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Lexington莱克星顿Rick Perrys no-frills airline里克·佩里的廉价航空模式The governor of Texas thinks his states thrifty model will appeal to America德克萨斯州长认为自己州的节约模式对美国具有号召力COWBOY swagger can be a great look—until the strutting hero trips and falls flat on his face. Governor Rick Perry of Texas learned that in 2011. For a heady moment he led the field of Republicans seeking the presidential nomination. Then came the fall. An ill-prepared Mr Perry was stunned when rivals attacked him from the right, denouncing his (admirable) policy of offering subsidised university places to Texas residents, regardless of immigration status, in the interests of a skilled workforce. The end came with an “Oops” heard around the world, uttered during a TV debate in which—flustered and battling severe back-pain—Mr Perry forgot which federal departments he wanted to abolish.趾高气扬的牛仔看起来很棒—直到这名大摇大摆的英雄不小心摔了个啃泥,变成了熊。德克萨斯州长里克·佩里在2011年得到了教训。在一个激动人心的时刻,他领导共和党人追求总统提名,然后功亏一篑。由于佩里准备不足,当他的竞争对手从右翼攻击他,谴责他的政策(一个值得赞扬的政策)为德克萨斯居民提供大学资助名额,而忽略了移民身份,只是为了熟练工人的利益,他手足无措。在这场电视直播的辩论中,结束时他的一声“哎哟”全世界都清楚地听到了—佩里慌乱地对抗着严重的背痛,忘了他希望废除的是哪个联邦部门。Now, as he prepares to retire as Texass longest-serving governor, Mr Perry is poised for a re-launch. Think-tank boffins and foreign-policy gurus have descended on the Ionic-columned governors mansion in Austin, briefing him on everything from monetary policy to Islamic extremism. He has talked geopolitics in London and Warsaw and debated energy policy with Communist bosses in China. On December 2nd he invited donors to lunch. Wisely, he offered more than happy-talk. When voters handed Republicans big wins in the mid-term elections it was no declaration of love for the Right, he told guests. Theirs was a vote of no-confidence in Barack Obama, and a cry of despair at Washington dysfunction and the lack of respect enjoyed by America abroad. Voters are offering Republicans one more chance to govern, with the message: “Dont blow it.”如今,作为德克萨斯州在任时间最长的州长,他准备退休了,但也正在准备重新开始自己的事业。智囊团和国外政策专家们突然访问了这座位于奥斯丁的有着爱奥尼亚式圆柱的州长大楼,简单向他报告了许多事情——从货币政策到伊斯兰极端主义。他在伦敦和华沙谈论地缘政治学,与中国的共产党官员争辩能源政策。他于12月2日邀请捐赠人吃午餐。他很明智,午餐间他们并不仅仅是愉快的交谈。他对宾客们说,选民们投票给共和党使其在中期大选中全胜,这对右翼来说不是一件好事。他们对奥巴马投了不信任票,而且对美国政府功能紊乱,以及海外国家对美国缺乏尊重很失望。选民们为共和党提供了更多管理的机会,并传递了信息:“别搞砸了。”Not blowing a fresh White House bid is Mr Perrys own mission. Last time he was “a bit arrogant,” he admits in an interview at his mansion, reclining in an armchair flanked by busts of Reagan and Churchill. He mistakenly assumed that running Texas was preparation for a presidential bid. This time, he has spent 22 months preparing “intensively”.佩里的任务就是不要搞砸这次全新的白宫选举。在州长大楼的一场采访中,他斜靠在扶手椅中,两侧分别是里根和丘吉尔的半身像,他承认上次“有点自大”了。他错误认为管理德克萨斯州就是为总统竞选做准备。而这次,他已花费22个月“集中”准备竞选。Pundits are asking: is Rick Perry y? When asked, prominent Republicans advising Mr Perry offer warm words: they call him “energised” and “intellectually curious”. The difference from 2011 is “night and day”, says one. The governor will make a final decision next spring. In an unexpected twist, he was recently indicted for abuse of power, after leaning on an Austin prosecutor to resign after her arrest for drunk-driving. His indictment (which even some liberal jurists think looks like the hounding of a governor for doing his job) will either go away or stop him dead. Time will tell if he is up to a fresh run, but that is the wrong question. A better one is: what does Mr Perry stand for?专家询问:里克·佩里准备好了吗?当问到这个问题时,杰出的共和党员建议佩里言辞热烈一些:他们称他是“精力充沛”以及“求知好学”的人。某位专家称他与2011年那时已经不可“同日而语”。州长在来年春天将会做出最终决定。在一名奥斯丁检察官因酗酒被捕后,他逼迫她辞职,意料之外的是,最近他因此被控告滥用职权。对他的控告(即使一些仁慈的法学家也认为这看起来是州长被迫行使职权)要么会沉寂,要么就会使他止步。