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2019年11月12日 08:18:26 | 作者:乐视助手 | 来源:新华社
吃货在天堂也不会寂寞:墨尔本千人哀悼华裔“烧麦大王” --01 :: 来源: 吉米·王做的烧麦是当地一绝,有人不惜跨越西门大桥也要来吃上一口 THOUSANDS of people have turned out to farewell dim sim king Jimmy Wong during a moving memorial service at Whitten Oval yesterday.近千人聚集在Whitten足球场缅怀去世的“华裔烧麦大王”吉米·王Mr Wong, the man and legend behind Jim Wong Restaurant in Barkly St, Footscray, passed away last Thursday, aged 75, as a result of head injuries sustained in a fall two days earlier.两天前,75岁的王先生不幸因跌倒而摔伤了头部,于上周四去世他生前在富士葵的巴克利街经营一家名为“占黄餐室”的餐厅The main grandstand was mostly full as people flocked to the oval, to pay tribute to the man remembered as a proud, kind-hearted family man, with a cheeky grin and a passionate Western Bulldogs devotee.主看台上大多数人都是蜂拥而至来到这里,致敬一位骄傲而善良的居家男人,他经常面露笑容,是“西部牛头犬”队的铁杆粉丝Celebrant Jeanette Bourke said to farewell Mr Wong at the Whitten Oval was a fitting venue.司仪珍妮特·布尔克牧师表示,在Whitten足球场与吉米·王告别,是最合适的地点Besides the fact he was a Bulldogs supporter and a Footscray man “through and through”, there was no other local venue that could hold all those who had wanted to pay their respects, she said.她说,作为一名牛头犬队的粉丝和一名“彻头彻尾的”富士葵人,没有另一个地方比这里更适合让这么多人寄托哀思了Fittingly, his coffin was draped with a Western Bulldogs jumper displaying his name and the lucky number eight.与之相得益彰的是,他的棺木裹着西部牛头犬队的套头衫,上面绣着他的名字和幸运数字八His granddaughters Stephanie and Alexandra said “he loved everyone and everyone loved him”.他的孙女斯蒂芬妮和亚历山德拉说,“他爱每一个人,每一个人也爱他”“It is always astounding to comprehend how many people Jimmy had a positive impact on,” they said.“如果知道吉米给多少人带来了正能量,其数量是令人吃惊的”她们说“He was always more than willing to help any one who asked. He was able to relate and connect with anyone from the homeless to big business men, TV celebrities and even the premier of Victoria.“只要人们开口,他总是愿意去帮助他们不管是流浪者、大富翁、电视名人还是维多利亚地区总理,他都能一视同仁”“His kind and caring nature was contagious and his cute smile could brighten any room.”“他宽厚和仁慈的天性极富感染力,他可爱的微笑能够点亮每一个角落”The pair said he never contemplated travelling far or taking a holiday, as Footscray was his home and the Western Bulldogs his passion.这对说,他总没想过去远方旅游或者休假,富士葵就是他的家,西部牛头犬队就是他的所在“He couldn’t imagine his life surrounded by anything less than what he loved.”“他无法想象,生活中都是他不爱的东西”They said he was their hero figure and inspired them to believe that “anything is possible”.她们说,他是她们的英雄,鼓励她们去相信“一切皆有可能”Mr Wong was born in Canton, China, but moved to Melbourne by himself at aged where his uncle, who owned a cafe, taught him to cook.王先生生于中国广东,但是在岁时孤身前往墨尔本投奔经营餐馆的叔叔,叔叔教了他烹饪技巧At 18, armed with culinary skills and sheer determination, he opened the Jim Wong Restaurant.18岁的时候,拥有烹饪技巧和敏锐头脑的王先生开了占黄餐室Stephanie said “no-one thought he could do it but he set out to prove them all wrong.”斯蒂芬妮说“没人觉得他能够成功,但是他明他们都错了”The restaurant was an instant success and busy from open to close, she said.餐馆迅速走红,从早到晚都很忙碌,她说His stuck to the food he was brought up on, including beef with black bean sauce, sweet and sour pork and lemon chicken.他菜单上的食物都是他从小吃到大的,包括豉椒牛肉、酸甜肉和柠檬鸡等His dim sims became legendary, with people travelling across the West Gate Bridge a bite.他做的烧麦更是传奇,有人不惜跨越西门大桥也要来吃上一口Mr Wong was also painted as a man who loved being in front of the camera, with a photo board at his restaurant covered in a who’s who of Melbourne posing with him.