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Tea cozy(Fortune Small Business) -- At Samovar Tea Lounge, a chain of three teahouses in San Francisco, you'll find no wireless Internet or bulletin board littered with local news and advertisements. "The goal is to create relationships with customers where they become guests -- or friends," says CEO Jesse Jacobs, a dot-com veteran who opened the first Samovar, in the Castro/Mission district during the 2001 tech crash. "Our design reflects that. We try to provide a cocoon from the outside world, so we need more than just a few chairs and a Formica countertop." Seating space at the teahouse's bamboo tables is intentionally tight. Jacobs, who built his shops without consulting professional designers, says the setup encourages patrons to mingle and try items that beckon from neighbors' plates. "It's easy to overhear conversations, but that's good," says copywriter Paul Tootalian, 42, a regular customer. "There's a real community feel." Jacobs, 38, wanted to re-create the physical closeness he experienced as a child when his family gathered around his great-grandmother's samovar, a traditional tea vessel that looms large in Eastern European social life. Jacobs hosts Friday tea tastings at his Yerba Buena and Hayes Valley locations. In Hayes Valley they're held at the bar, a 20-foot-long slice of wind-fallen redwood installed by woodworker and friend Michael Deakin. The craftsman gave Jacobs a 40% discount in exchange for ,000 worth of Samovar gift cards, which he distributed to his VIP customers -- generating marketing for both businesses. And the inexpensive repurposed wood fits with Samovar's aesthetic, which is based on wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept that finds beauty in simplicity, age and imperfection. Resisting chain-store uniformity, Jacobs tries to match each Samovar to its neighborhood. When city officials asked him to help revitalize a dreary business district by setting up shop in Yerba Buena Gardens, he turned a failed Starbucks into a clean, modern space for business lunches, eliminating the candles, flowers and cards that typically clutter caf tables. The independent design route spared Samovar from a cookie-cutter look, Jacobs says. And bartering with friends like Deakin helped him shave hundreds of thousands of dollars off construction costs, which totaled .2 million. Revenues have doubled every year since Samovar launched and are expected to hit million in 2009, all with no paid advertising. Jacobs estimates that word of mouth accounts for 95% of sales. When a restaurant conglomerate approached him recently to discuss franchising the Samovar concept, Jacobs passed. "We don't think like a franchise," he says. /200909/83231。

  • Forget cards, flowers and chocolates, most singles want a special experience rather than a gift for Valentine#39;s Day and although the economy is stagnating, most romantics will spend as much, or more, on the day this year than last.今年情人节,大多数单身者最想要的礼物不是贺卡、鲜花和巧克力,而是一段特别的经历。尽管经济停滞不前,多数追求浪漫的人在这一天仍然不会少花钱,甚至会花得比去年更多。Nearly half of single and divorced people questioned in a new poll said they view the day as an opportunity to show someone how much they care but a similar number without a significant other don#39;t feel any pressure to celebrate Cupid#39;s big day.一项新的民意调查发现,近半数单身者和离婚人士认为情人节是向某人表白的好机会,但也有数量相近的单身人士表示对过节丝毫没有压力。;People are really interested in experience gifts, rather than object gifts,; said Gian Gonzaga, a social psychologist with the dating website eHarmony, which conducted the online survey.开展这一在线调查的是约会网站eHarmony,该网站的社会心理学家吉安bull;冈萨加说:;人们确实对体验更感兴趣,而非物质礼物。