时间将会明他是否能够胜任一场新选举,但这个问题是错误的。更好的问题是:佩里代表了什么?Any answer must begin with his governing record. A “Texas miracle” say boosters, pointing to the millions who have moved to his state in recent years, drawn by low taxes, cheap housing, light-touch regulation and courts that take a dim view of frivolous lawsuits. Mr Perry is keen on comparisons with highly-taxed, regulation-choked California, or as he calls it, the state from which he poaches employers “on a regular basis”. During his 14 years as governor, he beams, a third of all net jobs created in America were created in Texas.任何都应该从他的管理记录开始。近几年有数百万人因低税收、低房价、轻力度监管和法庭对琐碎诉讼的不赞成而迁移到德克萨斯州,持者们说这是个“德克萨斯奇迹”。佩里喜欢与高税收、严监管的加州作对比,或者像他称的那样,他“经常”从加州挖来雇主。他笑容满面地称,在他十四年的行政生涯中,美国所有净就业机会中有三分之一都是德克萨斯州创造的,这是他的一个得意功绩。A mirage, retort many on the Left: Mr Perry rode an energy boom and stole jobs from other states with tax breaks and other bribes. Millions in Texas lack health insurance. The state tolerates horrible inequalities. Sceptics charge that an extremist lurks behind the governors charm, whether he is attacking the federal government for leaving a lethally “porous” border between Mexico and Texas, or displaying a serene confidence as he signed off on 279 executions as governor. If people move to Texas—such critics murmur—its because they are happy with crappy.许多左翼人士反驳说这只是个假象:佩里先生精力旺盛,用税收减免和其它贿赂从别的州偷来了不少工作。德克萨斯州有数百万人没有医疗保险。该州容忍了严重的不平等。怀疑论者们控告称州长那迷人外表下隐藏着极端主义者,他正在攻击联邦政府,在墨西哥和德克萨斯州之间留下致命的“漏洞百出”的边界,或者是就像同意了279项执行令状那样展示着自己平静的自信。这些批评家们抱怨说,如果人们迁移到德克萨斯州,那是因为他们自甘堕落。Americans dont move to crappy places, retorts Mr Perry. He reels off statistics about the Texan quality of life: the number of well-paid new jobs, the 35,000 doctors who arrived once dodgy lawsuits were curtailed, even the number of theatre seats in Houston (only New York has more, he says). The Texan way is a choice, he says: the state offers people as much government as they want, rather than what Washington thinks is good for them.佩里先生反驳说,美国人不会迁移到没价值的地方。他一口气说出了德克萨斯州的生活质量的各种统计资料:待遇优厚的新工作,当烦人的诉讼被缩减后,三万五千名医生来到了这里,甚至连休斯顿的剧院座位都缩减了(只有纽约增加了,他说)。德克萨斯之路是个选择,他说:该州为人们提供了他们所有想要的治理,即使华盛顿都没这么为他们着想过。You get what you pay for你付出了,就能得到收获This, surely, will be Mr Perrys contribution to the debate if he runs. Reduce modern politics to their essence, and some of the angriest arguments turn on a crisis of affordability. Most households have seen their incomes stagnate while certain essential middle-class goods (such as college education and health care) have soared in price. Too many Democrats seem to think that the solution is to pluck more money out of a magicians hat. Some suggest that new taxes can painlessly fund more government largesse, or insist that firms can easily afford to pay higher wages. Too many Republicans put their faith in magical policies: hinting that tax cuts and deregulation alone will return the economy to a Golden Age of affluence.当然,如果佩里先生参加竞选的话,这就是他对辩论的贡献。将现代政策缩减至精华,一些愤怒的争论变成了负担能力的危机。大多数家庭都看到了收入停滞不前,而一些重要的中产阶级物品(如大学教育和医疗保险)价格飙升。许多民主党认为解决方案就是从魔术师的帽子里变出更多的钱。一些人建议说新的税务政策能够毫不费力地为政府的慷慨提供资金持,或者坚称公司能够轻松负担高薪。许多共和党对魔法政策信心十足:暗示单靠减税和放松管制就能使经济回到富裕的鼎盛时期。Mr Perry stands out for tackling, squarely, the fact that Americans are used to services that increasingly cost more than they (or any government) can afford. Rather often, the Texan solution involves basic services that aim to be cheap but good enough. Call it the low-cost airline model: offering a minimal service that is safe and reliable, then letting consumers pay for frills and extras if they like. Mr Perry grumbles at the idea that Texas is a discount model for anything. But competition is certainly at the heart of his pitch. He has pressed Texan colleges to offer degrees for only ,000, for example. He has rejected Obamacares calls to expand health coverage on Washingtons terms. He thinks that Texas should be allowed to cover the poor as it sees fit (with an emphasis on creating jobs that make health care affordable, rather than safety nets). As president, he would be delighted to let other states offer onerous taxes and lavish services. Some people want such things, he agrees: they are “free to live in California”.