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佛山哪家皮肤科好佛山新世纪男科医院可以刷医保卡At number 15,it#39;s a magic moment with creating fire.第15名 是我钻木取火的魔法时刻Chihuahuan Desert, Western Texas,I was setting up camp for the night.在德克萨斯州西部的奇瓦瓦沙漠里 我当时在搭晚上睡觉的帐篷Look, there#39;s a whole cave up here.看呐 这有一个大洞窟My plan was to build a fire using an ancient survival technique,the hand drill.我计划用一种古老的方式 来生一个火堆 钻木取火No matches, no flints.Just two bits of wood.没有火柴 没有打火石 只有两条小木棍To start a fire in any environment without matches is a tough undertaking.在任何没有火柴的情况下生火 是个很艰难的过程Okay, that#39;s the rough shape of it,and then what you want is just a tiny, little pinch of sand.好的 雏形出来了 接下来要做的就是要加一点点沙子And that#39;s gonna add a little bit more friction.这样一来就能增加一点擦力It does take, you know,a good level of skill and craftsmanship.那的确很... 考验一个人的手艺 是技术活And what you want is a continuous plume of smoke coming from the ember pan,我们想要的效果呢 就是这个灰烬堆里 冒出缕缕青烟and then you know you got the potential to make fire.Come on.那个时候 你离生火 就不远了 给点力啊You do see it happening. You do the right techniques.真的能见到的 只要你手法正确It#39;s - it#39;s wonderful, wonderful to watch.Super gently with this, just tip that in.就能见到那个美好而神奇的场面 一定要慢慢来 小心地把它倒进来And what you want to do is tip it like this so it stays as one ember.接下来要做的就是 这样把它堆起来 弄成一团灰尽Okay, there we go.However many times you do it,nothing beats that feeling of creating fire.好了 成功了 无论你经历过多少次 成功生火的那种愉悦是无可替代的 Article/201612/482751佛山市高明区人民医院泌尿外科 【视频讲解】Long ago, before Band–Aids, or even medicine of any kind, our ancestors evolved to heal cuts themselves.很久以前,在绷带或者药出现以前,我们的先辈就知道逐步治疗自己。Band–Aids 绷带治疗Heal1. 治愈; 痊愈-Within six weeks the bruising had gone, but it was six months before it all healed. 6周内青瘀已经消退了,可是伤在6个月后才完全愈合。2. 弥合-We have begun to heal the wounds of war in our society. 我们已经开始抚平战争带给这个社会的创伤。If you got sliced open, the body blocked it up, to prevent blood loss, water loss, infection. But as we gained that power—we sacrificed something else.如果你开了口子,那么身体就会阻止进一步的开裂,避免血液,水分流失和感染。但是当我们获得这个能力的时候,我们也舍弃了其他的东西Slice open 开口子Block up 堵塞-to block up the street阻塞街道Sacrifice舍弃; 牺牲-She made many sacrifices to get Anita a good education.为了让安尼塔受到良好教育,她做出了很多牺牲。;So we#39;ve evolved to heal very quickly, or as quickly as possible, at the expense of regenerating skin the way it used to be.; George Cotsarelis, a skin biologist at the University of Pennsylvania who studies that newly healed skin—aka scars. “宾州大学皮肤生物学教授George Cotsarelis专门研究新痊愈皮肤——Aka 伤疤。他说,所以我们准备发展出快速痊愈的方法,但是同时代价就是不能再生出新的皮肤!at the expense of以…为代价;由…付费用 at the cost of-However, this comes at the expense of releasing all your personal information to parents should they (or their child) ever want to contact you.然而,这样做的代价就是把你的信息全都留给那些父母,他们(或他们的孩子)以后可能想要联系你.Scar伤疤And the feature of scars is that they don#39;t have hair follicles, sweat glands or fat.“这种疤的特点就是,再也不涨毛发毛囊,不长汗腺或者脂肪In that observation lies a clue, which Cotsarelis and his team investigated in mice.据就在观察之中。这是又Cotsarelis和他的团队在老鼠上调查。follicle毛囊Gland腺 -the hormones secreted by our endocrine glands.-我们的内分泌腺分泌的荷尔蒙。They found that, when mice were injured, hair follicles sometimes regenerated at the wound site. And where hair cells appeared, fat cells did, too—the fat that sits under normal skin, as a cushion.他们发现,老鼠受伤后,毛囊有时候能长出来。毛发细胞出现的地方,脂肪细胞也出现。脂肪一般在正常细胞之下作为一个缓冲地带Cushion1. 