;;The more you have experiences with someone, the more you are able to build memories and share histories that help to make the relationship more intimate.;;你和某人的共同经历越多,就能创造更多的回忆,拥有更多共同的过去,这有助于让两人的感情关系更亲密。;Unlike material gifts, he added, an experience, whether it is an outing, a vacation or a special meal, is something unique to the couple, especially if it reflects both people#39;s interests.他补充道,与物质礼物不同,一段经历,无论是郊游、度假还是一顿特别的晚餐,尤其是一起做两人都感兴趣的事情,才是情侣间独一无二的礼物。But not everyone questioned in the poll of 730 singles is making a fuss about Valentine#39;s Day. About a third of men and women think the holiday is just too commercial.不过,在接受调查的730位单身人士中,并非每个人都会花很多心思庆祝情人节。约三分之一的男性和女性认为这个节日太商业化。US consumers are expected to spend about 6 each this year for Valentine#39;s Day, an increase of 8.5 percent from 2011. Total spending for the day, which is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year, is expected to reach .6 billion.今年情人节,预计美国消费者将人均消费126美元,比2011年上涨8.5%。情人节是全年最大的送礼节日之一,全日总消费有望达到176亿美元。Traditional gifts will make up most of the outlay. About 20 percent of people will buy jewelry for their Valentine with the price tag for bling expected to exceed .1 billion. Gift cards are also primed to be a popular token of affection with 17.3 percent of people choosing them.传统礼物将占据花销的大部分。约20%的人会为情人买珠宝,珠宝消费有望超过41亿美元。贺卡也将成为受欢迎的爱情象征物,有17.3%的人选择了贺卡。Candy and flowers are still popular with nearly a third of people expected to opt for them and a similar number will dig deep into their pockets for an evening out.糖果和鲜花依然很受欢迎,有近三分之一的人将选择糖果和鲜花。还有数量相近的人晚上会出去玩,好好消费一下。Spouses, partners and sweethearts will not be the only ones receiving presents. Pet owners will dispense about .52 for their furry friends for Valentine#39;s Day, according to the NRF(National Retail Federation).据美国零售联合会称,不仅仅配偶、伴侣和爱人将收到情人节礼物,宠物主人也会在情人节为他们毛茸茸的朋友花费4.52美元。Although Valentine#39;s Day is eagerly anticipated by many, some singles d the day while others remain optimistic. Seventy percent of singles said they would even go out on a first or blind date on Valentine#39;s Day.尽管很多人热切期盼情人节的到来,有些单身者却害怕过这个节,不过也有些单身者保持乐观。70%的单身者称自己甚至会在情人节进行第一次约会或者相亲。 /201202/170959。
  • For a folksy southerner from rural Georgia who spent his childhood eating food grown on the family farm and buying clothes on rare trips to a five-and-dime store, Mike Duke has accumulated an eclectic array of retailing achievements.沃尔玛CEO迈克#8226;杜克(Mike Duke)是个随和的南方人,来自佐治亚州的农村,在他的童年里,吃的是自家农场种出的食物,很久才去廉价商店买一次衣。而今天他已经在零售业取得了许多成就。Since the start of last year alone, Walmart’s chief executive has won Michelle Obama’s endorsement for the company’s healthy eating initiatives; overcome union opposition to win a foothold in Africa; outlasted Bo Xilai, who tormented Walmart in China; and seen off a huge lawsuit over sex discrimination against its US staff.单从去年年初算起,杜克就已经取得了一系列成绩。他赢得了美国第一夫人米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)对沃尔玛提倡的健康饮食计划的持;他克了工会的反对,坚持在非洲建起立足点;挺到了薄熙来(给沃尔玛中国公司找过麻烦)政治生命的终结;还了结了一宗有关沃尔玛对美国员工存在性别歧视的大额诉讼。But in the past week all that has been forgotten. Mr Duke, a craggy 62-year old with a gap-toothed smile, faces devastating allegations that senior Walmart executives hushed up a campaign of bribery to secure construction permits in Mexico. The allegations are the biggest test of a 40-year career for the plain but affable boy from the warehouses, who rose through the nuts-and-bolts ranks of Walmart’s logistics division. 然而在最近一段时间,这些成绩都被忘记了。杜克现在正面临毁灭性的指控:沃尔玛为了在墨西哥获得建设许可而大举行贿,但该公司高管却掩人耳目。对于朴素而平易近人的杜克来说,这些指控是他40年职业生涯中最严峻的考验。现年62岁的杜克面容粗犷,微笑时经常露出牙齿的缝隙,他最早从仓储工作干起,在沃尔玛物流部门担任过多个职位。