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惠州哪治前列腺费用低惠州中医男科医院包皮手术怎么样You can#39;t do that without producing some unwanted effects.你不可能不产生预期外效果So then the question is,那么问题就是what risk are you prepared to take for what benefit.你愿意为药物的益处承担多大的风险Side effects are not restricted副作用不仅仅限于to the dangers written on the back of the packets.包装后面写的那些For hundreds of thousands of people,对于成千上万的人们来说the thing that set out to be the solution一开始本是治病良药has become the problem itself.后来却成为了问题所在I#39;m thinking, ;Oh, lovely;,我一开始想 ;真好;then I think, ;I#39;ve got to have my tablets;,后来我想;我必须吃药;I just want this uncomfortable feeling to start going, really.我只想让这不适的感觉消失 真的That#39;s all I want it to do.这就是我想要的These used to be my best friends.它们曾是我最好的朋友They#39;re not now. I hate them.现在不是了 我很讨厌它们Jo Palmer is addicted to pain killers.乔·帕姆对止痛药上瘾It changes your personality totally.它可以完全改变你的性格You know ,I hated the person我很讨厌自己用药后that was emerging from it and I still do.变成的那个人 现在也这样 Article/201502/361256河源紫金县男科专家 栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391041惠州市看泌尿科怎么样

惠阳区人民男科医院治疗早泄多少钱惠州市第一医院治疗生殖感染价格 惠州看男科到哪里

龙门县治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好The Guy with the Train in his Basement火车男Hi, I#39;m Jason Shron, and I love VIA trains. In fact, I love VIA trains so much I built one in my house. So here#39;s my basement, and here#39;s my Doctor Who toys, and that#39;s my full-size VIA train. It took me four and a half years and two thousand and five hundred dollars to build this VIA train in my basement, and here it is in twenty-six seconds.嗨!我是Jason Shorn,我爱 VIA火车。事实上,我太爱VIA火车,爱到自己在家里盖了一辆。这就是我的地下室,这些是我的《异世奇人》玩具,然后那是我的实体大小VIA火车。我花了四年半以及两千五百美金在我的地下室打造了这辆VIA火车,就在以下二十六秒中。The Guy with the train in his basement地下室里有辆火车的老兄I still have a letter from 1987. I was twelve years old, and VIA rail was telling me, ;We#39;re sorry, Mr. Shron, but we can#39;t sell you any seats from our trains.;我还有一封1987年的信。我当时十二岁,然后VIA铁路告诉我:“很抱歉,Shron先生,不过我们不能卖给你任何我们火车上的座椅。”The train is where I feel most at home. Its where I feel most at peace. It#39;s this bubble of comfort, especially when it#39;s hurdling along at eighty-five miles per hour with the snow and the rain pelting on the outside. It#39;s just the perfect perfect place.火车是我感到最自在的地方。它是让我最感到最平静的地方。它是个舒适的小天地,尤其是当它在以每小时八十五英里(约137公里)的速度冲刺时,雪和雨水猛击着车外。它简直就是最完美的地方。At this end of the car on the real train is the bathroom. I replaced the bathroom with my record collection and turntable and all that, and the plan was to be able to chill out and just listen to music, but to be honest, I kinda just like listening to the train sounds.在真正火车车箱的这个末端是洗手间。我用我的唱片珍藏和唱片转盘以及全部那些东西给取代了洗手间,计划原是要能放轻松、就听听音乐,但老实说,我好像就是喜欢倾听火车的声音。This is amazing. I#39;ve got a photo mirror of the next car, where the next car is supposed to go, so you think you#39;re on a train, with another car.这超神奇的。我有个下一节车厢的镜像,那是下一节车厢该在的地方,所以你觉得身在一辆火车上,有着另一节车厢。It#39;s details like these that make this train so real for me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to have a VIA train in my basement, but you can only find stuff like the garbage can if you actually have a real VIA train, and that#39;s what happened. Some friends and I found out about VIA train car number 5647. It was going to be scraped. So we got ahold of it before it was scraped, and we took all these original parts out of it, like the garbage can, the coat hooks, the gena-motor light, the first aid box, the groovy 70#39;s carpet, that basket for your time table, the conductor#39;s valve, the folding gate, the radiator covers, and of course, all the comfy chairs.就是像这些细节使这辆火车对我来说这么逼真。从孩提时代我就一直想要在地下室拥有一辆VIA火车,但仅在如果你实际上拥有一辆真正的VIA火车时,你才能找到像垃圾桶之类的东西,而那就是发生的事情。我和一些朋友发现了关于VIA火车车厢5647号的事。它要被送去拆解。所以我们在它被拆解前得到了它,然后我们把所有这些原厂零件从中取出,像是垃圾桶,大衣挂勾,动力发电指示灯,急救箱,时髦的70年代地毯,那个放时刻表的篮子,车长阀(紧急刹车用),折叠栅栏,散热器遮罩,还有当然,所有的舒适座椅。That#39;s it. The guy with the train in his basement. You too can have a train in your basement. You just need two things: you need to be completely insane, and you have to have an amazing wife.就是这样。地下室里有辆火车的老兄。你也能在地下室拥有一辆火车。你只需要两样东西:你得要是完全疯狂的,而且你得要有位超赞的老婆。See ya.再见喽。 Article/201505/372901 This allows the parts to be joined together in different ways这些部分可以按不同方式组合起来to describe fruit the volunteers have never seen before,用来描述实验者从未见过的水果a crucial feature of human language.这是人类语言的一个重要特征I think lahoki will be this one.我觉得这个应该叫;lahoki;Got all five out of five right. Oh, good, excellent.五道都做对了 真好 太棒了The really striking thing that we#39;ve discovered真正令我们惊讶的发现是is that when we run these experiments在这个实验的最终what we get at the end looks like a real language,我们得到的语言看起来像真正的语言not one of the languages that we see in the world today并不是当今世界存在的语言but it looks like a language in that it#39;s got但看起来像是门语言 those essential defining characteristics that we see in language.拥有已存在的语言所具有的关键特征In other words these languages that emerge也就是说 现在的语言都是are made up of parts that can be recombined.由可以重新排列组合的词根构成This happens gradually, it happens without anyone knowing it这是一个无人注意到的渐进过程and yet it is the exact feature of language that makes it unique,就是这个特征让语言这么独一无二makes language different from everything else we see in nature.使得它不同于我们所见到的任何事物 Article/201501/353543惠州友好医院做包皮多少钱惠州哪个医院治疗生殖器疱疹最权威



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