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So now Im trying to figure out现在我不得不考虑am I going to give myself up this situation自己是否应该退出do I take cab然后打的过去do I take a train或是坐火车过去But as soon as that goes into my mind但就在我有放弃的念头时all I see is news cameras all around me我看到周围有很多新闻摄像机and theyre going laugh记者们开始笑起来We are live for the marathon我们正在直播马拉松See those Kenyans aly finished the race, the news那些肯尼亚人已经完成比赛了were live to see if I was going to live or die而现在是老爹生死抉择的时候It got so crazy情况变得很疯狂I heard the announcer say我听到广播员说Whoa, Puff is in trouble now喔 老爹碰到麻烦了But in all seriousness严肃来讲I had to make a decision right there我需要作出决定I had to decide whether I was going to stay on my knees我是应该就这么一直跪下去or get up on my feet还是站起来I had to decide to get up, I had to decide to run我需要站起来 我需要继续坚持跑下去My toenails started falling off我的脚趾甲都要掉了My sneakers were soaked in blood我的跑鞋浸出鲜血Real talk, Im not being dramatic真的 我没有夸张But Ive decided I was going to finish that marathon但我决定要跑完马拉松And then I make it to mile 20之后 我跑到20英里处Thank you Jesus感谢耶稣I made it to Harlem where I was born and raised我跑到了生我养我的黑人区The Harlem really doesnt do the marathon thing黑人区其实并不关心马拉松but I saw the entire neighborhood come out there to support me但我看到所有人都跑出来持我They had turned my hood into a block party他们将我的出现看成是街区聚会DJs playing music. People wave their signsDJ在那放音乐 人们挥舞着标语Yell and go, Diddy go给我加油鼓劲You see my Harlem family黑人区也是一个大家庭got me through the marathon他们鼓励我完成了马拉松just like my Howard family就像霍华德也是一个大家庭got me and you to this point today让我和你们能有今天的成就一样I finished the marathon我跑完了马拉松I almost die感觉几乎要死了My feet has never been in the same sense我的脚从未有过这样的感觉My feet hurt right now我的脚痛得要命But I finished不过我跑完了And I beat Oprahs time而且打败了欧普拉的记录201501/353988。

  • Ill tell you what they do next.让我告诉你他们的表现。In one study, they told us they would probably cheat the next time instead of studying more if they failed a test.在一项研究中,他们告诉我们, 如果他们某次考试未通过,他们很可能会在下次考试中作弊, 而不是更加努力地学习。In another study, after a failure,they looked for someone who did worse than they did so they could feel really good about themselves. 在另一项研究中,他们挂了一门后,他们会找到那些考得还不如他们高的孩子,以寻求自我安慰。And in study after study, they have run from difficulty.后续的研究陆续表明, 他们会逃避困难。Scientists measured the electrical activity from the brain as students confronted an error.科学家们监测了学生们面对错误时的脑电活动图像。On the left, you see the fixed mindset students.在左侧,是固定型思维模式的学生,Theres hardly any activity.几乎没有什么活动。They run from the error.他们在错误面前选择了逃避。They dont engage with it.他们没有积极地投入。But on the right, you have the students with the growth mindset,the idea that abilities can be developed. 但请看右侧,这是成长型思维模式的学生,这些学生相信能力会通过锻炼得以提升。They engage deeply.他们积极地应对错误。Their brain is on fire with yet.他们的大脑在高速运转,They engage deeply.他们积极地投入,They process the error.他们剖析错误,They learn from it and they correct it.从中学习,最终订正。How are we raising our children?如今我们是如何教育孩子的呢?Are we raising them for now instead of yet?是教育他们专注眼前,而不是注重过程吗?Are we raising kids who are obsessed with getting As?我们培育了一些迷恋刷A的孩子们吗?Are we raising kids who dont know how to dream big dreams?我们培育了没有远大理想的孩子们吗?Their biggest goal is getting the next A or the next test score?他们最远大的目标就是再拿一个A, 心里所想的就是下一次考试吗?And are they carrying this need for constant validation with them into their future lives?他们在今后的生活中,都以分数的高低来评判自己吗?Maybe, because employers are coming to me and saying,we have aly raised a generation of young workers who cant get through the day without an award.或许是的,因为企业雇主们跑来找我,说我们养育的这新一代走上工作岗位的人,如果不给他们奖励, 他们一天都过不下去。201507/384410。
