呼吸更加脆弱,特别是在压力或困境下That#39;s why it#39;s helpful to pay attention to your breathing.这就是为什么将注意力放在呼吸上更为有用If you can monitor and change your breath,如果你能监视并改变你的呼吸you can improve both the quality and quantity of oxygen that enters your body.你就可以从质和量上改进进去你身体的氧气量This lowers stress, increases energy, and strengthens your immune system.这将缓解压力,增加活力并强化你的免疫系统So the next time someone tells you to relax and take a deep breath, you#39;ll know exactly why.所以,下次要是有人告诉你要放松一下,来次深呼吸,正如你所知。 Article/201706/513109。

In Zambia, I was trying to climb a slippery rock face.在赞比亚 我尝试爬上一个湿滑的岩面I was aly a couple of hundred feet above the river,and one slip here could be fatal.当时我已经爬到河谷上好几十米了 脚下一滑就会命葬深谷Holy, these rocks here,All the way up is really slimy.天呐 这里的石头 一路上去又湿又滑I can use a tree.Just to keep off the rock.我可以爬上这棵树 尽量避免接触岩面I was filming him as he went across and remember thinking,;that branchis not particularly str--;我一边拍他爬树一边就在想 那个树枝够不够结and as I didn#39;t even finish the sentence in my mind,the branch just ;dong;,he landed on a cactus.我还没来得及想完 那个树枝咚的一声 他掉到了一个仙人掌上One cactus, right underneath him.Bam! right on top of it.Brilliant.Places I get myself into.一个仙人掌刚巧在下面 他嘭的一声砸上去了 太神了 正是我想到的地方In Alaska,to show you how to throw black bears off your scent,I planned to cross a raging river.在阿拉斯加 为了展示如何避免被黑熊追踪 我准备横跨一条汹涌的河流But what happened next left me wishing that I hadn#39;t.但接下来发生的 却让我后怕不已I wanted to test my make shift bridge before committing.The log seemed solid.横越之前我想试试这座桥的结实程度 这条原木似乎很稳固It looked fine, and bear says,;yeah, that#39;d great; and we thought that would be great,you know, we#39;d get across there.看起来没什么 贝尔也说 恩 不错 我们也觉得不会出什么差错 要知道我们确实想渡过去Just to see this huge tree that was wedged across this gorge just disappeared,once his weight was on it.他一踏上去 我们就看到这条原木 突然就这么 消失在湍急的河流之中了God, I hate it when that happens.Crossing gullies and gorges always requires guts and determination.老天 我最讨厌这种情况了 横跨山沟与峡谷 需要极大的勇气与决心 Article/201611/476987。

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson40:ASKING SOMEBODY TO DO SOMETHING 叫某人干某事586. I need your help. 我需要你的帮助。587. Could you lend me a hand for a second? 你能帮我一下吗?588. Could you do me a favor? 你能帮个忙吗?589. Excuse me. 打扰一下。590. Would you mind putting out that cigarette#61557;? 你介意把香烟灭了吗?591. Could you turn down the music? 把音乐关小一点好吗?592. Just return#61558; the book when you’re finished with it. 你一看完就把这书还回来。593. Could you edit this paper for me? 你能帮我编辑一下这篇文章吗?594. Would you mind moving over a little? 你介意挪一挪吗?595. Please stop talking so loud. 请不要大声说话。596. Why don’t you come with me to the store? 你为什么不和我一起去商店呢?597. Can you lend me your car this afternoon? 今天下午你能把你的车借给我么?598. Can you give me a ride into town? 你能送我进城吗?599. Let me take a look at that picture. 让我看看那照片。600. Can I borrow#61559; your pen for a moment#61560;? 我能借用一下你的钢笔吗?【生词解读】1. cigarette n. 香烟;纸烟2. return v. 回;返回;归3. borrow v. 借;借入4. moment n. 瞬间;片刻 /200708/17053。

London, 1928.This war is over and Fleming is a civilian doctor1928年 在伦敦 这场战争结束了 弗莱明成为了一名working in a hospital laboratory,testing samples of infected tissue.在医院实验室工作的平民医生 他的工作就是检测感染的组织样本After so many dead-ends, the ultimate chance discovery:A sample, left open for two weeks, is contaminated.走过无数死胡同后 最终伟大的发现问世了: 一个暴露两周的样本被污染了Inside, a fungus is growing,producing a substance which stops bacteria in their tracks.而其内部 真菌滋生 并产生了一种能够抑制细菌的物质Instead of multiplying, microbes rupture and die.That substance: penicillin.细菌没有成倍增长 反而破裂 继而死亡 这种物质就是青霉素When I woke up just after dawn,I didn#39;t plan to revolutionize all medicine,那天清晨我醒来时 并没打算发起一次医学革命but I suppose that#39;s exactly what I#39;ve done!