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The tectonic plates that make up the world#39;s crust构成地壳的各个构造板块grind against each other,相互挤压building up huge amounts of stress.逐渐累积起巨大的压力The stress produces cracks known as faults.压力造成了被称之为断层的裂缝Wherever there#39;s a fault,有断层的地方there might one day be an earthquake.总有一天会有地震发生We know that earthquakes happen我们知道地震的发生because stress builds up in the crust是因为地壳中逐渐累积的压力and finally you overcome the friction and you slip suddenly.最终克了擦力 突然释放Actually, an analogy is snapping your fingers.其实 就好比打响指When you snap your fingers当你打响指时you have two surfaces in frictional contact.两个面接触擦But, all right, now I#39;m trying to say而现在我想说明的是what micro-second they#39;re going to move on在某一微秒时手指将会动起来and that#39;s going to be exactly而这恰恰就是what point the friction is overcome.擦力被克的那一时间点That#39;s,There#39;s a lot of processes going on there.这其中经历了很多的过程But even though scientists know但即便是科学家知道how and where earthquakes happen,地震形成的原因和发生地点the question they can#39;t answer is the one that matters most.对最关键的一个问题 却仍无法作答So on May the 11th did you think5月11日那天 你有没想到there was going to be a big earthquake in China?中国会发生一场大地震No. There#39;s nobody who on May 11th said不 在5月11日 没人说过there#39;s gonna be an earthquake.马上就会发生大地震There are plenty of people on May 13th said倒是有不少人在5月13日说;I really did know this two days earlier. ;我两天前就知道 会有这场地震It#39;s a far cry from the picture of just couple of decades ago.这跟几十年预测帕克菲尔德地震那次 是两回事 Article/201304/237125。

Risks for gold refiners A gold refiner talks to CNN#39;s Felicia Taylor about the risks of the business and how quickly his profit can vanish.因美联储可能提早退出QE及美联储官员发表的鸽派言论,美股跌幅收窄,金银维持弱势震荡,金价承压下行。黄金精炼行业利润萎缩,风险加大!How much all this worth?Close to 25-30,000?Really? Yes.I am bringing some gold.Come on!. It’s not bad for a day?It’s not bad. I mean, but again, the profit here with all gold left may be one percent, I don’t know., maybe 200 dollars? It’s a very risky game pretty much to buy the gold, hold it to the next day. And if , what if it’s goanna go like another a hundred dollars. If going down, this definitely it’s not good for the business.So you get the products you sell it immediately?Yes, pretty much.What’s the time frame?I’ll see by the morning we sell the dink, mainly we try to sell as soon as possible. A couple days ago, we bought a close to 35-40 ounce of gold. And we were hoping that, because that one day, the gold dropping, two hours drop like a hundred point, I mean, like a hundred dollars. So we are thinking it all. It’s aly dropped that much, why don’t we wait until tomorrow. But next was even lower. So we have to take that hit, but you know, it’s you never secure in this business. /201307/246857。

Lance Armstrong deletes the victories from his Twitter biography. The International Cycling Union ratified the ed States Anti-Doping Agency#39;s sanctions against Armstrong on Monday.在被正式剥夺环法冠军头衔一天后,阿姆斯特朗删除了微自传中的战果。国际自行车联盟于周一正式批准了美国反兴奋剂局对于阿姆斯特朗的处罚决定。The move effectively destroyed the 41-year-old#39;s last hope of clearing his name after he was exposed as a central character in cycling#39;s biggest drug scandal. After deleting references to his Tour de France wins, his twitter biography now simply states: ;Raising my 5 kids. Fighting Cancer. Swim, bike, run and golf whenever I can.; Armstrong, so far, has elected not to contest the USADA charges.前不久,阿姆斯特朗被曝光是自行车运动界用兴奋剂最大丑闻的男主角,而这一处罚决定实际上摧毁了他想要挽回名誉的最后希望。阿姆斯特朗删除了微中关于获得环法车赛的冠军的内容,现在他的微上只是简单地写着: “抚养我的5个孩子。与癌症作斗争。有时间就去游泳,骑车,跑步,打高尔夫。”目前,阿姆斯特朗表示不对美国反兴奋局的指控进行上诉。 Article/201307/249552。

