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襄阳妇幼保健医院医生名单襄州区妇幼保健院中医院是私立的么襄阳妇幼保健医院看妇科怎么样 Chinese student freed by Iraqi police在伊拉克被扣押中国学生获释A Chinese college student who was detained in northern Iraq after mistakenly being identified as a terrorist was freed by local police Monday.周一一名在伊拉克北部被误作恐怖分子而被拘留的中国大学生已平安获释。According to the Chinese embassy in Iraq, Liu Tuo studies archaeology at China#39;s Peking University.据中国驻伊拉克大使馆称刘拓为北京大学考古文学院学生。Earlier this month he went to Iraq to visit historical sites, but was detained by police and was suspected of having links with ISIL.本月早些时候他在前往伊拉克考察古迹时被误抓,但被警方拘留而且被误认为同极端恐怖组织“伊斯兰国”有关。Liu is now preparing to return to China.刘拓现在正准备返回中国。 译文属 Article/201507/389358This is Lilly,also known as Superwoman on YouTube.And as a member of the female sex,she experiences her period on a monthly basis.You see,the first time I got my period,I had no idea what was going on.I walked into the washroom,tra la la la la,took down my underwear and I was like ;What is this?;Because I never got ;thetalk,;so I was so concerned.My mind was racing.;Did I fall off my bike earlier today?; because I had no idea what was going on.这位是 YouTube ii Superwomanii 频道主Lily。作为女性的一员,她也会来大姨妈。你知道吗,我第一次来姨妈时,完全不知道发生了什么。我走到厕所,开开心心地脱下内裤,当时想,这是什么?没人“教育”过我, 因此我特别担心。开始胡思乱想“白天骑车时摔了?”因为我对此毫不了解。I#39;m pretty sure most girls go through that denial phase where you hate it,but you can#39;t look away,so I was just like;I#39;m dying.I#39;m dying.;What you may or may not realize is that every single time a woman has her period,it#39;s because her body was preparing to get pregnant and have a child.You know,the act that prepetuates our entire species?Yes.Every single month the female body goes through an incredibly complex and fascinating transformation called the menstrual cycle.我敢肯定,大多女孩都经历过否认期,你很讨厌它,却又躲不掉,我当时想“我要死了,我要死了”你可能不知道,每次女性来姨妈时,都是因为其身体正准备育新生儿。就是能让人类长存的那件事?对,每个月女性都会经历极为复杂,令人着迷的转变,即“月经周期”。It all starts in the ovaries,which each contain over 100,000 eggs.Once a month,one egg will release,which spends roughly three days making its way to the uterus.And while it#39;s making its way there,the uterus begins to create a lining,which is rich in nutrients and everything essential to begin life.Under the right circumstances,a sperm will fertilize the egg and begin pregnancy in the womb.这一切要从卵巢开始 每个卵巢含有十万卵子。每个月,它释放一个卵子,卵子历时三天到达子宫。在卵子行进途中,子宫也开始铺设 “内膜”,它富含营养物和一切育生命必须的物质。在合适条件下,精子会使卵子受精,并在子宫内开始受。Before this,however,female ovaries increase production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and these hormones promote and maintain the special lining of the uterus.But the hormones also enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body including your brain.It#39;s here that estrogen and progesterone are thought to interfere with other chemical messengers in the brain,called neurotransmitters.而此前,卵巢会增加雌激素和酮的分泌量,这些荷尔蒙有助于维持子宫内特殊的内膜。但荷尔蒙也会流入血液并穿行于身体各部分,包括你的大脑。在这里,雌激素和酮被认为会影响大脑内其他化学信使 即“神经递质”。And this can lead to the notorious premenstrual syndrome,or PMS in women.More like;period my sucks;...Science.So there#39;s a whole bunch of chemicals in my brain and they#39;re all out of whack,messing with the mind every single month.I mean,science is messing with my conscious.I#39;m irritable and anxious and I haven#39;t even started my period yet.这就导致了臭名昭著的“经前期综合征”。还不如说“月神经”科学……也就是说 许多化学物质在我脑内乱成一团,每月让我抓狂好一阵。我是说,科学让我很迷惑。当我脾气大、特焦虑时月经还没到呢。Which brings up an important point:PMS is not the same thing as your period,which is perhaps one of the biggest myths out there.It actually happens 7-14 days before a girl even shows signs of bleeding.This is because estrogen and progesterone levels peak during the creation of the uterine lining.Roughly 50-80% of women have experienced some degree of physical or psychological PMS symptoms,but many aren#39;t even aware that PMS can occur so much earlier than the period as contemporary culture perpetuates the myth that it#39;s menstruation,or the period itself that causes these hormonal changes.