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For most, being happy starts with having enough money to do what you want and buy what you want. A nice home, food, clothes, car, leisure. All within reason.对绝大多数人来说,拥有充足的储蓄是幸福的前提。有钱,你才可以随心所欲,想买就买:豪宅,美食,华,靓车,,合理即可消费。The Top 5 Happiest countries in the World:1. Norway2. Denmark3. Finland4. Australia5. New Zealand看看榜单前五名的国家吧:1.挪威2.丹麦3.芬兰4.澳大利亚5.新西兰But happiness is much more than money. It's being healthy, free from pain, being able to take care of yourself. It's having good times with friends and family.Furthermore, happiness means being able to speak what's on your mind without fear, to worship the God of your choosing, and to feel safe and secure in your own home.但幸福的构成元素不只是金钱。幸福是健康,幸福是无病无灾,幸福是好好的待自己。幸福是和朋友、家人相聚的美好时光。此外,幸福意味还意味着畅所欲言,宗教自由,住宅不受非法侵犯.Happiness means having opportunity--to get an education, to be an entrepreneur. What's more satisfying than having a big idea and turning it into a thriving business, knowing all the way that the harder you work, the more reward you can expect? 幸福意味着拥有平等的机会 —— 获得教育的机会,成为企业家的机会。突发妙想,就马上付诸于实践,使之欣欣向荣,你知道越努力工作,回报就越多,还有什么比这更让人心满意足的呢?With this in mind, five years ago researchers at the Legatum Institute, a London-based nonpartisan think tank, set out to rank the happiest countries in the world. But because "happy" carries too much of a touchy-feely connotation, they call it "prosperity."根据上述要求,列格坦研究所(Legatum Institute)的研究人员于五年前就甄选出了世界上最具幸福感的国家。列格坦研究所是总部设在伦敦的英国智库。但“快乐”的含义如鱼饮水,冷暖因人各异,所以他们用“繁荣”替换“快乐”一词。Legatum recently completed its 2010 Prosperity Index, which ranks 110 countries, covering 90% of the world's population.最近,列格坦研究所完成了2010年的“繁荣排行榜”, 从110个国家中挑选,覆盖了全球90%世界人口. /201102/125055

In few tight markets, where there are more renters than apartments, it#39;s very unlikely that you will get a decent deal. A bit smarter way while negotiating a deal is to find a way to gain upper hand by using some out of box strategies. However, you must do your homework before negotiating a deal with your landlord。在供不应求的市场中,租客永远比合适的公寓多,想用合适的价位租到称心的房子没那么容易。稍微聪明点的办法无疑是不按常理出牌,找到个方法获得主控权,这样才能把价格谈下来。无论如何,在和房东讲价之前都别忘了做点功课。1. Sign up for a long term lease:签署长期合同When a landlord has to rent out a vacant apartment, he loses a lot in broker fees, cleaning costs, and transaction costs. All that can be recovered if you can convince him that you will be staying for more than couple of years. Highlight these points while making a deal with the landlord。房东要租房时,他会损失一大笔钱,比如代理费,清洁费以及交易费。但是如果你说他,告知他你会连着租好几年,这笔费用就可以赚回来了。强调这一点就能跟房东讲价了。2. Get y to pay several months in advance:准备好预付几个月的租金Some landlords prefer to receive large sums of money and may be willing to provide discount, if you can pay a couple of months of rent in advance. He can use that money on several things that he may have delayed due to insufficient funds. From a landlord#39;s perspective, it is better to rent an apartment as he may be losing out money by keeping it vacant。一些房东比较喜欢一次性收一大笔钱,这样也会给你打点折。如果你能提前预付几个月的租金,他就能拿这笔钱做几件事,这样就会解决财政危机。从房东的角度来说,与其把房子空关,倒不如租出去。3. Let your landlord know about your available options:让房东知道你有好几个选择Just like an offer in hand that can help you to ask for a better pay packet from your current employer, it may be much easier to negotiate with landlords when you have some options in hand. Use this strategy as leverage to build a strong case in front of your landlord. If the apartment has been vacant for a long time, then make your landlord realize that it would be fruitful to negotiate a deal, else it will be an additional cost on his part。