The story of our bulging waistlines我们腰围的暴涨actually has its roots in another battle -实际源于另一场战争ironically, one driven by a lack of food.讽刺的是 这场战争是因食物缺乏引起的Hunger is always with us.饥饿始终伴随着我们From the dawn of time, poverty has been the destiny of man.从古至今 贫困一直是人类的命运Man everywhere scratched an uneasy living from an unyielding soil.人们耕耘着贫瘠的土地挣扎求生Disease and death, famine and plague疾病与死亡 饥荒和瘟疫were the natural order of things.都是自然规律使然Through the course of the 20th century,纵观二十世纪的百年历程a rapidly expanding population人口的快速激增meant there were an ever-increasing number of mouths to feed.意味着越来越多的人嗷嗷待哺Today it#39;s hard to imagine, but in Europe people今天这很难想象 但直到二战were still suffering from diseases of malnutrition欧洲仍然有人饱受营养不良导致的疾病like scurvy and rickets right up to the Second World War.例如坏血病及软骨病Well, the war is over,虽然战争结束了 but peace hasn#39;t brought back the plenty.但和平没有带来物质上的充裕Food is still Europe#39;s top-priority problem.食物短缺仍是欧洲现今的当务之急 Article/201306/242407。

Manning#39;s Wikileaks Actions Show #39;Arrogance#39; Prosecutors in the trial of the US soldier who is accused of leaking classified information say he was driven by arrogance.涉嫌向“维基解密”网泄露大量美军机密文件的美国陆军一等兵布拉德利?曼宁在马里兰州米德堡军事基地出庭受审。他面对21项指控,包括最严重的通敌罪和依据1917年间谍法所起诉的罪状。如果罪名成立,最高刑期可达154年。新闻背景:2010年5月,现年25岁的曼宁在伊拉克首都巴格达附近被捕。他被控于2009年11月至2010年5月担任驻伊美军情报分析员期间,将70万份以上有关伊拉克、阿富汗情况的高度机密情报和美国外交机密文件提供给“维基解密”网站。被泄漏的军事文件披露了美军在伊拉克和阿富汗的行动导致平民死亡的情况,而遭泄漏的外交电报则揭露了多国领袖和美国高官对一些敏感问题的看法。曼宁表示愿承认部分罪行,其中包括违反军事纪律,这一项罪名就可以使他坐牢20年。不过,他否认政府对他的最严厉指控,即他有意协助“基地”组织等美国的敌人。在米德堡进行的这项审讯预期将持续到8月底,检方已表示将传唤100名以上人出庭。曼宁的持者争辩说,他的行动揭示了战争最黑暗的角落,暴露了美国外交政策的决策背景。曼宁的法律辩护小组表示,他遭到了美军人员过度粗暴的拘留,因此他将得到在最终的监禁判决中减少112天的处理。报道称,此案之所以拖延至今,一是起诉程序和工作复杂,二是对曼宁的拘留引发极大争议。此案已成为美国民权斗士指控政府的典型个案。厄瓜多尔外长帕蒂诺谴责英国侵犯维基解密创始人阿桑奇的人权。他表示,阿桑奇已经有近1年时间没有见到阳光,这是一个很严重的问题,而且做这件事的是一个四处宣扬人权的国家。对此,英国外交部回应,英国正在考虑厄瓜多尔方面提出的要求,就阿桑奇的去留问题举行会谈Bradley Manning admits he is responsible for what#39;sconsidered the largest ever leak of secret US government documents. But hedenies that his actions aided the enemy, a charge that could see him in prisonfor life. The former US army intelligence analyst is accused of sendingclassified material to the Wikileaks website. It included 250,000 diplomaticcables and thousands of battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan. Theyincluded this gunsight of the US helicopter attack in Iraq. It shows Apachehelicopters killing 12 civilians in Baghdad in 2007. At the hearing inFebruary, Manning compared the footage to children, torturing ants withmagnified glass.In this slideshow, the prosecution showed what analleged e from Manning, it : if you had access to classified networks14 hours a day, 7 days a week for 8 plus months, what would you do? They wenton to say that his actions for what happens when arrogance meets access.The Obama administration said the leaks compromisedvaluable military and diplomatic sources that will put real people at risk.;It#39;s taken 3 years for Bradley Manning#39;s case toget to trial but that hasn#39;t lessened the interest from around the world. 70news outlets are packed into the media room for a trial that’s due to lastaround three months .Because of its extreme sensitivity involved, a lot oftestimonies will be closed. There’ll be no access for the public and media.”Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who is still in theEcuadorean Embassy in London where he first sought the refugee nearly a yearago, says the court martial is a show trial. “Free Bradley Manning.”A view shared by Manning supporters who see him as aheroic whistleblower. Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to 10 of the 22charges against him. That could mean a jail term of 20 years. If found guiltyin the remaining 11, he may never be released. Amanda Walker, Sky news, Fort Meade, Maryland. /201306/243839。