王先生也是一位喜欢镜头的人,在占黄餐室的一面墙上,挂满了他和墨尔本名人们的合照His restaurant had become a favourite among sport and soapie stars, radio hosts and comedians.他的餐馆也成了体育明星、肥皂剧明星、电台主播和喜剧演员们的最爱His family assured everyone at the service the restaurant would remain open to carry on his legacy and his famous dim recipe had been handed down.他的家人说,餐馆里务的每一个人都会传承他的精神,并把这份著名的烧麦配方传承下去Son-in-law David Louey, who lost his father at nine years of age, said Mr Wong had welcomed him into the family with open arms.他的女婿大卫·劳伊说,自己九岁时就失去了父亲,王先生张开双臂欢迎他融入自己家“When Jimmy welcomed me into the family it felt so nice to have a father again, like a weight off the shoulders,” he said.“我就像又有了父亲一样,好像肩上一块大石头卸掉了一样”他说Mr Louey said he was in awe at the depth of Mr Wong’s character.劳伊先生说,他对王先生的人格魅力叹为观止He said Mr Wong had gone through difficult times that would have “crushed a lesser man.”他说王先生撑过了“会压垮一般人的”种种困难But he said in more recent years Mr Wong was a man at peace with himself.但是他说,最近几年,王先生是一个与自己和平相处的人The service ended with the song he loved most of all to hear, the Western Bulldogs theme Sons of the West as his coffin was carried across Whitten Oval.随着王先生最喜欢的歌——西部牛头犬队队歌《西部之子响起,他的棺木缓缓穿过Whitten足球场,仪式也宣告了尾声一女子丢弃传统饰抗议ISIS -- 1:57:0 来源: Radi Suleiman先揭下了面纱,然后取下了包住头的围巾,最后把它们都扔得远远的她说:“在我们依照自己的意志穿戴上它们时,它们很美丽而当这成为强制性的东西时,就会被轻视我再也不想要它们了” Radi Suleiman first takes off the veil that covers her face and then the scarf that covers her head and throws both away from her. “When we used to wear it with our free will, it was beautiful. When it became obligatory and enced it became despised. I don’t want it anymore,” she says.Radi Suleiman先揭下了面纱,然后取下了包住头的围巾,最后把它们都扔得远远的她说:“在我们依照自己的意志穿戴上它们时,它们很美丽而当这成为强制性的东西时,就会被轻视我再也不想要它们了”Suleiman, 39, lived in ISIS-controlled Raqqa in northern Syria but has since escaped to Lebanon with nine of her children.Suleiman今年39岁,居住在叙利亚北部被ISIS所控制的拉卡市但是她和自己个孩子中的9个逃到了黎巴嫩Sitting in an well-kept refugee tent in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, she hates ISIS. At first she thought their presence would be relatively benign, until it started imposing rules on women about their dress – demanding they cover their heads and faces in public, and then cing women to marry eign fighters. “This outfit is a fraud – it is a deception,” she says.她在黎巴嫩贝卡谷地的一处条件不错的难民营里落脚,十分痛恨ISIS一开始她以为ISIS会是十分和善的人,而之后他们开始对女性的着装加以强制要求,要她们在公共场合盖住头和面部,之后还强迫女性嫁给外国战士她说:“这完全就是诈骗”As a Muslim women she says wearing the hijab is an important part of her culture, however, when a dress code is enced – particularly in such an oppressive way—it becomes something to “despise.”作为一名穆斯林女性,她说穿戴希贾布是她文化中重要的一部分然而,如果着装成为强迫性的话,它就应该被“藐视”All of the armies kill and slaughter – the Kurds, the Iraqi army, the Free Syrian Army, Assad’s Army, but ISIS is “the most evil and criminal organisation,” she says.所有的军队都会大肆杀戮,不管是库尔德人、伊拉克陆军还是叙利亚自由军,她说,但ISIS是“最邪恶的犯罪组织”They put the slaughtered bodies on the bridges to display them and “bring children and make them look at them”, she recalls. These children have “evil in their hearts” because of what they’ve seen – “you can’t even trust kids anymore” – you never know who they are with and who is training them, she says.