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盐城协和医院可以刷医疗卡吗盐城协和不孕不育多少钱盐城市第一人民医院治疗不孕不育多少钱 We recently asked people to tell us the stupidest ways they have broken their computers.Here are their stories.最近我们请人们讲了讲自己那些弄坏电脑的最蠢行为。下面就是他们讲述的故事。1.Try not to cook your laptop.1.别用你的笔记本烧菜I used my computer as a plate in the microwave when I was drunk.有一次我喝醉了,把笔记本当成了微波炉用的餐盘。2.Don#39;t whip your hair too enthusiastically.2.甩头发的时候不要太热情洋溢My sophomore year of college, my roommate and I were making fun of Willow Smith#39;s song ;Whip My Hair;.I whipped a little too hard, and my laptop flew off my lap and crashed onto the floor.Not my proudest moment.我大二的时候,有一次我和室友一起听维罗·史密斯的歌《头发甩甩》。我甩头发用力过猛,以致我的笔记本从腿上飞了出去,砸到地上了。3.Keep in mind that sometimes, even ants can#39;t save you.3.记住,有时候就算蚂蚁也救不了你I dropped a hot bowl of mashed potatoes on my laptop keyboard.The keys all press themselves now.I put the laptop outside to try to save it by letting the ants eat the mashed potatoes, but the damage had aly been done.The ants did a good job cleaning it out, though.我不小心把一大碗热乎乎的土豆泥倒在键盘上了。键盘上的按键都开始自行其是了。我把笔记本放在室外,希望蚂蚁来吃掉土豆泥,我的笔记本就得救了,然而这也无济于事。不过蚂蚁还是帮我把键盘清理的蛮干净的。4.Never trust a cleanly infant.4.绝不要信任有洁癖的宝宝I was babysitting my cousin#39;s son who was 3 or 4 at the time and had an obsession with cleaning EVERYTHING.Laptop was on the coffee table, glass of water on the end table.I left the room for no more than 3 minutes to use the bathroom.When I re-entered the room, it was aly too late; he had dumped the whole glass of water on the laptop.I yelled, ;Seth, NO!; and the poor kid burst into tears and said, ;I just wanted it clean it for you!;那时我在看护我的侄儿子,他3、4岁的样子,特别喜欢把每件东西都弄得干干净净。我的笔记本放在咖啡桌上,桌角有一杯水。我离开房间去卫生间,用了不到三分钟的时间。当我再回到房间里的时候,我发现一切都太迟了:他已经把一整杯水都倒在了我的笔记本上。我尖叫道:;赛斯,住手!;,而那个可怜的孩子则崩出泪水,说道;我只是想为你把它弄干净!;5.Don#39;t be too whimsy.5.别太神经质I broke my laptop dancing in the rain.I was waiting for a ride home from class at my university and it was raining and so I jumped in the puddles like the toddler I am and when I got home I realized my backpack was soaked through and my laptop was dead.我在雨中漫舞的时候弄坏了我的笔记本。那时我上完课准备搭车回家,天上下着雨,我像小孩子一样踩着水洼玩。到家时我才意识到我的背包湿透了,我的笔记本也完蛋了。6.And try not to be too sad.6.试着别让自己太伤心Not me, but a friend got really homesick her first month of college and cried so much on her MacBook track pad that she gave it water damage.我的一个朋友刚进大学一个月那会儿特别想家,她对着自己的苹果笔记本触摸板不停的哭,结果她的笔记本就受潮了。 /201511/412645Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba, is poised to expand his media holdings as his online finance company eyes a stake in Caixin, the business magazine. 中国电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的亿万富翁创始人马云(Jack Ma)正准备扩大他的媒体版图,他旗下的在线金融公司正考虑入股财经杂志——财新传媒。 Two people close to Caixin said discussions were under way for Ant Financial, the payments, banking and asset management affiliate of US-listed Alibaba, to buy an undisclosed holding. 据两名接近财新的人士透露,蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)——在美国上市的阿里巴巴的付、业务和资产管理附属公司——正在谈判入股事宜,具体股份比例不详。 If successful it would be the second recent media investment by Mr Ma’s companies, following Alibaba’s December purchase of South China Morning Post for 6m. 如果成功的话,这将是马云旗下的公司近期第二笔媒体投资,此前阿里巴巴在去年12月斥资2.66亿美元收购了《南华早报》(SCMP)。 Caixin said yesterday it was poised to complete talks with a group of unnamed investors. The stake sale would not interfere with its independence, it added. 财新传媒昨日表示,即将与一群名称不详的投资者完成谈判。它补充说,出售股权不会影响它的独立性。 “The new stakeholders will respect Caixin’s editorial independence, as our past stakeholders have done, and accept our internal firewall and compliance management arrangements, which will safeguard our credibility.” “新的投资者与原有股东一样,尊重财新传媒不受股东商业利益左右的编辑独立原则,也认可内部防火墙、合规管理等制度安排,以保障财新传媒的公信力。” Caixin said a funding round in 2012 — when Tencent, a rival of Alibaba’s, and China Media Capital, a Shanghai-based fund, took stakes — had not affected its commitment to objectivity. 财新传媒指出,2012年进行的一轮融资——当时阿里巴巴的竞争对手腾讯(Tencent)和总部位于上海的华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital)购得股份——并没有影响其对客观性的承诺。 According to a person close to the talks, Alibaba has been given a seat on Caixin’s board. Ant Financial declined to comment. 接近谈判的一名人士透露,阿里巴巴已获得财新传媒董事会的一个席位。蚂蚁金不予置评。 The investment is likely to be scrutinised for any hint that Mr Ma, who has majority control of Ant Financial, is trying to buy influence or offer political favours for the Chinese government. 这笔投资很可能会受到密切关注,看有没有任何迹象表明:拥有蚂蚁金多数控制权的马云,正试图为中国政府购买影响力或者在政治上出力。 In last year’s purchase of South China Morning Post, Alibaba was accused of seeking to interfere editorially after Joe Tsai, its executive vice-chairman, said the newspaper could be an alternative to western coverage of China, which he described as negative and biased. 在去年收购《南华早报》时,阿里巴巴被指试图干涉编审独立,原因是其执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)表示,该报可能成为他所称的西方媒体对中国负面和偏见报道的替代品。 Caixin’s fierce independence is attributed to Hu Shuli, its chief editor and one of China’s most respected journalists, who founded the magazine in 1998. In 2011 she had an online argument with Mr Ma after he was accused of breaching corporate governance rules. 财新传媒对独立性的坚决维护归功于其总编辑胡舒立,她是中国最受尊敬的新闻工作者之一,在1998年创办《财经》杂志。2011年,她曾在网上与马云展开争论,此前马云被指违反公司治理规则。 Alibaba and its affiliates have moved aggressively into the media sector. Alibaba is also an investor in Watching, a news website launched last March, and Seec Media . It co-owns iTianxia Web-Commerce, a trade publication focused on online retail. 阿里巴巴及其附属公司近来大举进军媒体行业。阿里巴巴还是去年3月开通的新闻网站“无界新闻”(Watching)、以及财讯传媒(Seec Media)的投资者。该集团还部分拥有聚焦网上零售的行业刊物《iTianxia WebCommerce》。 Ant Financial is being prepared for an initial public offering in China, though the company refuses to say when. 蚂蚁金正准备在中国进行首次公开发行(IPO),但该公司拒绝透露具体日程。 /201603/430125盐城妇保医院处女膜修复手术多少钱

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盐城处女膜修复治疗费用SoftBank, the tech group founded by Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son, is forming a robotics venture with ecommerce group Alibaba and Apple supplier Foxconn, betting big on the future growth of intelligent personal robots.由日本亿万富翁孙正义(Masayoshi Son)创办的科技集团软银(Softbank),正在与电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)及苹果(Apple)供应商富士康(Foxconn)成立机器人合资企业,大举押注于智能个人机器人的未来增长。Mr Son and Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, predicted a future when robots would become smarter than humans, saying robots connected to the internet would be the future of innovation.孙正义与阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)预测未来的机器人将会比人类更聪明,他们称与互联网连接的机器人将会是创新的未来方向。“Robots are going to be as popular as cars,” Mr Ma said yesterday in a joint appearance with Mr Son on the outskirts of Tokyo. “They will be everywhere and I think we all have to get y for that.”“机器人将会像汽车一样普及,”马云昨天与孙正义一同现身东京郊区时称,“它们将无处不在,我认为我们都应该对此做好准备。”A year ago, Mr Son introduced the world to the androgynous 1.2 metre tall machine called Pepper, which moves on wheels and looks as if it is wearing an iPad as a pendant.一年前,孙正义向世界介绍了1.2米高的人形机器人Pepper。该机器人靠轮子移动,看起来就像是胸前挂着iPad。