佩里坚决断然阻止,事实是美国人习惯了超出他们(或者任何政府)承担能力的日益增加的花费。德克萨斯州的常见解决方法就包括物美价廉的基本务,叫做廉价航空模式:提供最少的安全可靠务,如果顾客需要额外的花哨务的话,让他们自己付。佩里对德克萨斯州这种什么事情都要打折扣的模式表示不满。但竞争是他竞选的核心。例如,他曾向德克萨斯州大学施压,让他们提供一万美元就能获得的学位。在华盛顿任期期间,他拒绝了奥巴马医改扩大医疗覆盖范围的要求。他认为德克萨斯应该被允许覆盖穷人,因为它很合适(强调创造就业机会,使人们能负担得起医疗保险,而不是建立医疗安全网)。如果成为总统,他会很乐意让其它州提供繁重的税收和花哨的务。有人喜欢这些东西,他赞同说:她们“在加州自由生活”。Not everyone wants to live in Texas. But Mr Perrys pitch is worth debating. Forget that “Oops,” and hope that he runs.不是每个人都想生活在德克萨斯州。但佩里先生的政策值得争辩。忘掉那声“哎哟”吧,希望他参加竞选。译者:靳方方 校对:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201412/349502People in Michigan are naturally concerned about the thousands of miles of pipelines crisscrossing the state. After all, Michigan suffered through the worst inland oil spill in U.S. history. And theres one pipeline in particular that people are quite concerned about: Enbridges Line 5 moves more than 500,000 barrels of oil and other liquid petroleum products (like propane) a day under Lake Michigan at the Straits of Mackinac.As one expert told me, this is ;beyond a sensitive area; to oil spills.The company, of course, tells us the pipeline is safe, but when I tried to get that independently verified last fall, I quickly discovered the company holds on tight to information about the condition of Line 5 under the Straits.This week, the state of Michigan released a much-anticipated report from its pipeline task force, but information about the condition of Line 5 was not in it.Heres the basic question people want answered:What is the status of the pipeline Enbridge owns that runs under the Straits of Mackinac?If you go to the people who you think might have the answer to that question — the state, the federal government — they all basically say the same thing, ;go back to the company and ask them.;Enbridge tells everyone that the 62-year-old pipeline is safe. And they could be right. The experts I spoke with said that as long as the pipeline has been maintained well, the steel could still be in good shape.But, of course, verification from the company is not the same as independent verification.In order to know whether the company is right, we need to see specific test results.Pipeline safety threatsThe liquid petroleum pipelines running over land are different from the pipelines running under Lake Michigan. When Enbridges Line 5 pipeline crosses from land into water, it splits into two pipelines.The pipelines are smaller in diameter, they are made of thicker steel and they dont have the horizontal seams that a lot of other pipelines have that can lead to cracking.The pipelines are smaller in diameter, they are made of thicker steel and they dont have the horizontal seams that a lot of other pipelines have that can lead to cracking.They were built well, but that doesnt mean the underwater pipelines dont face threats.The specific threat the pipelines under the Straits face is corrosion: corrosion from both inside and outside the pipelines.What is the condition of the steel?Pipeline safety expert Richard Kuprewicz, president of Accufacts Inc., says people need to ask for specific information