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Hmm thanks…. oh lovely, custard creams… mmm.谢谢,美味的蛋奶饼干。Now Hannah, finally I wanted to ask you what exactly made you apply for this job at this company?安娜,最后我想问你是什么让你申请这家公司的岗位的?Errrr… ooo… well. The reason I applied is….我申请的原因是……Yes, yes, yes Anna? Do you need a bit more time to think?是的,是的,是的,安娜?你需要一点时间思考?Whats she going to say?她要说什么?How would you answer that?你会怎么回答?Join us next time to find out.下期跟我们一起揭晓。Before we go, heres a reminder of some of the great lines Annas used today…在我们离开之前,这里有一些关于今天安娜所说句子的提示。A good example that comes to mind.我想到了一个很好的例子。Im particularly proud of.我特别自豪。Timekeeping is important to me.守时对我很重要。Until next time, bye bye!下次见,再见! /201611/479859。

"Across the battlefield, I saw the bodies of Jamuqa's(扎木和) men lying together like felled logs in the forest." Following the defeat, Jamuqa fled into the mountains of Tannu(唐努). He hid throughout the winter of 1204. In the spring, he reappeared, escorted by two of his own generals who thought they knew where their best interests lay. They delivered Jamuqa to Temujin(铁木真). "The generals expected a reward for betraying their leader and delivering him into the hands of his enemy. And I saw they got their reward."felled: chopped down (about a tree)200809/49720。

US Vice President Calls for More NATO Support in Afghanistan切尼突访阿富汗强调北约部队重要Mounting concern about the resurgent Taliban and the Afghanistan economy have prompted the U.S. vice president to make a surprise visit there. Dick Cheney is calling the continuing presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan vital for the country's future.  美国副总统切尼突然访问阿富汗,原因是对塔利班反叛分子和阿富汗经济日益增加的担忧。切尼说,北约军队继续在阿富汗驻扎对阿富汗的未来非常重要。In an unannounced trip to Kabul, his fourth visit to Afghanistan as vice president, Dick Cheney is asking NATO countries to make an even stronger commitment to the war-ravaged country.  切尼对喀布尔的访问事先没有宣布。这是他作为副总统对阿富汗的第四次访问,切尼要求北约国家在战乱的阿富汗做出更大的努力。NATO members are considering whether to send more troops to Afghanistan at a time when the anti-terrorism campaign is becoming more unpopular for European politicians. But the U.S. vice president says the ed States and NATO need to maintain sufficient forces in Afghanistan to counter a resurgent Taliban and al-Qaida. 200803/31660。

Widower of Former PM Bhutto Elected President in Pakistan扎尔达里当选巴基斯坦新总统  The widower of Pakistan's assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has won elections to become the country's next president. Asif Ali Zardari won an estimated 482 of the 702 votes from lawmakers to become what some believe will be Pakistan's most powerful civilian leader. 巴基斯坦被暗杀的前理贝纳齐尔.布托的丈夫扎尔达里当选巴基斯坦新总统。在702张选票当中,扎尔达里赢得了大约482张选票,当选为被一些人视为巴基斯坦权力最大的文官领导人。Asif Ali Zardari won the majority of votes in three of the country's four provincial assemblies as well as in both houses of parliament. 扎尔达里在四个省议会中的三个以及巴基斯坦议会两院都赢得多数票。In the capital's national assembly hall, supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party were jubilant even before the election commissioner announced results. 在首都的议会大厅里,巴基斯坦人民党的持者在选举委员会主席宣布投票结果之前就已经开始欢呼雀跃了。Zardari's two daughters held a portrait of their mother, Benazir Bhutto, as members of the party she once led congratulated them on their father's victory. 扎尔达里的两个女儿举着她们母亲贝纳齐尔.布托的画像,布托过去领导的人民党成员为扎尔达里的胜选向她们表示祝贺。Zardari's win caps a remarkable political revival for a man who spent 11 years in prison on corruption and murder charges - without ever being convicted. His win also marks the formal end to Pakistan's long departure from democratic rule under former president Pervez Musharraf, who had seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999. 扎尔达里的当选标志着这位曾经受到腐败和谋杀指控、从未被定罪、但却在监狱里度过11年的人惊人地重返政坛。他的当选也标志着巴基斯坦在前总统穆沙拉夫领导之下长期脱离民主制度时期的结束。穆沙拉夫在1999年的一场不流血军事政变中夺取了权力。In brief remarks to news media at the prime minister's house, Zardari paid tribute to his deceased wife and her father. 扎尔达里在巴基斯坦总理的住宅对新闻界发表了简短讲话。他对死去的妻子和岳父表示敬意。他们两人都是被暗杀的。"She taught us how to live. She taught us how to do politics," he said. "We all intend to follow of philosophies of the PPP, the philosophies of Shaheed [martyr] Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the democracies that they gave their life for." 他说:“她教会我们如何生活。她教会我们如何从事政治活动。我们都准备遵循巴基斯坦人民党的信条,就是阿里.布托和他们为之付出生命的民主的信条。”