她回忆道,他们把被屠杀者的遗体摆在桥上,再“带着孩子们去看那些尸体”这些孩子“从小就充满邪恶”因为他们接触的就是这些东西“你无法再信任孩子们,你根本不知道他们是谁,正在受到何人的训练”她说“I have seen things you can’t imagine,” says Suleiman. “I saw how they cut the hands and legs of men bee they slaughter them,” she recalls.Suleiman说:“我曾目睹过你无法想象的事情我看见他们在屠杀前是如何砍下男人的手脚的”Now, she pays 英国女首相特丽莎·梅的就职演讲 -- :: 来源: 卡梅伦卸任,特丽莎·梅随即就任,欣赏过卡梅伦真挚的离职演讲后,我们一起再来听一听新一任女首相的就职演讲吧 I have just been to Buckingham Palace where Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to m a new government, and I accepted.我刚去过白金汉宫,女王陛下要求我组建新政府,我接受了In David Cameron, I follow in the footsteps of a great, modern prime minister. Under David’s leadership, the government stabilized the economy, reduced the budget deficit, and helped more people into work than ever bee.我沿戴维·卡梅伦的足迹前行,他是一位伟大、现代的首相在卡梅伦的领导下,政府稳定了经济,降低了财政赤字,帮助比以往更多的人找到工作But David’s true legacy is not about the economy, but about social justice. From the introduction of same-sex marriage, to taking people on low wages out of income tax altogether.但戴维真正的遗产并非搞经济,而是社会公正他认可同性婚姻,让低收入人群彻底免交所得税David Cameron has led a one nation government and it is in that spirit that I also plan to lead. Because not everybody knows this, but the full title of my party is the Conservative and Unionist Party. And that word Unionist is very important to me. It means we believe in the Union. That precious, precious bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.卡梅伦领导了一国政府,我将本着这种精神执政不是所有人都清楚,我所在的党的全称是保守和统一党统一一词对我而言至关重要这表明我相信统一,这是英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰之间十分珍贵的结合But it means something else that is just as important. It means that we believe in a Union not just of the nations of the ed Kingdom, but between all of our citizens. Every one of us, whoever we are and wherever we are from.可它还意味着同样重要的东西,它意味着我们不仅相信联合王国的统一,还相信所有公民的统一,每个人,不论我们是谁,我们从哪里来That means fighting against the burning injustice that if you are born poor, you will die on average nine years earlier than others. If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you are white.那意味着要反对强烈的不公正:如果你出身贫穷,就比其他人少活九年;如果你是黑人,相比于白人会受到司法体系更严厉的惩罚If you’re a white, working-class boy, you’re less likely than anyone else in Britain to go to university. If you’re at a state school, you’re less likely to reach the top professions than if you were educated privately.如果你是白人工人阶级的男孩,在英国上大学的机会最低如果你上国立学校,相比接受私立教育的人获得顶尖工作的机会要少If you are a woman, you will earn less than a man. If you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand. If you’re young, you’ll find it harder than ever bee to own your own home.如果你是一个妇女,你赚的比男人少如果你有精神疾病,会缺少帮助如果你是年轻人,会比前人更难拥有自己的住房But the mission to make Britain a country that works everyone means more than just fighting these injustices.可让英国成为为所有人务这一使命不仅意味着应对这些不公If you’re from an ordinary working-class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realize. You have the job, but you don’t always have the job security.如果你来自普通工人阶级家庭,生活比政府里许多人知道的更艰难你有工作,可往往并不稳定You have your own home, but you worry about paying the mortgage. You can just about manage, but you worry about the cost of living and getting your kids into a good school.你有房子,可担心付不起月供你还能凑合活,却担心生活费增加,没法把孩子送进好学校If you’re one of those families. If you’re just managing.I want to address you directly. I know you’re working around the clock, I know you’re doing your best, and I know that sometimes, life can be a struggle. The government I lead will be driven not by the interests of a privileged few, but by yours.