from a tool, or a set of tools, the company uses.;They should be able to answer your question,; he says. ;You know, How are you dealing with potential corrosion threats under the Straits? And theyll tell you theyre probably running a high resolution magnetic flux corrosion tool. And they should be able to tell you what that tool is, who makes it, and what are they finding.;These tools are known in the industry as ;smart pigs.;Kuprewicz says the smart pigs used to find corrosion are pretty accurate.We know Enbridge uses these tools, but, so far, theyre not willing to share specific information about what the tools are finding.I asked the company for that information about corrosion in Line 5. They didnt give it to me.I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the federal agency that oversees pipeline safety, and they basically told me they dont have that data (see image right).State did see some raw dataThe state was given access to some data from the corrosion tool. Enbridge shared it with them last year after state officials sent them a list of questions about the Line 5 pipelines.But officials told me they had to log into a website to look at that data, and when I asked if they could share it with me, I was told that Enbridge prevented them from doing so.So I asked if they had examined the data.They said they had not gone through the data at that time.Nine months laterFast forward to today, and the release of the Michigan Petroleum Pipeline Task Force Report, and the true status of the pipelines is still unknown.After the release of the report this week, I asked again whether the state had interpreted the inline corrosion tool data.Dan Wyant, the director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, said they hadnt yet.;Yeah, as I understand the question, youre asking did we evaluate the pipe that exists and have the technical ability to suggest the long-term viability of the pipe. And we want to do more on that,; Wyant said.Wyant said they need experts to help them do that.Getting the experts to help them do that is part of the 13 recommendations from the pipeline task force.The task force is also asking for more information from Enbridge in order to come to a real understanding of the health of the pipelines.From the report:While Enbridge has publicly listed the numbers and types of pipeline inspections that it or its contractors have performed, it has not fully disclosed the actual results of most of the inspections or the limitations of the test methods used. By not providing the State with actual copies of test results and other State-requested documents, based upon assertions of confidentiality, Enbridge has limited opportunities for independent expert review.In a footnote, the states pipeline task force calls into question Enbridges claim of confidentiality:The Task Force recognizes, of course, that public access to certain documents recognized as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information under federal law is legitimately restricted in order to protect infrastructure from sabotage or other security threats. But the Task Force disagrees that disclosing the content of test results on pipelines whose location and design have aly been publicly disclosed by Enbridge itself would somehow compromise the security of the pipelines.So, were not any closer to understanding the true condition of these pipelines under the Straits of Mackinac.The company still holds all the cards and we havent seen the information to verify what they tell us yet.201507/386203Sanctions on Iran were lifted after the regime was found to be in compliance with its obligations to dismantle parts of its nuclear programme. Yet America almost immediately imposed a new set of sanctions on companies and people linked to Irans ballistic-missile programme. Iran also freed four Iranian-Americans it had held prisoner, including a reporter from the Washington Post, in exchange for seven Iranians held in America.