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They were a very important part of the Egyptian economy. It became essentially a symbol for life. “它们是古埃及经济相当重要的一部分,牛在本质上已经成为一种生命的象征。” Its not that easy for archaeologists to pin down how food processing worked in these early stages, but some of these artefacts can give us a good insight into it. “对于考古学家来说,精确地找出在这些人类早期阶段食品加工究竟是怎么样的,可不是一件轻松活;不过有些文物可以给我们提供一向很好的启示。”Our history of the world in 100 objects 100件藏品中的世界史A painted clay medel of four cattle, approximately 5 and a half thousand years old.四牛模型,绘泥塑,距今约五千五百年前。Four horned cows stand side by side upon fertile land. And indeed theyve been grazing on their little patch of grass for about five and a half thousand years. Theyre ancient Egyptian, more ancient even than the pharaohs or the pyramids.这四只带角的牛肩并肩站成在肥沃的土地上,它们就在那块小草地上吃草,渡过了五千五百年的漫长岁月。它们来自古埃及,甚至比古法老金字塔的年代还要久These cows are miniatures - small models, hand-moulded out of a single lump of Nile river clay. And on them you can still see very faint traces of black-and-white paint applied after the clay had been lightly baked. 这四只牛是实物小缩影,或者说是小模型,一次性手工造模成型,材料是一小块尼罗河粘土。在它们身上,当初粘土微火烘培后所涂上的黑白涂料仍旧留有隐隐约约的痕迹。Like toy farm-animals of the sort most of us played with as children, they stand only a few inches high, and the clay base that they share is roughly the size of a dinner plate. These cows were buried with a man in a cemetery near a small village near El Amra in southern Egypt. 就像我们当小孩时玩的玩具农场动物一样,这些陶牛模型站着有几英寸高,托着它们的粘土盘也就餐盘大小。这些陶牛是一个男性的随葬品,地置大概在南部埃及靠近El Amra地区的小村落附近。201404/288612知名护肤品牌新加坡Bio-essence凯伊秀形象代言人、香港TVB当红花旦钟嘉欣用流利的英语向你推荐凯伊秀睡眠面膜,对于出生在加拿大温哥华的Linda的来说,英语小case啦。本文包含英语视频及文本中英对照。My favorite Bio-essence product is Bio-essence sleeping mask because after I finish using sleeping mask, my face is, it always feels like very hydrated and very firm. Even though Im really tired, I use this every day. So its really good. I hope all of you guys will like this product as well. Bio-essence Tri-action Aqua Boost hydrates and nourishes your skin while you sleep.我喜欢的剀伊秀产品是剀伊秀睡眠面膜,因为在我用完睡眠面膜后我的脸会变得水润有弹性。就算是我非常累的时候,我也坚持每天使用。所以它真的很好。我希望你们所有人也都会喜欢这个产品。剀伊秀三泉活水系列在睡眠时水润你的肌肤。201402/275604Thai police criticized for posing as journalists泰国警察冒充记者引发媒体深切担忧。Thailands main press association says its gravely concerned that undercover police appear to be posing as journalists. 泰国的主要新闻媒体协会对于便衣警察冒充记者的行为表示深切担忧。A has been circulated showing a man with official press I-D arresting a protester in the capital.而这段视频一直在循环播放一名身着制的男性在首都逮捕一名抗议者的片段。201406/302911

Energy Prices: MPs To Turn Up Heat On Big Six The bosses of Britains energy giants will be asked to justify recent energy bill hikes, which have provoked widesp anger.It may prove to be a moment of revelation. These big six power companies have been called before parliament to shed some light on rising customer bills. The regulator Offgem says gas may not be rising as fast as they claim.They do have to pay these green levies. And for government policy reasons, they are going up dramatically. And those of transmission and distribution costs are going up dramatically. Wholesale cost, no. But other cost, yes. Unfortunately one of the main reasons is that because we are in a free market, because they all refer to stock market, they must make more profit year on year to keep their bosses in the jobs.British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and En Power have raised wholesale bills by an average of 9.1% for this winter. They all say mounting wholesale costs are to blame. But Offgem data show these prices have only gone up by 1.7% over the past year. And that should only add 10 pounds to each bill.MPs want energy bosses to justify these recent winter price hikes but also to detail the difference in their pricing plans and to explain how profits can be made more transparent in the future. Executives have been called to appear before a committee here tomorrow.Its a global market at the end of the day and something is as far removed as the Fukushima disaster has had a big impact on UK gas prices. Japan has shut down nuclear reactors. They are more dependent on gas than ever. They are more willing to pay for it. So in the global market, the UK needs to compete. And those prices have reflected that.Yet here at home, smaller firms like the Co-op have kept hikes in check. Unlike the big six, they are absorbing the cost of wholesale market moves themselves.Their duty is to their shareholders first before most and to return profits to their shareholders. Our duty in running this business is to our customers because they are the people who own our business. And thats the fundamental difference.But one after the other, the big power firms all listed the same reasons for hiking rates: green levies, infrastructure investment and the cost of wholesale fuel. Now increaslingly, that equation doesnt seem to add up. Whats clear is a lack of transparency on how energy firms make all their money has left customers in the dark for too long.Poppy Trobert, Sky News. /201311/263125

Having sold over 20 million records worldwide, musician Yanni is no stranger to success. As one of the worlds most renowned musical innovators, his compositions can be heard almost anywhere- from the radio, to grand awards ceremonies and sporting events. We are delighted to have Yanni here in the studio with us today as he continues his world tour.雅尼2013中国巡回音乐会上海站已经完美落幕,他曾在希腊卫城,印度泰姬陵,中国故宫,英国伦敦,美国举办过音乐会。201306/243721

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