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本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.58]English Express[00:.57]轻松英语之旅[00:18.88]It drives me up the wall![00:31.]Actress Zhang Ziyi, is now not only a household name in China,[00:35.90]but also the face of Asian cinema in Hollywood.[00:39.5]Although Zhang received praises her work[00:.0]in the Oscar-winning movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon",[00:5.57]she didn‘t speak a word of English at that time.[00:8.87]When she met director Steven Spielberg[00:51.85] the title role of American film,[00:5.]"Memoirs of a Geisha”,[00:55.71]Zhang could only blurt out a few words[00:58.6]her agent had taught her five minutes ago:[01:01.6]"Hire me!"[01:.69]Zhang said her favorite English idiom is[01:.39]"to drive one up the wall".[01:.81]"Learning English is driving me up the wall," she said.[01:.]It drives me up the wall![01:.91]drive sb. up the wall[01:5.5]快把某人逼疯了[01:38.00]Actress Zhang Ziyi, is now not only a household name in China,[01:.79]but also the face of Asian cinema in Hollywood.[01:5.]Hollywood 好莱坞[01:55.]household 家庭[:.]household name[:.81]家喻户晓的名字[:.77]Although Zhang received praises her work[:.76]in the Oscar-winning movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon",[:19.]she didn‘t speak a word of English at that time.[:53.]Oscar 奥斯卡[:.33]"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"[:.19]《卧虎藏龙[:.01]Oscar-winning movie[:.50]获得奥斯卡大奖的电影[:31.]When she met director Steven Spielberg[:33.6] the title role of American film,[:35.83]"Memoirs of a Geisha”,[:37.]Zhang could only blurt out a few words[:39.87]her agent had taught her five minutes ago: "Hire me!"[:5.68]Hire me![:56.00]雇佣我,录用我[:01.61]title role[:.86]领衔主演[:.]blurt out a few words[:.50]blurt out[:.]脱口而出[:.77]I will blurt out sentences every day. I Swear![:.01]我发誓我每天要脱口而出个句子![:7.73]agent 经纪人[:37.93]Zhang said her favorite English idiom is[:0.91]"to drive one up the wall".[:3.]"Learning English is driving me up the wall," she said.[:9.56]to drive one up the wall[:5.30]快把某人逼疯了[:55.9]Learning English is driving me up the wall.[img::59.9]XW-0 It drives me up the wall.jpg[:.]drive sb. up the wall[:18.7]快把某人逼疯了[:.59]Oscar-winning movie[:1.90]获得奥斯卡大奖的电影[:.63]title role[:6.5]领衔主演[:7.81]blurt out[:9.36]脱口而出[:30.79]agent 经纪人[:39.]Learning English is driving me up the wall![:50.71]Actress Zhang Ziyi, is now not only a household name in China,[:58.55]but also the face of Asian cinema in Hollywood.[:.58]Although Zhang received praises her work[:.87]in the Oscar-winning movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon",[:.]she didn‘t speak a word of English at that time.[:19.]When she met director Steven Spielberg[:.93] the title role of American film,[:5.98]"Memoirs of a Geisha”,[:.30]Zhang could only blurt out a few words[:3.]her agent had taught her five minutes ago:[:35.6]"Hire me!"[:38.5]Zhang said her favorite English idiom is[:.]"to drive one up the wall".[:5.59]"Learning English is driving me up the wall," she said. 63519What’s That Smell味道It was a warm, sunny day. She put a hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes. She needed to visit her bank. She walked down to the corner. There were four buildings at the intersection. One was her bank. Opposite the bank was a fast food restaurant. The other two buildings were a dry cleaner and an office building. Bee she arrived at the corner, she could smell the fried chicken. The restaurant was open seven days a week, and the odor of fried chicken was in the neighborhood daily. She was a vegetarian. She used to eat meat and fish. But that was bee she found a dead cat in her dumpster one day. Of course, she had smelled the dead cat bee she opened the dumpster lid. Everyone knows the smell of dead flesh. She knew that something in the dumpster was dead, but she didn’t know what. Just in case it was a human (some people dump their babies into dumpsters), she opened the lid. She saw the cat. Flies covered most of it. They were enjoying their meal. She loved cats. She had two of her own. A week later at a restaurant, she ordered a hamburger. She took one bite out of it, and almost gagged. She spit it out. All she could think about was the smell of that dead cat. That was the day she became a vegetarian.这天风和日丽她戴了一顶遮阳帽她需要前往她走向拐角十字路口有四栋大楼其中一个是大楼对面是一家快餐店另两栋分别是办公楼和一家干洗店就在她走到拐角之前,她闻到了炸鸡的味道每周七天餐馆都会营业,每天这里都弥漫着炸鸡味她是素食主义者她以前不是但从那天在纸篓中发现死猫起,她成为了一名素食主义者在打开垃圾箱之前,她就已经闻到了腐朽味人们都知道这是什么味道她认识到垃圾箱中的腐朽味,但并不知道是什么万一是死尸呢(有人将婴儿放进垃圾箱),她打开了盖子她看见了一只猫尸体上竟是苍蝇它们正享受这顿晚宴她喜欢小猫她自己养了两只一周后在餐馆,她点了一个汉堡她大口吃着汉堡,差点吐了出来她将汉堡吐了出来她满脑子都是死猫的味道从那天起,她成为了一名素食主义者译文属原创,,不得转载 97

