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Clues to the link这一发现来自come from this group of people who live in a remote region of Ecuador.住在厄瓜多尔偏远地区的一群人They have a very rare condition called Laron syndrome,他们身患罕见的莱伦氏综合症which affects less than 350 people worldwide.全球有不到350人患有此症That#39;s you, is it? It makes you look like a giant, doesn#39;t it?这是你吗 看起来像个巨人 不是吗I#39;m the tall guy there.在那里我就是个大高个儿The shortest one is just over three-and-a-half feet tall.那里最矮的人身高只有107厘米- Up to my belly button. Is that right? - Yeah.-就在我的肚脐这儿 对吗 -对What interests researchers like Valter is not their size,吸引瓦尔特等研究者的并不是他们的身高but the fact that they seem to be virtually immune而是西方世界两大健康杀手to two of the West#39;s biggest killers.完全不会影响到他们The big findings, of course,重大发现是were, they don#39;t seem to get either diabetes or cancer.他们似乎不会得糖尿病或者癌症Do they do all the normal, sensible things we all do,他们会跟我们一样享受人生吗like drink, smoke and all that?比如喝酒 吸烟之类的Yes, they do the normal, and more,会的 他们会做 甚至还会过量so they a very unhealthy lifestyle.所以他们的生活方式非常不健康Most of them are to some extent at least overweight.他们中的大部分人 至少是超重They seem to really not watch anything they do.看起来他们不太注意自己的行为重点解释:1.live in 住进例句:His large income enabled him to live in comfort.他那丰厚的收入使他可以过舒的生活。2.less than 不到; 少于例句:We won no less than 500 in a competition.我们在一场比赛中赢了多达500英镑。3.seem to 似乎 ...例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗? Article/201509/401090。

I feel good about this. I really do, thank you.我很开心。我真的很开心,谢谢。Thank you very much. Of course.真是感谢你。不客气。My name is Mark Bustos. I am a hairstylist based at New York City我叫马克·布斯托斯。我在纽约当一名发型设计师。On my days off I go out on the street and I look for homeless people to help out我休假的时候会到街上,找无家可归的人来帮助他们whether it#39;d be a haircut or just conversation无论是通过剪发还是聊天。Just tried to help out in any way to brighten someone#39;s day.我只是想试着帮助他们,让他们能有愉快的一天。Nice to meet you. What do you think about a haircut today? Free? Free.很高兴见到你。你今天想不想剪个头发?免费的吗?免费的。Is this where I sit? This is your seat. Ok. Just sit, my friend.你要我坐在这儿吗?你坐在这儿。好的。请坐吧,我的朋友。Feels good. Feel like a new man. Thank you.感觉很好。我觉得自己像变了一个人。谢谢。I can see myself now. Thank you. Thank you very much.我现在可以看到自己了。谢谢。非常感谢。I think grooming helps them take the next step in life just by giving them a little bit more confidence我觉得剪头发可以帮助他们踏出人生的下一步,给他们多一点自信,or even to just walk a little taller.让他们更能抬头挺胸。I wanna feel good when I got my interview next week and now I#39;m feel it that way. Feel real good我下星期去面试的时候,希望能有自信,我现在很有自信。我非常开心。 Article/201702/491180。

Henry VIII Portrait by Hans Holbein小汉斯·霍尔拜因:《亨利八世的肖像画》So let#39;s play detective and have a look at some of the works at Castle Howard. And see if we can discover some of the stories that they can tell us.来玩玩侦探游戏,看看在霍华德城堡的一些作品。看看我们是否可以发现一些它们可以告诉我们的故事。Most of the picture collection was assembled by three generations of the family in less than a century. And it was probably at a famous country house sale—the Arundel House sale—that the fourth Earl acquired this portrait in about 1720.大部分的画作藏品是此家族的三个世代在不到一世纪中所收藏的。这大概正是在一次着名的乡间别墅拍卖中--阿伦德尔别墅拍卖--第四任伯爵在大约1720年时得到这幅肖像画。I expect many of you would recognize the sitter#39;s identity. He was one of the most colorful of the Tudor monarchs. And much of the information we have about him and his courtiers comes from the work of one contemporary artist. The sitter is, of course, King Henry VIII, and was painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1542.我想你们许多人会认出这位主角的身分。他是都铎王朝最精的人之一。