手上有粮,心中不慌。就好比你手中有个offer,就能问老板要更好的薪资,如果你让房东知道自己现在有几个选择,砍价起来就更方便啦。在房东面前把这个方法当成杠杆来用吧。如果房子空关很久了,就让房东意识到从他角度来说多出了哪些费用,好好的砍砍价吧。4. Do more research:多做研究You can go online and check if there is any better deal available on any rental website. Check out what other landlords are charging for the same space. This information is available free of cost on a number of websites. A quick Google search will let you know about various sites depending upon your current location. Talk to others in the apartment building to find out what they pay per month. You can then use this comparison chart to avail some reasonable discount from your landlord。你可以在任何租赁网站上查看是否有更好的选择。查查相同区域其他的房东给的是什么价位。这些信息在很多网站都是免费的。简单的谷歌一下就能让你知道当前区域不同情况。还可以跟这栋楼其他租客聊聊,问问他们的房租是多少。你可以拿着这个对比表去跟房东要点折扣。5. Be y to carry on small repairs:准备好一些小装修Tell your landlord that you can pay for minor repairs from your own pocket and won#39;t bother him for such issues. This tip may come in handy as most of the landlords find it pretty frustrating when their tenants come on their doors every month with the request to carry on some small repairs。告诉房东你愿意自掏腰包装修一下屋子,不会在这类事情上麻烦到他。这个真的非常有效,因为房东真的很烦每个月租客都要上门找他们维修各种东西。A better idea is to make a list of minor repairs that you can carry on your own in order to avoid any last minute hassles. While negotiating for an extension of lease, you can point out the repairs that you carried out even though the contract states that it is their responsibility。最好的办法就是列一个单子告诉他哪些你可以自掏腰包解决的,不需要劳烦到他。当谈到租价的时候,你可以指出哪些部分你可以自己解决,即使合同里写到这是他们的职责。6. Show your positive characteristics:展现你积极的人格魅力Every landlord would like to have a tenant who is courteous, polite, reliable and trustworthy. No one wants to sign a deal with a tenant who cannot afford to make payment on time, proves to be a nuisance to neighbors, keep the noise levels up and starts fighting over minor issues. If you can portray some positive characteristics by providing some referrals of your previous landlords, this might help you to save few dollars in your pocket every month。每个房东都希望自己的租客客气有礼貌值得信赖。没有人想把房子租给一个不按时交房租、邻居们都讨厌、天天制造一堆噪音以及小事上吵吵闹闹的人。如果你能提供前面租客对你积极人格的评价,就能帮你每个月省点钱下来。7. Provide some referrals:提供些参考You can offer your landlord some referrals in case if he has some vacant units that could be rented out. After all, an empty unit might put extra burden on the pocket of the landlord. You could also use social media to sp a word among your peers about the vacant apartment. This can help you to strike a better deal with your landlord。如果房东有一些空出来的单元,你不妨给房东一些参考。毕竟空关只会给房东带来额外的出。你可以用一些社交手段在同龄人中宣传这些房子。这能让你跟房东谈下更低的价钱。 /201308/251710

真的成了“含着金汤匙”出生的孩子了……Australia#39;s foreign affairs minister is looking into the case of a Sydney couple stuck with a million dollar hospital bill after their daughter was born in Vancouver last August.悉尼一位女性去年八月在加拿大温哥华产女,但夫妇两人却因此被迫付高达百万美元的医疗费用。澳大利亚外交部长正着手调查此事。John Kan and Rachel Evans had taken out travel insurance and extra coverage for Evans#39; pregnancy without realizing the policy would not cover the birth of the baby.为了埃文斯怀,约翰#8226;坎和雷切尔#8226;埃文斯已经取出旅游保险和额外的保额,但没料到政策并不覆盖生育费用。They were about to return to Australia after their B.C. vacation when Evans went into premature labour at the airport.在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省旅游结束回国时,埃文斯突然在机场早产。