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湖南郴州阳痿早泄价格郴州哪家医院治疗阳痿早泄比较好I am a working mother, and I also go to school full-time.我是个母亲,但我同时要上班,还要全日制上学And, you know, its like -- its so important to have like role models out there.要知道,能找到榜样是非常重要的I mean, I know sometimes our lifestyles are very different, whatever.我知道我们的生活方式很不一样But like even at my job -- like, I just got promoted.即使在工作上(也不一样),我刚刚获得了晋升Right now its very exciting actually for me目前我的工作让我很兴奋because Im the Junior Assistant to the Associate Director因为我是业务发展高级副总裁领导的under the Senior Vice President for Business Development -- thats my new title.副总监的初级助理,这是我的新头衔So, but I think whether you own your own company or youre just starting out like me,但我觉得是不是有自己的公司(并不重要)像我们这样刚刚开始like something like this is so vital for people to just continue expanding their minds and learning.做一个如此重要的项目,可以帮助那些想继续学习拓展他们的思想的人And if everybody, like all people really had access to that,如果每个人都有途径获得这类机会it would be a very different world out there, as I know you know.这个世界就会大不相同,你我都知道So, I think all people, we need that, but especially, I look at people like me, you know like,所以我觉得我们所有人都有这个需要,但我特别关注跟我一样的人I mean, Latinos -- were about to be the majority, in like two weeks.我是说拉丁裔的人们,我们即将成为多数民族,大概就在两周以后So, we deserve just as much to be part of the exchange of ideas as everybody else.所以我们应当获得跟其他人一样多的交流思想的机会So, Im very happy that youre, you know, doing this kind of thing, making the talks available online.因此我非常高兴你们举办了这样的活动,而且还把演讲放到互联网上Thats very good. I love that. And I just -- I love you guys. I love TED.这太棒了,我爱这里。我爱你们所有的人,我爱TEDAnd if you dont mind, privately now, in the future, Im going to think of TED as an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Dominicans.如果你们不介意的话,从今往后我个人会把TED的缩写解释成科技,和多米尼加人Thank you very much.谢谢你们201611/477920郴州哪个医院治疗前列腺囊肿最权威 VOA流行美语 107: Whatchamacallit/mooch今天Larry和李华在一家电脑商店买东西,李华会学到两个常用语:whatchamacallit和mooch。(Computer Store SFX)LH: Larry, 你想买什么呀?LL: I need to get one of those whatchamacallits that add memory. The memory on my laptop computer is almost full. What do you need to get?LH: 我想买一些磁盘。Larry, 什么是whatchamacallit?这个词听起来好怪啊!它能帮你增加laptop的内存?那是电脑的部件吗?LL: No, no, it's not a part of the computer. Whatchamacallit actually, it is the combination of the words "what you might call it" joined together and said very fast.LH: 噢,原来whatchamacallit是what-you-might-call-it这几个词合在一起的啊。那whatchamacallit这又是什么意思呢?LL:When you don't remember the real name of the thing you are talking about, you might say whatchamacallit. I forget what the thing I need is called, so I just call it a whatchamacallit.LH: Oh, 原来是你叫不出一样东西的名字时候你就可以说它是whatchamacallit。哎,在这种情况下,不就像我们在中文里说的“那个叫什么来啦”?LL: Exactly. But you cannot tell a shop clerk "I want to buy whatchamacallit".LH: 那当然哟,要是你对店员说你想买那个叫什么来啦,他怎么知道你要什么呢?Hey, Larry, 你看这是什么?Look at this whatchamacallit!LL: That's a zip drive. You can use it to save things on disks.LH: 噢,原来这就是我们平时常说的zip drive啊!What about that whatchamacallit?LL: That's a digital music player. Li Hua, you can't just start calling everything a whatchamacallit!LL: 怎么啦?我不知道这个东西叫digital music player,所以我就用你教我的这个词whatchamacallit 。LL: I guess you're right, but don't use that as an excuse not to learn the real names of things.LH: 你放心,你没看见吗?我学了就用啊,每次都是你教什么我就用什么!******LH: Larry, 我今天能不能借你的电脑用几个小时?LL: Last week, you borrowed my CD player. Yesterday, you ate half of my pizza and, today, you want to borrow my computer. You're becoming a mooch, Li Hua!LH: 哎哟,借用一下你的CD player,吃一点儿你的pizza你都记这么清楚呀?你还说我变成什么啦?A mooch?LL: A mooch, that's someone who, instead of getting things for herself, borrows or takes things from others. You always come to my apartment and get free food out of my refrigerator. That makes you a mooch.LH: A mooch就是指那种喜欢借别人或者是拿别人东西的人。哎,Larry, 我有的时候是到你的冰箱里拿东西吃,可是我有时候不是也请你吃晚饭吗?LL: Yeah well, the next time you come over, you should bring me a pizza.LH: 没问题,下次我给你带个pizza不就行了吗?可是Larry, 咱们得先说清楚,你以后再也不能叫我是 mooch, 我可不是那种喜欢白吃白喝、占人便宜的人呢。LL: Alright, alright. Let's forget about us for a second. Can you think of another person who is a mooch?LH: 嗯, 让我想想 - 哎,对了,我在学校食堂吃饭的时候,有个女生老是凑到我桌上来吃我的炸薯条。更气人的是,她还以为我没注意到呢!LL: Yes, that is a mooch. You should slap her hand next time she does that.LH: 啊!你说她下次再这么做就打她的手?哎哟,那也用不着吧?我啊!学会了mooch这个词,下次就可以对她说 - Stop being a mooch!今天李华从Larry那儿学到了两个常用语。一个是whatchamacallit, 就相当于中文里所说的“那个叫什么来啦”。李华学到的另一个常用语是mooch, 意思是“喜欢白吃白拿的人!” /200602/3327资兴市包皮手术多少钱