我们拥有关于他、以及他的廷臣的许多资讯来自于一位当代艺术家的作品。这名主角,当然,是亨利八世,且是由小汉斯·霍尔拜因在1542年所画的。What makes it such a striking image? How do you react as you look into his face, his eyes, and his mouth? He#39;s looking straight at you. I wonder, What is he thinking? What does his expression tell us? If he suddenly spoke, what would he say?是什么让这成为如此突出的画作?当你看着他的脸庞、他的双眼、及他的嘴巴时,你如何反应?他正直直地盯着你。我想知道:他正想些什么?他的表情告诉我们些什么?如果他突然说话了,他会说什么?As I continue to look at the portrait, I#39;m struck by the King#39;s size and the detail of his richly ornamented costume.当我继续看着这幅肖像,我被国王的身材以及他华丽装饰的装细节所打动。Hans Holbein was born in about 1497 in Augsburg, Southern Germany, the son of a painter. He trained in his father#39;s workshop, and then moved to Bale in Switzerland, where he started on his own successful career. Today he#39;s recognized as one of the greatest portrait painters of all time.小汉斯·霍尔拜因在大约1497年时于南德奥格斯堡出生,是一位画家的儿子。他在他父亲的画室中受训,然后搬到瑞士的巴塞尔,在那里他开始了他自己成功的事业。今天他被认为是有史以来最杰出的肖像画家之一。Now you may never have been the sitter in a portrait, but I expect you have had the school photographer take your picture. He usually sets up his studio in the school hall, and then makes the picture of every child in the school in a matter of hours. How long do you think it would have taken Holbein with his brushes and paint to make a single portrait?你可能从未当过肖像画里的主角,但我想你应该曾经让学校的摄影师拍过你的照片。他通常将画室设在校内大厅,接着在大约几小时内帮每个学校里的孩子画肖像。你觉得霍尔拜因用他的笔刷和颜料要花多少时间来画一幅肖像?He paints it with such accuracy his pictures have a photographic quality, and he#39;s given us an important record of the members of the Tudor court.他带着如此的精确度作画,因此他的画作都带着摄影般的质感,且他带给我们都铎王朝成员的重要记录。Yet he didn#39;t start his career as a portrait painter. He illustrated books and painted religious pictures. However, holy images became unpopular when changes in attitude and belief occurred during a movement called the Reformation. So Holbein lost his income, and was forced to leave Bale to come to England in search of work.但是他并不是从肖像画家开启他的职业生涯。他为书本绘制插画,并画宗教图像。但是,当态度和信仰的改变在一个称为宗教改革的运动中发生时,神圣的图像变得乏人问津。所以霍尔拜因失去了他的收入,且被迫离开巴塞尔,并来到英国找工作。His first visit to London was spent in the company of the great scholar and statesman, Sir Thomas More. Then after a period back in Switzerland with his wife and family, Holbein returned to England.他第一次造访伦敦是在一位杰出的学者及政治家--托马斯·莫尔爵士的陪同下度过。接着和他的妻子及家人回到瑞士一段时间后,霍尔拜因又回到了英国。He was made court painter to Henry VIII in 1536. He became the King#39;s chief image maker. And from then on, the painting of portraits became fashionable. He also developed the technique of miniature portraits. But his work for the English court wasn#39;t restricted to portraiture. He also designed jewelry, furniture, and costumes.他在1536年成为亨利八世的宫廷画家。他成了国王的主要形象画家。从那时开始,肖像的画作变得流行。他同样也发展出迷你肖像画的技术。但他为英国宫廷创作的作品并不局限于肖像画。他同样也设计珠宝、家具、和装。He died quite suddenly in 1543. It#39;s thought that he probably died of the plague, that terrible disease which killed thousands of people in Britain and across Europe.他在1543年骤逝。人们认为他大概是死于黑死病,那个在英国及欧洲各处害死数千人的可怕疾病。Henry VIII was born in Greenwich on the 28 June, 1491—the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry had a very spoiled childhood. He even had his own whipping boy, who was punished every time Henry did something wrong. But he was also very well-educated. He spoke many languages, wrote poetry, and knew a great deal about religion. And he also developed great skill in music and sports.亨利八世在1491年6月28日于格林威治出生--为亨利七世及约克的伊丽莎白之次子。亨利有段非常受到宠溺的童年。他甚至有他自己的代罪羔羊,在每次亨利做错事时代受惩罚。但他同样也受到良好教育。他会说数种语言、会写诗、且非常了解宗教。他同样也在音乐及运动方面发展绝佳的能力。