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The battle between Michigans public universities and state lawmakers over funding has ramped up in recent weeks.Both Eastern Michigan University and Oakland University have busted state-imposed tuition caps, deciding that the states ;reward; for not raising tuition just wasnt worth it.The universities raised their tuition for the upcoming school year by 7.8% and 8.48% respectively.David Jesse of the Detroit Free Press explains that since 2012, the state has placed a cap on how much universities can increase their tuition in a given year. That cap fluctuates year to year, but this year was 3.2%.Staying under the cap means the schools will receive some extra ;performance funding; from the state in addition to the normal base funding.;You stay under it, you get all your performance funding. You dont stay under it, wave goodbye,; he says.The reason Eastern and Oakland decided to turn down that offer this year comes down to basic arithmetic, according to Jesse.He says by breaking the tuition cap, these universities will see approximately ten times the amount of extra funding than if they had accepted the states performance incentive.This decision has made some politicians unhappy, but Jesse says its not one the schools have made lightly. The way they see it, they need more money in order to implement the plans and programs they need to remain competitive. Jesse says the universities are acting perfectly within their rights.;Our constitution says that the universities are autonomous and they can do what they want,; he says. ;TheLegislature cant tell them what to do. But they can tie all sorts of things to finding. They can reward or punish with funding.;Jesse says although the tuition increase will give universities more flexibility, it also puts more pressure on students and their parents to meet tuition costs.David Jesse tells us more about the tuition decision and what impact it could have in our conversation above.201507/385942。

The Republican response共和党回应When Joni poked Barry乔尼戳巴里脊梁骨A polite request for the president to co-operate客气要求总统合作JONI ERNST did not flub her lines or commit any gaffes. So compared with Republican efforts of recent years, her response to Barack Obamas state-of-the-union message was a success. But the new senator from Iowa had promised, during her campaign, to make Washington squeal like a hog having its testicles removed, and platitudes rarely have that effect. Her personal stories of hardship—like using b bags as a child to keep rain off her shoes—were aimed more at the heart than any other organ.琼妮厄恩斯特没有站错阵营也没哗众取宠。与近几年来共和党的表现相比,她对奥巴马国情咨文的回复真是一大创举,这位来自爱荷华州的新议员许诺她的竞选将让白宫饱尝撕心裂肺的苦头,而这绝不是说说而已,她的个人经历就充满着艰难困苦,比如童年时代曾用面包袋挡鞋子上的雨水,而这比任何东西都能打动人心。Like the president before her, Mrs Ernsts speech suggested little willingness to compromise. Having walloped the Democrats in the mid-term elections, Republicans feel that the president should move in their direction. Mrs Ernst called for repealing Obamacare, which Mr Obama obviously wont allow, and building the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which he probably wont.和奥巴马一样,厄恩斯的言辞也是斩钉截铁的语气,在中期选举一举击垮民主党之后,共和党人只觉得牵着总统鼻子走也是理所应当,厄恩斯呼吁撤销奥巴马医改建设基石管道,前者没有商量的余地,而后者可能还有一线生机。She called for tax reform, without raising rates as Mr Obama would like. She urged the president to get on board, though her party doubts he will. Mr Obama shows “no willingness to even meet somewhere in the middle on issues that have been percolating for some time”, said Richard Burr, a senator from North Carolina.她呼吁税务改革,拒绝顺着奥巴马的意愿提高税率,并要求奥巴马回到谈判桌前,但对此她也不抱什么希望,“奥巴马也没有任何在这个已僵持过得问题上折衷”北卡罗来纳州议员理查德说。That is not entirely true. Mr Obama and Mrs Ernst agreed on the need for trade deals with Asia and Europe. And Republicans seem likely to authorise the use of force against Islamic State, as the president asked. But on domestic issues, the gulf between the parties is as wide as ever. “What hes talking about so far he knows doesnt have any chance whatsoever of passing,” said Lamar Alexander, a senator from Tennessee. Mrs Ernst was more polite. “With a little co-operation from the president,” she said, “we can get Washington working again.”这也不是完全正确,奥巴马和厄恩斯在对亚洲和欧洲的贸易协定上达成了一致,共和党似乎也如总统所愿同意授权出兵打击伊斯兰国势力,但双方在国内问题上争执不下,田纳西亚议员亚历山大说,他所说的那些他自己都知道不可能通过,厄恩斯更为客套,她说,只要总统有一点合作的意向,我们就能让华盛顿运作起来。译者:张孟夏 译文属译生译世 /201501/356685。