郴州永兴县治疗前列腺炎多少钱And that motivates me.正是这些激励了我.So its up to you to widen your circle of concern.你们需要拓宽自己关怀的范围.To care about justice for everybody, white, black and brown.关心所有人的正义 无论白人 黑人 还是棕色人种.Everybody.所有人.Not just in your own community, but also across this country and around the world.不局限于你自己的群体 关心全国甚至世界上的所有人.To make sure everyone has a voice.确保每个人都能发出他们的声音.And everybody gets a seat at the table.每个人都能分享桌上的食物.That everybody no matter what you look like or where you come from.每个人 无论你长什么样 无论你来自哪里.What your last name is it doesnt matter.无论你姓什么 这都不重要.Everybody gets a chance to walk through those doors of.只要愿意努力 每个人都应该有机会穿过机遇之门.Opportunity if they are willing to work hard enough.只要愿意努力 每个人都应该有机会穿过机遇之门.When Leland Shelton was four years old wheres Leland?利兰.谢尔顿四岁的时候… 利兰在哪.Stand up, Leland.站起来 利兰.When Leland Shelton was four years old.利兰.谢尔顿四岁的时候.Social services took him away from his mama.社会公共事业让他和妈妈分开.Put him in the care of his grandparents.让他的祖父母照顾他.By age 14, he was in the foster care system.14岁时 他进入到寄养体系.Three years after that, Leland enrolled in Morehouse.在那三年之后 利兰考取了莫尔豪斯.And today he is graduating phi beta kappa.而今天他以美国大学优等生荣誉学会成员身份毕业.On his way to Harvard law school.并将赴哈佛法学院读书.But hes not stopping there.但他肯定不会止于此.As a member of the national foster care youth and alumni policy council.作为全国寄养青年和校友政策委员成员.He plans to use his law degree.他决定使用他的法学学位.To make sure kids like him dont fall through the cracks.确保和他一样的孩子们不会被疏于照看.201605/443092郴州中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 And while we could always call home and 而当我们打电话回家talk through the ups and downs of our lives with our parents 对父母讲起生活中的起起落落时the truth is they couldnt give us a lot more than that 他们除了爱 无法给我们更多They couldnt give us a lot of guidance when it came to choosing classes and professors他们没能力指导我们 该选什么课 选哪位教授or finding internships and jobs 或者找什么实习和工作So when I first set foot on college, my campus 所以我踏上大学校园的第一天时it was all a bit of a mystery to me 这一切对我都非常神秘And honestly, in the back of my mind 老实说 在我的记忆深处I couldnt shake the voices from some of the people at my high school who told me 我无法忘记有些高中同学对我说that I could never make it at the school Id chosen 我永远不可能从我所选报的学校顺利毕业See, when I first set foot on campus 当我第一次踏入校园时oh, it all seemed so big and overwhelming 学校看起来大得难以想象I didnt even know where to start 我不知道从哪入手how to pick out the right classes, how to even find the right buildings 怎么选正确的课程 甚至怎么找到正确的教学楼So I began to think that maybe all those doubters might have been right于是我开始考虑 这些怀疑者的说法也许是对的I didnt even know how to furnish my own dorm room 我甚至不知道如何装饰自己的宿舍房间I saw all these other kids 我看到所有其他这些孩子moving in all sorts of couches and lamps and decorations for their rooms 搬来各种沙发 灯具 装饰品来扮靓房间But when I unpacked my belongings 但当我打开我的行李I realized that I didnt have the right sized sheets for my bed我发现我连大小合适的床单都没有Mine were way to short 我的床单太短了So that first night I stretched the sheets down as far as they could go 于是第一晚 我尽我所能把床单拉长and then I draped the covers over the foot of my bed 然后把被子盖到床的尾部so when I crawled into bed, my legs were sticking out past the sheets 当我爬上床的时候 我的脚都会伸出到床单外rubbing up against that cold plastic mattress 触碰到冰冷的塑料床垫上And I slept that way for the entire freshman year 我整个大一都是这么睡觉的But, when you come from a family like mine, thats what you do 但是 当你和我来自一样的家庭时 这就会是你的写照You make the most of what you got 你必须尽最大限度使用你所拥有的东西Yeah, you 对 你…201603/432182苏仙区男科咨询

郴州市妇幼保健院医院男科大夫英语场景口语:约会咖啡电影院今天和她去约会,妈妈告诉我早些回来。【口语要素1】Don’t be out late.到了她家楼下,我给她打电话说:有心情出来散步吗?【口语要素2】Are you in the mood for a walk?电话中却回答说:改天好吗?【口语要素3】Can I take a rain check?我知道她想出来的,几个回合之后终于被我说了。我们先在公园里散步,然后到了一个咖啡厅,边喝咖啡边聊天。【口语要素4】We talked over coffee.我们聊得很投机,因为夜色尚早,所以决定去看冯导拍的《手机》,听说不错哟!【口语要素5】The night is still young. /200604/6637 【中文这样说】他的新书会很好卖!【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style His new book will be sold well.American Style His new book will sell well. /200604/6383郴州桂阳县前列腺炎多少钱郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健泌尿科咨询



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