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13. 离职和应聘原因CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: I know in your resume that you have worked in your present company for 3 years, can you tell me why you want to leave your present job and join us?A: Because the job I am doing in my present company is of no challenge, but I like challenge.Your firm is a young organisation with many innovative ideas. It has been very successful in an expanding market since its establishment 10 years ago. Working for you would be exactly the sort of challenge I am looking for.I: Why do you think you are qualified for this position?A: I have excellent communication skills and I am familiar with the procedures for the last company I worked for. Besides, I am a team player and have great interpersonal skills.I: 从你的简历中,我知道你已经在现在这个公司工作3年了,能告诉我为什么你想辞去现在这个工作来我们公司吗?A: 我离开这个公司是因为现在这个工作没有挑战性,但我喜欢挑战。贵公司是一家具有创新精神的年轻公司,自创建10年以来,在市场拓展方面取得了巨大的成功。能为你们工作,正是我所追求的那种挑战。I: 为什么你认为你能胜任我们公司这个职位呢?A: 我的人际交往能力很强。在我工作的上个公司,我熟练掌握了工作流程,而且我具有团队精神和出色的人际关系技能。Dialogue 2I: Why do you want to apply for a position in our company? Don抰 you like the present job?A: I like the job and it is similar to the position I am applying for in your company, but the salary of my present job is too low, so I decided to leave.I: Is that the only reason why you are leaving?A: No, another reason is that your operations are global, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment.I: If you are hired, when will it be convenient for you to begin to work?A: If you like, tomorrow is ok.I: 为什么你要应聘我们公司这个职位,你不喜欢你目前这个工作吗?A: 我喜欢目前这个工作,而且它和我在贵公司应聘的这个职位很相似,但是我目前这份工作的薪水太低,所以我想离开。I: 这是你想离职的唯一原因吗?A:不,另一个原因是因为你们公司的运作是全球化的,我觉得在这样一个环境中工作会收获最多。I: 如果你被录用,什么时候方便来本公司上班呢?A:如果你愿意,明天就可以。Dialogue 3I: How would you describe your ideal job?A: I think the job should make use of the professional experience I have obtained, and offer me opportunity for advancement.I: Why do you think you might like to work for our company?A: I feel my background and experience are a good fit for this position and I am very interested.What抯 more, your company is outstanding in this field.I: What makes you think you would be a success in this position?A: My graduate school training combined with my experience as an intern should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful.I: How do you know about this company?A: Your company is very reputed in this city; I heard much praise to your company.I: 你理想的工作是什么样的?A: 我认为应该能发挥我掌握的专业知识,而且能为我提供升职的机会。I: 那你为什么认为你会喜欢在我们公司工作呢?A: 我认为我的背景和经验非常适合这个工作,而且我对这个工作也非常感兴趣,况且贵公司又是这个领域的佼佼者。I: 你怎么知道能胜任这份工作呢?A: 我在研究所所受的训练,加上实习工作经验,应该使我适合做这份工作。我相信我会成功的。I: 你是如何知道本公司的?A: 贵公司在本市很有名,我听到很多对贵公司的好评。be of no challenge 不具有挑战性 position 职位responsibility 责任,职责 be qualified for 适于担任apply for 申请 advancement 提升,晋升operation 运作 environment 环境,外界convenient 方便的 professional 专业的background 背景 intern 实习生 /200811/55763。

What are your salary expectations?你期望的薪资是多少?I still have a few questions about my responsibilities.关于工作职责,我还有几个问题。May I first ask you those questions before we discuss money?在谈薪水之前,我可以先请教一下您吗? /201311/263772。

In both Japan and Vietnam, children follow a similar tradition of throwing lost teeth onto the roofs of houses.在日本和越南,小朋友也有类似这样将脱落的牙齿丢到屋顶上的传统。In both Japan and Vietnam, children follow a similar tradition of throwing lost teeth onto the roofs of houses.在日本和越南,小朋友也存类似这样将脱落的牙齿丢到屋顶上的传统。Do they know the teeth fairy?他们知道牙仙的故事吗?“Hanami”,the traditional custom of relishing the beauty of flowers, is the national pastime of the season in Japan.“赏花”这个品味鮮花 之美的传统习俗,是日本全国人民的一种消遣。Cherry blossom and kimono are the symbol of Japanese culture.樓花与和是日本的文化象征。Having turkey on Christmas Day is a tradition in England. 圣诞节吃火鸡是英格兰的传统。Having turkey on Christmas Day is a tradition in England.圣诞节吃火鸡是英格兰的传统。You make my mouth water.你都说得我流口水了。I tend to overeat during the holidays, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.从感恩节到圣诞节,每个假期我都会吃得快要撑爆了。Their Christmas dinner often features roast turkey and b loaves stuffed with raisins, citron,and nuts.他们的圣诞晚餐的特色食品包括烤火鸡和带有葡萄干、香橼和干果的面包。 /201511/407617。