Political analysts say Zardari's strong political support in the legislatures and Musharraf's expansion of presidential powers could make Zardari the country's most powerful civilian president. 政治分析人士说,扎尔达里在立法机构里获得的强有力的政治持和穆沙拉夫对总统权力的扩大可能使扎尔达里成为巴基斯坦权力最大的文官总统。He has pledged to reign in the presidency's broad powers, which include the ability to dismiss parliament, but many Pakistanis are skeptical that he will follow through. 扎尔达里已经保限制总统广泛的权力,包括解散议会的权力,但是许多巴基斯坦人对于他能否兑现承诺表示怀疑。Following Zardari's election victory, he tried to reassure his critics. 扎尔达里在获得选举胜利以后试图让对他持批评态度的人放心。"I reiterate, parliament is sovereign. This president shall be subservient to the parliament," he said. 他说:“我重申,议会拥有主权。这届总统会从议会。”Zardari's political opponents congratulated on his election win Saturday, but also urged him to drop his close affiliation with the Pakistan Peoples Party. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said he hoped Zardari's tenure would return the presidency to its impartial role. 扎尔达里的政治对手祝贺他星期六当选总统,但是也敦促他不再同巴基斯坦人民党保持密切的从属关系。前总理谢里夫说,他希望扎尔达里担任总统期间恢复总统的非党派角色。Despite his critics, Zardari's win is the latest in a string of political successes that drove former president Pervez Musharraf from office and made his party the most powerful in the country. 尽管存在对他的批评,但是扎尔达里这次胜选是一系列成功政绩最新的成果。这些成功政绩将穆沙拉夫总统赶下台,并且使扎尔达里的政党成为巴基斯坦势力最大的政党。Pakistan's information minister and political ally of Zardari, Sherry Rehman, told reporters that Zardari's victory is a victory for Pakistan's democracy. 巴基斯坦新闻部长、扎尔达里的政治盟友谢里.拉赫曼对记者表示,扎尔达里的胜利是巴基斯坦民主的胜利。Rehman said her party has won the presidential vote fairly, without using force or abusing the constitution. She said there are many difficulties ahead and the PPP is the best party for addressing the country's problems. 她说,他的政党公平地赢得了总统选举,没有依靠武力或者践踏宪法。她说,前面还有很多困难,巴基斯坦人民党是解决国家问题的最佳政党。Those difficulties include the country's faltering economy and ongoing battle with Taliban militants. 这些困难包括巴基斯坦艰难的经济和与塔利班激进分子持续的战斗。While lawmakers were voting Saturday, a car bomb blast near a security checkpoint in Peshawar killed at least 10 people. 就在议会星期六投票的时候,在白沙瓦的一个安全检查站发生汽车炸弹爆炸,至少炸死10个人。Pakistani Taliban militants later claimed credit for the attack. 巴基斯坦塔利班激进分子宣称对这次爆炸袭击负责。200809/47633。

hard as nails ------ 铁石心肠(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Unyielding; lacking compassion; unsympathetic.例句The wealthy old woman was as hard as nails, and never gave help of any kind to her friends or family members if they were experiencing difficulties.这位有钱的老妇人是铁石心肠,在朋友或家人有困难时从不给他们任何形式的帮助。 /201611/471251。

International Court Seeks Indictment of Sudanese President国际刑事法庭寻求起诉苏丹总统  The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has asked for an arrest warrant for Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, accusing him of masterminding genocide and war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region. A three-judge panel is expected to take weeks or months to decide whether a warrant of arrest can be issued. 国际刑事法院检察官奥坎波向苏丹总统巴希尔发出逮捕令,指控他策划了在苏丹达尔富尔地区犯下的种族灭绝和战争罪行。一个由三名法官组成的审判小组预计将用几个星期或者几个月的时间来决定是否要发出逮捕令。Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo made the announcement at a press conference at the International Criminal Court headquarters in The Hague. 检察官奥坎波在海牙国际刑事法院总部的一个记者会上宣布这个决定。"I just submitted an application requesting to the pre-trial chamber Number-three to issue an arrest warrant against Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes," he said. 他说:“我刚刚提出申请,要求第三预审法庭以种族灭绝、反人类罪和战争罪行,向巴希尔发出逮捕令。”But Moreno-Ocampo stressed he was not indicting President Bashir. 但是奥坎波强调,他并不是在起诉巴希尔总统。"I like to be very clear on this; I am requesting a decision to the judges, they can agree with my application, they can dismiss my application they can do something different, they can request more evidence," he said. "So, the judges have the power now to decide." 他说:“我想清楚地说明,我要求法官做出裁决,他们可以同意我的申请,他们可以驳回我的申请,他们可以做出其它决定,他们可以要求补充据。所以说,现在有权做出决定的是这些法官们。”The prosecutor also said if indicted Mr. Bashir could face three counts of genocide, and charges of causing serious mental harm, and deliberately inflicting conditions calculated to bring about physical destruction. He added the president could also face five counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forcible transfer of the population, torture and rape.  