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《超凡蜘蛛侠将于5月日登陆中国大陆 -- :5: 来源: 《超凡蜘蛛侠将于5月日登陆中国大陆五一黄金档,又是电影行业决战的时刻来临谁是国产电影最大劲敌?毫无疑问,是《超凡蜘蛛侠《超凡蜘蛛侠由安德鲁·加菲尔德和艾玛·斯通这对现实生活中的真正夫妻联合主演,将于5月日中国上映The movie market during the May Day holiday in China is nothing if not a battlefield. And the biggest Hollywood rival the many Chinese films is without a doubt "The Amazing Spider-Man ", starring real life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It's always a special moment when they're asked about each other during interviews."The Amazing Spider-Man " is now playing in much of Europe, and opens in the Chinese mainland on Sunday.Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are in a bit of a cliché position, a relationship in real life and on the big screen and they don't like to talk about their personal lives. Ask Emma Stone about globe-trotting with Garfield as they promote the Spider-Man sequel, and she jumps into effusive praise of Garfield's talent. "I just think he's such an amazing actor. The way he brings this character to life is mind-blowing. I was just beside myself when I saw the movie altogether. I think he brings so much. He has so much depth and so much versatility. The stuff that Peter Parker is going through is immense. Like he's losing people that mean the most to him, or contending with his relationship with his father, or dealing with his supernatural abilities. It's a lot. I think he brings it all to life in a really great way," she said."The Amazing Spider-Man " finds Peter Parker up against three different villains, Electro, the Green Goblin and Rhino, all while trying to protect the people closest to him, including Stone's character Gwen Stacy."The Amazing Spider-Man " is now playing in much of Europe, and opens in the Chinese mainland on Sunday."This one I think I had more fun on than the last one, because we all knew each other better and then there were new cast members, obviously with Jamie and Dane. It was... I really, really liked this one. Plus it was in New York the whole time, which I appreciate. I live in New York, so it was like staying home and going to work, which is really cool," she said.The sequel takes a darker tone, evidence that the traditional mula superhero movies is wearing thin - the heros need a grittier edge, and the films need greater realism."The two things that seem to be really big, blockbuster-y box office movies are either superhero movies or apocalyptic movies, which I think is sort of interesting. Probably speaks to our time. There's a little end-of-days feeling and wanting to be rescued, and all of us needing a hero or finding the hero within us. So that might be why it's getting a little bit darker, is the general feeling of our world right now is maybe getting a little bit darker and we need hope," she said."The Amazing Spider-Man " is now playing in much of Europe, and opens in the Chinese mainland on Sunday. 超凡蜘蛛侠

Chinese people love their pet dogs, so much so that some of them would take their fluffy friends to restaurants a meal out.An extreme case would be a recent one in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, in which the dog lady used the restaurant spoon to feed her pet dog.It got people talking. Is it ok to do so really? 1




  各位亲爱的朋友们,欢迎来到早间课堂《抛招接招小节目,我是Juliet上回我们谈到了laugh fit to kill(狂笑,哈哈大笑),今天我们要谈的是什么样的笑呢?我们先来听下面的个句子例句-1:He could sense that his mer colleagues were laughing up their sleeves over his dismissal.例句-:We were all laughing up our sleeves at our brother when he sat down at the dinner table. He had seen his girl off at the airport and had lipstick on his face and he didnt know it.接招:在我们刚才听到的个例句中都用到了同一个词语:laugh up one sleeves这个短语中有一个习惯用语:up one sleeves,它的意思是:hidden but y to be used,意为偷偷地藏着准备到时使用例如:I still have a few tricks up my sleeves. 我还留着几招了它与have或者是keep连用,即:havekeep something up one sleeves,意思是keep (a plan etc) secret possible use at a later time(把一项计划等保密不让别人知道在将来有用的时候用上),亦即我们中文中的;留有一手;之意例如: Im keeping this idea up my sleeve the time being. 眼下我暂时不让别人知道我的主意那么和laugh搭配,意思就是偷偷地笑,躲着笑,窃笑,暗笑要表示暗笑,窃笑某人,在短语的后面加上介词at,即:laugh up one sleeves at somebody要表述暗笑,窃笑某事,在短语的后面用上介词over,即:laugh up one sleeves over something知道了laugh up one sleeves的意思,我们回到刚才听到的个例句中来看看它们的意思再来好好体会这个短语的意思例句-1:He could sense that his mer colleagues were laughing up their sleeves over his dismissal.这句话是说:他可以感觉到过去的同事都在窃笑他被撤职注解1:sense:become aware of (sth):意识到 feel:感觉Eg.Although she didnt say anything, I sensed that she didnt like the idea.她虽然什么也没说, 但我已意识到她不喜欢这个主意I have sensed his hostility to me.我已感觉到他对我的敌意注解:dismissal:免职,解雇Eg .Ive only just heard about his dismissal.我刚听到他遭解雇的事Eg .There were a lot of eyebrows raised at the news of minister dismissal.部长被解职的消息令很多人感到惊讶例句-:We were all laughing up our sleeves at our brother when he sat down at the dinner table. He had seen his girl off at the airport and had lipstick on his face and he didnt know it.这句话是说:当我们的哥哥坐下来吃晚饭的时候,我们都在偷偷地笑他因为他刚才去机场送她的女朋友,脸上留下了口红,他还不知道注解1:sit down at the dinner table:坐下吃晚饭注解:see sb off:给某人送行 see off:送行,送别Eg .Ann always to stand at the window and waves to see off.Ann总要站在窗口前并挥手送别Eg .Bill will see off to the airport.Bill要到飞机场送行Eg .A small crowd is lined up to see the guests off.一小群人排队给客人送行注解:sb has lipstick on one face:某人的脸上留有口红印下面我们再通过几个例句来熟悉这个短语的意思和运用这个短语例句-1:At that point he turned hot all over, his face flushed slightly, and he began to stutter, sense that the students were all laughing up their sleeves.这时候,他身上发热,脸上发红,讲话开始口吃,觉得学生都在暗笑他例句-:Although he pretended to sympathize, he was laughing in his sleeves.他心里在暗笑,但是表面上却假装同情例句-3:Brockway watched me out of the corner of his eye, laughing up his sleeves noiselessly.Brockway斜着眼睛看我,无声地窃笑着敬请各位可友关注可可腾讯微:http:t.qq.comikekenet,更新动态尽在其中可可早间课堂QQ英语交流群,群号为:8666期待您的加入 18