How do you handle criticism?你如何对待批评?I always welcome feedback on my work whether it is praise or criticism.不管是表扬还是批评,只要是针对我工作的意见,我都乐意接受。The worst situation is to get no feedback because I wont know whether Im doing well or not.最糟的情况是没有人反馈,因为这样我会不知道自己做得好不好。Criticism provides a great opportunity to learn and grow.别人的批评给我一个学习和成长的机会。If Im doing something wrong,Id like to know so that I can correct and improve myself.如果我某方面做错了,我想要知道,这样我才能改善和提高自己。 /201309/257527。

How about drawing straws to decide?我们来抓阄儿决定怎么样?draw straws 是指:“抽签,抓阄儿”的意思,以前人们不能决定某事时,就会用不同长度的稻草来抽签,一个人将长长短短的稻草攥在手中,露出相同长度的一截,当然现在还有抛硬币或猜拳来决定的方式。因此,当美国人说;How about drawing straws to decide?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Shall we make the decision by drawing lots?;、;Can we decide it by tossing a coin?;。情景对白:Shirley: Both of them perform well, and I can hardly decide which one should stay.雪莉:他们俩表现都不错,我很难决定留用哪一个。Jane: How about drawing straws to decide?简:我们来抓阄儿决定怎么样?搭配句积累:①Can you be serious for once?你就不能严肃点吗?②Come on. This is not an ordinary incident.拜托,这可不是什么小事。③Since neither could convince the other, I think this is a solution.既然双方争执不下,我想这是个办法。④Anyway, its not something vital.反正也不是什么重要的事情。单词:1. draw lots 抽签,抓阄儿Draw lots for the order half an hour before the preliminary competition.预赛前半小时进行比赛顺序的抽签。If still same, , with draw lots the decision.如仍然相同,则以抽签决定。2. toss vt. 抛,投He screwed the paper into a ball and tossed it into the fire.他把纸揉成一团扔进火里。We tossed a coin to decide who would go out and buy the buns.我们掷硬币决定谁出去买小圆面包。3. vital adj. 至关重要的The port is vital to supply relief to millions of drought victims.这个港口对向数百万旱灾灾民提供救援物资是至关重要的。After her release she was able to give vital information about her kidnapper.获释之后,她提供了一些有关绑架她的人的关键信息。 /201306/245363。

to go with the flow 随波逐流英文释义 Informal expression meaning to adapt to and accept current circumstances without opposing them; to adjust to adversity or obstacles with a relaxed, open perspective.例句 While I would have preferred to have our annual party at my favorite old restaurant, other people wanted a new place. I decided to go with the flow.我想在我最喜欢的餐厅开年度聚会,但其他人想找个新地方,我决定随大流。 /201209/197608。

1.我在大学期间获得过很多荣誉和奖励。I got many honors and rewards at the university.2.我连续三年获得校奖学金。I won the university scholarship for three years in succession.3.我获得过一次“电脑辅助设计大赛”一等奖。I won the first prize in the Computer-Aided Design Contest once.4.我层获得校英语演讲比赛第1名。I won the first prize in the English Oratorical Contest at our university.5.我获得过奥林匹克教学竞赛二等奖。I received the second-class reward in Olympic Mathematics Competition.6.我于2006年获得了“先进工作者”称号。I got the title of Advanced Worker in 2006. 7.我去年获得了国家颁发的科研三等奖。I got a third-class prize for my scientific research from the government last year.8.我的一本书荣获了全国优秀图书一等奖。One of my books won the first-class reward of national excellent books.9.我有两篇英语文章发表在《中国日报》上。I have got two articles in English published in China Daily.10.我与大三时加入了中国共产党。I joined the CPC in my junior year. /201105/137466。

Interview (6) Interviewer: From reviewing your resume I can see that you have ample experience for this position. What I want to know is why you think you’re right for the job. 从你的简历,我可以看出你在 方面有丰富的经验。我想知道为什么你认为你适合这份工作。 Interviewee: Well I’m impressed with what the company has done in the past and I think by hiring me the company’s future can only be brighter. I find that my personal goals and ideas about business operations mesh perfectly with this company’s goals and mission statement. 公司过去的业绩给我的印象很深,我认为公司雇佣我,公司的前景会更好。我觉得我的个人发展目标和商业理念和公司的目标完全吻合。 Interviewer: So you’ve acquainted yourself with the company. It’s refreshing to interview someone who’s sure of what they want. 你对我们公司很了解。这样的申请者让我感到耳目一新。 Interviewee: Yes, I believe that it’s crucial for me to know if a company is right for me, not just if I’m right for the company. I’ve only been impressed by what I’ve and heard and I see myself having a very rewarding and successful career here. 是的,我觉得了解公司是否适合我也很关键,而不仅仅是我是否适合公司。 我所见所闻给我的印象很深,我觉得我在这儿能开创有价值而且成功的事业。 Interviewer: Commitment to the company and the team is very important to us here. 我们看重责任心以及团队精神。 Interviewee: Well I’m definitely a team player as well as being highly self-motivated. I believe this company can fulfill my long-term goals and offer me great upward mobility. Therefore you will find in me a very loyal employee. 我绝对是个好的合作者而且有很强的进取心。我相信公司能实现我长期目标,给我巨大的动力。因此,你会发现我是个很忠诚的雇员。 Commitment承担义务 team player有团队精神的人 self-motivated自动自觉的 Fulfill实现某人的长期目标 /200702/10434。