如果你来自这些家庭,如果你也凑合活着,我想要直接和你说:我知道你起早贪黑,我知道你竭尽全力,我知道生活有时是一种挣扎我领导的政府不会被一小撮特权群体的利益驱使,而会因你的利益而奔走We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. When we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful but you. When we pass new laws, we’ll listen not to the mighty, but you. When it comes to taxes we’ll prioritize not the wealthy, but you. When it comes to opporty, we won’t entrench the advantages of the tunate few.我们将尽一切所能让你更好掌控自己的生活我们做重大决定时,我们想的不是那些有权之人,而是你们我们通过新法时,我们不听那些有势之人,而是你们当收税时,我们不会优先考虑那些有钱之人,而是你们当提供机会时,我们不会只给予那些少数幸运之人We will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you.我们将尽一切所能帮助所有人,不论你背景如何,都让你能发挥所长We are living through an important moment in our country’s history. Following the referendum we face a time of great national change. And I know because we’re Great Britain, we will rise to the challenge.我们经历着国家历史上一个重要时刻公投后我们面临着国家重大变革的时代我知道因为我们是大不列颠,我们将迎接挑战As we leave the European Union, we will ge a bold, new positive role ourselves in the world. And we will make Britain a country that works not a privileged few, but every one of us.我们离开了欧盟,我们会在世界上打造一个勇敢、积极的新角色我们要让英国成为不为少数特权阶级务的国家,一个为每个人务的国家That will be the mission of the government I lead, and together, we will build a better Britain.这是我领导政府的使命,我们一起努力,就会建成一个更美好的英国 a month rent the refugee tent near Zahle. Her tidy kitchen and neat bedrooms are testament to her defiance against the fate that has befallen her and millions of other Syrians in recent years.现在,她每月付0美金作为撒勒附近难民营的租金整洁的厨房、卧室代表着她和上百万叙利亚人对命运的反抗苹果或将在十月发布新一代ipad --18 :3: 来源: 有消息称,苹果预计在月1日再次举行发布会活动,将正式公布新操作系统实际上线时间,同时或许发布新一代iPad与iPad mini系列机种,分别为第6代iPad及第三代iPad mini  Apple to unveil new iPads, operating system on October 1  Apple Inc is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 1, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.  The company plans to unveil the sixth generation of its iPad and the third edition of the iPad mini, as well as its operating system OS X Yosemite, which has undergone a complete visual overhaul, the Internet news website said.  Trudy Muller, a spokeswoman Apple, declined to comment.  The iPad is expected to have a 9.7 inch screen, while the new version of the iPad mini will have a 7.9 inch screen, Bloomberg earlier reported, citing people familiar with the matter.  A Bloomberg report said the Cupertino, Calinia-based company will launch its next generation of iPads around mid-October as Apple prepares the holiday season by boosting its product lineup.  Apple sold .3 million iPads in the quarter ended June, falling short of analysts' projections more than million.  Apple also unveiled its Apple Watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service dubbed "Apple Pay" last week.(Reuters)巴黎艺术家创作“女兵马俑” -- 00:: 来源: When Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, anticipated his death more than ,000 years ago, he wanted an army of warriors to guard his mausoleum ever and protect him in the afterlife.  So he ordered the creation of some 8,000 terra-cotta soldiers, along with hundreds of terra-cotta horses and chariots, to be buried with him in his tomb. Historians speculate the soldiers were modeled after eight individuals.  