I think its a really fair trade.I think so, too.我认为这是个很公平的交易 我也认为yeah, I would just like to eat. I dont really, I just love eating.我只想吃 我真的不想 我只喜欢吃So you wanna act but is there a particular role that you would like to play?对了 你想演戏 那有哪个特别想演的角色吗?Uh, I would like to be Beneatha in the A Raisin in in the Sun.嗯 我想演《阳关下的葡萄干》里的Beneathawe,we actually are gonna do something in a minute.过会我们要做一些事情we are gonna put you in a scene. You are gonna be acting wiht eh...all of us.我们会把你放进一个场景中 你会和... 我们所有人we are gonna do something together right now.Oh, ok, yeah.ok, we will be back.我们现在要一起做些事 哦 好 好 我们马上回来Every once in a while we combine two things that daytime television is known for: beautiful actresses and poofy dresses.有时我们会把下面两点结合起来 日间电视节目以漂亮女演员和脂粉气的装而著称Thats right, Its time for our latest soap opera the tales of the yesterdays tomorrow.没错 又到了我们最新一期肥皂剧时间 过往之明天的故事The sun rises, the ocean waves and bellies jiggle.太阳升起了 海面波动着 肚皮舞也抖了起来These are the tales of yesterdays tomorrows这就是“过往之明天的故事”You hve to leave before my sister sees you.你一定不能让我看见你what we did was wrong.wonderfully wrong.我们这样做是不对的 美丽的错误I know. But you have to go hurry, hurry.I love you darling.我知道 但你要离开了 快点 快点 亲爱的 我爱你 /201604/439161。

Science and technology科学技术Biometrics计量测定学Clocking peoples clocks识别人们的行踪Facial-recognition systems are getting better面部识别系统愈发完善WITH some pride, the FBI trumpeted the news last month that thanks to the agencys facial-recognition system Neil Stammer, wanted for sexual assault and kidnapping, had been apprehended in Nepal after being on the run for 14 years. The truth was slightly more prosaic. A State Department official had used the FBIs “Wanted” posters in a test for passport fraud. The system then matched Mr Stammers face with an American calling himself Kevin Hodges who regularly visited the US embassy in Kathmandu to renew his visa. Still, Mr Stammers arrest illuminates the growing importance of facial-recognition technology.上个月,在FBI面部识别系统的帮助下,因性侵犯和绑架而被通缉长达14年的Neil Stammer在尼泊尔落入法网。FBI对此大肆宣传,还带着点小骄傲呢~ 经过可能较为平淡。一名国务院官员使用FBI的通缉海报来测试护照欺诈行为。然后系统识别出,Stammer的面部同一名自称Kevin Hodges的美国人相符。后者经常到美国驻加德满都大使馆去更新他的签。不过,Stammer的落网,说明面部识别技术日益重要。The two main techniques used to recognise faces electronically are principal-component analysis (PCA) and linear-discriminant analysis (LDA). Both compare a picture of someones phizog with a reference image taken in a controlled environment. Passport photos and mugshots, then, are about as ideal as it gets.电子识别人脸的两种技术分别为主成分分析(PCA)和线性判别分析(LDA)。两种方法都是通过在特定环境下比较某人的面部和参照图片。碰巧,护照照片和疑犯照片是最理想化的。Basic PCA and LDA are good for skin colour, hair colour and the like. Advanced systems, such as that used with British biometric passports, may look at cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, jaw lines and eyes.基本的PCA和LDA擅长处理肤色、发色等。先进系统,比如英国计量生物学护照所采用的,可能会记录面颊骨骼,鼻梁,下颌轮廓以及眼睛。All of which is fine when someone is sitting or standing in front of a camera, but is less useful in the world beyond the studio. That requires a technique called Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (EBGM), which tries to create a three-dimensional (3D) model from two-dimensional images. This model can, thereafter, be used to match any subsequent image, or part thereof.在人正坐在或者正立在摄像头前的时候,所有这些标准都好办,但是在摄影棚外就不那么有用了。这要求一种名为弹性束图匹配(EBGM)的技术,该技术力求通过2D图像创建一个3D模型。因此这个模型就能用于匹配任何相关图片,或其中的部分。