With federal investigations running alongside an independent probe by the Walmart board, it remains to be seen whether the sleuths will prove any wrongdoing entangling Mr Duke, a faithful churchgoer who let it be known this week that he was “fully supportive” of the board probe. 联邦调查与沃尔玛董事会发起的独立调查同时进行,调查人员是否会实任何牵涉到杜克本人的不当行为尚不得而知。虔诚、常去教会的杜克明确表示,“完全持”董事会展开的调查。But even for a company used to the barbs of critics who say it pays stingy wages, bullies suppliers and steamrollers mom-and-pop stores, the allegations are a potent challenge to an evangelical business culture forged in the poverty of backwoods Arkansas by its founder Sam Walton.尽管沃尔玛已经习惯了各种苛刻的批评,如薪资吝啬、欺压供应商、排挤社区小店,但对于沃尔玛创始人山姆#8226;沃尔顿(Sam Walton)在阿肯色州(Arkansas)贫穷落后地区建立起的福音式商业文化,上述指控仍然有可能构成巨大的挑战。His doctrine combines down-home style with ruthless penny-pinching and a zeal for logistical efficiency: it enabled Walmart to conquer America from its isolated home town, Bentonville. But the bigger it gets and the harder it pushes for new customers in places where business and politics work differently, the more the limitations begin to show.他的经营原则将纯朴的风格,与每分钱成本都精打细算、对物流效率的热衷相结合,这使得沃尔玛能够走出总部所在的偏远城市本顿维尔(Bentonville),征了美国市场。随着沃尔玛的规模越来越大,这家公司也越来越积极地进入新市场争夺消费者,但在这些新市场,商业和政治的运作方式和美国并不相同,因而越来越多的局限也陆续显现出来。Mr Duke embodies that culture – but as head of the world’s biggest public company, with sales of 4bn last year, he arguably has too much of the insularity that is its weakness and not enough of the down-home charm that is its strength. 杜克就是这种文化的化身。沃尔玛去年销售额达4440亿美元,是全球上市公司中最高的。杜克作为这样一家企业的负责人,他身上可以说表现出了太多的偏狭性,而淳朴风格却稍嫌不足,前者正是沃尔玛的劣势,后者才是沃尔玛的优势。Jimmy Wright, who worked for Mr Duke after he joined Walmart in 1995, says: “Mike is a nice guy first and foremost. Likeable and not arrogant. He treats people with respect and rarely will mutter an off-colour word.” Yet while “Mr Sam” oozed star quality, many people say Mr Duke lacks charisma. He clearly tries, but in speeches the delivery of his passion lines can be tinny and laughter lines can fall flat.吉米#8226;赖特(Jimmy Wright)在1995年加入沃尔玛后曾与杜克共事,他说:“迈克首先是一个彻彻底底的好人,亲和也并不高傲。他对人很尊重,极少言辞无礼。”不过“山姆先生”散发着明星气质,许多人却形容杜克缺乏魅力。杜克显然在努力表现出魅力,但他在讲话中表达的句子有些单调枯燥,笑点也并不好笑。What he has in spades, however, is discipline. Mike Cockrell, an ex-Walmarter who worked with Mr Duke, most recently as chief merchandising officer in India, says: “He’s the only person I know that never looked at his watch and always sat with his back to clock, but five minutes before the meeting was supposed to be over he’d say: ‘Let’s wrap up. What you got?’#8202;” 然而他无疑有很强的纪律性。曾在沃尔玛与杜克共事的迈克#8226;考克雷尔(Mike Cockrell)表示:“在我认识的人中,他是唯一不用看表,背对着时钟,却能在会议预定结束前五分钟说‘开始总结会议成果’的人。”考克雷尔在沃尔玛的最后一个职位是印度区首席商品官。He also has organisational nous and an ability to fix stuff, honed by a Georgia Tech engineering degree that he got before joining a regional department store – a choice that was inspired by his high-school physics teacher’s advice that service industries were the future. 杜克也拥有组织头脑和解决问题的能力,这得益于他从佐治亚理工学院(Georgia Tech)获得的工科学历。毕业后他进入了一家地区性百货商店,杜克作出了这样的职业选择是受到高中物理老师的启发,这位老师说过,未来属于务业。“You’ve got to give him a lot of credit for making difficult decisions,” says Mr Cockrell. “He tries to consider the human component and emotional side of decisions. But#8201;.#8201;.#8201;. that doesn’t cloud his judgment.” 考克雷尔说:“他作出了许多艰难的决定,这值得称赞。他会努力考虑决策中人性和感情的因素,但是……那不会干扰他的判断。”As chief executive since 2009, he has reversed disastrous moves that diluted Walmart’s focus on price and narrowed its product range, alienating low-income US shoppers. Last autumn he ended a run of nine consecutive quarters of falling sales. 杜克从2009年起担任沃尔玛CEO,他取消了淡化对价格的关注、减少产品品类、疏远美国低收入消费者等一系列灾难性策略。去年秋天,他还结束了销售额一连九个季度的下滑。