Anton:Jenny, youve outdone yourself. This is quite a sp.安东:珍妮,你真是超水平发挥啊这真的是破天荒Jenny:Thank you. Im glad you approve.珍妮:非常感谢我很高兴得到你的认可Anton:Approve? I think everything on this table looks exquisite and mouthwatering.安东:认可?我认为这张桌子上摆的所有食物看起来都非常精致,令人垂涎Jenny:That nice of you to say. I wanted everything to be perfect.珍妮:很高兴你能这样说我希望每件事都做到完美Anton:Youve surpassed all expectations.安东:你超过了所有人的预期If this food tastes even half as good as it looks, youll wow every guest.如果这道菜尝起来甚至有外表的一半好,你精湛的厨艺会让每一位客人感到吃惊Jenny:If you dont stop complimenting me, I wont be able to stop blushing.珍妮:你一直称赞我,我会脸红的Anton:Im only just beginning, because youre a vision in that dress.安东:我才刚刚开始,因为你那件衣实在太让人着迷了Jenny:Oh, it nothing special.珍妮:噢,没什么特别的Anton:Of course it special, but you could wear a sack and look ravishing.安东:当然特别了,穿在你身上才显得迷人Jenny:Okay, now I know youre buttering me up. What gives?珍妮:好了,现在我知道你奉承我到底发生了什么事?Anton:Nothing, nothing at all. Youre so suspicious.安东:没什么,没什么你多疑了Im just giving you my candid opinion.我只表达自己坦诚的意见Jenny:If you say so.珍妮:如果你这么说Where the camera you borrowed from me your trip? Did you bring it?你去旅行时向我借的相机在哪里?你带来了吗?Anton:Ah, the camera. Did I mention how much I admire that necklace youre wearing?安东:啊,相机我有没有提到我很喜欢你戴的项链?

w^*ikLahe(UIKow^mM3VRTix%#MQL*wgfUS ces Occupy The PhilippinesThe USA claims the Philippines as a ;ceded territory; and takes control using military ce.In 1898, US President William McKinley claimed the Philippines as ;ceded; to the USA, and ordered the US army to use ce to take over the country.Filipino fighters resisted the Americans, however, and the American War In The Philippines began.More than 0,000 American soldiers fought and at least ,0 were killed.Over ,000 Filipino fighters were killed and over 0,000 civilians died during the war, mostly from famine and disease.The struggle continued until the Filipinos were finally defeated in 19.The US occupation that followed lasted until the Republic of the Philippines was established in 196.q3x6dV0;Bd0;e)*Q-exqV~]BFL1i!TjyQbAYR+O9fi1YTa;%U)zaes 18

call out大喊Which woman?One evening I drove my husband car to the shopping mall. On my return, I noticed that how dusty the outside of his car was and cleaned it up a bit. When I finally entered the house, Icalled out.“The woman who loves you the most in the world just cleaned your headlights and windshield.”My husband looked up and said, “Mom here?”哪个女人一天晚上我开着我老公的车去购物回家的时候,我发现车的外面很脏,于是我决定把它弄干净点搞定以后,我进屋对老公说:“刚才,这世上最爱你的女人帮你擦了车头灯和挡风玻璃” 老公看着我说:“我妈来了?”1. call out大喊You just call out my name.你刚才喊我的名字 939

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