  • The results of our work in the field我们的成果are used to produce被用于媒体创作media and deliverables to be used并交付给文物修复人员by conservators and researchers.和研究人员使用We also produce media for我们也创作用于传播的媒体作品dissemination to the public --向公众开放free through the CyArk website.通过CyArk的网站就可免费浏览These would be used for education,这些可用于教育cultural tourism, etc.文化观光等What youre looking at in here这个是一个is a 3D viewer that we developed我们开发的3D查看器that would allow the display能够实时展示cloud of points和控制这些数据点集合in real time, cutting sections through them查看切面and extracting dimensions.提取维度数据This happens to be the cloud of points这些是蒂卡尔的for Tikal.数据点集合In here you see a traditional 2D这个是传统的二维architectural engineering drawing手绘建筑工程图thats used for preservation, and of course用于保存we tell the stories through fly-throughs.当然查看图像的方式是全景自由视角And here, this is a fly-through这是从自由视角the cloud of points of Tikal,看蒂卡尔的数据点集合and here you see it rendered你能看到and photo-textured with the photography它通过我们拍下的照片that we take of the site.把这里呈现出照片的质感And so this is not a .但这不是个视频This is actual 3D points with这是精确到2到3毫米的two to three millimeter accuracy.实际三维定点And of course the data can be used这些数据可以用于to develop 3D models that are开发无比精确和充满细节的very accurate and very detailed.三维模型And here youre looking at a model这是一个按照斯特灵城堡thats extracted from the cloud of points的数据而建的for Stirling Castle.模型Its used for studies, for visualization,它被用于研究、观看as well as for education.和教育And finally, we produce mobile apps最后我们还开发了手机应用程序that include narrated virtual tools.包括可视化描述的工具The more I got involved越深入in the heritage field,世界遗产的领域the more it became clear to me我就越清晰的认识到that we are losing the sites我们失去这些遗址及其文化的速度and the stories faster than we can比我们能实际保存的速度physically preserve them.要快多了Of course, earthquakes毋庸置疑,地震and all the natural phenomena --等自然灾害——floods, tornadoes, etc. --洪水、飓风等——take their toll.的确在不断侵袭However, what occurred to me was但我发现human-caused destruction, which was更严重的是人为原因的破坏not only causing a significant portion这些行为不仅正在侵蚀宝贵的of the destruction, but actually遗迹,事实上it was accelerating.其破坏速率也在与日俱增This includes arson,这些行为包括纵火urban sprawl,城市扩张acid rain, not to mention酸雨terrorism and wars.更不用说恐怖主义和战争It was getting more and more apparent我们输掉这场遗产保卫战的势头that were fighting a losing battle.愈来愈明显Were losing our sites我们正在失去古迹and the stories,失去它们的故事and basically were losing更重要的我们正失去a piece -- and a significant piece --人类共同记忆中of our collective memory.十分重要的一部分Imagine us as a human race试想如果人类not knowing where we came from.对自己的历史一无所知会怎样Luckily, in the last two or three decades,还好在过去的二三十年中digital technologies have been developing数字技术有了长足发展that have helped us to develop tools帮助我们开发了很多工具that weve brought to bear我们借此in the digital preservation,进行数字保存in our digital preservation war.