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Item Six.Vocabulary. diagnose, testicular cancer, chemotherapy, bout, beacon, Lance Armstrong, Tour de France.Lance Armstrong was born on September 18th, 1971.Athletic from the start, Lance became a professional athlete by the age of .Lance entered his first Tour de France in 1995.Untunately in October of 1996, everything changed.Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer.With chances of recovery less than 50%, Lance began a course of treatment that would include two surgeries and chemotherapy.Remarkably, though just five months after his initial diagnoses, Lance was back on a bike, rebuilding the strength he had lost.Lance went on to fully recover, and amazingly win the Tour de France a record seven times since his bout with cancer.He is a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration. 35365

Lessons from a dandelion蒲公英I recall as a young child bringing bouquets of brilliant yellow flowers to my mother.我想起了孩提时代我把几束鲜艳的黄色花朵送给妈妈的事It didnt matter that the stems felt sticky or that both my parents cursed the presence of these flowers in the lawn.我记得那些花的华茎很黏,我爸妈当时都在埋怨草坪里怎么会长出这些花,但我都没在意,I thought they were beautiful!因为我觉得这些花非常美丽And there were so many of them!而且这美丽的花是那么多!We spent hours picking the flowers and then popping the blossoms off with a snap of our fingers.那天我们花了几个小时拔这些蒲公英,然后再用手把花给掐掉But the supply of dandelions never ran out.不过,草坪里一直都没少了蒲公英,My father or brothers would chop off all the heads with the lawn mower at least once a week,but that didnt stop these hardy wonders.要么爸爸,要么我的兄弟们至少每星期都会用除草机割蒲公英,但那根本不能阻止这些坚强的小生命继续生长And those flowers that escaped the honor of being hand-delivered to my mother or the sharp blades of the lawn mower,there was another level of existence.而那些无缘被拔掉送到我妈妈那里或是被除草机锋利的刀锋割掉的蒲公英却以另外一种生命高度存活了下来The soft, round puffs of a dandelion gone to seed caused endless giggles and squeals of delight as we unwittingly sp this flower across the yard.蒲公英那柔软的圆圆的蓬松的绒球里结满了种子,逗得我们不停地又喊又笑,我们无意中把这种花儿播撒到了整个院子里As I worked in my garden last week, pulling unwanted weeds out of the space that would become a haven tomatoes, corn, peas and sunflowers,I again marveled at the flower that some call a weed.上周,当我在花园里拔杂草,给西红柿,玉米,豌豆和向日葵腾地方的时候,我又惊奇地发现了这个有人称之为杂草的花And I thought, If only I had the staying power of a dandelion.我心里想:要是我能有蒲公英这样的生命力该多好啊If only I could stretch my roots so deep and straight that something tugging on my stem couldnt separate me completely from the source that feeds me life.如果我能像蒲公英一样深深地,直直地扎根该多好,那样即便有人用力拽我的茎也不能完全把我和培育我生命的大地分离If only I could come back to face the world with a bright, sunshiny face after someone has run me over with a lawnmower or worse,purposely attacked me in an attempt to destroy me.如果有锄草机在我身上碾过或是更糟糕些—有人意图彻底摧毁我,而我却能像蒲公英一样依然微笑着面对这个世界,那该有多好If only my foliage was a nutritious source of vitamins that help others grow.如果我的叶子是营养源,富含维他命,可以帮助他人成长该有多好If only I could sp love and encouragement as freely and fully as this flower sps seeds of itself.如果,我能像蒲公英自行传播种子一样传播我对他人的爱和鼓舞又该多好The lawns at my parents home are now beautiful green blankets.现在,我爸妈的草坪是一片美丽的绿色,The only patches of color come from well-placed, well-controlled flowerbeds.颜色不同的地方就是那些精心培育的花床了Chemicals have managed to kill what human persistence couldnt.那些人们怎么除都没除掉的东西已经被化学药物除掉了I hope you and I can be different.但愿你我能与此不同I hope that we can stretch our roots deep enough that the strongest poison cant reach our souls.但愿我们的根能伸到即便是最猛烈的毒药也触及不到的地方I hope that we can overcome the poisons of anger, fear, hate, criticism and competitiveness.但愿我们能抵抗得住愤怒,憎恶,批判还有攀比这些毒物I hope that we can see flowers in a world that sees weeds.但愿,我们能在一个看到种子的世界里看到那美丽的花朵 351