EBGM considers the head as a union of two ellipsoids: one whose main axis is vertical, and runs from forehead to chin; the other whose main axis is horizontal, and runs from tip of the nose to the back of the cranium. This basic scheme is overlaid with “fiducial” points which act as anchors for the modelling. These can be as few as half a dozen (the pupils of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and so on), or as many, in one system, as 40,000.EBGM将头部视为两个椭圆的结合体。一个的主轴是垂直的,从前额到下巴;另一个的主轴是水平的,从鼻尖到头盖骨后侧。基本方案是通过确定基点位置,定位模型尺寸。基点少则6个(瞳孔,嘴角,等等),多则可能在一个系统中达到40000个。EBGM allows the construction of a three-dimensional representation of a face from poorly lit images taken at odd angles, such as a closed-circuit television camera might provide. Once it recognises enough fiducial points it can work out what aspect of a face it is viewing. It then extrapolates the expected positions of other fiducial points. As more data come in from the camera, the models shape is updated. Given enough horsepower, says a British official, such a system can build a model from as few as 80 pixels located between a subjects eyes—and only two images are needed for a 3D reconstruction.EBGM可以将小角度拍摄的暗光照片,比如闭路电视所提供的,塑造为三维模型。一旦它捕捉到了足够的基点,系统就能计算出它所观测的是面部的那个位置。然后系统推断出其他基点的预期位置。随着摄像头提供的数据增多,模型的形状不断更新。如果有足够动力,比如英国官方要求,只需要两张照片,像素少到在人物的眼睛中只有80个像素,这个系统就能偶建立出3D复原模型。Governments are not the only ones interested. Earlier this year, Facebooks DeepFace system was asked whether thousands of pairs of photos were of the same person. It answered correctly 97.25% of the time, a shade behind humans at 97.53%. Although DeepFace is only a research project, and is aided by the fact that many Facebook photos are tagged with the names of people in the images, which lets the system learn those faces in different poses and lighting conditions, it is still an impressive feat.并不只有政府对此感兴趣。今年早些时候,有人拿脸谱的“深脸”系统测试了成千上万张照片,看他们是否是同一个人。其正确率为97.25%,在人背后后有阴影的情况下识别率为97.53%。尽管深脸只是研究项目,并且脸谱上的许多照片都是贴着人的姓名这个情况给出了一定帮助,使得系统能够辨别出不同姿势、不同采光下的人脸,但是这个成果仍旧令人瞩目。As DeepFace shows, access to an accurate gallery of images is crucial. Passport photos, or those on national identity cards, can act as such galleries, as they can be rendered by EBGM into usable 3D models. Add in the increasing ubiquity of closed-circuit television, and the idea that anyone will be able hide for long in Nepal, or anywhere else, looks quaint.正如深脸所显示的,想精确识别大批量图案依然困难重重。护照照片,或者那些用在国民身份上的,可以作为这种相片管理系统,因为他们可以可以由EBGM转述为实用3D模型。再考虑到闭路电视的普及,那么任何一个人,想要在尼泊尔或者其他任何地方藏起来的这种想法都会变得不切实际。 /201410/333530。

Arab Bank阿拉伯Consorting with terrorists恐怖分子的共犯A venerable Jordanian bank is found complicit in terrorist attacks约旦一家历史悠久的大型被发现是恐怖袭击参与者AFTER a six-week trial it took only two days for a jury to find Arab Bank guilty of knowingly providing assistance to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that runs Gaza, and consequently of complicity in two dozen terrorist attacks Hamas launched between 2001 and 2004 in which Americans were hurt or killed.在一连6周的审理后,陪审团只用了两天就认定阿拉伯有罪,因其主动向加沙地带的巴勒斯坦激进组织马斯集团提供援助,因此认定阿拉布也参与了在2001年至2004年间哈马斯发动的24起恐怖袭击,数名美国人在这些袭击中受伤或死亡。The case was originally filed a decade ago and this weeks verdict notwithstanding, it is far from over. Damages will be assessed in another trial. Arab Bank, which is based inJordan, has vowed to appeal, labelling the proceeding “a show trial”, in which it was prevented from providing exonerating evidence by other countries laws on bank secrecy.这一案件起初在10年前就立案了,尽管本周宣判了,但它还远未结束。其造成的损失将在另一个判决中被评估。总部位于约旦的阿拉布,发誓要上诉,并自负的把这次上诉称为“审判秀”,而在审理过程中,因他国保密法案,一些能使其脱罪的据被禁止作为提堂供。The case was the first test of an anti-terrorism law passed in 1990 in response to the murder of an American tourist by Palestinian militants in 1985. Arab Bank faces additional claims from hundreds of others harmed during the same period but by other Palestinian groups. Similar cases have been filed in American courts against various foreign banks, including Bank of China, CréditLyonnaisand a unit of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).