赢得数字保存的战争This includes, for example,这些工具包括the 3D laser scanning systems,3D镭射扫描系统ever more powerful personal computers,更强大功能的个人电脑3D graphics,3D图片high-definition digital photography,高清数码照片not to mention the Internet.以及无须赘言的网络Because of this accelerated因为越来越快的pace of destruction,毁坏速度it became clear to us that we needed我们更清楚认识到to challenge ourselves and our partners我们要给自己以及我们的同道人施加更大的压力to accelerate our work.以加快工程速度And we created a project我们设立了一个we call the CyArk 500 Challenge --“数字方舟500挑战”的计划——and that is to digitally preserve旨在未来五年间500 World Heritage Sites数字化保存下五百个in five years.世界遗产We do have the technology我们有这个技术thats scaleable,并且能扩展应用and our network of global partners我们的合作关系遍布全球has been expanding and can be expanded并且yijing能快速地at a rapid rate,扩张so were comfortable我们有信心that this task can be accomplished.完成这个任务201409/329617。
  • Encounter one: Ocean City, New Jersey, 1980.遭遇一: 1980年,新泽西的欧欣城.This was the summer when the special edition of那是个夏天,正好赶上《第三类接触》的;Close Encounters of the Third Kind; was released.特别版发布.And I went on vacation with my parents to the Jersey shore.我和父母一起去新泽西的滨海度假.Within 12 hours, I was horribly sunburned,我在12个小时内被严重的晒伤,just like Richard Dreyfuss in the movie.严重的就像电影里的Richard Dreyfuss.And so I spent the rest of the vacation所以我剩余的假期,largely sitting outside our little rental house at night,基本上只能在晚上坐在我们租来的小房子外面,the sidewalk still warm from the sun,享受人行道残存的太阳余温,watching the skies for UFOs.寻找着天空的不明飞行物.What did I see? Stars, satellites,我都是看到了什么?星星,人造卫星,blinking airplanes -- typical sky junk.闪砾的飞机 --典型的天空垃圾.Occasionally, kids would come and小朋友们偶尔会过来,join me and watch,加入我一起观察,but their necks soon got sore, and they would go off to the boardwalk他们的脖子很快就酸了,所以他们离开人行道to play games and mingle with humans.去玩游戏机或找别人玩.I was pretty good at the games. I was not very good at the other part,我曾很擅长游戏机.但我不擅长别的,so I stayed alone with the cosmos.所以我还是一个人跟宇宙呆着吧.And thats when it happened.就是在这时发生的,An elderly couple came walking down the street.一对老夫妇在街上溜达.I would say they were in their late seventies,我觉得他们有七十多了,and I would say that they were on a date,还觉得他们在约会,because he was wearing a very neat little suit因为他穿着很整洁的套装with a yellow tie -- a brown suit.棕色套装里还打着黄领带.And she was wearing a cardigan, because it was now fully night因为并不是深夜,女士穿了一件羊毛上衣,and a chill was coming in off the ocean.凉风从海面上吹过来.I remember, for some reason,我记得,出于某种原因,that they were exactly the same height.他们身高相同.And then they stopped, and the man turned to me然后他们停住了,这个男人转向身and said,问我,;What are you looking for,;你在看什么呢?;flying saucers?;;飞碟?;You have to admit, thats a pretty boss piece of detective work你不得不承认,这个老男人在约会时for an old man on a date.非常像一名侦探.But what was stranger still --但还有很奇怪的是 --and even I realized it at the time,我意识到了在那个时间,as a nine-year-old child --作为一个九岁的小孩 --was that they stopped at all.他们停下来That this old man would interrupt his moonlight stroll这个老男人在跟他女朋友在月光下停下来with his sweetheart with the precise reason用一个准确的问题of making fun of a child.去跟一个小孩看玩笑.;Oh,; he said,;哦.; 他说,;little green men.;;小绅士.;And then his girlfriend joined in, too.