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全南县陂头镇陂头卫生院治疗睾丸炎多少钱A Chinese traffic policeman prevented a disastrous accident thanks to his experience, winning praise from the world after a surveillance was broadcasted by CNN.在美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)播出一则监控视频后,一名凭经验阻止一场灾难事故发生的中国交警获得了来自全球的称赞。Li Weiqi, the traffic police on duty on April 21, was patrolling at a big busy intersection in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. At some point, he noticed there was something weird about the road as minor cracks showed even though most people would have ignored it.4月21日,值勤交警礼为奇在浙江省杭州市某繁华十字路口巡查。突然,他注意到路面有问题,路面开始出现小裂缝,但是大多人都忽视了这个问题。Li didn#39;t miss the signal of danger. He started to ease the traffic and directed passing cars to bypass the questionable road surface.但是,礼为奇并没有放过这一危险的信号。他开始疏导交通,引导来往车辆绕过该可疑路面。It was not an easy job as the crossing was quite busy. Soon, he brought some road cones from nearby and blocked the area. His colleagues came and helped him to surround the area to warn the passing vehicles to stay away from it.但是这并不是一件容易的事情,因为该路口交通情况异常繁忙。不久,他从附近拿来了一些路障,将该区域隔离开来。之后,他的同事们赶到并帮助他将该区域围起来,以提醒过往车辆远离。It was only four minutes from the time Li noticed the problem and set up all the cones. Then, a two-meter-deep sinkhole appeared. Thanks to the police#39;s foresight, nobody was hurt.从礼为奇注意到这个问题到设置完所有路障,仅仅花了4分钟。然后,路面出现了一个2米深的大坑。多亏了礼为奇的预见性,无人受伤。CNN uploaded the on its official Facebook account and received more than 3.9m clicks and over 21,000 shares.之后,CNN在其脸书官方账号上传了该视频,播放次数超过了390万,分享次数超过了2.1万。Li Weiqi said he never met this situation before but he knew it might be something wrong and needed to be cautious when he saw the cracks, according to zjol.com.据浙江在线报道,礼为奇表示,他此前从未遇到过这种情况,但是当他看到裂缝时,他知道可能会有问题发生,并且需要谨慎小心。He said there was a breath-stopping moment when a driver tried to go over the problematic area but he did his best to stop the vehicle. The driver was impatient and asked him if he violated any regulation. Just at that moment, the road collapsed just in front of them.礼为奇说,当一个司机试图通过该问题区域时真是千钧一发。但是他尽了自己全力拦下了这辆汽车。这名司机非常不耐烦,询问礼为奇是否自己违反了什么交通规则。就在这时,道路就在他们面前塌陷了。;He kept saying thank you for saving my life,; Li said, ;I told him it#39;s not a big deal. This is my job.;礼为奇表示:“之后,该司机不停地感谢我救了他的命。我告诉他,这没什么大不了的。这是我的本职工作。” /201605/441435上犹医院正规吗 BERLIN — A German publisher of right-wing books has begun selling a reprint of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” originally issued in 1943 by the Nazi party’s central publishing house, a move that risks violating Germany’s law against the distribution of Nazi propaganda.柏林——德国一家右翼书籍出版商,已经开始销售再版的阿道夫·希特勒(Adolf Hitler)的《我的奋斗》(Mein Kampf),该书最初由纳粹党的中央出版社在1943年出版。此举有可能触犯了德国关于不得销售纳粹宣传品的法律规定。A copyright on “Mein Kampf” that was held by the Bavarian government expired on Dec. 31, and an annotated scholarly edition was published this year with government permission.由巴伐利亚州政府持有的《我的奋斗》版权于去年12月31日到期。今年,该书的学术注释版在政府的许可下出版发行。Now, state prosecutors in the German city of Leipzig, where the publisher, Der Schelm, is based, are investigating whether they can press charges . Last week, prosecutors in Bamberg opened a separate investigation after a bookseller, who was not identified, advertised Der Schelm’s edition.