Piper Kan stayed in the neo-natal ward of the B.C. Women#39;s Hospital and Health Centre for three months and the bill ended up being about million.他们的女儿派帕#8226;坎在该省妇幼医院和健康中心的新生儿病房里住了三个月,最终的医疗费用高达大约100万美元。Australian media reports the couple negotiated a payment plan with the hospital at about 0 a month, which would take 278 years to pay off.据澳大利亚媒体报道,这对夫妇和医院就一份付计划进行了协商,若按每月归还大约300美元计算的话,需要278年才能付清。Evans tells the Herald Sun newspaper they don#39;t begrudge the bill because they have a healthy daughter.埃文斯告诉《太阳先驱报》,他们不会因为账单感到怨恨,因为他们的女儿健康地出生了。;Financially, it#39;s not so good but you can#39;t put a price on it,; she told the newspaper.她告诉该报:“从经济上说超级不划算,但顺利产女无法用价钱衡量。”It#39;s unclear what support Australia#39;s foreign ministry could offer, but the Herald says the country#39;s Dept. of Health and Ageing will reportedly investigate whether it could pay the bill.现在还不清楚澳大利亚外交部会提供什么帮助,但《太阳先驱报》称,据报道,医疗健康及老年关怀部门将对是否付账单进行调查。Evans said she is grateful for any help the government might be able to provide.埃文斯说,她对政府可能会提供的任何帮助都非常感激。;We don#39;t feel our mistake was someone else#39;s responsibility but obviously it is quite a large amount so any assistance we can get would be helpful.;“我们不认为我们的错误是其他人的责任,但很明显账单数额巨大,所以对我们的任何帮助都很有用。”Australian residents can get treatments deemed medically necessary under reciprocal agreements with 11 countries, but Canada is not one of those countries.根据澳大利亚与11个国家之间的互惠协议,该国居民在被认为有必要接受治疗时,都会得到救治,但加拿大不在这些国家之列,须自行负担任何紧急医疗成本。 /201203/176103Ousted Libya leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been captured, a National Transitional Council official has claimed. 利比亚全国过渡委员会官方宣布已经下台的利比亚领导人穆哈迈尔·卡扎菲已经被俘。Abdel Majid Mlegta told Reuters news agency the deposed dictator was wounded.阿卜杜勒·马吉德·姆莱格塔对路透社说,这位被罢免的独裁者受了伤。The senior NTC military official said: "He's captured. He's wounded in both legs ... He's been taken away by ambulance."全国过渡委员会军队高级官员说,“他已经被俘,双腿受伤……被救护车送走了。”It was later reported Gaddafi had died from his injuries.稍后有报道称卡扎菲伤重不治,已经死亡。"He was also hit in his head," the official said. "There was a lot of firing against his group and he died."这位官员说,“他头部也受了伤,双方曾猛烈交火,他已经死了。”A senior official with Libya's National Transitional Council told Reuters Gaddafi was captured near his hometown of Sirte at dawn as he tried to flee in a convoy that came under attack from NATO warplanes. 利比亚全国过渡委员会的一位高级官员对路透社说,卡扎菲是凌晨在他的家乡苏尔特附近被俘的,当时他试图混入北约战机攻击下的车队逃跑。A Libyan fighter claimed Gaddafi was hiding in a hole in his hometown of Sirte shouting: "Don't shoot, don't shoot." 一家利比亚战机的飞行员说卡扎菲藏在家乡苏尔特的一处洞穴里,还大声喊叫:“别开火,别开火。”In a statement on NTC-controlled state television, a presenter draped in the flag of liberated Libya said: "Gaddafi is in the hands of the rebels. Gaddafi personally is in the hands of the rebels. 据全国过渡委员会控制的一家电视台报道,一位主持人身披自由利比亚的国旗,说:“卡扎菲落到叛军手里了。卡扎菲本人已经在叛军手里了。”"We have captured Gaddafi. Libya is joyous, Libya is celebrating, Libya has given a lesson to all those who want to learn.“我们已经抓住了卡扎菲,利比亚是一片欢乐的海洋,利比亚举国欢庆,利比亚给那些人上了一课。"I salute you, rebels. I salute you, revolutionaries. You have captured this criminal who has killed the mothers of the martyrs." 叛军们,我向你们敬礼。革命家们,我向你们敬礼。你们已经抓住了这个罪犯,他杀死了那些殉难者们的母亲。However, with previous claims the leader and members of his family had been arrested or killed later proven false, the news was greeted with initial scepticism. 但是,随着之前关于这位领导人及其家人已经被俘并死亡的消息被实是假消息,这则消息受到了空前的质疑。 /201110/158306

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