坐垫...a velvet cushion. …一个天鹅绒坐垫。2. 缓冲There is also a new steering wheel with an energy-absorbing rim to cushion the driver#39;s head in the worst impacts. 还有新式方向盘,其边缘具有减震功能在最严重的冲击中缓冲保护司机的头部。3. 缓解-They said Western aid was needed to cushion the blows of vital reform.他们说需要西方国家的援助以缓解重大变革的冲击。;The bottom line is that the follicle has these almost magical powers where it#39;s really normalizing the skin architecture.; Meaning hair cells are good for reducing scarring.最关键的是,毛囊有神奇的力量能让皮肤有正常的构造能力。毛发细胞对于减少伤疤很重要bottom line1. 最重要的因素-The bottom line is that it#39;s not profitable. 最重要的是这无利可图。2. 底线-She says ,000 is her bottom line. 她说000是她的底线。Normalize使 (关系) 正常化; (关系) 正常化-The two governments were close to normalizing relations.两国政府即将使关系正常化。In their latest work, in the journal Science, they isolated a growth factor called BMP from the hair follicles. It#39;s a signal the follicles send to neighboring cells. They then exposed human scar cells to BMP, in a dish.在最新的研究成功发表在《科学杂志》,他们分离出成长因子叫做BMP。 这是毛囊发给邻近细胞的信号。然后,他们将人类伤疤细胞在培养基中接触BMP因子。Isolate使分离出来-We can use genetic engineering techniques to isolate the gene that is responsible.我们可以用遗传工程技术将起作用的基因离析出来。In a dish在培养基中They found that the growth factor did indeed help to reprogram the scar cells to fat cells, nudging them down a different developmental path.他们发现,成长因子实际上帮助伤疤细胞重新发展成脂肪细胞,推动不同的发展路径Nudge轻推-I nudged Stan and pointed again.我轻推了推斯坦,又指了一下。Nudge down推动-They can hardly conceive of a career that was not preplanned. They can hardly imagine allowing the hand of God or chance to nudge them down some unforeseen trail.因为他们很难想象可以从事一项未经事先计划的事业,很难想象上帝之手或者机缘能把他们推到未曾预见到的人生轨道上来。Cotsarelis says a magic scar-free ointment is probably a ways off. ;It#39;s a very complicated process and knowing the timing of when to introduce things, how to introduce them, and the delivery of the compounds is important.;Cotsarelis说,神奇消除伤疤药膏可能还有很长的路要走。非常的复杂,而且知道何时用药,如何引进他们都未知的。同时,运送化合物的方式也非常重要。Ointment药膏Way off很长的距离-This is a long way off, but it is a laudable dream.这还有一条很长的路要走,但它是一个值得拥抱的梦想。But if we figure that out—we might someday be able to coax our skin to heal itself…without leaving visible evidence behind.但是如果我们解决这些问题,未来,我们可能会哄我们的细胞自我痊愈不需要留下任何看的到的伤痕Coax1. 哄-After lunch, she watched, listened and coaxed Bobby into talking about himself.午饭后,她察言观色,哄着比谈谈他自己。2. 劝诱-The officer spoke yesterday of her role in trying to coax vital information from the young victim.该官员昨天谈起她的职责:设法劝诱那个年轻受害人提供重要信息。 Article/201705/510177Big Ginge. - Big Ginge!-大姜 -大姜Pebbles with a hat on, looking quite cross.戴着帽子的佩伯看起来很生气The way they avoid fighting isn#39;t just by having stand-offs.他们避免争斗的方法不仅通过远离彼此The scientists think there#39;s something intriguing happening,科学家们认为还有很有趣的事情where the cats#39; spaces overlap in the middle of the village.发生在城镇中心 猫的领地重叠的地方This is Phoebe, she#39;s been living here for six years.这只猫叫菲比 她已在此居住六年了And this is Kato.这只是凯托He#39;s been here even longer, and his owner wants to find out他在这住得更久 他的主人十分好奇why the two cats have become permanent enemies.为什么这两只猫成了宿敌He#39;s got enemies across the road.街对面就有他的仇家And do you know who that is?你知道是谁吗- Phoebe. - Phoebe, OK.-菲比 -菲比 明白了Sarah thinks that she may now have the answer.萨拉觉得自己好像发现了The GPS data reveals this is what Kato gets up toGPS数据显示了过去24小时over 24 hours as he travels around the cul-de-sac.凯托在个死胡同散步时到过的地方重点解释:1.find out 发现;找出来例句:Let#39;s find out.我们去问一下吧。2.travel around 到处旅行例句:It#39;ll be nice to travel around the world.周游世界一定会很愉快。 Article/201608/458589佛山市第五人民医院治疗早泄多少钱