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活单身的好处Surprising Benefits of Being SingleYou can avoid settling a bad match.不必跟错的人委曲求全 Almost 50% of marriages in America are destined failure. 美国有大约50%的婚姻都以失败告终You have to wonder how many of those still married stay together due to religious beliefs, financial reasons, or the sake of their children. 你可能会想,这些人中又有多少因为宗教信仰、经济、孩子的缘故在委曲求全呢?To complete this grim picture, add in how easy it is to settle a bad match when youre feeling lonely. 更残酷的是,你觉得孤单的时候,是不是很容易就决定跟错的人凑合过吧If youre not 0% sure what you expect from apartner, then singlehood might be you.如果你不是0%地肯定你需要一个什么样的伴侣,单身可能挺适合你的哦【知识点讲解】grim adj.严厉的;冷酷的;可怕的;不愉快的例句:Her face wore a grim, set look.她脸上显出严厉、 木然的神情His expression was grim when he told them they had lost their job.当他告诉他们说他们已被解雇时,他的表情十分冷酷due to 因为,由于例句:The television station apologized the interference, which was due to bad weather conditions.电视台为出现的干扰表示歉意,那是由于恶劣的天气状况造成的His successes were largely due to luck.他的成功主要靠运气更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 5

  甜酒是我的最爱-6 :3: A:The dinner was really good. It knocked my socks off.晚餐的味道真不错,我真是惊讶不已.B:That's very kind of you to say so. Let's try some after-dinner wines.你这么说我真高兴.饭后我们喝杯葡萄酒吧.A:Great. Sweet wines are my favorite. They always make a great finish to a decilious meal.好极了!甜酒是我的最爱,以甜酒来结束一顿大餐再好不过了.B:Do you prefer brandy or ports.你喜欢白兰地还是波尔图?A:Port, please.波尔图,谢谢.B:Excellent choice. I love its smooth flavor.好极了,我喜欢波尔图那种甘甜顺滑的口感.A:The port is quite exquisite. It must have spent years aging in barrels. Am I right?这瓶波尔图葡萄酒很不错,有年头了,我说对了吗?B:Yes. You always have a good nose wines.是的,你总能品出好酒来.A:Next time we are about to dinne we should try some Canadian ice wine.下次我们喝点加拿大冰酒吧.B:Oh, what's that?哦?什么酒?A:It's made from natually zen grapes.就是用自然冰冻的葡萄酿出来的.B:Why not? It sounds great.下次我喝点,听起来真不错.A:OK, here's to your health.好的,为你的健康举杯.B:Thanks. Cheers.谢谢!干杯!A:Cheers.干杯!


  你周末在哪儿过- 18::6 A:Where do you spend the weekend?你周末在哪儿过?B:We've a country house.我们乡下有一处房子A:That's nice.这倒不错B:Join us,will you?你愿意和我们一起去吗?A:That'd be great!Thank you.太好了!谢谢

  转学原因why did you transfer-5 ::7 A:Are you new to this school?你是这学校的新生吗?B:Yes, I’m new.是的,我是新来的A:Is this your first year in college?这是你大学第一年吗?B:I transferred from another school.我是从其他学校转来的A:Where did you transfer from?你从哪里转来的?B:I was at PCC bee.我以前在PCCA:Why did you transfer?你为什么转学呢?B:I was going to go here first, but my grades weren’t good enough.我最初是该到这里的,但是我的分数不够A:Did you like it at PCC?你喜欢在PCC吗?B:PCC is an incredible school.PCC是个很不错的学校A:Well, I wish you luck here.哦,我祝你在这儿好运B:I’m sure I’ll like it here.相信我会喜欢这里的

  The film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, smashed box office records with its release in March and has became a pop culture hit.

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