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愿你生命中的每一天都对未来充满新的希望,因为有了希望,我们才有追求愿、欢愉和期待的美好感觉成为你每一天的主旋律!愿你的思想永远都充满阳光! May every day of your life bring you fresh hopes tomorrow---because hopes give us all our reason trying.May each new day bring a feeling of excitement, joy, and a wonderful sense of expectation. Expect the best, and you'll get it. May you find peace in simple things, because those are the ones that will always be there.May you remember the good times and get the sorrow and pain, the good times will remind you of how special your life has been.May you always feel secure and loved, and know you are the best. May you experience all the good things in life---the happine ss of realizing your dreams, the joy of feeling worthwhile, and the satisfaction of knowing you've succeeded. May you find warmth in others, expre ssions of love and kindne ss, smiles that encourage you, and friends who are loyal and honest. May you realize the importance of patience and accept others what they are. With understanding and love, you'll find the good in every heart. May you have faith in others and the ability to be vulnerable. Open your heart and really share the miracle of love and intimacy. You're listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith. Above all, may you always have positive thoughts.When your life is filled with the desire to see the holine ss in everyday life, something magical happens: ordinary life becomes extraordinary, and the very proce ss of life begins to nourish your soul! With each new circumstance that comes your way, another opporty presents itself to nourish your soul. 8Fat free油是免费的I stopped at a fast food restaurant recently. I was fascinated by a sign which offered Fat Free French Fries. I decided to give them a try. I was dismayed when the clerk pulled a basket of fries from the fryer which were dripping with fat. He filled a bag with these fries and put them in my order. ;Just a minute!; I said. Those arent fat free.; ;Yes, they are. We only charge the potatoes.... The fat is free!;有一次我走进一家快餐店,被一个标志牌吸引了,上面写着“无油薯条”我打算尝尝,但是看到务员从锅里捞出的一篮薯条沾满了油,真是吓了我一大跳他给我装了一袋,账单上显示出价钱“等会儿,”我说,“这不是无油的?”“是的,我们只对薯条收费,油是免费的!” 88660Pablo:Okay everybody, have a seat.巴勃罗:好的,各位请就坐The purpose of this meeting is to get everybody on the same page.这次会议的目的是让大家步调一致Im passing out the fact sheet weve prepared.我马上分发我们准备好的情况说明书This fact sheet gives a rundown on what has happened to date so that no one is in the dark about our current situation.这份资料上会给出至今为止的情况说明,这样所有人都会了解我们的现状Weve also prepared these talking points.我们还准备了这些谈话要点This is internal use only.这是仅供内部人员使用I dont want them leaked to the media.我不希望泄露给媒体These talking points have been prepared to help everyone stay on message.这些已经准备好的谈话要点帮助所有人加强重点Anyone talking to the media off-script will have to answer to me.任何人脱离该文件同媒体谈话都要经过我的同意These talking points preempt many of the possible questions youll be asked.这些谈话要点可能会有许多你会被问及的问题We hope to take the wind out of their sails by addressing some of the media most likely questions up front.我们希望借他们的东风解决一些媒体最有可能提出的问题Any questions?有什么问题吗?Suzanna:Um, Ive through these talking points and Im still not sure how to answer one key question.苏珊娜:嗯,我读过这些谈话要点,但我仍然不知道如何回答一个关键问题Pablo:What that?巴勃罗:那是什么?Suzanna:Have we solved the huge issue that the cause of our current problems?苏珊娜:我们解决了造成我们当前困境的这个大问题吗?Pablo:It goes without saying that if the media ever wants a straightward answer, our response is always “no comment.”巴勃罗:无需多言,如果媒体想要一个直截了当的回答,我们的回答总是“无可奉告”译文属 19

Wynn: I’ve come up with a surefire way to bring in more business.韦恩:我想到了一个能够带来更多生意的万全之法Dixie: How?迪克斯:什么办法?Wynn: We’ll start a customer loyalty program. All of the big businesses have them.韦恩:我们先制定一个客户忠诚度计划所有的大企业都有这一项内容Dixie: I’m not sure how they work.迪克斯:这种计划时如何起作用的Wynn: They’re mainly point-based systems. Our customers sign up and we’ll give them a membership card or keychain tag with a barcode. Each time they make a purchase, they get points. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, they can redeem them rewards.韦恩:这主要是积分系统我们的顾客注册后将获得会员卡或者带有钥匙链的条形码每一次消费,他们可以获得积分一旦积分累计到一定程度,他们就可以用积分兑换一些奖品Dixie: Okay, but what’s this?迪克斯:好的,但是这又是什么?Wynn: It’s a punch card. Each time a customer buys something over , they get a punch. When they’ve received punches, they get a $ discount.韦恩:这是一张穿孔卡只要顾客单次购物满5美元即可获得一次记录当累计次后,他们可以得到美元的折扣Dixie: I understand all that, but what is this chart ?迪克斯:这些我都明白,可是这个表格的作用是什么?Wynn: It shows our new tiered system. Customers who spend over ,000 a year are on the blue level, those who spend more than ,000 are on the red level, and those who spend $,000 are on the gold level. We’ll have incentives to get people to move up the ladder.韦恩:这展示了我们的新式分级体系年消费超00美元的顾客位于蓝色区域,年消费超5000美元的顾客位于红色区域,年消费超000美元的顾客位于金色区域我们用奖励刺激大家多消费Dixie: So which of these customer loyalty programs are we adopting?迪克斯:所以我们要采用哪种客户忠诚度计划?Wynn: All of them.韦恩:所有的都要采用Dixie: Huh? How are customers supposed to keep track of all of these programs?迪克斯:啊?顾客应该如何跟着这些程序走?Wynn: Good question. See this? It’s a free wallet we’ll be giving away. Customers can keep all of their customer loyalty cards in it. Isn’t it nice?韦恩:问的好看到这个了吗?我们将分发这种免费的钱包顾客可以把卡片放在里面很漂亮吧?Dixie: It’s nice, but will people really use it?迪克斯:是很漂亮,但是顾客们会使用吗?Wynn: You’ve got a point. Maybe we should come up with a reward program those who do. Hey, that’s brilliant!韦恩:你说的对也许我们应该想个计划奖励使用钱包的顾客嘿,这个主意真棒!译文属 863