When the statues were discovered by workers digging a well in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, in 197, the world was stunned by the spectacular funerary art and the legacy of the powerful emperor. Since then, it's become a major tourist attraction and a World Heritage site.  Now, these soldiers have a counterpart: female terra-cotta warriors.  Prune Nourry, a Paris-born artist based in New York City, has created a small army of them. In "Terracotta Daughters," 6 are featured in an exhibition at the China Institute from September through October . The show's US premiere is presented by theFrench Institute Alliance Francaise and China Institute as part of FIAF's Crossing the Line festival.  The difference is these female terra-cotta warriors are not out to protect any emperor, but were created to bring attention to the plight of girls in China.  "In China, there is a huge imbalance between boys and girls. I wanted to highlight the issue of gender preference," said Nourry. "I needed a strong cultural symbol to base this project on, and a universal one that would speak both to Chinese villagers in the countryside and to citizens abroad."  And, in a striking parallel to the terra-cotta soldiers, the terra-cotta girls will also become an archaeological project. After the exhibition, they will be buried in China until , the year that, according to Chinese sociologists, men will have the hardest time finding a wife because of the skewed gender ratio.  The imbalance of the sexes is a serious problem the Chinese. A census indicates there are at least million more men than women. Due to the one-child policy and traditional preference boys, as well as sex-selective technologies, China will have a huge surplus of men, which presents daunting demographic challenges the world's most populous country.  Perhaps those reasons, Nourry didn't encounter difficulties with the Chinese government in pursuing this project in China. She started working on the terra-cotta statues two years ago after finishing an installation in India that also explored gender bias.  In deciding on the size of the female army, Nourry chose the number eight because of its auspiciousness in Chinese culture. She created the first eight statues modeled after eight girls whom she met through an orphan charity in China.  Then, working with local craftsmen in Xi'an, 1 permutations of statues were made based Nourry's original eight statues by combining the different heads, torsos and legs. " Xian Feng, the main craftsman I worked with in China, my project seemed at first impossible since women 'can't be soldiers.' But after we began the project, he changed his view and even turned one of the 1 combinations into a portrait of his own daughter," said Nourry.  The local craftsmen of Xi'an are used to making copies of the terra-cotta warriors which are sold primarily to tourists. When Nourry asked them to give their artistic interpretation in sculpting the female statues, they were initially tentative. Over time, they lost their hesitancy and gave each statue unique faces. No two statues have the same features.  