Mr Son highlighted technological advances in Pepper, claiming that the robot could not only human emotions, but also express feelings of its own that change according to how people interact with it.孙正义强调了Pepper的技术进步,声称该机器人不仅可以识别人类情感,还可以表达自己的情感并随着人类与之的互动而发生情感变化。“In 30 years, I hope robots will become one of the core businesses in generating profits for the SoftBank group,” Mr Son said.“在30年的时间内,我希望机器人将成为软银集团产生利润的核心业务之一,”孙正义称。Pepper will be sold to the general public in Japan for Y198,000 (,600). Mr Son said the company would aim for monthly production of 1,000 units of Pepper, starting this month.在日本,Pepper面向公众的销售价格将为19.8万日元(合1600美元)。孙正义称,从本月开始,该公司对Pepper的月产量目标为1000台。 /201506/382360 After a years-long court battle, Apple finally got what it wanted: A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Samsung smartphones can no longer copy certain iPhone features.在三星和苹果长达几年的法庭弈中,苹果最终赢得了胜利:周四某联邦法院判决三星智能手机禁止模仿苹果手机的特点。In a 2-1 decision, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that Samsung has to update its smartphones#39; software to remove slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick link software that directly mimic Apple#39;s similar features on the iPhone.在华盛顿的一个联邦法庭上,该案以两票赞成、一票反对的投票结果通过裁决:三星手机必须对其智能手机进行升级,移除直接模仿苹果手机的滑动解锁、自动更正和快速链接的功能。But the ruling comes long after Samsung has changed the way those features work on its smartphones. For example, you no longer need to slide a button to unlock Galaxy phones -- you can just swipe your finger anywhere on the screen.但是早在此禁令下发以前,三星就已经更改了手机上类似苹果的特点。比如,要解锁Galaxy手机,你不需要滑动解锁按钮,只要在屏幕上任何部位滑动手指即可。Samsung said in a statement that its Galaxy smartphones will continue to be sold and supported by the company. It also said it is looking for further review of Thursday#39;s decision.三星在一份声明中表示公司仍会销售Galaxy系列手机,并为客户提供持务。并且,他们要求对周四的决议进行复议。The court said it had granted Apple a ;narrow; ruling, saying it did not want to take Samsung#39;s devices off the shelves. Rather, it instructed Samsung to remove the infringing features -- if there are any remaining on customers#39; devices -- without recalling its smartphones.法院表示,他们给苹果公司的惩罚权利非常小,三星的手机不会下架,并且,他们要求三星移除手机上模仿苹果的特点,而对于已销售出去的手机则不用召回。Apple (AAPL, Tech30) first filed its lawsuit in February 2012 -- ages ago in technology terms. (The Galaxy S II was the newest Samsung smartphone to be listed in the lawsuit when the case was filed -- Samsung released the Galaxy S6 earlier this year).苹果最早发起诉讼是在2012年2月,在科技领域这根本就是几百年前的事。(当时三星公司早新的手机是Galaxy S II,而今年年初三星已经发布了Galaxy S6)So Apple won -- but not much more than a Pyrrhic victory.所以即使苹果公司赢了这场官司,但也是得不偿失。In the initial district court decision, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple 0 million for violating its patents -- less than a tenth of what Apple had initially asked for.根据最初地方法院的裁决,三星被要求赔偿苹果公司1.2亿美金侵权费,这个数字不到苹果公司要求的10分之一。It#39;s just one of several patent cases currently being fought in courts between the two smartphone giants. In a separate case, Apple was granted 0 million in damages after a court ruled that Samsung copied the iPhone. But an appeals court ruled that Apple could not patent the basic design of the iPhone, putting some of that award in jeopardy. The companies said last year that they will call off their patent disputes going forward -- outside the ed States.而这只是两大智能手机巨头法庭专利之战的其中一个。在另一个案件中,法庭判决三星向苹果公司付9.8亿美金作为侵权赔偿。但上诉法院判决苹果公司不能为其手机的基本设计申请专利,这样一部分赔偿金就可能要泡汤了。去年两个公司表示他们会叫停在美国之外地区的专利之战。 /201509/399924盐城治疗性传播疾病多少钱盐城/做无痛人流哪好



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