那么,另一个重点是,经前综合症和月经是两码事,这也涉及到了一个大谣言。它发生在流血症状的7-14天前。PMS要归因于雌激素和酮含量在构筑子宫内膜时达到顶峰。约50-80%的女性会经历 某种程度的生理或心理PMS症状,却并不知道PMS会比经期早到许多,当代文化也使得月经本身 造成荷尔蒙改变的谣言得以流传。PMS can manifest itself as psychological symptoms such as mood changes.I hate you so much,but you#39;re kind of cute at the same time,but I want to kill you.Anger,crying,Irritability.It#39;s fine,It#39;s fine.It#39;s fine.It#39;s fine.It#39;s fine.Or as physical symptoms such as upset stomach,difficulty sleeping,and even nausea.One woman#39;s PMS is not like the other,which is why how professionals have trouble finding a clear understanding of how it all works.PMS可表现为诸多心理学症状,如情绪转变。我烦死你了,但你有那么可爱啊,但我也想杀了你。愤怒 。哭泣。易怒。没事 没啥 屁事没有 没大姨妈的事。。。或生理症状,如胃部不适,失眠,甚至恶心。不同女性的PMS也不同,这也是为何科学家难以找出其确切的机理。Other physical changes take place as well.The amygdala in the brain,which controls emotion increases its activity.We also see lower levels of the feel good chemical serotonin and the neurotransmitter gaba which has anti-anxiety effects,meaning stress and anxiety run high.Oh,okay,so,you#39;re wondering why I feel this way when all this stuff is happening in my body?Because I can become a hot mess and I cannot control it.It#39;s like I want to make out with you,but I also don#39;t want you to touch me.Because like you#39;re good looking and stuff,but I also hate you.And I want lots of chocolate.其他生理变化也在发生。大脑中控制情绪的杏仁核更活跃。我们也发现 让人“感觉好好”的血清素和抑制焦虑的神经递质GABA水平下降,意味着强烈的压力和焦虑。好吧,你想知道当这一切发生时,我为什么会有这种感觉?因为我体内这一团糟控制不住。这就像是我想跟你亲热,但,你特么碰我试试。你长得很帅 但是我还是恨你。给我弄一大堆巧克力。And here I am thinking that maybe I#39;m just having a bad day or I#39;m being crazy because it#39;s not happening at the same time as my period.But no,it could have just been PMS.But when menstruation (or the period)begins,these hormone levels drop sharply.After no fertilization occurs,estrogen and progesterone levels drop and the body realizes it just ain#39;t happening.现在,我想可能今天只是不太顺利,或者,这没在我月经时发生很让我狂抓。也不是 可能只是PMS。但是 当月经开始时 荷尔蒙水平会显著降低。受精未发生后 雌激素和酮水平下降 身体意识到受精并未发生。As a result,it begins to literally shed the layer it had created for a potential fetus.And this shedding of the membrane and mucus has nowhere to go but out,which,of course,has its pitfalls as well.But this is when the really fun part starts.Because although there#39;s not the same amount of hormones raging around in my brain,now I get to push an unused membrane of mucus and blood out of my system.It#39;s honestly a lot of fun,because it causes cramping and bloating and the wonderful condition of wanting to poop but not being able to.结果呢,它便开始剥去这层为胎儿准备的膜。脱落的内膜和粘液只能被排除体外,这当然也有它的缺点。不过,有趣的才刚刚开始。当我脑内不再有那么多胡搅蛮缠的荷尔蒙后,我得把没用的粘膜粘液和血液排出去。这东西很有意思的 它会带来腹痛 腹胀 还有想拉却拉不出来的奇妙感受。Of course,when it ends,the cycle gets to start all over again,a cycle which is essential for the perpetuation of our species.So if I#39;m having an off day,dude,just know,I#39;m doing it for humanity.Because there#39;s only a few consistent cycles in the universe.The sun rises and sets.Tides come in and out.And my menstruation.So appreciate.That#39;s right.Women are awesome,okay?We#39;ll be here signing autographs all night.Seriously.Without the persistent nature of the menstruation cycle,our very existence as a species would be completely altered.当然,这一切结束后 循环又要重新开始了,这个循环对人类的长存至关重要。所以,要是我今儿不太好,你就当我在为人类所贡献吧。宇宙中毕竟只有几个固定的循环。太阳东升西落。潮起潮落。以及我的大姨妈。感激着点,这才像话,女人很伟大的,懂吗?我们会整晚给你签名的,真的。没有稳定的月经周期,人类作为物种的存在会被彻底改变。So while changes in mood may be a byproduct of this incredible event,we wager it#39;s all worth it.So thank you women,for being strong enough to put up with PMS and menstruation.尽管情绪变化只是奇妙周期的副产物,但这一切都值得的。感谢各位女性,你们经受住了PMS和月经的考验。我们欠你们个情。 Article/201503/364360襄阳哪里治生殖感染病