Each terra-cotta warrior girl stands nearly 5 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. Their hairstyles are contemporary, as are their unim, which is modeled after the orphan girls' school attire. Unlike the male warriors, they look approachable, friendly and even charming.  "It was a very enriching collaboration, based on exchange and mutual respect," said Nourry.  Her favorite moment was when the eight girls saw the terra-cotta statues of themselves and were delighted. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the eight original statues will pay the cost of the eight girls' education three years.  "Terracotta Daughters" is impressive in its artistic craftsmanship and social statement. It's a refreshing reinterpretation of one of China's national symbols. With these modern female warriors, Prune raises the pressing issue of gender discrimination without pointing fingers at anyone or anything. One looks at these amazing terra-cotta statues and feel compelled to ask -- why aren't there more of them? And why aren't there more girls in China?00多年前,当中国第一位皇帝秦始皇预见到自己驾崩时,他想要一兵马俑能在阴间永久守护他及他的陵墓所以,他下令建造约8000名兵佣,以及数以百计的马佣和战车作为陪葬历史学家推测这些士兵是模仿八个不同的人建造的197年,陕西西安的农民在打井时发现了这些雕像,这种壮观的丧葬艺术及强大王朝的传奇让世界为之震惊从此以后,那里就成为主要的旅游景点和世界文化遗产现在,这些士兵在性别上有了对应:女兵马俑出生于巴黎的纽约艺术家蒲玉娜·诺赫伊(Prune Nourry)创建了这女兵马俑由6件塑像组成的“女童俑”(TerracottaDaughters)将于9月日至月日在中国研究所展出这次展览的美国首映是由法国文化协会(French Institute Alliance Francaise)和中国研究所(China Institute)共同承办,这也作为法国文化协会越界节活动的一部分不同的是这些女兵马俑不是用来保护皇帝的,而是用来引起对中国男女不平衡状态的关注“在中国,男女之间存在着极大的不平衡我想强调的是性别偏好问题,”诺赫伊称“我需要一个强有力的文化标志融入到这个项目,以及中国农民和海外公民都看得懂的标志”并且和兵马俑类似,这些女童俑也将成为一个考古项目展览结束后,它们会被埋在中国直到年据中国社会学家称,因为中国性别比例失调,那一年将是男性最难找到配偶的时期性别比例失衡对于中国人来说是个严峻的问题年的人口普查表明,男性至少比女性多00万人由于独生子女政策,传统的重男轻女观念以及性别选择技术,中国将出现男性过剩,这也为这个世界人口大国带来严峻挑战也许因为这些原因,诺赫伊在中国推行这个项目并没有遭到中国政府的为难两年前,在结束印度同样探究性别歧视的装置作品展后,她开始建造兵马俑在决定女子军队规模上,诺赫伊选择了数字8,因为在中国文化中8是吉利数字通过中国的一所孤儿院,她选择那里8个女孩为原型创建了头8个雕像然后,根据诺赫伊原始的8个雕像,通过结合不同的头像、躯干和腿,她与西安当地工匠又建造了1个雕像诺赫伊称“在中国和我一起共事的主要工艺师为宪峰(音译),起初我的项目不太可能完成因为女性‘不可能成为士兵’但在我们开始这个项目后,他改变了看法,甚至把其中一个雕塑头像变成了她女儿的”西安当地工艺师过去常制作兵马俑仿品卖给游客当诺赫伊要求他们在塑造女性雕像融入他们的艺术诠释时,他们最初还比较犹豫随着时间的推移,他们不再犹豫,给每个雕像塑造了独一无二的头像没有任何一个雕像重样每个女童兵马俑近5英尺高,约60磅重她们的发型是现代的,他们的穿着也同样现代化,这是仿照孤儿院女孩的学校装不同于男兵马俑,她们看起来更平易近人,友好,并且充满魅力诺赫伊称“这是一次基于交流和相互尊重的十分充实的合作”令她最开心的时刻是,当8个女孩看见自己的兵马俑雕像时的欣喜8个原始雕像所卖收入的一部分将用于付这8个女孩三年学费 “女童俑”的艺术工艺和社会表现令人印象深刻这让中国国家标志焕然一新,给予了新的诠释诺赫伊没有指责任何人或任何事,通过这些现代女兵马俑揭露了性别歧视问题有人看了这些令人惊叹的兵马俑后,不禁问道——为什么这样的雕像不再多点?为什么中国不能有更多的女孩?

美抗旱奇招:水库投"遮阳球" -- 3:9:01 来源: 美抗旱奇招:水库投"遮阳球"Los Angeles protects open-air reservoirs with millions of floating 'shade balls'The city has completed a program of covering open-air reservoirs with floating "shade balls" to protect water quality.为了保护水质,洛杉矶市向露天水库投放了9600万个“遮阳球”,这些球浮在水面上,水库表面已被遮盖目前该项目已全部完成City officials this week dumped the last ,000 of 96 million black balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir in Sylmar, 5 miles northwest of downtown. The -inch-diameter plastic balls block sunlight from penetrating the 5-acre surface of the reservoir.本周,洛杉矶市官员将最后万个黑色塑料球投放到洛杉矶水库,该水库位于西尔马,距离洛杉矶市中心西北部5英里这些塑料球直径为英寸,覆盖了水库5英亩(约71公顷)的水面,使其避免太阳光照射That prevents chemical reactions that can cause algae blooms and other problems, allowing the Department of Water and Power (DWP) to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water-quality requirements.这也可以避免发生化学反应,而化学反应可能导致水藻滋生等其它问题此举使得洛杉矶水电局达到美国国家环境保护局的水质标准They have the added perk of aiding with the ravages of the drought, and are expected to keep about 300 million gallons annually from evaporating.