在伊朗履行其义务放弃部分核计划后,对伊制裁也得到了解除。然而,美国随即针对伊朗与弹道导弹计划有关的企业和人员实施了一系列新制裁。伊朗释放了包括一名《华盛顿邮报》记者在内4名美籍伊朗裔囚犯,作为交换,7名在美国的伊朗人士也将获释。The UN said that Islamic State has enslaved as many as 3,500 people in Iraq. Most of these are women and children from the minority Yazidi community. Speaking in Paris, Americas defence secretary, Ashton Carter, said America and six other countries were stepping up their military campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria.联合国称伊斯兰国(Islamic State)在伊拉克挟持了3500人作为奴隶。他们当中大多数是来自雅兹迪(Yazidi)少数民族群体的妇女和儿童。美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特(Ashton Carter)于巴黎表示,美国与其他六国将加强对极端组织伊斯兰国在伊拉克和叙利亚地区的军事打击。Members of the two main factions in Libyas civil war formed a unity government as part of a peace process brokered by the UN. But several militias in control of different parts of the country, including some in the two main factions, rejected the deal.在联合国的调解下,利比亚内战中两大主要系派成员以推动和平进程为目的共同成立了联合政府。但控制利比亚各地的多个民兵组织,包括两大派系中的某些民兵组织在内,都对该做法表示反对。In Burkina Faso jihadists attacked a hotel in the capital, Ouagadougou, killing at least 30 people. The attack, an echo of one last year in neighbouring Mali, was the first by Islamists in the country.布基纳法索(Burkina Faso)首都瓦加杜古(Ouagadougou)一酒店遭到圣战分子袭击,造成至少30人死亡。此次袭击作为去年邻国马里袭击的延续,是伊斯兰教徒在布基纳法索发动的首次袭击。The letter of the law标准普尔降低波兰评级Standard amp; Poors, a rating agency, downgraded Polands credit rating from A- to BBB+ over concerns about the rule of law in the country. The agency said changes to Polands media law and to the composition of its constitutional court, made by the new right-wing government of the Law and Justice party, implied that institutional checks and balances could be threatened. Poland has been placed under review in a European Commission rule-of-law procedure.标准普尔评级公司(Standard amp; Poors)出于对波兰法治的担忧,将其信用等级由“A-”降至“BBB+”。该公司表示,在新上台右翼执政党法律与公正党的持下,波兰媒体法与宪法法院构成形式的相关改革暗示着其体制制衡或将受到威胁。欧洲委员会已针对波兰开展法治程序审查。In Britain a public inquiry into the murder in 2006 of Alexander Litvinenko, a KGB defector, found that Vladimir Putin, Russias president, had “probably” approved the killing following a feud. Litvinenko was poisoned by tea laced with radioactive polonium-210 at a restaurant in London. Two Russian men accused of the murder deny any involvement.英国在关于2006年克格勃(KGB)叛逃者亚历山大·利特维年科(Alexander Litvinenko)谋杀事件的公开调查中发现,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)“可能”在双方不和后批准了此次谋杀行动。利特维年科在伦敦某餐厅喝下了掺有放射性钋-210的茶水后中毒身亡。两名俄罗斯人遭到指控,但他们否认参与了此次谋杀。Franois Hollande unveiled a plan to boost job creation in France, which provides subsidies to small firms if they hire young or unemployed workers and more vocational training. Economists are sceptical of the plan. The French president has promised to bring Frances unemployment rate down before running for a second term in 2017.弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran?ois Hollande)计划增加法国就业机会,只要小型企业雇佣年轻人和失业人士,就会为它们提供补贴和更多的职业培训。经济学家们对此计划表示质疑。法国总统承诺,将在2017竞选连任之前降低法国的失业率。Fists all round台湾地区领导人选举蔡英文获胜Taiwan elected Tsai Ing-wen as president, the first female one in the Chinese-speaking world. Ms Tsais Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) also won its first majority in the islands legislature. The DPP favours Taiwans formal independence from China, but Ms Tsai says she wants to maintain the status quo. She is likely to be more cautious than was her predecessor, Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang, in pursuing free-trade and other agreements with China.