此案曾是反恐法案通过后的第一个测试案例,1990年通过的反恐法案是为了回应1985年一名美籍游客被巴勒斯坦激进分子杀害的案件。阿拉伯还面临着在同时期遭受损失的其他阿拉伯组织所要求的数以百计的额外索赔。还有许多类似的针对外国的案件已经提交到在美国法院,涉及包括中国,里昂信贷以及苏格兰皇家旗下单位。At the nub of these cases is the question of how far a bank can reasonably be expected to go to understand its clients activities. Arab Bank argued that it had never intended to provide any service that contributed to terrorism, and to that end had screened its clients using official lists of known terrorists. It failed only by mistake, when the spelling of names on the lists did not match its own.这些案件的关键点在一个问题:了解其客户的活动深入到什么程度才算合理?阿拉伯辩称,其从未打算为恐怖行动提供任何帮助,且为此使用官方提供的恐怖分子名单筛选客户。其没能成功查出客户中恐怖分子是因为客户名单中恐怖分子名字的拼写与官方名单不一致。The plaintiffs argued that it must, or at least should have, known better. Bank documents, for example, showed payments tied to “martyrdom operations”; the most notable misspelt name was Ahmad Yassin, the founder of Hamas.原告认为阿拉伯必须,或至少应该对其客户有更详细的了解。例如,文件应显示与“自杀式袭击”相联系的付记录;最著名的姓名拼写错误是哈马斯创始人的名字:Ahmad Yassin。Among the most important legacies of the case will be the standard used to determine complicity. Arab Bank argued that there must be a direct causal relationship between a service and a terrorist act—that but for the service, the act would not have occurred. But the court ruled that the assistance need only be substantial and its consequences foreseeable. There are conflicting precedents, but on September 22nd the appeals court hearing the case involving RBS ruled that the standard for culpability need only be “material support to a terrorist organisation”, not whether it “aided terrorist activities.” That is a much lower bar.此案最重要的遗产将会是用于判定共犯的标准。阿拉伯认为提供的务和恐怖行动间定有直接的因果关系,但是提供了务,并不意味着恐怖行动就将因此发动。但法庭裁定的标准是:援助只需是实质上的,且其结果是可预见的。对此也有存在冲突的先例。但在9月22日,上诉法庭听闻苏格兰皇家也牵涉其中后,又裁定有罪的标准只需为“对恐怖组织有物质上的援助”,而不是“其是否援助了恐怖活动”。这一认定有罪标准可就宽泛多了。 /201410/333789。

Health reform医疗改革Medicare, the opera医改的闹剧Another election, another nonsensical fight over the elderly又一场选举,又一场关于老年人的荒谬斗争APRIL has been a cheerful month for the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. More than 7m Americans have signed up for private coverage through the laws exchanges and, by the end of February, more than 3m people had enrolled in Medicaid, the health programme for the poor. According to the latest Gallup poll, Americas share of uninsured has fallen to its lowest level since 2008. These figures are good news for anyone keen to expand health coverage. They may not be so helpful for the Democrats election prospects.四月对平价医疗法案(或者称其为奥巴马医改)来说是值得欢呼的一个月。截至二月末,已有超过七百万美国人通过法律交换签署了私人保险,以及超过三百万人参加了专为穷人设置的健康计划—医疗补助。根据盖洛普最新的调查显示,美国人未参加保险的比例已降至2008年以来的最低水平。这些数据对所有热衷扩大医保范围的人来说都无疑是个好消息。但对民主党竞选前景的改善可能没有太大裨益。To understand why, consider another set of figures. More than 40m older Americans are enrolled in Medicare, the public-health programme for those aged 65 and older, with more than 15m of them in private Medicare plans. These are reliable voters in elections. And Republicans are singing them the same aria again and again: Democrats are raiding their benefits to pay for Obamacare.看看另外一组数据便知原因。美国参加了医保的老年人数量已超过4千万,该医保是一项为65岁及以上的老年人制定的公共健康计划,其中超过一千五百万人同时参与了个人医保计划。这些人都是在选举中所能够依赖的选民。共和党人频频高唱同一叹调:民主党人为了付奥巴马医改而损害了他们的利益。Democratic politicians are desperate to convince them otherwise. On April 7th health officials provided some help: after proposing in February to cut payments to private Medicare plans by 1.9%, the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said they would rise slightly instead. This will not quiet Republicans.民主党的政治家竭尽全力的想要说他们。4月7日,卫生部官员也参与其中:在提出将在二月份削减个人医保计划出费用的1.9%后,医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)表示,其出并非降低,反而微升。但这并不能安抚共和党人。Obamacare does indeed lower Medicare spending by 6 billion from 2013 to 2022. Of this, 6 billion comes from Medicare Advantage, which lets the elderly use public money to buy private health plans. For years the government has paid more for these private plans, per person, than for traditional Medicare. Private insurers passed along the extra subsidy to consumers in the form of additional benefits or lower fees. Obamacare sought to bring private payments in line with traditional Medicare.