He became the prince of Wales following the death of his elder brother, Arthur, and at the same time became engaged to Arthur#39;s wife, Catherine of Aragon. They married when Henry became King in 1509. At that time, Henry was young, handsome, and charming. He had red-gold hair and was over six feet tall.他在他的哥哥亚瑟死亡后成为威尔斯的王子,同时和亚瑟的妻子阿拉贡的凯瑟琳订婚。他们在1509年亨利登基时成婚。在那时,亨利年轻、帅气、又迷人。他有着金红色的头发,且超过六尺(约182公分)高。However, aided by his ministers Wolsey and Cromwell, his reign is one of ambition abroad and ruthlessness at home.但是,在他的臣子们沃尔西及康沃尔的协助下,他的统治是野心勃勃于外、冷酷无情于内的一种。When Henry became King, the country was Catholic, and its religion was controlled by the Pope in Rome. However, when the Pope wouldn#39;t let Henry get divorced, Henry made himself head of the church in England instead, and gave himself the divorce he wanted.当亨利成为国王,国家是属于天主教的,其宗教受到罗马教宗控制。然而,当教宗不让亨利离婚,亨利反而就让自己成为英国的教堂领袖,并给他自己他所想要的离婚。Later, Henry closed all the monasteries and nunneries in England and took all the money from the monks and nuns. He gave the monasteries to his friends as fine houses. This time was called the Reformation that I mentioned earlier.之后,亨利关闭了所有英国的修道院及修女院,并从修道士跟修女那拿走所有钱。他将修道院当做豪宅送给他的朋友。这段期间就称作我稍早提到的宗教改革运动。Anxious that his sons should follow him, Henry VIII is famed for having six wives, and three of the queens had children who became future monarchs—Edward VI, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth I.担心他的儿子应该要跟随他,亨利八世以有过六任妻子出名,其中三个皇后生下成为未来君主的孩子--爱德华六世、女王玛丽、还有女王伊莉莎白一世。Do you know the rhyme for remembering the fate of his wives? Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. Henry divorced Catherine of Aragon, beheaded Anne Boleyn, and then his third wife Jane Seymour died after giving birth to her son.The future Edward VI.你知道要记住他的妻子命运的押韵诗吗?离婚、斩首、死亡。离婚、斩首、存活。亨利和阿拉贡的凯瑟琳离婚、斩首安妮·林,接着他的第三任妻子珍·西在生下她的儿子后过世。这个儿子就是后来的爱德华六世。The King then sent Holbein to foreign courts on the very important task of painting portraits of possible wives for him. The plan was that Henry would choose his next wife from one of these portraits.国王接着将霍尔拜因送到国外的宫廷进行为他绘制可能妻子人选的肖像这份非常重要的任务。那计划是亨利会从这些肖像中其中一幅选出他下一任妻子。In fact, he agreed to marry his fourth wife Anne of Cleves before he#39;d even seen her, trusting Holbein#39;s portrait of her. When he saw her in the flesh, however, the King was very rude, saying that she looked like a horse. He divorced her soon after.事实上,他甚至在他看过她之前就同意迎娶他的第四任妻子克里维斯的安妮,相信了霍尔拜因所画的她的肖像。但是当他看到她本人,国王非常无礼,说她看起来像匹马。他不久后就休了她。His fifth wife Catherine Howard—he ordered to be beheaded. And then his last and sixth wife Catherine Parr outlived him, although only by one year.他的第五任妻子凯瑟琳·霍华德--他下令要斩首。然后他最后一任、也是第六任妻子凯瑟琳·帕尔活得比他久,虽然只有多活一年而已。When Henry came to the throne, he was considered to be the most handsome sovereign in Europe. But with age and illness, the King#39;s body became abnormally big and disfigured. When Holbein painted this portrait in 1542, it was becoming increasingly difficult to represent the King honestly, but also to present a powerful public image.当亨利登上王位后,他被认为是欧洲最英俊的君主。但随着年龄增长和疾病,国王的身躯变得异常肿大、变形。当霍尔拜因在1542年绘制这幅肖像时,那变得越来越难如实描绘出国王、也很难呈现一个强大的公众形象。This portrait is painted in oil on wood panel—a common material before the use of canvas became prevalent. Here Holbein has placed the three-quarter-length image of the King in a high and narrow frame. The overall effect is to suggest considerable power and strength—a severe and dominating figure.这幅肖像画是以油在木画板上绘制--在画布的使用普及前很常见的材料。在这里霍尔拜因将国王四分之三长度的图像放在一个又长又窄的画框中。整体的影响是要使人联想到相当重要的权力和力量--一个严格统治的形象。