检察官奥坎波还表示,一旦巴希尔受到指控,他将面临三项种族灭绝罪,以及造成严重精神伤害、蓄意实施酷刑造成肢体损毁等指控。他还说,巴希尔可能还面临另外五项反人类罪的指控,包括谋杀、灭绝、强迫人口迁徙、酷刑和强奸。Should the judges decide to issue a warrant for Mr. Bashir's arrest, he would become the first serving head of state to be indicted by the ICC.  如果法官决定向巴希尔发出逮捕令,巴希尔总统将会成为第一个被国际刑事法院指控的在任国家首脑。Sudan does not recognize the ICC and has steadfastly refused to hand over two other suspects charged by the court, Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmad Harun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Kushayb.  苏丹并不承认国际刑事法院,并坚持拒不交出两个被国际刑事法院指控的嫌犯,他们是人道主义事务部长艾哈迈德-哈伦和金戈威德民兵领导人阿里-库沙布。The decision to pursue the case against President al-Bashir has been met with hostility by the Sudanese who say it will jeopardize peace talks between the government and Darfur rebels.  苏丹反对国际刑事法院决定准备要立案起诉巴希尔总统。苏丹说,这将危及政府和达尔富尔反政府武装之间的和平谈判。Khalid al Mubabrak, the Sudanese Embassy spokesman in London, dismissed the charges against his president as false. He underscored the fact the ICC has no jurisdiction over Sudan. 苏丹驻伦敦大使馆发言人穆巴拉克驳斥对苏丹总统的指控,说这些指控是不实之罪。他强调,国际刑事法院对苏丹没有管辖权。"Just like the ed States of America we have not ratified the Statute of Rome, which created the ICC," said Mubarak. "Sudan has got its own judicial system it is quite efficient it has aly looked into matters about Darfur, indicted some people, set some people free imprisoned some people." 穆巴拉克说:“就像美国一样,我们还没有批准建立国际刑事法院的《罗马规约》。苏丹有自己的司法系统,而且这套系统相当有效率,已经对达尔富尔的一些问题展开调查,起诉了一些人,将一些人从监狱释放,关押了一些人。”Mubarak added the prosecutor's action could actually prolong the Darfur crisis as it might encourage Darfur rebels to step up their insurgency.  穆巴拉克还表示,检察官奥坎波的举动事实上会延长达尔富尔的危机,因为这可能会鼓励达尔富尔的反政府武装加剧他们的反叛活动。Attacks on government installations by Darfur rebels in 2003 set off the crisis. The Sudanese government allegedly responded by arming militias that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of people.  达尔富尔反政府武装2003年对政府设施的袭击引发了达尔富尔危机。据称苏丹政府作出回应,动用武装民兵,强迫把成千上万的人赶出他们的家园。The ed Nations estimates that 300,000 people have died as a result of the conflict. More than two million are said to be displaced, the majority of them living in camps in Darfur. 联合国估计,这场冲突造成30万人死亡,据称有200多万人无家可归,其中大部分无家可归的人生活在达尔富尔的难民营里。200807/44083。

Okay, so, some of the gripes are major and some of the gripes are minor, but Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster have written a book called "Working With You Is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work", and the management consultants say:"looking at this book would teach you how to deal with the aggravating people who make you d going into the office." They join us now. Good to have you with us.Good morning.I say "Good morning" with some trepidation. Don't (inaudible) But, it, it's always er.. risky to try to summarize a book to the authors of that book. But, as, as I what you say, you say "Quit complaining",(Right),"Do something". But, and this is the part that surprised me, the best thing to do is to change yourself because you are not gonna change the other person.That's right, Charlie. What we found in working with many, (a) thousands of people over the last 20 years is that we all know it's futile to try and change another person. So, the best thing you can do is begin by changing your internal reaction and then we give you very concrete tools for how to change your experience.What, what's this business about unhooking yourself?Right, well, we give you this process. It's actually four steps and the first two steps are to cool down your system. Because as we all know when we get upset, when someone, those co-workers really annoy you, you immediately get upset. So the first two steps are to deep breathing or doing some sort of physical exercise if you can run out of the building and walk around the block.Yeah you say you spend a lot time talking people off the ledge(exactly),which is essentially calming them down .It's cooling their system down.Okay, but once you've done that and that seems very intuitive, then what do we do?Well, the next two steps would be taking action.Yes, to unhook verbally as what we say, so you find something to move the situation forward and you take the high road not accusatory but a win-win kind of communication, and then you look for a business tool whether it's documentation of some kind or sending out an