奥巴马医改确实会在2013至2022年间降低医疗开约7160亿美元。其中,1560亿美元来自医疗照顾优先计划(Medicare Advantage),该计划允许老年人使用公共资金购买个人健康计划。多年来,政府为每个人在个人健康计划上的花费要高于传统医保。私人保险公司以给予额外好处或降低保费的形式,对消费者提供额外补贴。奥巴马医改试图将个人付带回传统医保的正轨上来。This was not a radical idea, but it is politically controversial nevertheless. Medicare Advantage is increasingly popular—about three in ten Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a private plan. Insurers argue that Obamacares cuts, combined with other measures, will force them to raise prices or cut benefits.这个想法并不激进,但在政治上却引起争议。医疗照顾优先计划愈发流行,约有三成的医保受益者参加了个人计划。保险公司抱怨到,奥巴马医改中与其他措施相配合的缩减政策,会迫使他们提价或削减福利。Last months special election in Florida was a cautionary tale for Democrats. “To pay for Obamacare, Washington is forcing seniors to endure deep cuts to Medicare Advantage,” purred an advertisement. “Sadly, Alex Sink supports these cuts.” Ms Sink lost her campaign. Not surprisingly, Republicans as well as many anxious Democrats implored CMS not to lower payments. In February 40 senators wrote to CMS to ask as much. On April 3rd 29 congressional Democrats and Republicans sent their own letter.上月佛罗里达的补选一事,值得民主党警惕。一则竞选标语这样写道:“为了付奥巴马医改,华盛顿正迫使老年人忍受医疗照顾优先计划的削减。不幸的是,Alex Sink持这项削减政策。”随后Sink失掉了竞选。不出意料,共和党人以及许多焦虑的民主党人恳求医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)不要削减这项出。2月,40名参议员致函医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)提出同样的要求。4月3日,国会中29名民主党人和共和党人致函医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)。In the end CMS said it would raise payments by 0.4%. The true effect on Medicare Advantage is more complex. Americas Health Insurance Plans, the industry group that had lobbied against cuts, maintains that CMSs changes still amount to lower payments. Ana Gupte of Leerink Swann, an investment bank, points out that delaying cuts now may mean a bigger cut next year.最后,医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)表示将付金额提高0.4个百分点。医疗照顾优先计划的真正影响比这更加复杂。美国健康保险计划是一个反对削减出的行业组织,他们认为,医疗保险和医疗补助务中心(CMS)的承诺仍旧意味着降低付。来自Leerink Swann投行的Ana Gupte指出,现在的推迟可能意味着明年更大幅度的削减。The ruckus belies a simple fact. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that Medicare spending must be contained. The budget proposed by congressional Republicans, written by Paul Ryan, would preserve all Obamacares cuts to Medicare, including those to Medicare Advantage. Just dont expect Republicans to mention that on the campaign trail.骚动掩盖了一个简单的事实:民主党人和共和党人均认为,必须遏制医疗出。国会共和党提出的预算由Paul Ryan撰写,该预算保留了所有奥巴马医改中对医疗出的削减政策,其中也包括了医疗照顾优先计划。但别指望着共和党人会在竞选中提及此事。译者:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201601/422274。

Today, this is all the remains of Guge, its capital city, Tsaparang.这是今日古格王朝的遗址,这是首都札布让。The grand vision of the first kings of Guge is reflected in this extraordinary city, literally carved into the side of a mountain.这座建立在土山上的独特古城反映出古格王朝前几任国王的宏伟愿景。Soaring to the heaven is the height of a modern 80-storey skyscraper.高度相当于现代八十层楼高的天大楼直冲云霄。It is, even today, one of the largest structures in Tibet.即使在今天依然是西藏最大建筑之一。Along its narrow lanes, you can almost hear the echoes of the many people, who toiled to gouge a city from this impenetrable mount of clay.沿着窄巷行走当年工人挖壁开凿的情形仿佛重现眼前。A labyrinth of tunnels and stairs leads vertically 300 meters to the very top of the structure.地道及楼梯层层往上三百公尺到达古城的最高处。The view is breathtaking.景色令人叹为观止。But this is only a small part of the once mighty Kingdom of Guge.但这只是古格王朝的一小部分。At its height, it was twice the size of Great Britain.在兴盛时期古格王朝是英国的两倍大。Experts believe that somewhere here lies the answer to one of the most intriguing archaeological enigmas in Asia.学者相信在古城可以解开亚洲最令人费解的谜团之一。Who exactly built this extraordinary structure? And what could have possibly led to the downfall of the civilization?这座古城是谁建立的什么原因造成古格文明由盛而衰? 译文属201512/418752。