这时,他女朋友也加入进来.;Theres no such thing as space men,; she said.;外星人根本不存在,; 她说.;Theres no such thing.;;没那种东西.;And then they both laughed. ;Ha, ha, ha.;然后他们同时哈哈一笑.I looked around.我环顾四周.The street was entirely empty.街道已经全空了.I had stopped hearing the sound of the ocean.我听不到大海的声音.It was as though time had stopped.仿佛时间停止了.I did not know why they were teasing me.我不知道他们为什么逗我.I looked into their strangely angry faces,我观察他们陌生的脸孔,and I remember wondering,并且我感觉很奇怪are they wearing rubber masks?他们是不是带的橡胶面具?And what would be behind those rubber masks, if they were?躲在面具后面的是什么?Giant, almond-shaped, unblinking eyes?他们是不是有一双巨大的,一眨不眨的杏仁一样的双眼?Slits for mouths?裂缝一样的嘴巴?The old man crooked his finger as though he were firing a gun,这个做了一个开的手势,and then he made laser sounds.并且他发出激光的声音,;Kew, kew, kew --咻,咻,咻--watch out.;;小心!;And they turned at once and walked away.然后他们转身接着散步.The old man reached out那个老男人伸出his knobbly claw他年迈粗糙的手for the womans hand,拉住女人的手,and found it, and left me alone.然后留下我一个人.Now, you could describe this as a simple misunderstanding --现在,你可以把这个当成一次简单的误会 --a strange encounter among humans.一个人类之间的奇怪的邂逅.Maybe it was swamp gas, but --也许它只是浮云,但是 --I know what I saw.我知道我看到了什么.201506/381122。
  • Hi, everybody. 大家好!As President, my top priority is rebuilding an economy where everybody who works hard has the chance to get ahead.作为总统,我最首要的职责就是重建一个让所有辛勤工作的人都能取得成功的经济环境。Thats what Ill spend some time talking about on Monday, at the White House Summit on Working Families.我将在周一举行的白宫工薪家庭峰会上就此话题谈论我的观点。Were bringing together business leaders and workers to talk about the challenges that working parents face every day, and how we can address them together.届时我将与众多企业领导和员工们汇聚一堂,共同探讨工薪父母们每天面对的挑战,并对此提出我们所能实现的解决办法。Take paid family leave.带薪产假和探亲假。Many jobs dont offer adequate leave to care for a new baby or an ailing parent, so workers cant afford to be there when their family needs them the most.多数岗位都不提供足够的假期让员工有时间去照顾新生婴儿或生病的父母,因此,员工无法在他们的家庭急需他们的时候及时到位,因为他们无法承受这一代价。Thats wrong. And it puts us way behind the times.这不合理。我们没有跟上时代的步伐。Only three countries in the world report that they dont offer paid maternity leave.全世界只有三个国家公开表示不提供带薪产假。Three. And the ed States is one of them.只有三个。而我们的国家就是其中之一。Its time to change that.是时候做出改变了。A few states have acted on their own to give workers paid family leave, but this should be available to everyone, because all Americans should be able to afford to care for a family member in need.有少数州已经做出了调整,给员工提供带薪产假和探亲假,但这应该是每个人都能享受到的福利,因为所有美国人民都应该具备照顾需要照料的家庭成员的能力。Childcare is another challenge.子女抚养是另一个挑战。Most working families I know cant afford thousands a year for childcare, but often thats what it costs.大多数工薪家庭,据我所知,无法承受每年数千美元的子女抚养费用,但通常这都是他们必须的出。That leaves parents scrambling just to make sure their kids are safe while theyre at work-forget about giving them the high-quality early childhood education that helps kids succeed in life.这让父母们很纠结,这些出只是为了确保他们在上班的时候孩子们有安全的环境,根本谈不上高质量的儿童早期教育去帮助孩子们成长成功。Then theres the issue of flexibility-the ability to take a few hours off for a parent-teacher conference or to work from home when your kid is sick.那么,灵活解决问题的方式是,让父母有几个小时的时间去参加一次家长会或是当孩子生病的时候可以在家办公。