Henry#39;s features are very sharply drawn. Don#39;t you feel he#39;s staring straight at you? Look at the sharp line of his mouth, his cheeks, his double chin, the tuft of hair beneath his lower lip, his moustache, and then his beard. It was on hearing that Francis I, King of France, had a beard that Henry grew one. Beards went customary in England at that time.亨利的特色非常鲜明地被描绘出来。你没有感觉他正直直盯着你吗?看看他嘴巴、他的脸颊、他的双下巴、他下唇下方的一戳胡子、他的八字胡、然后他的胡须的清晰线条。那正是在听说法国国王法兰西斯一世留胡须后,亨利才开始蓄胡。在那时胡须在英国蔚为风潮。Francis was Henry#39;s great political and cultural rival. And as Henry#39;s hair was reddish, it was said that he had a beard that look like goat, which must have pleased him.法兰西斯是亨利在政治及文化上强大的对手。因为亨利的头发是淡红色的,据说他留着看起来像山羊的胡须,这一定让他很满意。The King is wearing a black hat decorated with pearls and other jewels. The plain, dark background to the portrait shows up the brilliant red of Henry#39;s bell-shaped robe, emphasizing Henry himself and giving impact to the portrait.国王正戴着以珍珠和其他珠宝装饰的黑帽。那肖像画的朴素、黑暗背景凸显出亨利那钟形长袍的亮红色,强调出亨利他自己、并带给肖像一股冲击。In his earlier works, Holbein often surrounded his sitters with objects that indicated their official position, or had some actual or symbolic relevance. In his later works, these objects were replaced by plain backgrounds.在他早期的作品中,霍尔拜因通常用能够暗示他们官位的物品围住他的主角,或是运用些实际或象征的关联性。在他后期的作品中,这些物品被朴素的背景所取代。Henry#39;s robe of silk and velvet material is ornamented with an extremely intricate and detailed pattern in bright gold th. Hobein skillfully differentiates between the textures of the material, the fur trimming, and the jewelry.亨利那身丝绸及天鹅绒料子的长袍,以亮金色丝线织成的极为复杂精细图样装饰。霍尔拜因巧妙地分别出那布料、毛皮装饰、以及珠宝的质感。Henry wears a large golden bejeweled chain and gold rings. His robe is held shut with large gold and jewel studded fasteners. His sleeves of cloth of gold, slashed over white linen, are also covered with jewels and gold mounds. All his accessories have been carefully studied and painted. Henry is holding gloves in his right hand and with his left, he clasps the top of a walking stick adorned with gold.亨利戴着一大串宝石装饰的金色链子和金戒指。他的袍子用钉有黄金和珠宝的钮扣扣上。他的金色布料袖子,在白色的亚麻布上开叉,同样也以珠宝和金色突纹覆盖。所有他的饰品都被仔细地研究并绘制。亨利右手正握着手套,而在他的左手,他紧握以黄金装饰的手杖顶端。On the brown wood of the stick is a puzzle for you solve. It#39;s painted with the letter H and the number 42. Now what do you think that could mean? Any ideas? I#39;ll leave you thinking about it. We#39;ll come back to it later.在手杖的棕色木头上是个要让你解开的谜题。它画上字母H还有数字42。现在你觉得那表示些什么?有任何想法吗?我会让你想想看。我们稍后回来。Now before we leave paintings, do you remember the question I asked you about Henry VIII? The H and the 42. Did you work out what they meant? I bet you thought the H stood for Henry. Well, the most commonly accepted view is that the H is for Holbein, the artist; and the 42 is for 1542, the year it was painted.现在在我们离开画作前,记得我刚刚问的有关亨利八世的问题吗?那H还有42。你有想出它们代表什么吗?我猜你会想H是代表亨利。这个嘛,最普遍接受的观点是H代表霍尔拜因,那位艺术家;而42是代表1542年,它被绘制出的那年。 Article/201412/349742。

Being empowered is important no matter which profession you are in. Here are some steps to help you get there.无论你从事的是哪种职业,有能力都非常重要。下面是达到这个目标的几个步骤。You Will Need你需要Likeable personality令人喜欢的性格Credibility可信性Charisma非凡的领导力Expertise专业技能Integrity正直Persuasiveness (optional)说力(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Know that having power is healthy1.知道有能力是健康的Know that the desire for power is healthy. A lack of power can cause people to abuse others.要知道,对能力的渴望是健康的。缺乏能力会导致人们滥用他人。Bullies are people who try to steal power that they never had in the first place.欺凌者是那些从一开始就没有能力的人试图窃取能力的行为。STEP 2 Be likable2.