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郑州市第一人民医院割双眼皮多少钱河南省开眼角手术要多少钱郑州/绣眉 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/389982On the banks of the river Nile in Africa,在非洲尼罗河畔Mankind builds one of the first great civilizations.人类开创了史上最早的四大文明之一Its greatest engineering feat:它最伟大的工程当数A vast pyramid tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu,埃及神王胡夫法老的God-king of Egypt.巨型金字塔坟墓It#39;s gonna feel that that monument represents something人们会觉得这座古迹所展现的力量that is bigger than human,比人类要强大it must be built by a God.它一定是神建造的The tallest man-made structure for the next 4,000 years.它是之后四千年中人类建筑史上最高的建筑35,000 workers.动用了三万五千名工人No iron tools, no wheeled vehicles.不用铁器 没有带轮载具Just soft copper chisels and saws.只有软的铜凿和锯子Entire towns built for the workforce.整个城镇的居民都成为了劳力These aren#39;t slaves.而他们并非奴隶Many are skilled craftsmen, 其中许多人是技艺娴熟的工匠 paid in grain and beer.谷物和啤酒是他们的酬劳In charge of construction: Hemiunu,海米昂负责整个工程的建设Prince of Egypt, prime minister,他是埃及的王子 也是宰相And one of the first and greatest engineers同时还是人类历史上In the story of mankind.最早最伟大的工程师之一 Article/201508/395276郑州中心医院整形美容中心

郑州/市第一人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱河南省郑州华山整形美容医院去除妊娠纹手术怎么样 The telephone is an amazingly useful machine, and very easy to use, but believe it or not, people don#39;t always use them effectively. Because we#39;re busy and focused on ourselves, we often use our phones in a manner that#39;s helpful for us, but not necessarily for everyone else.电话是种令人惊叹地有用的机器,而且非常容易使用,但信不信由你,人们不总是有效地使用它们。因为我们都很忙碌且专注在自身上,我们时常以一种有利于自己、但对他人则不见得有用的方式使用我们的电话。Hopefully you know a few of the basics, such as keeping your phone volume low, or on vibrate, resisting the urge to use them during meetings or training sessions, and of course, refraining from personal texting while at work. For personal texting, it#39;s best to give yourself one or two times per day. You#39;ll step away from your work, say, outside, or in a cafeteria, and then engage your personal texts.希望你知道几个基本原则,例如让你的手机音量维持在小声、或是振动的状态,在会议或培训课程期间忍住使用它们的冲动,另外当然,在工作时避免传私人简讯。说到传私人简讯,最好是给你自己每天一或两次的时间。你会远离你的工作,例如:到外面、或在一间餐厅,然后再进行你的私人简讯。Those are obviously important, but what I really want you to think about is how you interact and respect the person with whom you#39;re speaking. And that begins before you even pick up the phone. When you hear the ring, grab a pad of paper and pen, so you can be y to take needed notes without causing a delay while you look around your desk. Before saying ;hello,; I want you to smile, and choose to be positive. How you feel will be sensed by the person on the other end of the phone, so smile and make a positive impression.那些原则显然很重要,但我真正想要你去思考的是,你如何与你正在交谈的人互动及问候。而那甚至在你接起电话前就开始了。当你听到铃声,拿一叠便条纸和笔,这样你就能准备好抄下必要的笔记,而不用造成你在你桌上到处找而耽搁的情况。在说“喂”之前,我要你微笑,且选择表现出积极正向。你有何感受将会被话筒另一端的人察觉,所以微笑并创造一个正面积极的形象。Right after you say ;hello,; be sure you#39;ve turned away from your computer towards the area of your office least likely to be distracting. No multitasking of any kind allowed—in fact, just looking at your pad of paper and pen is a really good idea, because it encourages cognitive focus. Next, if the call isn#39;t for you, but is for someone else in the department or company, don#39;t say wrong number; don#39;t say they did anything wrong at all. Instead, help them. Connect them to the person, or at least share relevant contact information.就在你说完“喂”后,确保自己已经从你的电脑转向到你办公室最不可能让人分心的范围。没有任何一种一心多用的状态是被允许的--事实上,只看着你的那叠便条纸和笔是个很棒的主意,因为这样促进认知专注力。接着,如果来电不是找你的,而是找部门或公司里的其他人,别说他们打错号码;完全别说他们做错任何事。取而代之的是,帮忙他们。将他们接给要找的人,或至少提供相关的连络资讯。Finally, during the call, remember to never interrupt the person. Interrupting tends to be viewed by everyone as a sign of disrespect. If you#39;re very busy and facing a huge deadline, you can shape the call when it#39;s your turn to speak, for example, by telling them you need to get back to them, but then, do suggest a specific time. Of course, if you#39;re honestly not able to talk, you probably shouldn#39;t have answered the call, unless it#39;s your boss, or a person you#39;re expecting an important call from.最后,在通话时,记得永远不要打断讲电话的人。打岔容易被大家视为不尊重的象征。如果你非常忙而且正面临重大的截止期限,你可以在轮到你讲话时主导这通电话,例如,借由告诉他们你需要回拨给他们,然而,一定得提出一个特定的时间。当然,如果你实在没办法讲话,你大概不应该接电话,除非是你的老板,或一个你在等着打一通重要电话的人来电。The telephone is your friend, but if you don#39;t use it correctly, it won#39;t necessarily make you look friendly. Remember the tips above, and you#39;ll connect successfully by building only positive impressions.电话是你的朋友,但如果你没有正确使用它,它不见得会使你看起来友善。记得以上的小贴士,然后你会借着建立只有正面的印象,成功地与人联系。 Article/201411/341785郑州/惠济区去蒙古斑价格

