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四川省成都市六院急诊电话四川成都较好的男科医院在哪里?A: For our lunch meeting with the investors, do we have to make a reservation at the restaurant or do we just show up? B: Usually for lunch, we don't have to reserve a table, they should allow walk-ins. But to be on the safe side, I'll order a table for half-past twelve. Will that suit your schedule? A: I've arranged to meet them at the restaurant at twelve. Can you make the reservation a little earlier? If we start earlier, it will give us more time for a longer lunch.B: Are you planning on treating the investors to a full-course meal?A: Yes, we'll start with appetizers, follow with a soup and salad course, then main dishes of prime rib or cordon bleu chicken, and finish up with a delicious rich dessert of some sort.B: That'll be pretty heavy for a mid-day meal, don't you think?A: As along as we stay away from anything alcoholic, we should be okay.B: With your prime rib and chicken choices, you'd better hope nobody's vegetarian.A: We can make some special arrangement if we need to. After all, it's the company who is footing the bill. /09/84110成都市生殖健康研究附属医院的权威医生 (一):I prefer tea.我更喜欢喝茶。I prefer tea.我更喜欢喝茶。Black tea or green tea?红茶还足绿茶?I like coffee, but I prefer tea.我喜欢喝咖啡,但更喜欢喝茶。I prefer tea to coffee.比起咖啡,我更喜欢喝茶。I suppose tea is more popular in China.我想喝茶在中国更受欢迎。(二):It keeps me up.它会令我失眠的。A cup of coffee?来杯咖啡吗?Oh, no, thanks. It keeps me up.哦,不了,谢谢。它会令我失眠的。The doctor restricts me to only one cup of coffee.医生限制我每天只能喝一杯咖啡。My doctor has ruled me out drinking tea or coffee.医生不让我喝咖啡和茶。 /201412/351311Payment terms付款条件A:We are interested in your pure silk.but Im wondering about the price. How much you possibly offer us?A:我方对贵方的真丝面料很感兴趣,但我在考虑价格问题。不知道贵方要出什么价呢7B:Its $ 120 per yard including a 5% discount.B:真丝每码120美元,其中包括5%的折扣。A:Thats much higher than I expected.Can you come down a bit?A:价格比我想象中要高得多.能否降低一点呢?B:But if you placed a larger order.we would increase the discount to 10% .B:如果你们订的再多一点的话,我方愿将折扣提到10%。A:Supposing we agreed to your price.what payment terms could you offer us?A:那假如我们接受贵方价格,你方能提供什么付款条件呢?B:Maybe we would consider a longer credit period.B:也许我们会考虑延长信用期。A:That would be nice. Lets call it a deal.A:那太好了。就这么决定了。 /201508/391577凉山州一医院在线咨询

绵阳市中医院无痛人流要多少钱Suit yourself! 就听你的!(非正式表达法)英文释义(Informal expression)Meaning ;please go ahead and do what youd like; decide for yourself because I dont care.例句Although I suggested we go to a museum, my friend visiting from out of town said he would prefer to be outside, so I said ;Suit yourself!; and we enjoyed a nice day in the park.尽管我建议去物馆,但城外来的朋友说,他想到外面去。于是我说:“就听你的吧!”。我们到公园痛快地玩了一天。 /201303/227707邛崃市中医院做输卵管通液多少钱 公司高管Peter,Jason和Helen开会讨论员工保健项目。大家都赞成把地下室改成健身中心。然而,Peter提出了一个棘手的问题。P: Now comes the sensitive part—setting standards and setting penalties for non-compliance.H: Oooh. That is tough.P: Take smoking for example. Smoking tobacco is legal—of course—but our records show we pay roughly 25% more in medical costs for our employees who smoke. Is that fair to the other employees or to the company?如果员工不按规定做,该怎么办。这个问题很敏感sensitive。Take smoking for example. 比如说吸烟。Peter说,公司为吸烟员工付的医疗费用比不吸烟的人多25%,这种情况对其它员工、对公司公平吗?H: Thats an interesting point. A persons actions really do have a bigger effect than we think they do.J: As they say: ;No man is an island.;P: Thats right. OK...heres an even more delicate situation. What do we do with people who are seriously overweight or obese?No man is an island,没有人是孤岛,意思是说你的行动一定会影响到别人。除了吸烟的员工外,还有一类员工也很让人头疼。那就是体重超重或是肥胖的人。 Overweight,是超重的意思,如果更严重的话,就变成了obese, 肥胖。J: Um...like me?H: Youre not that bad, Jason!J: Well, Im certainly overweight. Ive been carrying around an extra 20 pounds for years now.P: Well, youre certainly not alone. Weight is a serious problem faced by many in this country. But again, our records show that obese people also cost a great deal more to insure and their medical conditions are much more expensive to deal with. We dont want to be callous, but its affecting our bottom line.J: Well, Id personally love to lose some weight and the new gym might help.Jason承认自己体重超标。他说,Ive been carrying around an extra 20 pounds for years now. 很多年来,我的体重一种超标20磅。Peter说,you are certainly not alone,意思是超重绝不是你一个人的问题。虽然我们不想不尽人情,we dont want to be callous,意思是冷酷无情,但是这个问题已经影响到了公司的bottom line. Bottom line,指的是公司的利润底线。Jason说,他个人其实很想减肥,新开的健身房说不定会对他有帮助。 /201211/210793成都青白江区治疗尿道炎多少钱

青白江区月经不调多少钱The company seems fishy.这家公司看起来很可疑。fishy的本意是“鱼的,似鱼的”,鱼滑溜溜的不好抓住,于是fishy的引申意思就是“可疑的、靠不住的”。因此当美国人说;The company seems fishy.;时,他要表达的意思就是:;The company is suspicious.;、;The cpmpany looks quite questionable.;。情景对话:Shirley : The company told me that I was hired and I had to pay 200dollars for training. Im a little confused.雪莉:那家公司说要雇佣我了,但是我要先交200美元的培训费,我有点疑惑。Benjamin: Honey, youd better be careful. The company seems fishy.本杰明:亲爱的,你最好谨慎点。这家公司很可疑。搭配句积累:①What do you think of this company?你觉得这家公司怎么样?②The company promised me a good salary.这家公司承诺给我丰厚的薪水。③This company has hired me without a face-to-face interview.这家公司没有现场面试就雇用我了。④A lot of strange people were coming in and out of the company when I was having an interview there.我去那家公司面试的时候,有好多陌生人进进出出的。 /201209/201807 6 甜品或饮品3句英文任你选I need a strawberry sundae.我要一个草莓圣代。Could you give me a coffee with extra packets of cream and sugar?可不可以给我一杯咖啡,并多给一包奶精和糖呢?A medium Sprite.一中杯雪碧。半个句型要记牢A small coke. (一小杯可乐。 )Tip:点餐时的大小号和买衣一样,也是用Small,medium,large来表示。 /201503/364186邛崃市妇幼保健院打胎证明巴中治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的



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