此举已经缓解了干旱所带来的破坏,预计每年可以减少3亿加仑的蒸发量"In the midst of Calinia's historic drought, it takes bold ingenuity to maximize my goals water conservation," Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement, noting that the eft is "emblematic of the kind of the creative thinking we need to meet those challenges."洛杉矶市长埃里克?贾西提在一次声明中说道:“面对加州史上少有的干旱,我们需要有相当大胆的创造力来帮助我们最大化地实现节水,”市长还强调,此举“体现出我们迎接挑战所需要的创造性思维”The 36-cent balls also will help prevent evaporation of 300 million gallons of water annually from the 3.3 billion-gallon reservoir, the DWP said.水电局工作人员称,洛杉矶水库的储水量为33亿加仑,每个遮阳球的成本为36美分,每年可帮助该水库减少3亿加仑的蒸发量The city began using shade balls in .洛杉矶市自年开始使用遮阳球Vocabularyalgae: 水藻perk: 额外津贴evaporate: 蒸发emblematic: 象征英文来源:美联社译者:实习生冯佳佳审校编辑:许晶晶

休斯敦:3岁男孩死于高温的车内 --19 ::36 来源: 一个三岁的男孩爬进汽车里找玩具,却无法出去,最终被困死在车里 Your car can be deadly, even when parked.你的车可能是致命的,即使是停在那里A 3-year-old boy who wandered into a car while looking his toy died after being unable to get out of the vehicle, according to authorities.据官方消息,一个三岁的男孩爬进汽车里找玩具,却无法出去,最终被困死在车里On Thursday, the boy entered the car parked near a house to retrieve his toy from the back seat, said Kese Smith, spokesperson of the Houston Police Department. He entered through the unlocked front door and climbed into the back seat.休斯敦警察局发言人史密斯说,星期四,这个男孩进入停在家附近的车里,到后座找寻他的玩具车子前门没锁,他是从前门爬到后座上去的Once he got into the back seat, he couldn’t open the back door because the child protective locks were on, Smith said.史密斯说,等他到后座上去后,由于童锁装置是启动状态,他打不开车门It was extremely hot in Houston on Thursday, with a high of 0 degrees.那一天,休斯敦的气温恰恰非常高,车内估计达到了0度Family members found the boy in the back of the car, about 30 to 5 minutes after he was last seen. He was in cardiac arrest and a family member began perming CPR.大约在30到5分钟后,家人才发现孩子在车后座上,此时他已经停止了心跳,一名家庭成员对他进行心脏复苏术A 9 call was made around p.m. The boy was taken to the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, where he later died, according to the Houston Fire Department.据休斯敦消防部门称,下午两点左右,他们打9报警孩子被送往林顿B约翰逊医院,在那里抢救无效去世Smith said this appears to be a tragic accident.史密斯表示这真是一个悲剧Police are still investigating and no charges have been filed.警方尚在对此事进行调查中,并未提出指控

专家解密如何解酒 起床再喝一杯? --9 :57:56 来源: as long as people have been drinking too much, they have been searching a cure that ded morning after hangover.   只要一个人有过酩酊大醉的时候,他们就一定曾寻找过解决宿醉之后可怕的第二天清晨   Raw eggs with or without Worcestershire sauce is apparently one cure; others eat chocolate or a bacon sandwich - but the answer could be as simple as to carry on doing what you were doing that caused the hangover – have a drink.   淋上辣酱油的生鸡蛋——也可以不加——无疑是办法之一;还有人选择吃巧克力或者培根三明治然而真正的解决方法非常简单:是什么导致了你的宿醉——饮酒——而它也是解决你宿醉困扰的办法   Adam Rogers, the author of Proof: the Science of Booze, is of the opinion that the 'hair of the dog' makes you feel better, but the question is why it does this, and importantly whether it's really a good idea.   《论:畅饮的学问的作者亚当·罗杰斯认为醒酒液会让人感到更舒一些,然而问题在于为什么它会如此起作用,而且喝醒酒液到底是不是个好主意   Every alcoholic drink contains, as well as ethanol, small traces of the poisonous methanol. In high doses methanol can make people go blind or even die because the body converts it to maldehyde, a poison used as a preservative in some laboratories. Doctors treat methanol poisoning by giving patients ethanol to prevent its change into maldehyde.   