郑州哪里秀眉好So is there a grand designer真能有一位伟大的设计师who lined up all this good fortune?让这一系列小概率事件一一实现吗In my opinion, not necessarily.在我看来,未必Look at it this way.这样来看吧What if there were other universes?如果还存在其他宇宙呢Ones not as lucky as ours.一些不及我们宇宙幸运的宇宙Each of these universes could have come from its own big bang with每一个宇宙都源自各自的大爆炸different laws of physics and different conditions.拥有各不相同的物理定律和环境In some, gravity might not exist and there could be no life.一些也许并不存在重力,更谈不上出现生命In others, hydrogen might not fuse, so there另一些氢气则没有发生聚合反应would be no stars and again no life.使得那里没有恒星,也没有生命For any number of reasons,出于各种原因universes could have come and gone without producing anything at all.宇宙也可能由产生到消亡根本没产生任何物质So perhaps we should not be too surprised to因此,也许我们不必过于惊讶find ourselves in a perfect universe发现我们生于一个完美的宇宙orbiting a perfect sun on a perfect planet在一颗围绕完美太阳旋转的完美星球上because such perfect places are the only ones因为只有这般完美的星球where life like us can exist.才适宜我们这样的生命存在We are one of the many products of the universe,我们是宇宙的众多产物之一the result of an ancient and elegant mechanism,古老且精妙的演进过程的结晶but even this remarkable discovery is然而,即便是如此非凡的发现only just the beginning of what physics can tell us.也只是物理学所能告诉我们的皮毛We can find out what human kind will face in the distant future.我们可以探明人类在久远未来将面临的危机And ultimately, we might discover the fate of the universe itself.并可能最终揭开宇宙自身命运之谜One reason I love cosmology is that我喜欢宇宙学的原因之一是it tells us not only它不仅告诉我们where the vast web of galaxies in our universe came from,宇宙中巨大的星系网从何而来but also what lies in store for both the universe and for us.还透露宇宙及我们未来可能发生的事I think it#39;s pretty exciting to be among the first human beings能成为首批看到往后数百年,数十亿年able to look forward for hundreds and even billions of years,甚至时间终结之时景象的人maybe as far as the end of time itself.是件激动人心的事What I see is not only the future of the cosmos we inhabit,我看到的不仅是我们所栖息的宇宙的未来but also the enormous challenges our species will face.还有人类所要面对的巨大挑战After all, we are puny organisms compared毕竟,相对于创造出我们的宇宙来说to the mighty universe that made us.我们是微不足道的Even the Earth that gave us life甚至连赋予我们生命的地球will not always be the blue sanctuary that is today.也不可能永远充当我们蔚蓝的避难所 Article/201509/401288 But Professor Wu is finding it然而吴教授发现hard to get the backing of a pharmaceutical company.寻求制药公司的持极为困难It seems times have changed.似乎时代已经不同了We are now more wary of现在的人们与50年前相比meddling with our bodies than 50 years ago.在调理身体方面变得更加谨慎If the female contraceptive pill如果女性避药物was developed from scratch now,也是现在刚刚出现的it would probably come across exactly或许也会遇到the same difficulties as we are at the moment.我们现在面临的这种问题Professor Wu remains undaunted.吴教授依旧很乐观There is definitely a potential market for it,这种药物一定有潜在的市场and I think once a product like this is marketed,我认为 一旦这种产品进入市场it may well lead to changes in attitudes,social changes,就会引起人们观念的变化和社会变化similar to what happened with the female pill就如同女性避药带来的变化一样and then I think it is likely to lead to a much larger market这种药物也许会拥有比制药公司than the companies think there is at the moment.目前预计的更广阔的市场空间There is one problem Professor Wu can#39;t solve.吴教授依然有一个无法解决的问题 Article/201502/360582郑州/市中心医院光子脱毛手术多少钱河南省郑州华山整形美容医院自体脂肪移植怎么样



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