但阴差阳错 事实确实如此!;Within 15 years, penicillin saves one million lives a year,十五年间 青霉素每年挽救了一百万人的性命A miracle drug,The world#39;s first antibiotic.它是灵丹妙药 是世界上第一种抗生素Today, we make 45,000 tons of it every year.而今天 我们每年会生产出四万五千吨青霉素Imagine a world before antibiotics,before Fleming#39;s invention.想象一下在弗莱明的发明出现之前 没有抗生素的世界吧A world where moms feared for their child#39;s lives,because so many were lost.在那个世界里 母亲时刻担心孩子的性命 因为太多人因此而命丧黄泉One out of every three people who could hear my voice right now and see my face would be dead,每三人中就有一人 刚刚还在听我说话 看着我 转眼就会死去if it wasn#39;t for the antibiotics that Fleming first invented.而弗莱明的发明拯救了世界 阻止了这一切Medicine for millions in a world shaped by mass production.百万人的良药 在世界范围内大批量生产From the first industrial war,mankind exploded into the modern world.自第一次工业革命以来 人类就迈入现代社会Innovation in overdrive.Life and death at unprecedented scale and speed.灵感层出不穷 生与死的进程也在空前加速But now, we have the power to obliterate our species...or change it forever.而如今 我们有能力戕杀同类 也有能力让其永远改变 Article/201605/443891。

栏目简介:It#39;s been a month since students at a Changzhou school reportedly became ill in a case linked to soil pollution. While the investigation continues, a revised law on land contamination is expected soon. The story has led many to wonder about the state of land contamination and whether it can be reversed. My colleague Qin Yi recently spoke with a land treatment expert to find out more. Article/201704/499939。

栏目简介:Dense fog covered Shanghai today and a light rain fell at times. Forecasters say the wet weather will hang around for the rest of the week. Wu Ying has more... Article/201705/507171。

Hi again, welcome back to engvid.com, I#39;m Adam, today#39;s lesson is meant to show you ways of increasing your vocabulary.再次见到大家很高兴,欢迎回到engvid.com,我是Adam,今天的课程是要教你们一些增加词汇量的方法。I know some of the other teachers on engvid.com have done these lessons.我知道engvid.com上有些其他的老师已经做过这种课程了。I just want to throw my two cents in if you know what that means, is I want to give my own piece of advice.我只是想跟大家分享一下我的拙见,如果你们知道这是什么意思的话......也就是我想给你们一些我自己的建议。I have a few ideas for you, we are going to start with these, we#39;re going to look at a few others more practical ones as well.我给你们准备了一些方法,我们会先从这些开始讲,然后还会再看其他几个更实用的想法。The most important thing that you can do to increase your vocabulary is , a lot.要增加词汇量,你们能做的最重要的事是阅读,大量阅读。What should you ? Anything and everything.But the most important thing is what you are interested in, okay?你们应该读什么?任何东西,所有材料都可以。但最重要的是阅读你们感兴趣的材料。If you like sports, a sports magazine.If you like movies, a movie magazine, even better the script of the movie.如果你们喜欢运动,那就读本运动杂志。如果喜欢电影,那就看本电影杂志,能读一读电影剧本就更好了。If the movie is based on a novel, the novel.For example, recently the movie Life of Pi was very famous in the theaters.如果这部电影是根据一本小说改编的,那就去读这本小说。举个例子来说,最近在各大影院都很火爆的电影《少年派的奇幻漂流》。It#39;s based on a novel, the novel, it#39;s a pretty good book.它就是根据一部小说改编的,这本小说很不错,你们可以看一下。My favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, based on a novella by Stephen King.我最喜欢的电影《肖申克的救赎》,改编自Stephen King的中篇小说。Read it, best way to increase your vocabulary.Also don#39;t just learn new words and try to remember them.去读一读吧,这是增加词汇量最好的方法。还有,学新单词的时候不要只是干巴巴地学并且试着记住它们。Write, write a lot, use the words you#39;re learning, right?你们要动手写,多写,要把你们正在学的单词用起来。Every time you learn a new word, you should have a notebook with you all the time anyway.不管怎样,每次你们学习一个新单词的时候,都应该在身边带一个笔记本。Write the word in a sentence, but not just any sentence, make sure that the sentence clearly shows that you know the meaning of the word, okay?