In China last year he oversaw the departure of Walmart’s country head after the Chongqing authorities, run by the now purged Bo Xilai, said it had mislabelled ordinary pork as organic – another sign that all was not well beyond US shores. 去年在他任上,沃尔玛中国区总裁辞职。在此之前,重庆市官方称沃尔玛将普通猪肉错标为绿色猪肉,当时重庆市由现在已经失势的薄熙来主掌。这起事件又一次显示,在美国本土以外沃尔玛并不是一帆风顺。He was also on Walmart’s senior executive team when Tom Coughlin, a vice-chairman, was convicted for embezzlement in 2006.2006年沃尔玛副董事长汤姆#8226;库格林(Tom Coughlin)被判贪污罪名成立,当时杜克也身处沃尔玛高管团队。When Mr Duke became head of Walmart’s international division in 2005, one of his first acts was to close down its lossmaking German business, where Walmart’s cultural clumsiness was exemplified by decisions to stock baseball bats that German shoppers didn’t want.2005年,杜克成为沃尔玛国际部负责人时,他最先作出的举动之一就是关闭亏损的德国业务。沃尔玛德国分部决定采购德国消费者不想买的棒球棒,沃尔玛在文化方面的迟钝,此事件中可见一斑。If Mexico reveals a few bad apples that need to be thrown out, or a systemic rot that needs to be cleared up, Mr Duke sounds like the man to do it. But he could be compromised. The New York Times, which made the allegations, said the bribery was happening before he took charge of the international business but continued while he was there, and that a preliminary internal probe was shut down on his watch in 2006.如果墨西哥行贿事件暴露出沃尔玛内部有几颗坏苹果必须丢掉,或者暴露出公司内部存在系统性问题必须根除,那么杜克似乎能够挑起这副担子。但他本人也可能会受到牵连。向公众抖出这件事的《纽约时报》(New York Times)称,贿赂行为在杜克接手国际业务之前就已存在,但在他任内仍一直持续,而一项初步展开的内部调查却在他任内在2006年终止。While many pundits have said bribery is a fact of life in a lot of markets in which Walmart operates, others say they would be astonished if anyone at a business that is so visible – and subject to puritanical US anti-graft laws – could expect to keep it under wraps.尽管许多专家表示,在沃尔玛经营的许多市场,贿赂是现实中存在的现象。但还有一些人则指出,在一家如此受人关注、并且受到极为苛刻的美国反腐败法律约束的企业,有人居然以为能够瞒天过海,十分令人惊讶。Nelson Lichtenstein, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of a book on Walmart, says the company offers “a highly structured moral order” for its employees. But it also nurtures a cowboy bravado that says “get it done today, we don’t care how you do it”, an attitude he links to the Sundown Rule created by Mr Walton. 加州大学圣塔芭芭拉分校(University of California, Santa Barbara)教授尼尔森#8226;李奇登斯坦(Nelson Lichtenstein)写了一本关于沃尔玛的书,他说这家公司给员工提出了“很有条理的道德要求”,但它同时也培育着一种牛仔的勇敢精神,“今天就搞定,我们不管你怎么办到”。李奇登斯坦将这种态度的形成归结于沃尔顿确立的“日落原则”(Sundown Rule)。Despite Mr Duke’s victories, critics say he has kept an outmoded business model ticking over when he should have responded more boldly to the growth of ecommerce and convenience-store shopping.尽管杜克取得了许多成功,批评人士还是认为,他本来应该对电子商务和便利店销售模式的发展采取更果敢的对策,结果他却让一种过时的商业模式维持运转。“He has brought to Walmart a continuity, but not a personal imprint,” says Walter Loeb, a retail consultant. “He’s administrating the company but he has not moved the needle very much.”“他向沃尔玛赋予了延续性,却并没留下个人印记,”零售业咨询师沃尔特#8226;洛布(Walter Loeb)说道。“他是在管理公司,但他却并没有作出什么创新。”Any talk of new shops and shopping habits will go out of the window if serious wrongdoing is found. If Mr Duke emerges unscathed, he will probably be given his final task as a fix-it man. But it is the last task the warehouse whizz from the farm would have wanted. 如果被发现存在重大过错,那么再怎么谈论开设新店或者消费者的购物习惯也只是空话。如果杜克不会受到牵连,那么搞定这件事或许会是他的最后一项任务。这位出身农场的仓储专家,恐怕并不想要这样的任务。The writer is the FT’s US retail correspondent。作者是英国《金融时报》美国零售业记者 /201205/180742。
