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  • If you want to know if your husband will cheat, you may want to take a close look at your father-in-law.如果你想知道自己的丈夫会不会出轨,你可以考察一下你的公公。According to a new study cheating really does run in the family, at least as far as men are concerned。一项新研究发现,出轨确实可以“世代相传”,至少对于男人是如此。The research confirming the old adage #39;like father like son’ will come as no surprise to many a woman scorned...including the wives of womanising celebrities who had cheating fathers such as Tiger Woods and Ryan Giggs。研究实了“有其父必有其子”这句老话,对于许多遭背叛的女人而言,包括那些风流成性的名人的妻子在内,这一结果并不令人意外。像“老虎”伍兹和瑞恩·吉格斯这些出轨名人的父亲都曾出轨。The study carried out by a team of Czech scientists concluded that, while men and women both had affairs, men were more likely to stray if their fathers had been unfaithful as they were growing up。由一队捷克科学家开展的这一研究得出结论说,尽管男人和女人都会出轨,但如果男人在成长过程中父亲有外遇的话,那么男人出轨的可能性更大。Presenting his research, Jan Havlicek told a conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, that daughters were not affected in the same way by their mothers#39; infidelity。简·哈夫利切克在欧洲人类行为和进化协会的会议上提交他的研究时说,女儿不会因妈妈的不忠行为而受到同样的影响。Mr Havlicek said as boys grew up by observing the world around them what was appropriate and what they could get away with。哈夫利切克先生说,男孩在成长过程中,通过观察周围的世界得知什么样的行为是合适的,以及他们可以做什么坏事而不会受到惩罚。Their father was an obvious example to follow for good or for bad。他们的父亲显然是一个跟随的榜样,不管是好榜样还是坏榜样。The scientists based at Charles University in Prague, recruited 86 couples for the research。布拉格查尔斯大学的科学家征募了86对夫妇作为研究对象。They questioned the men and women individually and in confidence about their relationships, their attitudes towards sex, their family backgrounds and their infidelities。他们私底下单独调查了每位男性和女性,询问了他们的感情关系、对性的态度、家庭背景和出轨情况。Martie Hasleton, an evolutionary psychologist from the University of California in Los Angeles, said the fact that daughters did not appear to be as affected by parental infidelity in the same way as sons was explained by genetics。来自洛杉矶加州大学的进化心理学家玛蒂·哈斯雷顿说,女儿并不会像儿子一样受到父母不忠的影响,这一事实可以用遗传学来解释。She said good-looking fathers tend to have good-looking sons and those men tend to have more opportunity to cheat。她说,英俊的父亲通常会生出英俊的儿子,而这些男性一般会有更多的机会出轨。Attractive daughters of attractive mothers would behave differently, she said。漂亮妈妈生出的漂亮女儿则会有不同的行为。#39;Girls who are more attractive aren#39;t necessarily going to be unfaithful - they#39;re probably just going to get a higher-quality mate in the first place.#39;她说:“漂亮女孩并不一定会出轨,她们很可能最注重的是找一个优秀的伴侣。” /201211/210760。
  • It is a terrible, gut-wrenching feeling: waking up to the awful realisation that you may have posted an incriminating message on Facebook while a little bit tipsy. Now a new application that can be downloaded to your computer aims to stop you writing emails or posting messages while not in full control of your faculties。近年来,越来越多的的人喜欢把自己的生活在各大社交网站、微上与大家分享,可最近有人提出,怎么样才能确保自己在“意识完全清醒”的状态下更新自己的微呢?就好像警察会来测试驾驶的酒精浓度那样,新推出的网络应用“Social Media Sobriety Test”也要在特定时间帮你进行“清醒度测试”,看看你是不是带著酒意或意识朦胧时上网,新推出的网络应用可以及时“阻止”尚且在朦胧状态的你在不清醒的时候更新自己微、发新的消息。One of the tests asks the user to follow a moving finger with their mouse. If they fall outside the circle they are locked out of Facebook. Another test challenges users to guess how long 30 seconds is by clicking on their mouse. If you want to access social media sites during these times, you will have to pass a randomly selected sobriety test such as ‘drag your mouse in a straight line#39; .The Social Media Sobriety Test lets the user choose which web applications they want to be tested on before they can access them. They can also set the time when the test comes into effect新型网络应用旨在测试您的状态是否清醒,如果您要登陆自己的微发布消息,您必须先通过一些测试。比如:用鼠标准确地指出屏幕显示的 “移动目标”位置、或者用“鼠标点击30下”来预测时间、能否用鼠标“画直线”等等。此外,网民在下载这些网络应用、网络测试之前,还可以选择适合自己的 “测试方案”。#39;That#39;s why Webroot launched the Social Media Sobriety Test. We saw an opportunity to remind people to be responsible on social networks, and to be humorous while talking about Internet security#39;推出“清醒度测试”的英国反间谍软件Webroot 称,该测试旨在加强网民在进行更新社交网络的同时具备责任感,即使是在进行网络“虚拟社交”的情况下,也要对自己的行为负责,这项测试一定程度上维护了网络的安全。 /201212/213331。
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