用这个单词造一个句,但是也不要随便造句,你们要确保这个句子能够清晰地显示你们知道这个单词的意思,懂吗?So let#39;s... for example, I know everybody knows this word but... ;beautiful;, everybody knows this word, but let#39;s say it#39;s a new word for you.比如......我知道;beautiful;这个单词你们都认识,每个人都认识这个单词,不过我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词。Don#39;t write ;The sky is beautiful;, it doesn#39;t tell me anything about the word ;beautiful;.不要光写个;The sky is beautiful;,这个句子并没有告诉我任何关于单词;beautiful;的信息。The sky is also blue, does beautiful mean blue?No, make sure you#39;re using something.天空也是蓝色的啊,;beautiful;的意思是蓝色吗?不是,请一定要在句子里加上其他成分。I love to see a beautiful sky that has pretty clouds and sunshine and a nice color, nice shade of blue, because it makes me feel happy.比如:我喜欢看这片有着漂亮的云、阳光和好看的颜色、好看的蓝色的美丽天空,因为它让我觉得很开心。Not the best example, it#39;s a very long sentence but you get my idea.这个例子虽然不是最好的示例,句子太长了,但是你们懂我的意思就好。Now again, coming back to that notebook, always have a notebook with you, always have a pen with you and don#39;t limit yourself to one new word.再说一次,回到笔记本这个话题上来,你们随时都要带一本笔记本,随时都要带一笔,还有,不要局限于一个新单词。When you learn a new word, make sure you learn different forms of the same word, okay?当你们学习一个新单词的时候,请一定要学习同一个单词的不同形式。So for example, the word ;beautiful;, let#39;s say this is a new word for you, you learn the word ;beautiful;.比如单词;beautiful;,我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词,你们在学;beautiful;这个单词。Put it in your adjective column, it#39;s an adjective, that#39;s what you want.把它写在你们笔记本上形容词那一栏,它是个形容词,是你们想学的单词。But why not learn the other forms?For example, what is the adverb form of ;beautiful; ?但是为什么不学学它的其他形式呢?比如,;beautiful;的副词是什么?I think most of you know it, it#39;s ;beautifully;, so you have now two new words.我想你们大部分人都知道,那就是;beautifully;,那么现在你们有两个新单词了。What is the noun form of ;beautiful;?It#39;s ;beauty;, you now have three new words in your vocabulary.;beautiful;的名词形式是什么呢?是;beauty;,现在你们的词汇量里增加了三个新单词。Is there a verb form of ;beautiful; ?Yes, as a matter of fact there is.;beautiful;有没有动词形式呢?有,事实上还真有。;Beautify;, means to make beautiful, you now have four new words.Think of other words, ;beautician;.那就是;beautify;,它的意思是“使......美丽”,你们现在学会了四个新单词。再想想其他单词,比如;beautician;。;Beautician; is a person who works making people more beautiful, she does facials and manicures and pedicures and wax and whatever else these beauticians do.;beautician;(美容师)的工作职责是把人们变得更加美丽,她会做美容、美甲、足疗、脱毛以及任何这些美容师会做的其他事情。Anyways try to find other forms, learn many words instead of just one word, okay?反正你们一定要试着找到单词的其他形式,学习多个单词而不是仅仅只学一个。Now some people like to study roots and suffixes and prefixes.有些人喜欢研究词根、后缀和前缀。Personally I#39;m not a huge fan of this recommendation, but first, let me explain what a root is.个人来说,我对这个做法并不是很推荐,不过我还是先给你们解释一下什么是词根吧。For example, you have the root ;-ject;, so you learn inject, eject, object, subject, all the different words that come from the root,举个例子来说,你们看到了一个词根;-ject;,然后就可以学到这些单词:inject, eject, object, subject,这些不同的单词都是来自同一个词根,so many people only study the word or the root ;-ject; and think that it will help them understand all the words with this root.于是很多人就只学习这个单词或词根;-ject;,他们觉得这样就能弄懂所有由这个词根组成的单词。It#39;s a good idea if you have the patience.想法不错,但是你们得有这个耐心。I think most people who are studying English don#39;t like to study roots, because it#39;s like studying another language.我觉得大部分学英语的人都不喜欢学习词根,因为这就像在学另一门语言一样。If it works for you, do it, if it doesn#39;t, don#39;t, okay.如果这个方法对你们有用的话就照着做,如果没用就不要做。And now another thing you can do--listen.Listen to any spoken English that you can.现在我们来讲讲你们能做的另一件事——听。听任何你们能找到的英语口语。