台湾选举蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)为其主席,这也是华人世界首位女性主席。蔡英文所领导的民主进步党(DPP)也在台湾立法机构中首次赢得多数席位。民进党向来持台湾从中国正式独立出去,但蔡英文却表示希望维持现状不变。在同中国协商自由贸易以及其他协议方面,蔡英文可能较其前任——国民党领导人马英九而言更为谨慎。Gunmen killed 22 people and left 17 others injured in an attack on Bacha Khan University in north-west Pakistan. Four assailants were killed by security forces. It is not yet clear whether they were linked with militants who have carried out other deadly attacks in recent months.手在巴基斯坦西北地区帕夏汗大学(Bacha Khan University)发动袭击,造成22人死亡,17人受伤。4名袭击者已被警察击毙。不过目前仍不清楚这些袭击者是否与近几月里其它几起致命袭击的激进分子有关。A Swedish human-rights activist, Peter Dahlin, was shown on Chinese television apparently confessing to crimes. State media said Mr Dahlin, who works for a Beijing-based human-rights group, had “sponsored activities jeopardising Chinas national security”. Earlier a publisher from Hong Kong, Gui Minhai, who had gone missing in Thailand, was also shown on Chinese TV saying he had turned himself in to the authorities in relation to a drink- driving conviction 12 years ago.瑞典人权活动人士彼得·达林(Peter Dahlin)在中国中央电视台节目中招认罪行。中国官方媒体报道称彼得·达林在北京一人权组织工作,曾“资助危害中国国家安全的犯罪活动”。早前,在泰国失踪的香港书商桂敏海也出现在央视的一个节目中,就12年前的酒驾罪行向当局自首。Chinas leader, Xi Jinping, began his first trip as president to the Middle East. He travelled to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and is also due to go to Iran. More than half of Chinas imports of crude oil come from the Middle East.中国领导人习近平赴沙特阿拉伯和埃及进行国事访问,预计还将访问伊朗。此次访问是习近平上任国家主席以来首次出访中东。中国超半数进口原油来自中东。North Koreas official media said scientists in the country had invented an alcoholic drink that does not cause hangovers. It is said to be made of a type of ginseng and glutinous rice. Implausible claims are a North Korean staple.朝鲜官方媒体称该国科学家已研制出了不会导致宿醉的酒。据说这种混合酒由糯米制成,并加入了高丽参。不过朝鲜向来会吹牛皮。Economic mismanagement委内瑞拉进入经济紧急状态Venezuelas president, Nicolás Maduro, declared a state of economic emergency and asked parliament for powers to reform the economy by decree for 60 days. After withholding the release of economic indicators for more than a year, the Central Bank reported that inflation in the 12 months to September 2015 was 141.5% and that GDP shrank by 7.1% over the same period.委内瑞拉总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolás Maduro)宣布全国进入为期60天的经济紧急状态,要求议会授予其权利颁布法案改革经济。委内瑞拉一年多未公布任何经济数据,如今央行最终披露最新数据:截至2015年9月,委内瑞拉年通胀率高达141.5%,GDP同比下滑7.1%。Colombias government and the FARC guerrilla army asked the UN to send an unarmed mission to monitor a ceasefire between them after a peace agreement is signed. The joint request is an indication that negotiators in Havana are close to reaching a final agreement to end a conflict that has lasted for more than 50 years.哥伦比亚政府与哥伦比亚革命武装力量游击队签订和平协议,并请求联合国派一无武装代表团监督这项停火协议。此次联合声明暗示双方在哈瓦那的和平进程谈判进入最后阶段——即达成协议结束长达半个世纪的的武装冲突。Jude Célestin, who came second in the first round of Haitis presidential election in October, said he will boycott the run-off on January 24th because of alleged fraud. The leader after the first round was Jovenel Mo?se, who has the backing of the current president, Michel Martelly.10月海地首轮总统大选得票率第二位的裘德·塞勒斯坦(Jude Célestin)称,因第一轮大选疑似存在舞弊行为,他将抵制1月24日举行的决胜选举。第一轮选举得票率最高的是穆瓦兹(Jovenel Mo?se),此人得到现任总统米歇尔·马尔泰利的持。Overstepping his authority?奥巴马越权?Americas Supreme Court took up a case that challenges orders issued by Barack Obama in November 2014 to lift the threat of deportation from up to 5m illegal immigrants and allow them to work. The orders were blocked when 26 states, led by Texas, filed suit in lower courts against the Obama administration.