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Matthew and Marilla马修和玛丽拉But when she arrived back at Green Gables, Anne knew at once that something was wrong. Matthew looked much older than before.当她赶回格林·盖布尔斯的时候,安妮立刻有一种不祥的感觉。马修看上去比以前老了很多。#39;What#39;s the matter with him? #39;Anne asked Marilla.“马修怎么了?”安妮问玛丽拉。#39;He#39;s had some heart trouble this year, #39;replied Marilla. #39;He really isn#39;t well. I#39;m worried about him. #39;“今年他的心脏病犯了几次,”玛丽拉回答。“他的情况确实不太好。我很为他担心。”#39;And you#39;re not looking well, Marilla, #39;said Anne. #39;Now you must rest, while I do the housework. #39;“你的气色也不太好,玛丽拉,”安妮说。“现在你必须休息,家务活由我来做。”Marilla smiled tiredly at Anne. #39;It#39;s not the work, it#39;s my head. It often hurts, behind my eyes. I must see the doctor about it soon. But another thing, Anne, have you heard any-thing about the Church Bank? #39;玛丽拉疲倦地笑了笑。“家务事倒没什么,主要是我经常头疼,就在眼睛后面。我得尽快看医生。还有一件事,安妮,你听到关于车茨的事了吗?”#39;I heard it was having a difficult time. #39;“我听说它经营困难。”#39;All our money is in that bank. I know Matthew#39;s worried about it. #39;“我们所有的钱都在那家里。我知道马修很担心。”The next morning a letter came for Matthew. Marilla saw his grey face and cried, #39;What#39;s the matter, Matthew? #39;第二天马修接到一封信。玛丽拉看到马修的脸一下变灰了,连忙喊道:“发生什么事了,马修?”Anne, who was bringing an armful of flowers into the kitchen, saw his face too. Suddenly, Matthew fell to the ground. Anne dropped her flowers and ran to help Marilla. Together they tried everything, but it was too late. Matthew was dead.安妮刚刚抱着一捧花走进厨房,她也看到了马修的脸。突然,马修倒在地上。安妮扔下花来帮助玛丽拉。她们想尽了一切办法拯救马修,可已经太晚了。马修死了。#39;It was his heart, #39;said the doctor, who arrived a little later. #39;Did he have any bad news suddenly? #39;晚些时候,大夫来了,他说:“是因为他的心脏。他有没有突然听到什么不幸的消息?”#39;The letter! #39;cried Anne. #39;Shall I see what#39;s in it? Oh Mar-illa, look! The Church Bank has had to close down! Your money, and Matthew#39;s, has all gone! #39;“是那封信!”安妮叫道。“我能不能看看里面写了些什么?哦,玛丽拉,你看!车茨已经倒闭了!你的钱,还有马修的,都没了!”Everybody in Avonlea was sorry to hear that Matthew was dead. For the first time in his life, Matthew Cuthbert was an important person.听到马修去世的消息,埃文利村的每一个人都很难过。马修·卡斯伯特这辈子第一次成了一个重要人物。At first Anne couldn#39;t cry. But then she remembered Matthew#39;s smiling face when she told him about the Avery prize. Suddenly she started crying and couldn#39;t stop. Marilla held her in her arms and they sobbed together.起初安妮哭不出来。但当她想起马修听到她获得艾弗里奖学金时脸上的笑容,就突然忍不住大哭起来。玛丽拉搂着安妮,俩人一起哭泣。#39;Crying can#39;t bring him back, #39;whispered Marilla. #39;We#39;ll have to learn to live without him, Anne. #39;“哭也没法让他回来了,”玛丽拉小声说道:“我们必须学会习惯没有马修的生活,安妮。”In the next few weeks Anne and Marilla worked hard together on the farm and in the house. Everybody in Avonlea was very kind to them, but it was a sad time.在以后的几周里,安妮和玛丽拉在田地里和家中辛勤地劳作。埃文利村的每一个人都对她们很好,但这是一段伤心的日子。 /201205/184232。

  • Gary and Alma were having problems, again."But you told me it was okay to call up Carol," said Gary. "I asked you if it was okay to talk to her, because it was her birthday and I've wished her a happy birthday every year for the last 10 years.""But you had aly promised me that you would never call her again. You promised me that. So, you lied to me.""But I had forgotten that I told you that. You know that I forget things. I'm not going to argue with you; you have a memory like an elephant. But you've got to believe me, I completely forgot. And more important, Carol is just a friend.""No, she isn't. She's still in love with you.""But I'm not in love with her. She can love me all she wants, but I'm not in love with her. I never was!""Well, you say that. Maybe it's true. Maybe it isn't. But the important thing is that you never know what the future will bring. You say that nothing will happen between you and her, but you don't know that for sure, because you don't know the future.""Yes, you're right. No one knows the future. I could fall in love with her again, and she and I might run off and get married and have nine or ten kids.""Again? What do you mean 'again'?" Article/201104/130975。
  • PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER THIRTEENMr. Mason is AttackedAt last, Rochester and the doctor arrived."This is strange!" said the doctor. "The skin on the shoulder has been bitten, but also cut with a knife.""When Rochester took the knife from her, she bit me," Mason said weakly."Well, Mason, I told you never to see her alone, or something like this might happen," said Rochester. "When you return to the West Indies, forget about her. [-----1-----] You must think of her as dead. Now, doctor, is Mason going to be all right? When you leave here, you can take hime home with you, and then in a few days he can leave England."[-----2-----] But the house was still quiet. No one saw Mr. Mason leave with the doctor."Look after him, doctor." said Rochester. "Goodbye, Richard." I thought his voice sounded tired, and sad."Edward, always take care of her, treat he well...""I'll do my best, Richard. I always have." said Rochester. Then Mr. Mason left. "[-----3-----]!" he said to himeself, after he had gone. 填空 :1、She is not the same person you knew.她已经不再是你认识的那个人了。2、It was now early in the morning, and the birds were beginning to sing.现在天色尚早,不过鸟儿们已经开始唱歌了。3、But I wish all this would be over!我但愿这一切都过去了。 Vocabulary Focusyou knew:前面省略关系词that Article/200905/69110。
  • I don’t know what I would do without my friends’ advice. They’ve all given me so much good advice over the years. It’s sometimes very difficult to make decisions on your own. Listening to advice can be great for helping you make the right decision. The greatest piece of advice I’ve received was from my father. He told me I can do anything in life if I try hard. He was right. I am now passing on his advice to my own children. Right now I need some advice on money. My financial advisors are telling me to be very careful. That’s very sound advice. I would advise anyone to do the same. Someone asked me the other day about the worst piece of advice I’ve ever had. I couldn’t answer. I don’t think I’ve had any really bad advice. Article/201103/129797。
  • From America 它们是从美国带来的 Not long after an old Chinese woman came back to China from her visit to her daughter in the States, she went to a city bank to deposit the US dollars her daughter gave her. At the bank counter, the clerk checked each note carefully to see if the money was real. It made the old lady out of patience. At last she could not hold any more, uttering. "Trust me, Sir, and trust the money. They are real US dollars. They are directly from America." 一位中国老太太去美国看望女儿回来不久,到一家市存女儿给她的美元。在柜台,职员认真检查了每一张钞票,看是否有假。 这种做法让老妇人很不耐烦,最后她实在忍不住说:“相信我,先生,也请你相信这些钞票。这些都是真正的美元,它们都是直接从美国带来的。” Article/200804/34632。
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