谷城人民医院医生电话Typography西方印刷术和字体的历史Type is power: the power to express words and ideas visually. It#39;s timeless but always changing. And that#39;s what we#39;re going to explore.字体就是力量:在视觉上表达字句和想法的力量。它是永恒的但总是在改变。而那就是我们要去探究的东西。Most people agree that the creator of typography was a German man named Johannes Gutenberg, and yes, he wore a hat like that. Before Gutenberg came along and revolutionized the world of communication, books needed to be scribed by hand, usually by months. It was very time-consuming and expensive. So Gutenberg created Blackletter, the first ever typeface, modeled after the writing of the scribes.大部分的人同意印刷术的创造者是一位叫做古腾堡的德国人,还有是的,他戴像那样的一顶帽子。在古腾堡出现并彻底改革了通讯的世界之前,书籍必须以手缮写,通常要花上数个月。它非常耗时且昂贵。所以古腾堡创造出“黑体字”, 至今第一种字体,模仿抄写员的笔迹。Blackletter has thick vertical lines and thin horizontal connecters, which made it great for scribing, but they look very dense and squished together when printed. Something needed to change.“黑体字”有粗的垂直线以及细瘦的水平连结,那让它很好刻出来,但它们印出来的时候看起来非常浓密还压扁在一起。某些东西需要改变。Enter Roman Type.进入“罗马字体”。This particular typeface is Cambria, which you#39;re probably used to seeing on your word processor. But the first ever Roman typeface was created in the fifteenth century by the Frenchman Nicolas Jenson. This is his typeface right here.这特别的字体是“Cambria”,这你大概在你的文字处理器上很习惯看到。但有史以来第一个“罗马字体”是由法国人Nicolas Jenson在十五世纪时所创造。这里就是他的字体。Jenson worked mainly in Venice, Italy and was inspired by the lettering found on ancient Roman buildings. His letterforms were based on straight lines and regular curves. This made them very clear legible compared to the dense darkness of Blackletter. This legible new typeface was an instant success and quickly sp across Europe, riding on the coattails of the Renaissance.Jenson主要在意大利工作,他是受到古罗马建筑物上所发现的刻文所启发。他的字体是基于直线和标准的弧形。这使得它们和“黑体字”的浓密黑色相比非常地清晰易读。这清楚易读的新字体是个瞬间的成功,搭上文艺复兴的便车,迅速地散布在欧洲。The next major innovation in typography after Roman letters was Italics, which are like slanted and stylized versions of Roman Type. They were created in the late fifteenth century by all these Venetians from Italy as a way of fitting more letters onto the page and saving money. Now we use Italics interspersed in Roman Type for emphasis. All these Venetians also created the modern comma and semicolon, but that#39;s another story.“罗马字体”之后,在印刷术上的下一个主要创新是“斜体字”,它像是“罗马字体”倾斜的、格式化的版本。它们在十五世纪晚期被所有这些从意大利来的人给创造出来,作为一个在页面上装进更多字并省钱的方法。现在我们用散布在罗马字体中的斜体字以示强调。所有这些人也创造出了现代的逗号和分号,但那是另一个故事了。Type development stayed fairly stagnant until the eighteenth century in England when William Caslon created the typeface that set a new standard for legibility. Well, it wasn#39;t anything radical. It was just what the world was looking for. The style of Caslon#39;s typeface is now referred to as Old Style.字体发展保持颇为停滞不前,直至十八世纪在英国,当William Caslon创造出为易读性定下了新标准的字体。这个嘛,它不是什么极端的东西。它只是世界那时正在寻找的东西。Caslon字体的风格现在被称为“旧风格体”。A few decades later, another brick named John Baskerville created a new variety of typeface, which we called Transitional. Later still, a Frenchman named Didot and an Italian named Bodoni created typefaces that we#39;ve classified as Modern. Most serif typefaces fit into one of these three categories, but what does each category mean?数十年后,另一位叫做John Baskerville的好人创造了一个新种的字体,我们称之为“过渡时期体”。之后还有,一位叫Didot的法国人和一位叫Bodoni的意大利人创造了我们分类为“现代体”的字体。大多数的衬线字体符合这三个类别之一,但每个类别的意义何在?An Old Style typeface has letters that have fixed serifs and low contrast between thick and thin strokes. A Transitional typeface has letters with thinner serifs and a higher contrast between thick and thin strokes. And a Modern typeface has letters with very thin serifs and extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes.一个“旧风格体”字体有着拥有固定衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间的低对比。一个“过渡时期体”字体有着拥有较细的衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间较高的对比。而一个“现代体”字体有着拥有非常细的衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间极端的对比。Next, William Caslon#39;s great grandson, named William Caslon IV, got sick of all these serifs, so he dicided to remove them entirely and made a new kind of typeface, called the Sans Serif. It didn#39;t catch on immediately but would eventually get really big.