美国最高法院最近受理了对总统奥巴马修改移民政策提出挑战的案件。2014年11月,奥巴马颁布行政令,约500万非法移民可以申请暂缓遣返并可以留下工作。该项目因以德州为首的26州联合上诉抵制奥巴马的行政令而搁浅。Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that 2015 was the hottest year on record. The average global temperature was 0.9C (1.62F) above the long-term average for the 20th century. Cold comfort for those living in the northern hemisphere as various cold snaps start to bite.美国国家海洋与大气的科学家实,2015年是自有资料记载以来最炎热的一年。2015年全球平均温度比20世纪的长期平均水平高出了0.9摄氏度(1.62华氏度)。不过随着诸多寒流来袭,实的结果对北半球的人们来说起不到任何安慰作用。In an unusually stilted performance, Sarah Palin, John McCains running-mate in 2008, endorsed Donald Trump for president. A day earlier Mr Trump was the hot topic in Britain when Parliament debated a voter petition to ban him from the country for making Islamophobic statements. The government said it couldnt comment on individual immigration cases.萨拉·佩林(Sarah Pali,2008年约翰·麦凯恩的竞选搭档)异常高调宣布持唐纳德·特朗普竞选总统。前一天,特朗普还是英国的“热点话题人物”,此前他发表仇视穆斯林言论引起公愤,英国议会决定就一份要求禁止特朗普入境的请愿书展开辩论。政府表示不能就个体移民案件发表。翻译:刘蕊 叶露 校对:戴秀平译文属译生译世201602/427167The 12th annual World Ice Fishing Championship kicks off in Kuopio, Finland this week.Michigan native Myron Gilbert is there, representing the USA. Gilbert is part of the USA Ice Team. The team won the World Championship in Wisconsin back in 2010. Now its in Finland to reclaim that title.Statesides Mercedes Mejia got a lesson in ice fishing when she caught up with Gilbert out on Wamplers Lake in the southwest part of the state, right before he set out for Finland.In his snow pants and yellow sweatshirt, Gilbert cut five holes in the ice with his power auger – each hole around five inches in diameter. Hes also using a fish finder to locate his prey.This fish-finding technology is allowed in U.S. competitions, but not in world competitions.;Im not allowed to use a power auger, Ive got to use a hand auger, and I have to use no electronics, so I just got to drop in and fish,; Gilbert said. ;Overseas theyd no more dream of fishing like this than a man on the moon. They would always chum. They would throw b crust, chum of some sort. Theyre always throwing stuff in the hole. Its literally unbelievable what they do over there. Over here in the U.S. we just drop in and fish. Put bait down and make the fish respond to that.;At least 13 countries will participate in this years competition. Heres how it works. The teams fish for two days, and at the end of the two days, the teams weigh the fish theyve caught. The team with the highest weight wins. 201503/366396

Balanced on its hinder legs and tale like a tripod, its a trick few other lizards can perform.靠后腿和尾巴像三脚架那样撑身体,这个姿势只有少数几种蜥蜴可以做到。But its effective to get to those just out-of-reach places.但这可以让蜥蜴到达那些原来够不到的地方。The gouannas sense of smell is important to its sight.巨蜥的味觉与视觉一样重要。Its forked tone helps detect food from distance.它分叉的舌头能感知远处的食物。By comparing the strength of smell reahing each of two prones,it can pinppoint where it comes from.通过对比到达舌头两个尖的味道强度,它可以查明味道的来源。A rotten fish is irresistible.腐烂的鱼其诱惑不可抗拒。Theyre usually solitary.它们通常独居。But here on lizards island, they torlerate each other as well as there is plenty of food to go around.但在蜥蜴岛上,它们会相互容忍,只要这里有足够的食物。Small gouannas give way to larger ones.小巨蜥给大巨蜥让路。Foraging a variet of food has helped gouannas build a large population on the lizard island.食性甚广的巨蜥在蜥蜴岛上繁衍出庞大的种群。There is another important factor, and thats how they react to me.但还有另一个重要的因素就是它们对我的反应。 201502/358572

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