e-mail or referring to a job description.Okay, but it seems, isn't it a little defeatist to say you have to change yourself? Er, the, the... really it's 'me' that has to change as supposed to the other person?Well, have you ever changed anybody?I've tried many times; it's not really possible. So if you...No, you can't, you can't affect a personality transplant in other people, I agree with that. You can't change somebody. But if you can change your reaction to them you'll have a much better love-work life.Yeah but they are still gonna be annoying, aren't they?That's right. That they are not gonna change and part of the book we explain to you how to depersonalize and detach and stop taking it personally.Alright, you spend a lot of time telling me about types of workers, co-workers and types of bosses.(Right)So,give me the, the most common annoying type of co-worker.The most common annoying type of co-workers, actually what the viewers were talking about, er, they are called "boundary-busters". So, whether it's someone who invades your space, makes too much noise, eats up your time, chews your ear off. Those are boundary-busters.And how do I deal with them?Most of the time you do have to confront the boundary-buster. But what we suggest is again cool your system down(Correct! ) ,make sure, you know, make sure you take the high road and when you do confront and communicate with them, you say in a way that they actually say:Oh,okay, I hear you, rather than yelling at him. What we tend to do is" You are so loud" instead of saying:" you know what, it really bothers me, I can't concentrate when your, when your voice goes up, so can you please calm it down? " So it's a way, it's a communication style and we give many examples in "Working With You Is Killing Me".Okay, and, and what's the worst kind of co-worker? May not be the most common but the worst.Well, what we call the worst kind, what we've decided among ourselves is the "saboteur" and this is because this person will speak very sweetly to you. And in the meantime, stab your back, one way or another, behind, behind you.Right, and what I do about that?Well, you have to be your own, wage your own PR campaign. As soon as you detect that somebody is talking negatively about you. And usually somebody will warn you or you can sense that your relationships with other people are deteriorating. You, you need to just make sure that you're at every meeting and you know when this person is speaking to someone else that you can get in and find out what they are saying. And wage your own PR campaign get people to speak better of you, at ultimately they get caught.Right. The key with the saboteur is you have to detect it. So if someone says to you something like watch out for Susie Q, She's known for doing that kind of thing, you really wanna listen.If they tell you she is a snake, she is probably a snake.(She perhaps...Exactly)And most common problem with the boss?Er, you know, personally I think it's the exploder, although a second too, would be the avoider. You know, the boss that...Exploders are the one who yell(s) at you, the avoiders are the one who doesn't address the problem.Exactly. They are afraid of confrontation and they are both equally awful. Nobody wants to get yelled at, and no one wants a boss that doesn't have your back. If you go to them for a raise but that would be a confrontation for them to get you a raise, they're just not gonna do it.So...When does it get to the point that either you have to quit or the annoying person has to quit?That's a really good question. And what we say in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is that, you actually have to figure out your tolerance level and you also need to determine what are your fatal attractions. For some people an exploder as Cathy mentioned is tolerable, they can...if they use our technique and learn to manage up, they can deal with it; for others that is just not acceptable and the toxins from working with someone like that literally wear away at their health.You know, when you really ask people in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is to, to learn to assess yourself and what your tolerable level is ,what you can really tolerate.All right , all right , thanks to both of you, appreciate it. 200809/48375。