SyJhGZoCvlVYcbf|g;wPW(xU]|@NQuzThe First Flight Around The World US planes, The Chicago and The New Orleans, complete the first flight around the world.In 19, two planes completed the first flight around the world, covering 6,3 miles in 5 days.Four bi-planes left Seattle in the USA and flew north to Alaska, where one of them crashed.The remaining three then flew across to Japan, down to South-East Asia, across India and then through Europe.Another crashed on the way to Iceland, but the last two, The Chicago andThe New Orleans, completed the journey back to Seattle.The planes travelled at an average speed of 70mph and had to have their engines replaced many times during the trip.Despite the crashes, all eight pilots survived.Jkv!l8HE!LM1X0B,^%AV))-jCeYN.vLuH(Vq~!J]d^6PONGmOgST^a9Y7;+X 99

Ask an American: Chocolate; dispute versus disagreement versus conflict; using “times” in comparing amounts; use of infinitive “to” phrases as adjective, adverb, or nounWords:comt foodto melt in (one) mouthsensationhot off the pressesto tend torefrigerationprevalentto securedelectable treatdelicacyto speak to (something)soulthere nothing betterdisputedisagreementconflicttimes 35635

American cities:Nashville, Grand Ole Opry; school fund-raisers, to hold on to your hat, to be put inside, a blow-by-blow Words:Hall of Fameto be inducted intodialectfund-raiserfundsraffleto grow wearyto do away withto get rid ofburdensometo hold on to your hatto be put insideblow-by-blow to punch 31997

Vince:That it! Ive had it with Daniel defying me at every turn.文森:就这样吧!我已经受够了丹尼尔每次都无视我I want him to follow in my footsteps and study law, but he wants to be an artist.我想让他随我学习法律,但他想当个艺术家He dates girls I dont approve of.还有他约会的是我不认同的女孩But this! This is beyond the bounds of what Ill tolerate.但这!这已经超出了我容忍的范围Alana:I know youre upset, but dont do anything rash.阿拉娜:我知道你很难过,但做事别那么莽撞Im sure Daniel didnt mean what he said.我确信丹尼尔想表达的不是他所说的意思Vince:Oh, he meant it. That it!文森:哦,还不是就是那个意思!Im disowning and disinheriting him.我要跟他断绝关系,剥夺他的遗产继承权Alana:Im sure you dont mean that. You both spoke in anger.阿拉娜:我肯定你不是这个意思你们俩人都说的是气话Im sure a cooling-off period of a few days will change his mind.我相信让他冷静几天就会改变他的想法Vince:Itll be too late. Im cutting him out of my will tomorrow.文森:那就太迟了我明天就把他踢出我的遗嘱I have other descendants wholl appreciate inheriting my money and property.我的其他子孙会继承我的财产Alana:But Daniel is your rightful heir. He your only child.阿拉娜:但丹尼尔是你合法的继承人他是你唯一的孩子Vince:Then he should have known how his hateful words would hurt me.文森:那他应该知道他的恶毒语言已经伤害了我Alana:What did he say exactly?阿拉娜:他怎么说?Vince:He said he has become a San Francisco Giants fan. A Giants fan!文森:他说他已成为旧金山巨人队的球迷巨人队的球迷!Alana:That it?阿拉娜:那怎么样?Vince:That it?! He wounded me to the core!文森:怎样? !他伤到我心了! 886

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