Most workers want it, but not enough of them have it.大多数的员工都需要这些,但并不是大部分人都可以享受到。Whats more, it not only makes workers happier-studies show that flexibility can make workers more productive and reduce worker turnover and absenteeism.更重要的是,这这不仅能让员工更开心,有研究明,弹性工作时间可以让员工的工作效率更高,并减少员工离职和缺勤。Thats good for business.企业可以从中获益良多。At a time when women make up about half of Americas workforce, outdated workplace policies that make it harder for mothers to work hold our entire economy back.在妇女撑起半边天的时代,过时的工作制度让妈妈们的工作更加艰难,也拉了整个经济发展的后腿。But these arent just problems for women. 但这不仅仅是针对女性存在的问题。Men also care about whos watching their kids. 男性也关心谁能够照顾孩子的问题。Theyre rearranging their schedules to make it to soccer games and school plays. 他们要不断调正他们的日程表,赶上球赛和校园演出。Lots of sons help care for aging parents. 很多当儿子的照顾上了年纪的父母。And plenty of fathers would love to be home for their new babys first weeks in the world.很多当父亲的更愿意在孩子出生的第一个星期在家陪伴宝宝。In fact, in a new study, nearly half of all parents-women and men-report that theyve said no to a job, not because they didnt want it, but because it would be too hard on their families. 实际上,有新的研究表明,几乎有一半的父母,男女都包括在内,他们对一份工作说不,不是因为他们不想要,而是同时要顾及家庭会是分艰难。When that many talented, hard-working people are forced to choose between work and family, somethings wrong. 当大量有能力,肯付出的人被迫在工作和家庭之间做选择的时候,可定就有问题了。Other countries are making it easier for people to have both. 其它国家都在努力让人们更好坚固二者。We should too, if we want American businesses to compete and win in the global economy. 如果我们想要保持美国企业的竞争力,并在全球经济发展中胜出,我们也应该这么做。Family leave. Childcare. Flexibility. These arent frills-theyre basic needs.带薪产假,子女抚养,弹性工作时间。这些不是花架子,而是人们的基本需求。They shouldnt be bonuses-they should be the bottom line.这不应该是奖励,而应该是底线。The good news is, some businesses are embracing family-friendly policies, because they know its key to attracting and retaining talented employees.好消息是,有些企业正在向适合家庭工作制度方面转向,因为他们知道,吸引并留住高素质的员工至关重要。And Im going to keep highlighting the businesses that do.我将继续鼓励这些企业的做法。Because I take this personally.因为作为个人我认同这一点。I take it personally as the son and grandson of some strong women who worked hard to support my sister and me.两位坚强的女性努力工作抚养了我和我,作为儿子和孙子,我赞同这一点。As the husband of a brilliant woman who struggled to balance work and raising our young ladies when my job often kept me away.作为一位努力在工作和抚养我们的女儿们之间艰难平衡的杰出女性的丈夫,因为我的工作将我经常离开他们,我认同这些企业的做法。And as the father of two beautiful girls, whom I want to be there for as much as I possibly can-and whom I hope will be able to have families and careers of their own one day.作为两个漂亮姑娘的父亲,我想尽可能多的与她们呆在一起,希望能陪她们到她们自己成家立业的那一天。We know from our history that our economy grows best from the middle-out; that our country does better when everybody participates; when everyones talents are put to use; when we all have a fair shot.历史告诉我们,我们的经济在中产阶级壮大的时候发展的最好;我们的国家在所有人都积极参与建设的时候更强大;当每个人的才能都被发挥出来,当我们都有机会取得成功。Thats the America I believe in. Thats the America Ill keep fighting for every day.这才是我们希望中的美国。这也是我们每天都将为之奋斗的美国。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201406/307831。
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