每种酒精饮料除了包含乙醇,都会有微量的有毒甲醇甲醇摄入量过高会致盲或致死,因为人的身体会把它转化成甲醛——在实验室里作为防腐剂使用的有毒物质针对甲醇中毒,医生们通常会开出含有乙醇的处方,以防它转化为甲醛   'If methanol poisoning is at least in part responsible a hangover, having a drink the next morning may alleviate symptoms,' said Mr Rogers although he was at pains to point out that the theory was 'hypothetical' at best.   “如果甲醇中毒是宿醉的原因之一,那么第二天早上再喝一杯有可能缓解症状”罗杰先生如此说道,尽管他仍需要承认该理论尚处于假设阶段   Lauren Owen, a psychopharmacologist at Keele University and a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, agreed that there was some scientific support the idea. 'Alcohol acts on a number of chemicals in the brain to increase feelings of pleasure. Reduction of hangover symptoms by "hair of the dog" may also be due to the activity of alcohol on neurotransmitter systems.'   劳伦·欧文是基尔大学的精神药理学家,同时也是宿醉研究小组的成员之一她认为喝酒解宿醉的方法是有科学依据的,“酒精会使大脑产生化学反应,从而增加愉悦的感觉通过饮用醒酒液的方法减轻宿醉很可能同样基于酒精对脑神经元的刺激”   One thing that appears to have no scientific basis is rehydration. Mr Rogers said: 'You can get rid of the dehydration and you are still hungover.'   然而目前并没有科学据明喝水可以解酒罗杰先生说道:“你可能会摆脱脱水症状,不过宿醉却不会得到缓解”

霸道猫咪强吻我,“小污”强吻泰迪熊走红网络 --31 ::19 来源:chinadaily Smudge the cat is a big fan of his teddy bear, perhaps too much so. 一只名为“小污”的猫是他家泰迪熊的超级粉丝,不过他可能粉得有点太过火了A strange shows the young feline essentially French kissing his cuddly toy. 一个视频播放了这样一个奇异的画面:一只小猫在亲它的毛绒玩具,而且还是法式热吻In the footage, uploaded on Facebook by East Surrey Cats Protection, Smudge grabs the bear and moves in a lot more than a quick peck on the cheek. 可不只是在脸颊上轻轻一碰,视频上“小污”抓着小熊,径直凑上去深深一吻脸书上的这一视频是由东萨里猫咪保护协会上传的The poor teddy has to withstand the cat's sharp claws when Smudge presses them into its face. “小污”双爪着它的脸,可怜的泰迪不得不忍受那尖利的爪子In the corner of the shot another cat peers onto the sofa to check what is going on, perhaps rather jealous of Smudge's adoration the soft toy. 在视频的小角落里,另一只猫盯着沙发,查看发生了什么,也许很嫉妒小污对毛绒玩具的爱呢Underneath the Lilia Palma was unconvinced the cat's affection was completely genuine, writing: 'Looks like someone had put something on teddy bears mouth that attracted the cat to lick.' 莉莉娅?帕尔马不相信这只猫的感情是真实的,她在视频下方写道:“看着好像有人往泰迪熊的嘴上抹了东西吸引猫来舔”But Cats Protection disagreed, writing: 'This was my foster cat last summer and honestly, nothing was put on the teddy bear's nose!' 但是猫咪保护协会不同意这个说法,写道:“这是我去年夏天收养的猫,而且真的,什么都没往泰迪熊的鼻子上涂!”Another commenter, Jackie Ingram, posted: 'lol! my ginger cat humps furry toys and blankets! now that is weird, vet had never heard of a neutered cat doing that.' 另外一个者,杰姬?英格拉姆发贴说:“哈哈哈!我的小黄猫爱上了毛绒玩具和毯子!那这就奇怪了,兽医可从没听说过绝育的猫会做那样的事”Cats Protection assured her: 'I know of several that do it. All neutered!' 猫咪保护协会肯定地回应:“我知道有几只猫都做过类似的事它们都做过绝育!”All perfectly natural then it seems. 这样看来这就是很自然的事了Smudge was given to the centre, which covers Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey, when he was just four months old. 小污在只有四个月大的时候就被送到了猫咪保护协会,此协会在凯特勒姆、雷德希尔和东萨里都有分机构Cats Protection has been in operation since and is run entirely by volunteers. 猫咪保护协会自年开始运营,完全由志愿者管理Vocabulary: foster: 养育的 hump: [粗俗用语][俚语] 与(某人)性交 neuter: 阉割来源:英国每日邮报翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning


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