I think some of you may have heard of Ted.com, it#39;s a good website, people give talks and lectures about different topics.我想你们中一些人也许听说过Ted.com,那是个很好的网站,在那上面人们会发表关于不同话题的讲话和演讲。Listen, listen carefully.Anytime you hear a word that you don#39;t recognize, write it down.听一听他们的讲话,认真听。任何时候你们听到了不认识的单词都要把它写下来。If you don#39;t know the spelling, no problem, write it phonetically.如果你们不知道这个单词怎么写也没关系,按照读音把它写下来。Write the word just like it sounds, then if you have access to a transcript,根据它听起来的样子把这个单词写下来,然后如果你们能看到文本的话,means all the words that were spoken written down, check the transcript and find your word.也就是被记录下来的演讲的全部内容,如果能看到的话,请核对一下文本,找到你们不认识的那个单词。If you can#39;t, if you don#39;t have a transcript, go to a dictionary.如果找不到,如果你们没有文本的话,那就用字典。Now some of you have asked me to recommend a dictionary, very simple, and online you can get the paper one, or the online one.你们中有些人叫我推荐一部字典,这非常简单,从网上你们能找到纸质版的,也能找到电子版的。Merriam Webster#39;s, m-w.com, American English, oxford dictionaries.com, British English, okay?你们可以在m-w.com上找到韦氏字典,那是一部美式英语的字典,然后在oxford dictionaries.com上能找到英式英语的字典。Now I know I#39;ve seen a lot of students use like their electronic dictionaries,我看见过很多学生使用他们的电子词典,they go from like English to Korean, English to Japanese, English to Spanish, don#39;t do that anymore, okay?他们用的是像英韩词典、英日词典和英西词典之类的,不要再这么做了好吗?English to English, this way you#39;re learning more words as you#39;re learning one word.使用英英词典,这样你们在学习一个单词的时候能学到更多的单词。I don#39;t know this word, I look at the definition, in the definition I might be... I might be learning other words, okay?比如我不认识这个单词,我去看了看释义,在释义里我也许会学到其他的单词。You will maximize how many words you learn by using an English to English dictionary.通过使用英英词典,你们学到的单词数量会达到最大化。Now again about those electronic dictionaries, sometimes like especially when people are trying to write,我再说一下电子词典方面的事情,有时候,尤其是当人们在写作的时候,they will write a sentence in their native language and then press translate on this dictionary, and get a sentence in English.他们会用母语写一个句子,然后按词典上的翻译键,接着就能得到一个英语的句子。Now I#39;ve seen sentences that I knew came from the dic... from the electronic dictionary, because they made no sense.我看到过一些我一眼就知道是从电子词典中翻译来的句子,因为它们根本讲不通。Okay? They were terrible terrible sentences, don#39;t do that, okay?那些句子超级超级糟糕,不要这么做好吗?The people who made these dictionaries might not know English very well, keep that in mind, okay?那些制造这些电子词典的人也许并不是很懂英语,记住这一点。So these are some ideas, now I#39;m going to tell you what I think are the best ideas to increase your vocabulary.以上是我告诉你们的一些想法,现在我要跟你们讲我认为的增加词汇量最好的方法。Okay, so now we#39;re going to look at a couple of other ways you can increase your vocabulary.现在我们要来看几个能帮你们增加词汇量的其他方法。These are very effective but they take a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance.下面的这些方法非常有效,但是需要很多耐心和很大的毅力。You have to try hard, you have to keep doing it because vocabulary, not so easy right?你们必须努力,必须坚持,因为增加词汇量可不是件简单的事,不是吗?Okay, so first we#39;re going to start with cards.好了,首先我们要从卡片开始。You get yourself a stack of cards, maybe this big, not too big, because you want to carry them in your pocket, take them with you everywhere you go, okay?你们要给自己准备一叠卡片,也许这么大,不要太大了,因为你们要把它们放在口袋里,去哪儿都要随身带着。On one side of the cards, you#39;re going to write words, four maybe five words that are new words for you.在卡片的一面,你们要写上四五个新单词。You#39;re going to write sentences on the back, on the other side of the card.在卡片的另一面也就是背面,你们要写下句子。You#39;re going to use these words in sentences so you have a clear meaning or you can write the meaning of the word, dictionary meaning, both okay.你们要把这些单词用到句子里去,这样你们就有一个清楚的含义,或者你们也可以写下这个单词的意思,字典上的释义,两种都可以。