讨人喜欢Be likable. If people like to be around you, they will look to you for advise.讨人喜欢一点。如果人们喜欢在你周围,他们就会向你征求建议。STEP 3 Maintain credibility3.保持可信性Maintain credibility. If you are credible, you will be better able to persuade others.保持可信性。如果你是值得信赖的,你将能更好得说他人。The ability to persuade others, whether through intellectual reasoning or through interpersonal skills, is a pathway to power.说他人的能力,无论是通过知识推理还是人际关系技巧,都是通往能力的途径。STEP 4 Create charisma4.展示非凡的领导力Create charisma. Share a vision that has strong appeal and that energizes others.展示非凡的领导力。打造拥有很强的吸引力和能够激励他人的形象。STEP 5 Acquire expertise5.获取专业技能Acquire expertise. Expertise can be exchanged for favors from others.获取专业技能。专业知识能够换来他人的持。STEP 6 Show integrity6.正直Show integrity. Be open with others and share information they have a right to know. Now all you need is the right opportunity to exercise all of your new found powers.表现出正直的品格。善于接纳他人,分享他们有权了解的信息。现在,你需要的就是实践刚获得的能力的恰当的机会了。When Britain faced a Nazi invasion in 1940, the charismatic Prime Minister Winston Churchill acquired political power by rallying his country with the words, ;I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.;1940年英国遭遇纳粹入侵时,有感召力的英国首相丘吉尔通过有号召力的话使全国团结起来,“我所能奉献的没有其他,只有热血、辛劳、眼泪与汗水”,从而获得了政治力量。 Article/201503/361865。

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/377783。

The plate should have met as a side dish这一餐盘应该有肉作为配菜or comprise one third or less of your plate and或占据最多三分之一的餐盘have vegetables, fruits or grains蔬菜,水果或谷物make up 2 thirds or more of the plate.占据餐盘的至少三分之二A visual example of the AICR#39;s plate is shown here.这里展示的便是新式餐盘的一个图例Evidence has shown that consuming a diet据显示,多摄入水果蔬菜的饮食可以rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce cancer通过帮助保持健康的体重by contributing to maintenance of a healthy weight.来降低癌症的发病率Secondly, fruit and vegetable consumption is also第二水果蔬菜的摄入associated with a reduced risk也与降低其他慢性病of other chronic illnesses.的发病率有关Consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables多吃水果蔬菜has been linked to many health benefits, among对身体健康有非常多的益处these benefits it may decrease your risk of cancer.它可能会降低你得癌症的风险Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber which helps水果与蔬菜富含纤维the digestive regularity and may also help decrease可以帮助消化the risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses.还可能降低患癌症和其他慢性病的风险The high fiber content in these foods can also这些食物中的高纤维含量make you feel full longer会让你的饱腹感持续更久which can help maintain a healthy weight.这样可以帮你保持健康的体重Additional benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits多吃水果蔬菜还有另外的好处and vegetables are these foods contain many vitamins那就是这些食物中富含每天人体所需的and minerals needed for everyday survival.维他命和矿物质They also contain naturally occurring phytochemicals水果蔬菜还包含自然生成的植物营养素which help to protect our health可以帮助我们保持健康by blocking potential cancer causing substances,因为这些植物营养素可以抑制潜在的致癌物质strengthening our immune system,强化我们的免疫系统reducing inflammation and regulating hormones.减少炎症和调节身体荷尔蒙Now that you#39;ve learned what the AICR#39;s recommendations现在你已经了解了美国癌症研究院的建议are, the scientific evidence and the benefits to your相应的科学依据health from consuming a diet以及多吃水果蔬菜rich in fruits and vegetables,对身体健康的益处let#39;s take a look at what counts as a serving.接下来我们来了解一下一份食物的概念Serving sizes for vegetables are一份蔬菜的份量应为one cup of raw leafy vegetables, a half cup of cooked,一杯生叶菜chopped or canned vegetables and或者半杯煮熟,切碎,或者罐装的蔬菜a half cup or 4 ounces of 100% vegetable juice.