  • A month-long strike that pitted Hong Kong dock workers against Asia#39;s richest man has ended with the strikers accepting a 9.8 per cent pay rise, much less than the 23 per cent increase they had been demanding.香港码头工人针对亚洲首富李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)发起的历时一个月的罢工已告结束,罢工者最终接受了9.8%的加薪幅度,这一数字远低于之前他们要求的23%的加薪幅度。The industrial action by 450 dockers, crane operators and stevedores was used by some campaigners to highlight the growing income divide in Hong Kong, which has double the Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality, of most OECD countries.一些社会活动人士利用这场由450名码头工人、吊车司机和装卸工发起的罢工,来强调香港日益扩大的收入差距。香港的基尼系数(Gini coefficient)已是多数经合组织(OECD)国家的两倍。该系数用来衡量收入不均的程度。The dispute at the Hongkong International Terminals, owned by Li Ka-shing#39;s Hutchison Whampoa group, forced some shipping lines to divert loads to Chinese ports elsewhere in the Pearl River Delta to avoid the disruption at the world#39;s third-busiest container port.香港国际货柜码头(Hongkong International Terminals)发生的这场罢工,迫使一些航运公司将货物转运到珠三角其他地方的中国内地港口,以躲开香港这个全球第三大集装箱港口出现的混乱局面。香港国际货柜码头隶属于李嘉诚旗下的和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)。During the strike the terminal ran at less than 90 per cent capacity. Dockers also camped outside Mr Li#39;s Cheung Kong Centre office tower in central Hong Kong, raising the visibility of the industrial action.罢工期间,码头运力不到平日的90%。码头工人还在香港市中心李嘉诚的长江集团中心(Cheung Kong Centre)大楼外扎营,以壮大罢工的声势。The dock workers#39; union is still to discuss a full return to work with the subcontractors who directly employ them, and the camp remained outside Cheung Kong yesterday. But the workers have agreed to accept the increase after Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, labour secretary, helped to secure a written assurance that the increase would apply to all workers.代表码头工人的工会仍要与直接雇佣工人的分包商讨论完全复工事宜,长江集团中心大楼外的帐篷截至昨日还未撤营。但在香港劳工及福利局局长张建宗(Matthew Cheung Kin-chung)帮助敲定一份确保加薪将适用于所有工人的书面保之后,罢工工人已同意接受加薪方案。 /201305/238586。
  • Scientists have detected a similarity in the gene sequence of the H7N9 flu virus in humans and that of H7N9 found in live poultry, the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) said Tuesday。记者23日从中国农业科学院获悉,该院哈尔滨兽医研究所陈化兰科研团队经过连续作战,最新得出的研究结果表明:在我国导致人感染的新型H7N9流感病毒与同一时期存在于活禽市场上的H7N9禽流感病毒高度同源,在国际上首次从病原学角度揭示了新型H7N9流感病毒的来源,为我国科学防控H7N9禽流感提供了重要依据。Studies, carried out by CAAS Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, found that the H7N9 flu virus is a combination of genes from various viruses, a CAAS statement said.研究结果表明,新型H7N9流感病毒是不同来源病毒的重组病毒,它的6个内部基因来源于H9N2禽流感病毒,而血凝素(HA)和神经氨酸酶(NA)基因的来源尚不明确。研究发现,新型H7N9病毒的受体结合位点获得了部分人流感病毒特征的突变,病毒在感染人后获得了关键氨基酸位点的适应性突变,这些可能与该病毒对人的感染和致死能力有关。In the H7N9 flu virus, six of its inner genes are from the H9N2 bird flu virus, but origins of both its hemagglutinin (HA) gene and neuraminidase (NA) gene are not clear, the statement said。自从3月31日国家卫生和计划生育委员会公布了上海和安徽出现新型人感染H7N9流感病毒病例之后,哈尔滨兽医所科研团队连夜分赴各地开展监测,彻夜进行实验室诊断、病毒分离与基因序列比对。他们先后在上海、安徽的活禽市场和养殖场采集病原学样品970份,在分离自活禽市场采集的样品中,检测出20份H7N9禽流感病毒阳性,而所有养殖场样品的检测结果均为阴性。通过基因序列分析表明,H7N9禽流感病毒的各个基因片段,与H7N9人体分离株高度同源,明了导致人感染和致死的H7N9流感病毒可能来源于同一时期家禽中的H7N9禽流感病毒。Chen Hualan and Li Chengjun, researchers with the institute, headed the study。They collected 970 samples from live poultry markets and farms in Shanghai and Anhui. Twenty of the samples from the markets were positive and all samples from poultry farms were negative。目前,该实验室正在积极评估已有储备的H7亚型禽流感病毒疫苗对新型H7N9禽流感病毒的免疫保护效果,同时加紧研制专门针对新型H7N9禽流感病毒的疫苗。Further work should be carried out to detect H7N9 bird flu virus to explore its sources and transmission channels, Chen said。The research was published in the latest English version of Chinese Science Bulletin, which is sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science Foundation of China。陈化兰表示,在前期工作的基础上,下一步将加强H7N9禽流感病毒在家禽中的检测,查明病毒的来源和传播途径,开展H7N9病毒在动物模型中的致病性、传播能力及致病机理研究,为制定科学合理的防控措施提供理论依据。 /201304/236764。
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