Now you#39;re going to split your cards into three piles, okay?然后你们要把这些卡片分成三摞。You can like have the pile of cards of words that you know, words you#39;re very comfortable with, eventually you will have a pile like this.你们可以分出一摞写着你们认识的单词的卡片,就是那些很顺口的单词,最终你们会得到像这样的一摞卡片。Words that you#39;re very comfortable with, you know them very well, you don#39;t need to look at these cards very often, okay?这一摞是你们觉得很舒、非常了解的单词,这些卡片不需要你们很频繁地去看。Now before I continue, where do you get these words?在继续之前,我问一下你们知道从哪儿找这些单词吗?Get from a TOEFL site or an IELTS site or an SAT site or an SAT book, for example they have lists of words that you need to learn.从或者雅思网站上找,或者SAT网站或SAT书,上面有很多你们要学的单词。Put all these words on cards, split them up like this.把所有这些单词写在卡片上,然后像这样把它们分出来。You know these words very well, don#39;t need to look at.如果你们对这些单词很熟知的话,就不需要看了。These words you#39;re almost sure or at least you recognize these words, you#39;ve seen them before, you#39;ve heard them before, you can guess what they mean maybe in context.下面这些单词你们几乎能确定它们的意思,或者至少能认出它们,你们以前见过或听过这些单词,也许根据上下文能猜出它们的意思。So you#39;re not sure, put them in this...this pile, this pile you will look at all the time.那么对于你们不太确定的单词,把它们归到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们要一直看。And then in the last pile, you put words that you really don#39;t know, okay?接下来,最后一摞的单词是你们真的不认识的单词。This is the pile you will look at the most, you will study these words.这是你们要看的时间最多的一摞单词,要好好学习这些单词。As they become more familiar, you move them to this pile, this pile you study also very regularly.等它们变得熟悉了一些之后,就把它们移到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们也要定期学习。You take this... this pile is the one you put in your pocket and take with you, when you go outside.这一摞是你们出门的时候要放在口袋里随身带着的。On the bus, look at your words, long line at the bank, pull out your cards, look at the words, okay?在公交车上的时候,你们可以看看这些单词,在里排长队的时候,你们也可以把卡片拿出来看看单词。When this word becomes very comfortable for you, when you know what this word means, move it over to this pile, leave it at home, okay?当这个单词变得对你来说很舒的时候,当你知道了这些单词的意思的时候,就把它移到这一摞里来,这一摞是要留在家里的。Don#39;t know-almost sure-know, study-move-study- move-put aside, once in a while look at them just make sure you remember.你们要经历的过程是:不认识-几乎确定-认识,学习-移动-学习-移动-放在一边,偶尔你们还要再看看这些单词,谨防你们会忘记。Because if you never look at these again, you will forget them, okay?因为如果你们再也不看这些单词的话,就会忘记它们的。So it#39;s all the time, continual, you have to practice, practice, practice, practice.所以要一直看,持续不断地看,你们必须练习、练习、练习再练习。Vocabulary is a lot of memorization, that#39;s the way it is.词汇需要大量的背诵,它就是这么回事。Now here#39;s another thing you can do, okay, this is the last one I#39;ll show you today.现在还有一件事是你们可以做的,这也是我今天要跟你们讲的最后一点。What you do is you make yourself groups of words, okay?你们要做的就是自己把单词分组。You take... you can do it many ways, you can make yourself a little... like a... a little brainstorm.你们可以按照很多方式来做,可以自己做一个小头脑风暴。You, for example if we#39;re looking at root, you write the root in here ;-ject;举个例子来说,如果我们在看词根,你们在这里写下词根;-ject;,and then you wirte reject, inject eject, subject etc, or in a list, however way it works for you.然后写下单词reject, inject eject, subject等等,或者你们也可以列一个表,无论什么方式,只要对你们来说有用就行。So three ways that I will recommend to group words, again if you like the roots, group them like that: eject, reject, object, subject, inject.我会给你们推荐三种单词分组的方法,再说一下,如果你们喜欢词根,那就按照词根分组,比如:eject, reject, object, subject, inject。Now the reason you#39;re going to make groups is because maybe you don#39;t remember object or object, remember, now moreover,要给单词分组的原因是,也许你们不记得;object;的意思了,但是你们记得;-ject;,你们记得这个小组,but you remember ;-ject;, you remember this group, you sort of remember what ;-ject; means, so you can apply it to object.