半杯或者四盎司100%的蔬菜汁Serving sizes for fruits are one medium apple,一份水果的份量应为banana or orange, a half cup of chopped,一个中等个头的苹果,香蕉或者橙子cooked or canned fruit,半杯切碎,煮熟,或者罐装的水果a half cup or 4 ounces of 100% fruit juice半杯或四盎司100%水果汁and 1 4th cup of dried fruit.以及四分之一杯干果You may also now be wondering你现在可能会想知道how you can add fruits and vegetables to your diet.如何将水果蔬菜添加到你的日常饮食中A few suggestions for this are to include fruits对于这个问题的建议是and vegetables at every meal and as snacks,把水果蔬菜纳入每一餐中,并当成零食cut up fruits and vegetables in advance and提前将水果蔬菜切好store them in small plastic bags并按个人份将其储存在小的塑料袋中for individual servings and convenience.这样做会非常方便Sprinkle raisins or other fruits into salads,撒些葡萄干或水果到沙拉,烘烤食品baked goods, yoghurt or cereal and you can also use酸奶或燕麦片中a food processor to chop vegetables finely你还可以使用食品加工机将蔬菜切碎to add to soups, ground beef or sauce.添加到汤,绞碎的牛肉或酱汁中These are several suggestions but you may be able to这些只是一部分建议think of more creative ways或许你可以想出更多to add fruits and vegetables to your diet.将水果蔬菜添加到饮食中的创意Finally, AICR recommends最后,美国癌症研究院建议consuming a diet of primarily plant foods饮食以植物性食物为主which includes grains, beans, fruits and vegetables.包括谷物,豆类,水果和蔬菜Consumption of fruits and vegetables have many health食用水果蔬菜对健康益处多多benefits and don#39;t be afraid to try new fruits and勇敢地在你家庭的下一餐中vegetables at your family#39;s next meal.尝试一些新的水果和蔬菜吧 Article/201501/355770。

I don#39;t think you see anything happening to you现在应该还没发生I#39;m still working on it我还在努力I#39;m getting tired here我有点累了Something happening?发生了什么吗Oh, my goodness, I could see myself哦,我的天,我可以看到我自己了Well, this is a real workout, I#39;ll tell you这个真的是太费体力了So what we#39;ve created here is a beautiful silver mirrored flask这里我们做成了一个银镜烧瓶So look at that看这个Dr. Dolhun has created a beautiful silver mirrorDolhun士做成了一个漂亮的银镜It almost looks like a Christmas tree ornament就像是圣诞树上的装饰品一样and a silver ornament could in fact be made this way银色装饰确实也可以这样做So here#39;s what#39;s happening这里情况是这样的Electrons from here, the glucose电子来自葡萄糖get transferred to the silver reducing it to silver 0被转移给银离子,将其还原为Ag?Silver 0 is insoluble in water. It#39;s just silver metal Ag?不溶于水,也就是银金属And it#39;s precipitating out on the inside of the flask它会沉淀到烧瓶内面forming the beautiful silver mirror that we see形成我们所看到的漂亮银镜Now this process is called reduction这个过程叫作还原And whenever something is reduced有东西被还原something else is oxidized就有东西被氧化So the glucose must be getting oxidized被氧化的必然是葡萄糖It becomes this它变成这个An oxygen was added here一个氧被加到这里Now this process is similar to metabolism in our bodies这个过程很类似于我们体内的代谢过程We remove electrons from the sugar we eat我们也会从吃下的糖中移除一个电子and transfer them to the oxygen that we breathe将其转移给我们呼入的氧气In a reduction reaction like ;mirror, mirror;;魔镜魔镜;这样的还原反应there might be energy released会释放出能量In your body, this energy is harnessed in chemical bonds人体内,这些能量会用化学键储存起来stored for later以便日后使用The point of Tollens test was not to produce silver mirrorsTollens测试的本身目的不是为了制造银镜although a similar reaction is used for that today虽然现在类似反应确实被用作这个用途The point was to distinguish between two types of sugars其本身目的是为了区分两种糖One is containing aldehydes and one is containing ketones一种中包含醛,一种中包含酮Let me draw those我画一下这些The difference is that in an aldehyde差别在于,醛中the carbon is connected to hydrogen碳是同氢相连的and in the ketone, the carbon is connected to another carbon而酮同,碳是和另一个碳相连的Aldehydes are more reactive than ketones醛比酮的反应性更强so they will react with the silver ions所以它们能同银离子反应while the ketones will not而酮则不能That#39;s it for me. Hopefully, you enjoyed this 就到这里吧,但愿大家喜欢这个视频And I will see you next time我们下次再见 Article/201501/352467。