Prince Harry To Take Up New Military RoleCaptain Harry Wales will take up the new London-based role in the next few weeks after three years of flying Apache helicopters.It had long been his ambition to return the front line in afghanistan when he did so from the seat of the apache helicopter with 662 squadron of the end 2012.It seems it was to be his last tour of duty for queen and country.It was my main efforts get back to afghanistan , it took longer because of some reasons. but, yeah, I#39;m out now , so that part means that another ticket in the box.captain Harry wales is commanding officer in the army air core , said reached the pinnacal of flying excellence in afghnistan, now H has back and he lives his sub based in UK to return to London.It#39;s in this building here at horse guards parada once the oficial entrance to all royal palaces, like Buckingham palace and clarence house where prince harry will be stationed. his duty include organizing significant project and commemorative events. but the reason for moving to london go much futher than his day job.after opening the worried of the game for injuried service personal in c last year. prince harry hatch the plene then event to bring new to the UK with the help of ministry deffence at his royal foundation.but some mighty ask why having spend vast amount of tax prayer#39;s money on training the prince to such high standard, harry has decided to call it a day.he has servied this great in country with the disdiction ,he has been given bright credit for donign so, he was very brave, because he obviously was the target for those open taliba if he had been captured. it would be a huge cap. feather in the cap, he has now come up with new visionary plan of he can do which would help those service friends ,we should be prasing not being picky about how much the cost training .being back london has other benefits too. he will be closed to go friends for one , he will be able to take other slack royal duty through older members of the family. and while k palace will not rule out or reture in future to the front line. it does seema remount possibility at best. /201402/274648。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can ID me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m part of the U.S. government whose members serve lifetime terms. 我是美国政府的一部分,我的成员都是终身制的。I#39;ve had 112 total members. 我曾经一共有过112名成员。Right now I have nine. 现在有9名成员。Some of my famous alumni include Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day O#39;Connor, and William Taft.瑟古德·马歇尔、桑德拉·戴伊·奥康和威廉·塔夫脱是我的一些著名的成员。I#39;m the U.S. Supreme Court, the top of the U.S. judicial branch of government.我是美国最高法院,美国政府司法部门的最高机构。AZUZ: The U.S. Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting laws. 美国的最高法院负责解释法律。The nine justices, one chief and eight associate justices, rule on whether or not laws and government actions violate the U.S. Constitution. 这九位法官,一位大法官和8位助理法官,他们判定法律或者政府行为是否违反美国宪法。The decision that the Supreme Court justices make can have a direct impact on our lives. 最高法院的法官作出的决定会对我们的生活有直接的影响。Today we are checking out some of the court#39;s rulings from its most recentsessions. 今天,我们来看看最高法院最近的一些裁决。It#39;s a part of our week-long look back at summer news stories.这是我们将要持续一周的暑假新闻故事。 /201308/252715。