在一定程度上记得;-ject;的意思,那么你们就能把这个意思适用于;object;。;-ject; is like push, in most contexts object is push away, refuse, okay?;-ject;有推的意思,在大部分语境中,;object;是推开,也就是拒绝的意思。So if you don#39;t remember the word, hopefully you will remember the idea of the group and then that will remind you what the word means, okay?所以,如果你们不记得这个单词,但愿你们记得这个小组的概念,然后它们就会提醒你们这个单词的意思。Another group you can use is similar meanings, so synonyms, words that have similar meanings or a similar function, okay?你们能用的另一种分组方法是相似的意义,即同义词,也就是有着相似的含义或者相似功能的单词。So for example, I#39;m going to look at this function ;increase;, extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,比如,我要看;increase;(增加)这个功能,那么extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,all of these have some sort... in their meaning, have some sort of connection to increase.这些单词的含义都跟;increase;有某种联系。;Extend;, make longer, increase length or time, duration; ;expand;, increase size or scope;;extend;的含义是“使......更长”,“增加长度或时间”,“音延”; ;expand;是“增加规模或范围”;;accelerate;, increase speed; ;intensify;, increase intensity; ;reinforce;, increase strength.;accelerate;是“提高速度”;;intensify;是“加强强度”;;reinforce;是“增加力度”。So you... maybe you see the word ;reinforce;, you#39;re ing something, you see the word ;reinforce;.也许你们看到了单词;reinforce;,也许你们在阅读某个材料的时候看见了;reinforce;这个单词。You#39;re not exactly sure what it means, but you remember the group it was in, the group was the increase group.你们不能完全确定它的意思,但是你们记得它所在的小组,它在;increase;小组里。So ;reinforce; means increase, plus, the context of the sentence you saw it in will help you understand it means increase strength,所以;reinforce;的意思是增加,另外,你们看见的它所在句子的语境也会帮你们理解它的意思,它有“ 增加力量”的意思,or sometimes it could be increase number like a number of soldiers, reinforce the position.或者有时候它也有“增加数量”的意思,比如士兵的数量,或者加强地位。The last group is theme, for example let#39;s say for today that the theme is technology, okay?最后一种分组是主题,比如我们假设今天的主题是科技。So you write words that have to do with technology.那么你们写的单词就要和科技有关。;Obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;, all these words we can talk about like computer softwares or computers.比如;obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;,所有这些单词我们都能用来谈论电脑软件或者电脑。;Obsolete;, old not useful anymore, nobody uses this anymore...uh... Windows XP maybe not completely obsolete but almost obsolete or hardly anybody uses it anymore.;obsolete;的意思是“旧的,不再有用的,没人会再用的”,比如Windows XP,它也许不是完全废弃的,但是也几乎废弃了,或者基本上没人会再用它了。;State-of-the-art; means the newest; ;cutting-edge;, the newest, the most modern, that the most advanced you can get; ;update; to make newer; ;downgrade; to make less.;state-of-the-art; 的意思是“最新的”;;cutting-edge;是“最新的,最现代的,能获得的最先进的”;;update;的意思是“使......变得更新”;;downgrade;是“使......更差一些”。For example, I have Windows 8, I don#39;t like it, I want to downgrade to Windows 7, but I can#39;t do it, Windows 8 won#39;t let me.举个例子来说,我用的是Windows 8系统,我不喜欢它,想把它降级成Windows 7,但是我没法儿这么做,因为Windows 8不会让我这么做的。But anyway so you have a theme, you have a function, you have the root.不管怎么说,你们有三种分组方法:主题、功能、词根。Learn in chunks, if you don#39;t remember one word, you#39;ll remember the group, it will help you understand the word you#39;re looking at, okay?学习词块,如果你们记不住单个单词,你们会记住整个小组,它会帮你们弄懂眼前的这个单词的。Go to engvid.com, I#39;ll give you a quiz, give you some more practice with these ideas,你们可以去engvid.com网站上看看,我会在那里上传一个小测验,让你们多练习一下这些方法,and subscribe to my YouTube channel and come again and we will do this again.Thanks!同时也别忘了订阅我的YouTube频道,还有,我们下次上课的时候欢迎再来观看。谢谢! 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