顺德区中医院属于几级Americans are expected to spend .3 billion on Father#39;s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.据全国零售联盟称,今年父亲节美国人预计将花费143亿美元。Sonora Smart Dodd likely didn#39;t envision us spending that kind of money when she came up with the idea of celebrating Father#39;s Day more than a century ago.一个多世纪以前,当索娜拉·史玛特·杜德提出庆祝父亲节的想法时,可能没预想到我们会花费这么多钱。She apparently got the idea to celebrate a day for dads after hearing a Mother#39;s Day sermon in church in 1909.1909年,在教堂听完母亲节的布道后,她萌发出庆祝父亲的想法。Dodd#39;s mom died, leaving Dodd#39;s father to raise her and her five brothers. When she heard the sermon, she realized how much her dad did for all of his children, and she wanted to honor him.杜德的母亲过世的早,留下她的父亲抚养她和五个兄弟。当她听到布道时,她意识到她的父亲为自己的孩子们做了多少,她想尊敬他。So, she drummed up support from local churches, the YMCA and others in her hometown of Spokane, Washington, to celebrate dads in June — the month her dad was born. And in 1910, the state of Washington celebrated its first statewide Father#39;s Day.所以,她竭力争取当地教会基督教青年会和华盛顿斯波坎家乡的持,在六月庆祝父亲节,这是她父亲出生的月份。1910,华盛顿全州第一次庆祝父亲节。But some people reportedly opposed it, saying it was just a way to sell products.但据报道,一些人对此反对,说这只是一种销售产品的方式。It didn#39;t become an official U.S. holiday until 1972 under President Nixon, 58 years after Mother#39;s Day became an official holiday. Luckily, Dodd lived to see Father#39;s Day become official. She died in 1978 at 96.直到1972年在尼克松总统下父亲节才成为美国官方节日,继母亲节成为官方节日58年之后。幸运的是,杜德活着看到父亲节成为正式节日。她在1978年去世,享年96岁。Thanks to Dodd, we#39;re reminded to celebrate the special men in our lives. Happy Father#39;s Day!多亏杜德,提醒我们庆祝生活中这个特别的男人。父亲节快乐!译文属。 Article/201606/449885顺德区新世纪男科在哪个区 Are you aware of payments made by Standard Oil to a Senator, ,000 to block a bill hostile to Standard Oil.你是否知悉标准石油公司用一万五千美元贿赂一位参议员 以阻止一项对标准石油不利法案的通过I don#39;t remember.我不记得了We have a list of bribes made by Standard Oil to politicians between 1903... I stepped down as Chief Executive of Standard Oil in 1902.我们有一份标准石油贿赂政客的清单 时间从1903年 我1902年就辞去了标准石油公司首席执行官的职务了I can#39;t answer for any incidents that occurred after that date.在该日期之后所发生的任何事件 我不能负责You are still President of Standard Oil, are you not?你目前还是标准石油公司的总裁 是不是It#39;s an honorary title.这只是一个荣誉称号Much like that of President of the ed States.就像美国总统一样Can I remind you Mr. Rockefeller of the seriousness of the charges brought against you.洛克菲勒先生 我想提醒你一下 对你所提指控的严重性As John Rockefeller fights to keep his monopoly intact a new generation of businessmen is facing a new set of challenges as they struggle to get their companies off the ground.在约翰·洛克菲勒为保持垄断而战的同时 新一代的企业家为了开公司 正面临着一系列新的挑战I have set out to build the best motor car for popular use.我已经开始着手打造最好的供日常使用的电动车The Ford motor car is durable and light, weighing only one thousand lbs.福特汽车耐用 轻便 重量只有一千磅It has a four cylinder engine and is capable of speeds up to forty-five miles an hour.它有一个四缸发动机 速度可达四十五英里每小时It is priced at nine hundred compared to 00 for the average licensed car. Which makes it the first car affordable for the common man.与一般授权汽车一千五百美元的价位相比 它只要九百美元 所以它是第一辆 普通人负担得起的小轿车 Article/201607/454425佛山妇幼保健院治疗早泄多少钱

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