接着,William Caslon的曾孙,叫做William Caslon四世,厌倦了所有这些衬线,于是他决定了完全拿掉它们并做了个新种的字体,叫做“无衬线体”。它并没有立刻流行起来但最终会变得非常大受欢迎。During the Second Industrial Revolution, advertising created the need for new typefaces. Letter were made taller and wider, mainly used in large sizes on posters and billboards. Things got pretty weird, but one happy result of all of this experimentation is Egyptian or Slab Serif. It has really thick serifs, and it#39;s usually used for titles.在第二次工业革命期间,广告创造出对新字体的需求。文字被做得更高而且更宽了,主要以大型字体被用在海报以及告示牌上。事情变得很奇怪,但所有这些实验的一个快乐结局是“埃及体”或是“Slab Serif体”。它有非常粗的衬线,而且通常是被用在标题上。As a backlash to the complexity found in typefaces of the nineteenth century, the early twentieth century brought something simple.作为对于在十九世纪字体中所发现的复杂性的强烈反对,二十世纪初产生了某种简单的东西。Paul Renner from Germany created a typeface called Futura, and it was based on simple geometric shapes. This is called the Geometric Sans. Around the same time, a British man Eric Gill, created the typeface called Gill Sans that was similar to the Geometric Sans but with gentler and more natural curves, and this is called the Humanist Sans.德国的Paul Renner创造出了一个叫做“Futura体”的字体,它是根基于简单的几何形状。这叫做“几何无衬线体”。约莫在同一个时间,一位英国人Eric Gill创造出了叫做“Gill Sans体”的字体,它类似“几何无衬线体”但有着较和缓且更天然的弧线,这个叫做“Humanist Sans体”。The next major step in the world of Sans Serif happened in Switzerland in 1957 with the introduction of Helvetica. It has simple curves and is available in many different widths. And someone called it the world#39;s favorite typeface.“无衬线体”世界中接下来主要的一步,随着“Helvetica”字体的采用,于1957年发生在瑞士。它拥有简单的弧线,适用于许多不同的宽度。而有人称之为世人最喜欢的字体。The world of typography changed forever with the introduction of the computer. There were a few difficult years of crude Pixel Type due to the primitive screen technology. But then technology evolved, and computers began to allow for the creation of thousands of beautiful typefaces, and the other...done.印刷术的世界因电脑的使用而永远地改变了。因为早期的荧幕技术,曾有一小段属于粗糙“像素体”的艰困时代。但接着科技进步,电脑开始允许数以千计美丽字体的创作,还有其他的...结束。But now anyone has the freedom to create their own unique typeface. And that is the history of typography.但现在任何人都有创造他们自己独特字体的自由。那是印刷术的历史。 Article/201504/370221襄阳人民医院专家预约 南漳县人民医院人流手术费多少钱

襄阳第四医院是三甲吗栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/369482 On October 23rd, 1642,another man, King Charles I,1642年10月23日 国王查理一世surveyed the same landscape from the same ridge.也在同一处山脊眺望这片原野The meadows were now full,not with cows and harebells,but cannon, pikes and musketeers.那时没有绿草茵茵 没有耕牛和蓝铃花 而是大炮 长矛和火手By nightfall,there would be 3,000 British corpses lying in the freezing mud.夜幕降临时 三千不列颠士兵牺牲在了冰冷的大地上Here at Edgehill, Eden had become Golgotha.边山 从伊甸园成为殉难地Over the next long years,the nations that both James and Charles yearned to bring together在之后的漫长岁月中 詹姆斯一世和查理一世共同向往的联合王国would tear each other apart in murderous civil wars.在杀气腾腾的内战中分崩离析Hundreds of thousands of lives would be lost in battles, sieges, epidemics and famine.成千上万的人丧命于 战斗 围攻 传染病和饥荒A raw body count fails to measure the full enormity of a disaster粗略的死亡人数统计根本无法描述which reached into virtually every part of Britain,from Cornwall to County Connaught,from York to the Hebrides.这一遍布大不列颠的灾难有多残酷 从康沃尔到康瑙特 从约克 到赫布里底群岛It tore apart communities of the parish and the county,教区与郡县 分崩离析which all through the turmoil of the Reformation had managed to agree on how the country should be governed and who should do the governing.曾经历过改革骚乱的人们 本已达成共识 该让谁来统治 以及如何统治Men who had broken b together now tried to break each other#39;s heads.曾经同甘共苦的人们 如今短兵相接Men who had judged together now judged each other.曾经携手裁决公断的人们 如今互相指责At the end of it all,there would be a united Britain as the Stuarts had hoped,至尘埃落定时 斯图亚特王期许的联合大不列颠终于诞生but it would not be a united kingdom,it would be a united republic.但不是联合王国 而是共和国 /201702/492178枣阳人民医院私人医院南漳人民医院人流价钱表



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