前述出版商名叫淘气出版社(Der Schelm),其所在地莱比锡市的州检察官正展开调查,看是否可以对其提起指控。上周,班伯格的检察官针对一个推介淘气版《我的奋斗》的书商启动了单独的调查。该书商的姓名未被公开。Although Hitler’s two-volume treatise, written from 1924 to 1927 and laying out his ideas on race and violence, is widely available on the internet, the annotated version is the only one that is legal in Germany. The 3,500 comments accompanying the text provide context for the work, and they are aimed, in part, at trying to prevent a new generation from taking up Nazi ideologies.希特勒的这一专著分上下两卷,写于1924年至1927年,详细论述了希特勒关于种族和暴力的观点。尽管该书在网络上流传甚广,但在德国,新上市的注释版是唯一合法的版本。与正文一同出现的3500条注释交代了这本书的背景,在某种程度上旨在竭力防止新世代的年轻人接受纳粹的意识形态。“Promoting an edition without annotations is considered a criminal offense,” Christopher Rosenbusch, a spokesman for prosecutors in Bamberg, said on Wednesday.“推销无注释版本被认为是犯罪行为,”班伯格的检察官发言人克里斯托弗·罗森布施(Christopher Rosenbusch)说。The Der Schelm edition is advertised as “unchanged and without comment, for critical assessment.” The house, which also offers a reprinted edition of the German translation of Henry Ford’s “International Jew,” encourages its ers to “have the courage to make your own judgment.”淘气版《我的奋斗》的宣传语是“无修改无注释,谨供批判性评价之用”。该出版社还再版了亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的德译本《国际犹太人》(International Jew),并鼓励读者“鼓起勇气做出自己的判断”。The move comes as a new far-right political party, Alternative for Germany, has risen in popularity, in part, by appealing to fears linked to the arrival last year of a million migrants and by questioning many of the liberal policies and premises that have dominated public discourse in postwar Germany.淘气出版社此举的背景是,一个新成立的极右派政党——德国另类选择党(Alternative for Germany)——已经通过迎合去年到来的100万移民所引发的恐惧心理,以及质疑主导德国战后公共话语的许多自由主义政策和假设,而受到了广泛欢迎。 /201606/447441赣州龙南人民医院地址查询

赣州长安男性专科电话预约The Hong Kong authority has come up with six measures to tackle fraudulent group tour services from the mainland, according to So Kam-leung, Hong Kong#39;s Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.香港商务及经济发展局局长苏锦梁近日表示,香港政府已经出台了6项措施来解决来自中国大陆的旅游团出现的欺诈行为。The move comes after the death of a mainland tourist, the result of an alleged attack over a shopping dispute in Hong Kong weeks ago.这一举动是在大陆游客死亡之后出台的,而死因是由于在香港购物期间引发了争吵。So Kam-leung said a major target of the regulations will be the ;shadow tour members; who hide in groups to persuade other members to spend money in shops.因此,苏锦梁表示,这项政策的主要打击目标就是所谓的“影子团友”。他们通常隐藏在旅行团之中,并且从旁规劝其他游客在购物店消费。The secretary said mainland operators will be required to provide lists of group members for random checks by the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council. Hong Kong customs will also step up monitoring at shops and send out flyers to promote safety measures among tourists.这位秘书长称,大陆的旅游组织者将会被要求提供旅游团的人员名单,以便于香港旅游产业协会的随机例行检查。而香港海关也会出面监督商家,并且会在游客之间散发传单来提高安全保障。Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council says they are discussing price guidelines for tours to Hong Kong, mainly aimed at suspicious ;cheap; tour groups.与此同时,香港旅游产业委员会也表示,他们正在探讨赴香港旅游团的价格线标准,而这样做的目的是主要针对那些不可信的“低价”旅游团。 /201511/410843 赣州市哪个医院包皮手术好赣州南康医院治疗男性不育多少钱



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