本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.50]English Express[00:50.67]Dear Karl,[00:51.7]Thank you.[00:5.7]From the real Utah Jazz fans[00:5.79]and from the dedicated basketball fans all over,[00:57.71]from Boston to Miami,[00:59.6]from Los Angles to Washington,[01:01.5]fans across the league respect your career,[01:.8]your loyalty and your professionalism.[01:.38]They may not have liked the results of your games,[01:.89]but they certainly have a full respect[01:.] the man and the game.[01:.]I won’t focus on your being the nd leading scorer[01:18.59]in NBA history.[01:.]Nor will I focus on the fact[01:.01]that you had 18 consecutive playoff seasons.[01:5.51]No need to speak of the two MVP seasons[01:.7]and the All-Star Co-MVP with John Stockton.[01:3.55]Quite simply Karl,[01:.56]you are the best power ward of the last years[01:37.90]and maybe the best ever.[01:0.59]You and John Stockton were an amazingly dynamic duo.[01:.78]It is too bad that[01:6.1]University of North Carolina’s favorite son[01:9.53]got in the way.[01:50.99]Besides,[01:5.]after all of those years in Utah,[01:5.]I am sure that[01:5.96]Calinia was truly a different experience all together.[01:58.19]Sincerely,[01:59.]Your biggest fan[:.]Dear Karl, Thank you.[:.1]From the real Utah Jazz fans[:.86]and from the real basketball fans all over,[:.59]from Boston to Miami,[:18.7]from Los Angles to Washington,[:.7]fans across the league respect your career,[:3.33]your loyalty and you professionalism.[:.3]all over 彻底地;完全地[:51.8]That sounds like my brother all over.[:5.]那声音很像我兄弟[:58.93]loyalty 忠诚,忠实[:.51]professionalism 职业水准[:.80]mailman 邮差[:7.]They may not have liked the results of your games[:9.83]but they certainly have a full respect[:5.01] the man and the game.[:56.30]respect[:01.]have respect sth.sb.[:.75]I won’t focus on your being the nd leading scorer[:1.00]in NBA history.[:.51]I won’t focus on the fact[:3.89]that you had 18 consecutive playoff seasons.[:36.68]consecutive 连续的, 联贯的[:0.7]Chelsea won a sixth consecutive game[:3.88]and a third consecutive away game.[:5.95]切尔西已经赢得了连续六场比赛胜利,[:8.68]同时也是客场三连胜[:5.8]playoff 最后决赛阶段,延长赛[:00.88]No need to speak on the two MVP seasons[:.93]and the All-Star Co-MVP with that other guy from Spokane.[:7.]MVP[:.53]Most Valuable Player[:30.91]最有价值球员奖[:5.65]All-Star[:53.1]全明星[:5.66]co-, 共同,联合[:59.7]co-produced 合作生产的[:.]co-author 合著者[:.]Quite simply Karl,[:3.6]you were the best power ward[:5.6]in the past years[:6.5]and maybe the best ever.[:.5]power ward[:3.7]大前锋,[:5.66]小前锋[:6.7]small ward[:9.9]guard 后卫[:56.]You and John Stockton were an amazingly dynamic duo.[:59.7]It is too bad that[:00.59]University of North Carolina favorite son[:.]got in the way.[:.75]University of North Carolina favorite son[:30.1]get in the way[:31.36]妨碍[:33.53]He wouldn’t allow emotions to[:35.]get in the way of him doing his job.[:37.]他不会让感情妨碍自己的工作[:30.6]Besides, after all of those years in Utah,[:33.]I am sure that[:33.83]Calinia was truly a different experience all together.[:8.8]all over 彻底地;完全地[:51.]professionalism 职业水准[:5.]have respect sth.sb.[:56.60]对某人或某事产生敬意[:59.3]consecutive[:00.]连续的, 联贯的[:.5]playoff 最后决赛阶段;延长赛[:.30]power ward[:.61]大前锋[:.68]small ward[:.7]小前锋[:.73]guard 后卫 6

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